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January 19, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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January 19, 1933

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VOLUME 17, NUMBER 20 ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASH., THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 1933 SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 PER YEAR Moh'" tjKILN TEST FOR CLAY UNEMPLOYED GIVEN ILeonard S. Brady Died NEW ORGANIZATION REV. BOLLEN WARNS v:YiUthi ihei :i::ncea imS,e bC::kPt~ " woN?: t: PER T|bO:I SELECTION OF BHNG FORMED FORI OF ::G SOF T,:ES ,, . run for Gladding, McBean Company I " q ' P - sit Kiwanis Club was th " the Ark. And Lo, in her mouth was ~, j H rr's _ ,, ] TO GET ROAD WORKllytic strokeTuecday from which[ UNEMPLOYMENT ~alDI Re a t Y ..... e speaker a " b.L. a i , near tb~ lat~er s , . at tne noon mncneon of tne club As n ohve leaf, so Noah knew that[ mine is at a stand still for the time] ~ I death re~ul~cd ye~terd,ty morning. I ~ I ....... ' " c-[Bllhe [ . ~ [ usual ms 1;alK was unusual, very in- the waters were abated from off the b in with an air o x e .... Mrs. Brady was ~ormerly Mabel El: .... earth e g, of h peful e p Tngg Gets Appomt-m..h,o ... /Representatmn From Entlrelterestmg and attentmn-compelling . tancy in evldence. e " " Buslness and finanelal news-dovesI Th tunn.l is no--" in 3`0 fee*-n merit Of Road Foreman l Funeral services will be held to-I Community Urged to Meetl. H men.tinned the e,ghteenthbirth- are beginning to bring little olive = ~ ~ ~ ~ ~' " . . . . day oz ~lwanis coming next Satur- leaves to the ark of the de-'ression lhas cut three pron4~sing veins in that and Asks Unemployed tolmrrw, Friday, ,at Sco~Ish RiteI at City Hall Next Tuesday day and said that a proper title for ' P " distance Laborato~'' samples from ~, . ~r -- -- !, [Tempm, a~ a:uo o CLOCK. t~rematlon! I-, . ,-, . I~. _ ............ Net income of railroads in the l._ ". . ~.~J ~.~' .... I /~.llOt wore Among Men [will follow [ r.,vemng to urgamze t nls talk mlgnv oe ~ore ano AI~. Re- . . tnese veins snowea results 3ustny- " terrin to na enin s b East has risen 15 per cent m Novem-| ............. I ------- I We cli~ the followin~- c-~lime~+ / ~ [ g pP g efore ana lng the snlpment oz a tnlrty nee ton ~" ~ ""'~" "~-/ since or aniz " ' " 'mi . el g atmn of Kiwanis, cover- ber, compared w~th October. I ........... "~ _ | William Trigg has received the ap-lary notice of Mr Brady's death from As a preh nary move to umt ..... 1oI; 1:o Klln$ Ior burning ~ests ine re [ in rinci at " " " . g p p ly what he conmders the Building operatmns in Amemca| .......... ". ., ]pointment of road foreman in thislthis morning's Post-Intelligencer. the entlre dlstmct m an effort to se went up more than 18" per cent m[h. sul~s ....... oz M,~oM~ 1~nese tests .... win; .... aounzless+~ ,, [dlstmct," " the position held by A. E.I "For the first time since the struc-lcure" some county help in financing- cause~ .. of t eh depresslon," and the need .......................... ,- .......... . - - oz s eeu le islation in November, over October. We areI+ .....e ,ho ,~,.b +ho~o ~Ph~ sh;,,-ILlvlngstn under Jack Earlap. Billle~ture was erectS'd, a new postman car-[work for the unemployed of the dis-| , p Y g. ~. correctmn gradually c/imbing up out of thel~.+ ~.~..