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February 2, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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February 2, 1933

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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1933 THE ISSAQUAH PRESS, ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASHINGTON ~-- m ms LOCAL ND PER NAL iing the ,oydens Sunday to Tuesday visiting friends here A SO • " • I Miss Kicker accompanied friends tel Mr. and Mrs• Ben Sundquist of Se- Source8 of Dyes Long Mr and Mrs L J Harris were the ski tournament, stopping here on attle visited Mr. and Mrs. AI Sund- Known Only to Indians The Indians of Central America may Seattle shoppers Tuesday. her return, qmst Sunday. be stolid and uncannily quiet, but they • * * ! -- * $ * Mrs .Annahelle Tvree is at the ........................... Rev. M. E. Anderson of Seattle~qll never be accused of being color- I'Iarborview tt,,.~l,ital undergoing[ HIGH POINT lheld a meeting at the local church less. Ahnost everything tbev wear and practically everytMng tbes" make treatment in preparation for a majorI ....................... I Sunday evening, is as colorful as a tropical garden. eperation which she must undergo. Members of the liigh Point churcht * * * All Central American Indians love ,, . . *.. * * . . [held their weekly meeting Thursday] Mr. and Mrs. Gus Bostrom and color. Their handwoven rugs and Se:~l:;l oCi~ln;: u~rmJ, x,n,o :t~. ;itil]evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. family returned home Monday after blankets, their band-wrought pottery • ." y a ~eattne m :1 ' ti O Berglund [ a stay with relatives at Bellingham• and baskets fairly flasb with brilliant Pneumonia, has improved sufficiently " •" • , [ , , . reds, and purples, and yellows. More- to be removed to the home of herI Mr• and Mrs. Neis Nelson andt Mrs. M. Erickson and Mrs. A. ever. these are colors that the sun will daughter, Mrs. Veva Haines. Idaughter Marion spenr~ Friday eve- I Swanson called on Mrs. Nels Nelson not fade, nor the rains make dim, for ~, - . *- *. * , , i ning at the Johu Nelson home in Is- Monday afternoon, the dyes--to all In',onts and lmrposes ~urs. Wilson Tibbetts has asoin-l~a)uah , , , , --are everlasling. These dyes have ~er guests Sund'w night, Miss I.illian [ 1 * * * [ Otto Anderson and Walter Ander- lung been the pride of the hldian's aUss of Prestou, and Miss Fero'.I ttarold Halverson, Wilson and thetson are removing the boiler from the heart. For centuries the sonrces from Tibbetts and MrMagnu.; Gulbranson i Misses Mildred Lovegren and Mihlred logging locomotive to be used in their wMcb the), were obtained and the of Seattle. llolm visited friends in Seattle Sat-I mill on Vaughns, hill. weref°rmulaecareful]yUSed guardedin thelrsecrcts.preparation ~,. . * * * urday evening. [ ~mss Mattle Bush, who has been • • • The source'of one particularly gor- quite seriously ill, is reportedira- Ingolf Peterson was a Seattle vis- Littleton Ghost Story geous purple dye was sought hy out- Proving at this time [itor Satur( a- I Ghost-story lovers nay be interested slders for years, and finally dlscov- : , ", ' [ ' J', , , hy an incident of whlcll the details ered to be a fish living in Central J. L. O'Connbr, former stationI Lloyd Lovegren, Grant Lovegren, are claimed to be perfectly authentic. American lagoons. ~aster here, and Miss Jo Connel of!Enid Lovegren and Beth Oliver of On the night of November 25, 1779. Insects, also. produced bcautlfnl Seattle, were ~'isitors Sunday at the[Seattle and Grace Vaughn of Bethel! the second Lord ;~'ttleton dreamed dyes. Up until tbe time that cheap C J Bo.,den home Jim is still with/wete d n ....... th it a bird flew inte his room, changed chemical dyes were put on the market • • J '• ., "• I ner guests ~unaay oi1¥11' the N P at Arlin-'c- I ........ • , to a woman and bade him prepure for the growing of cbchineal insects was • . ~u,.. anu Mrs. Emn Lovegren ~un(my. de tlh within three da "s en important Industry and a tre- mendous business was done in cochi- , Announcement is made that the[ Mrs. S. Tallman returned home He told the dream to h~s family at neal dyes. nigh school ~lay ~cb~duhd fm to f~o ~e .... d " . • bre' kfast next morning b it made light ~Orrow nigh: has been postponed a nmmi ; :tt~.ie~d~ f:i" x:n:hT)rtn;isli~ l:nitt'bbe:lltg to all appearances In excel Cochineal insects feed by tile thou- n sands on t~e leaves of the nepal, a eek, until Febtumy.10. with relatives., , * lle Joked about it again Just before form of cactus. going to bed a few minutes before -Miss Ethelyn Kicker and Blaine[ Mrs. Carl Cedarholm and children " ' Boyden were out from Seattl- visit ! ........ midnight on the third day Andorra Self Governed • t~ : "i 0I ls~aquan spenB ~unoay aitern0on ~" '" " While he was undressing he sudden but Not Real Republic ly fell dead.---London Times. Andorra is not exactly a republic be- Ladies' Fur-Trimmed Coats Cleaned and Pressed EFFECTIVE UNTIL FEBRUARY 10 Leave Coats at Humes Barber Shop Toys Children Favor A comprehensive survey leads to the conclusion that building hlocks are the favorite toy for children up to the age of seven. Drawing and painting ms. terials rank high• With little girls' dolls and houskeeping equipment are favor]ties. Sand and clay for model- ing retain the interest of most cbil- dren. Mecbanica] toys, on the other hcmd, are soon discarded. Adults usu- ally enjoy the mechanical toys more than the cMldren for whom they are purchased. Service Laondry and Cleaners cause it is compelled to pay annual dues to the government of France and the Spanish bishop of Urge]. The lit- tle country is an autonomous, sea]tin- dependent state. It consists of six parishes in the diocese of the Spanish bishop of Urgel. It is in the valleys of the eastern Pyrenees between France and Spain, Within its 191 square miles of territory, 5,(D0 people live, one-fifth of them in the capital city, Andorra. The altitude of the country varies from about 6,000 f~et to about 10,000 feet• The chief occu- pation is the cultivation of tobacco. The story is told that Charlemagne rewarded the country for its help ,lur- ing his campaigns against the Moors by declaring it independent. In those days, similar independence was en- Joyed by a number of groups In the Pyrenees. Andorra is self-governed. France and the