~-~. ~+'~'i ~--'eL'k so'~a few[took over the work last Monday 9th.[ried the mail yesterday to Huge Build-[triet, fourteen men met in the li-I zi~ plc~ur,ea a ,~erman boy fifteen slough "'~"~ "'~ J"~ ~" ~ " ~ ' Two ravel trucks I" years olo wnen zne war cmseo, now " ] weeks will ~e re-uired before thel g are now being mg tenants. Ibrary of the hlgh school Tuesday eve- I ............... u q [ tnlrt me naa notnlng ~o uo w~n Also trade is improving in Ger-I .... 1 ..... 1 ~- known luted in the big fill in the washout in Leonard S. Brady, who had served~ning in response to invitations froml.. ~" . . , ~u ~ w. u~ ~ ~ ~newar i " many, much optimism there the u e , ~s cause or closing, bu~ [ ] pp r end of the valley, George[the building since the day it opened tSupt. M. J. Thomas. I find~ himself mort e" " Good news for one country ~s good Stonebmd e an I gag u ~o pay nine [,, ~ , l " g d Bill Woods Jr. driv-iwitheut missing a single delivery un-[ Mr. Thomas was prompte'd to take[_ ..... , . . ." news for all l'lews umcer~ inslalled in Jo zy per cent ot au ne can maze m ~xe I" g. e Favini is in the position of]til he was stricken suddenly Tuesday ]this action throu~,h his learning, ofl " " Deep..ecnmists tell you. "the By Knights of Pythias]bunkerman and Irvin Tibbitts astwas dead. , " "' the aid being secured by other ne'igh_[to c,un.tries, one deadly enemies of acute crlsls ls over " Some mdustrml ,, his native country Wall he a ~t~ ' ~ Igrademan. The men on these posi-| Forty-seven years old, he had boring communities, and his know-,... ,. v-- : - -. P Y undertakings may break down hereI Triangle Lodge No. 46, Knights ofltions are to alternate every two'been in the postal service in Seatt.~elledge of tl~e dire need of work bylwum you..~o, zorge~ xt. and there, but the depression flood]Pythias, have installed the following/weeks, according to present arrange-lever since he attained his majority [many of the district, through hisl in Amer.lca we have all the % is subsiding fftcers to serve them for the e r " ~weahn, all tbe property and material Io y a : ]ments. [ Funeral services under the aus-lcontact with every family of the en-I .......... * * zorcrea~nng all tna~ we ever naa, [Wm. H. Jones, CC.; Clyde Durst,/ On the pick and shovel jobs the~pices of Rose Croix will be held at!tire school district I .. ' Friends of the "Buy American" V C John Bush Sr Prelate W , more golu, more interest and divi ....... [ .; ., ; . E./men are to have shorter shifts in or-/4 o clock tomorrow afternoon in thel In his introductory talk Mr. Tho-Id rids ' " ..... " movement wno neneve m epenmng Gibson M of W Tulle An er e on capltm msz year than ever, ...... | " , . .; d son,]der to speedily pass the work around/Scottish Rite Temple, Broadway andl mat stated that from his investiga- ] . in America, money earnea m ~mer-[M. bf E.; Geo. H. Johns, K. of R &/A man with a family of six will betMadison street. Itions in other locations he was satis-Iyet more.unempmyment. Result, one ica, may utihze the following state S W E Gibson M of F J W ~ "Br fie class w~n more money than ever "] .; " , .; .Ig'ven a shift of three days, a family[ ady, who is survived by hisl d that an organization represent-I .......... ment by Thomas Jefferson Francis M of A J M Murb k nero ~y ~nat cross oezore, at the oth . : . [ , .; , ec ,Iof four two days and a couple with-~widow, Mrs. Mabel E. Brady, was ating all interests of the communityl " " "The patrmtlc determlnatmnof James lark , er extreme, more poverty than ever .. . [I G.; C , O. G.; J M. Iout children a single day shift Each/member of St. Johns Lodge no. 9,1should be formed to make the appea]l . . every good c~t]zen to use no fore~gn[Murbeck Trustee before m this land To save the na , , |man would then wait until the entireIF. & A. M., of all Scottish Rite Mat-[for funds and to take general con-l,i n "' " " " artlcle which can be made w~thm | ] t o , tnls wealth must be dlstmbuted " " . ' " . ~ ~list had a shift before being called|onic bodies, of Bethlehem Command-[trol of alloting work and disbursing|in a wa that ..... ourselves, (our borders) wi~thout ~ y }t will fil~er sown to . [Girls Basketball Team [again. Billie turned over to the un-tery, Knights Templar, and of Nilelremuneration therefor. L. J. Harris~the n ' regard to difference m prme, secures ,, eeay And the need of speed m .... I Loses b ~" o l employed association last night the/Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. ]stated that from his experience in a l . ". us against a relapse into foreign y t~tose ~core securing that creative leg~slatmn ~s ] ]selection of the men to fill the pick| ~ visit to the commissioners in the in-[ ..... " de~hdatn~eYff'erson called "the patri-[ Issaquab students and townspeo-[honde:~/lpp::~tl:n:re =tism;:cht~dy h:!DE~TH OF MRS. KRITZER, [t~::~td ofthhee gtYn, erha~ W::g:~:zatO:n[:hea~ePf J:Wle:::. ~:ebel::esJt~mP otic determination of every good cit- I ple enjoyed a ~depression basketball ] ....... ] FO ERL OF SSAQUAH [ ......... i if legislation does not compel ~h, ..... I-sine last ni-t-* ^+ ,u_ ~..-~ __u__~Ipaxcelnng ou~ ~nis worK l ~ [WOUlU nave a mucn carter chance ozl . . ~" ~"~ ::en ,~o usa no .zore~gn ar~,m,e wnlc, nl~ nasium ~'he "l~i--'h'=sc'h~:l a~--~r~l:~'[ We understand no appointmentsl Mrs Marie Kritzer of Sno^ualmieIsuccess before the county commit-Inana oz. greed .to lose its grasp on an ve mace witnin ourselves, wizn-~s# .... s s~ 'have been made ....... I ' n I sioners [zne wealth of the nation that it will out regard to difference in price," is[team mat ,defea!ed, 21-22, ,by To!t[Pine Lake or H:b~dnt:;:t:r tne[passed away at Providence Hospital] After thorough discussion it was/be brought about by violence. as important today as it was a[high school s girls team in a corker [ I last Thursday. She was an early pio. [ ...... ~ The meeting, next week will be o- , ~ . . ueclued ~o zorm a ~emporary organ- . .... hundred yaers ago. Buy goods made[of a,game. ,~^ .a.-....~ ...... ~-^^ ]FUNERAL OF IRVIN L CASE Ineer-+m~s~saquah'*-ha~ng)ived here ization for calling a meeting at thelevening affair and all are urged to Dy American workers l ~.~,,v~s~, ~. ~um,~v,u. w~ ~r~,I ~.~,~ ~.x~-.v #=~x~ ~. ~- ........ IDrin~ne laoies Th~ ai~n~ ~11 t~ -" ,,- ' " ,, ' nl s I ......... ~ HELD IN RELLINGHAM~ "" "'ri~ " r .... i tJlty ~au zor next Tuesuay evenmg, l -~ , ............... The l~u ~i.merlcan ohc was o y a ma ~ crowa at~enuea wny ~, mrs ~ r~zer was no n in Aus~rla at s] Y p y [ | I ' ]Jo~uar,, ~4 a+ 8-an -'c~cb +^ "~ic~["x-thirty o clock. expressed well long ago by Abraham[not follow the teams when prices furl ,L-_-. ]May II, 1870. She is survived by] "'" ~ " '. ~.. "~ ~," ........ . "'[ er es n e Irvin L as every organlZa~lon in ~ne eommuniw, Lincoln, according to J P Annin" [oth gain are o ly 5 and 10 c nts?/ . C e, father of our es-[two daughters, Mrs. ~ve Mahoney[ ....... I New , _. , "To a question on tariffs Abraham[ ~ [teemed townsman, R. I. Case, passed[and Mrs. Marie McDonald, and one 'a:~me~d:gcat~::~a~:nwaaoul~'V~c' ::ng.mt:l _ .cers msm.ea Lincoln is said to ha~e replied that[ LADLES' AID TEA [away Sunday, 83 years of age. He[son, Adolph Kritzer, of Snoqualmie.[ .... ' _ ve u god t. | In Gdman Encampment he knew very little about the tariff,[ The Ladies~ Aid Society announces[visited the Case home here in Issa-I Two brothers, Vincent and Adol~oh]sena a.aelega~e, aria any mmvm.ua|s] __..___ but that he did know that when we [a silver tea to be held at the rssi-[qu~ah a few months ago. The funeral[Rotter of Alder, Washington. i wno: mTht,have paans ~ney .consmerI Officers for 1933 of Gilman En- wouta ne ~enencat, and ~nls group campmentw~ere mstaJltd Saturda bought steel rails abroad they had]dence of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Biles]is being held at Bellingham at two] Funeral servic s were held Mon-I .... i. [ " Y , ~o zorm a permanent orgamzauon evenm b D D G P the money and we had the rails, bKtJnext Wednesday afternoon, January/oclock this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs.lday at Snoqualmie M. E. Church, If . .~ ...... [ "" g y ..... M. A. Boy- When we'bought steel rails'in Amer.125, from two to five o'clock. All in-[Case, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Harring-[Reverend Beall of West Seattle offic-I or. n anatlng ~ne entire program O~/den, assisted by S. R. Thorp, W.. E. ica this country had the rails and terested are invited, ton and Mr. and Mrs. F A Fishe~ luting Interment at North Bend, F. reuez. Gibsbn, George Perry, J. W. Finney the money also. ] /are attending the funeral. I A, Fisher, funeral d,rector, i'.',..t.. I ,, ~ . ' . L R Hepler stated he was con- and Edwin Thompson. . . . [their money in the United States,[ I |vncea ~ne oe~ er p~an lay in corn-t The Patriarchs installed were" Reporters s a y -that Governor|where they expect tomake their[ CITY ELECTION COMING I LEGION WILL GIVE DANCE i plete organization, and felt that a~R" C McKee, C. P.; E. J Anderson, . [money hereafter little prelimi~lary preparation in se- H P" C H Fulla , rd, S W, E J Roosevelt as president will bargain, , ", . / At the city election to be held onl The American Legion is announe-]curin_ a hearin- with the commie /_" " ".~ "~ ... =" .'" .~'.." g ~ " Lindman. ~. ~ ; ~ A l~oyaen,~" ~ | With other countries for tariff cuts[ British news-a~ers sa-- the death~March 14, three c~ouncilmen, atreas-[ing a dance at Snoqualmle this Sat-|sioners would be helpful J W GreTM | ...... " .~ " - ~ ." " F p ~ P ~ J W 1"rancls, rreas, #onn aonan and' make reductions in our tariff]of Calvin Coolidge is "mor~ than the]urer and justice of the peace will be[urday night at the Legion hall. TheI ...... ~a ~ ...... +ca +~'~ ~,'+ .... ~1 " " " " .......... ~ ........ ~- .................. son, J. W.; J. W. Finney, let W; wall high enough to keep forelgnldeath of an ex President it is the|elected to office. Anyone des[ring to/Issaquah members are anxmus to see lwith the board d~rin~ the week and ] ..............." ' ~ ~- I~aDICK, znu w, W ~ L~IDSOn, goods out of the United States, corn- - [file for the offices to be, filled must a crowd attend from here ..... " "" " .......... I debth of an era. With him has gone ........ J " ' [volunteered aid m this d,rectlon and ]..~ w..t.o r.p,.o ~h w. ~.oa pellmg Amermaus ~o ouy goous maue the America that was "re occu"ied do so noz m~er than ~eoruary 14th.| ~ . .................... / ...... ' ......... , ...... , .... byAmeriean labor, p~id for with Am-[with its own narrow affair: rel~in-I ~ ] . . jas~eu ~ne cnalrman o~ ~ne comm~ee~Cussac, let G of T.; H. W. Esat- ..... Y Mr. and Mrs. W. Karl Bayh of Se- to accompany ram. lick, 2nd G~ of T ; All Palmberg, er~can money, instead of bufldmg~zp si . ,, Mr. and Mrs. L. R Heplerand fore~-~ indust~ enablin- d--.reciatedIn- mple, old-fash~oned creeds, l'Miss Ph~llis Lahar s~ent last eve /attic spent Sunday at the Dr. W.] There m much need of unemploy-/Guide; Carl Soderstrom, I. S.; Chas. . -.-- -,, s ~, _ l Let us nope the British papers arel ~ ~" ""E Gibson home Iment relief in this community right|Alncr O S zoreign money to, nullify our tariff, mistaken ning in Seattle Mr Hepler attended ' - ......... | ' ' " ' | t . " * * * now and tna~ neea Will De greater!~ ~ ~ - ~" - ' ~. ~. xnorp expmnea now an ca- * . * a business meeting while the ladles e e w stess[ [ The Coolidge era was one of plain I I Miss Jean Schn id r as ho . before winter is over. On this ac- / ucational fund barrel tri,~ around A bandit, stopping a letter carrierlAmericanism, with a President con-Ienjyed one of the theatres. Ito her bridge clubMonday night, lcount it is hoped a 100% represen-Ii^a~es ^~ ,~o ~stri~ in ..... ~* ~1~: 1:~:: 'h'~;':ly'oS:r dd~dg~tI tw::h ~::nT:ted;Ath:ri~c:terests of Amem-I The Thomas family of Newcastle[F!re~ce LhaWir'Sh:ledivhnigh s~:=el'a~i~tnhltatin will answer this call for nextI of the Flourishing Pine several no ....... ' ....... ~ .....Tt-e ban I ...... ant.. . [have moved'into the Lotto home. ]t'nyns ,.a r .e g o~. .... Inext Tuesday evening. There Is worklmonths ago, is now being arranged. ua~u~ omm ~, ne ~. u " The t.;OOllage era was one oz econ-I ITne Misses ~torence aria ~lyrl;le]to be done ~+ "II ~e~-~ w~, k ~. v ........ ~t knows that Uncle Sam cat ~omy, which he always urged while[ Miss Violet Kangas was a guest atlLewis and Jessie Brown are newl ~ |in~" to -resent -lan- and punishes mail robbers, through| setting a good example. I the C. E. Kinnune home Wednesday. I members of the club. I Mr John Reard of E~hrata and ~^-P ..... ~+':-~"~ .......... his Secret Semrice, no matter what] An end of "the Coolidge era"l ' * * *- ~ * * * I. .~" ....... ~" ... I. ~.~ ~'~.~."~.~'"~' ~B~ w~,~ .~- it -^-~- ~^ wa--*^ ~-eoura-e ban [ ........ ": .. i Harold Byrd was. a week-end vis-~ Mayor Alexander was a business l~' ~" ~,~ese oz ~ea~tle cauea on l~oyea anu luncneon serve~ m ~ne .L. ~o~. ,,, ,~,,#.~v ,,~ _ _. 's .... :/woula De. a. very. oau r.mng xor ~ne I itor in Seattle |~isitor in Seattle Wednesday ~ friends here Tuesday afternoon. I banquet room. ul~r is to make 1~ uangeroum ~o ~t Y t eoun~ry ~na~ e|ec~ea uootidge Presi-[ " " | " " I * * * ] criminal, instead of, as at present,| dent J 0 , 0 [ 0 ..... 0 I Mr. and Mrs. James Moffatt are re- t IMfJ]- 3~, ,ISUT I~S ~naking it dangerous only to the[ ",, * * * I I Christian Endeavor |/[ Commumty Chtlr~ | Iceiving congratulations on the birth[ _ . ' 0 The tress was oy no means try/ng Public. ] Wl/y not imitate British friends] 0- ..... 0 [0 ' ...... ]of a daughter at Proyidence hospitall s * nd ,, ,, ,, to ~duce the stock of shoes Fred ]a adopt for slogan, Business AslDo you know the Bible? Indeed[ Healthy Christianity is the ser-[on January 9. The' little one hasl . . [ ,, Cussac was placing on the counter Here or abroad cash is the stror~ Usual. The able Lord Beavorbrook,[not! That is what most of u~ eould[mon theme for next Sunday morning/been named Patricia Ann. I .... , , he o r , , , , xor ~e ht greatly reoucea prxces, argument. American stt~deuts at t wne of the London Express, asked[answer when that question is asked.[at eleven oclock. Special singing [ Gordon T'erne s ent Frida ni ht]- " a " -i::" rror nee e" University of Vienna were victin~lwhether Britatn would eel! goods to'But, if we all did, there would be[You will enjoy this hour. No evening/ . ~. .P . . Y. g tbu~ ~ypograpa ~ e co y a ,, with his mother, ~rs ~ma T2erne the ~ bought that he was making these of offensive rowdyism. The American the wicked Russians, replied: Of[less crime in this world. There would[service here, but all are invited to/ . . . "1 ' " Minister complained, with little ef-lcouma, we sell to anybody, even to[be more employment than there nowlNorth Bend Community Church for~ R J. Schneider and J. R. Stephen-~ffers on but thirty-five pairs..As a fect Now somebod discovers that cann/bal knives and forks if t is e all would be more ha We i se ic I_^_" ..... ~^~ _ ~. .... ~. ~ .... a~,,]mat'.er of fact he included mne~y- . " Y " I :lk ~ hey[ W ppy. }the seven-thrty rv e there. /~,, ............ ~,~- '-"s" .......................... xoreign students spend $1,~50,000 a lwaut them, and large pots for[would have and lead better hoes for,, Get in our Sunday School at ten. ]Day banquet at the Washington Ath-~nve pairs, so lz you ~al~eu o ge~..m . Am~Ica~ d(~et~rs, finishing thezr[t Farga~on Stapes tO die in the[ Lets you and I go to C. E. at 6:4~I ~ } Mrs James G-nle-- and infant sonI St~dias in Vienna, spend a half roll-[electric chair "as soon as her baby[Sunday evening and "Learn of thel UND1~GOLI OPERATION I^~ ~+H .... ~'o.~,~ o ~o~, ao~[ G. Y. BAKER POLICE JUDGK lion dollar~ there yearly [is born," Tl~e plan was to wait un-[ blessings and teachinp of the Bible" I~ I~: ~.": ..... ~. ~ ..... "? ~ "~. ~-'_~1~l~yor Alexander has appotn~ a~ rne homeOX~V.aria rare~eo~e ' " e If American students and doctors[til the baby was born, then put thelfor that is the topic which will be Miss Esther Thompson was taken/m~.~or~. IGeo. Y. Baker as pohce 2udge. Sh Would return from foreign countmes, lmet~er in the el~tr~o chair, Thatlled by Chfford Benson, and an m-lto the Virginia Mason Hospital Sat-] . . , lhas also recommended hm to th they would find better universities] proepedin~ w~utd be unworthy of[spirational devotional period by BiNlurday where |he underwent an emer~I Mrs. John Kramer St. has been con-[county commissioners for appoint- and better medical schools here, and|the FtJt Isiandem, and thanks arellie Peters. Do not put off what should{gency operation or appendieitis./flned to her home the past week due/ment to the office of justice of the h t e satisfaction of spending due to Governor Blaekwood. [be done Sunday at 6:15 in C, E. IShe is reported ss convalescing. Ito illness, peace. , THE ............... , A. w , - " 14 I--O I. "I'HII M~I.NiN@ ~ ' , ~1,~1~. CI~III' $ ~ ~ -- WN~/- T ~4 ~T"lrl-Ii{ -,." ~"~ "lr];D ~N II! HAF'I"Iir~II~ o N ONII I..l~l=, u~ I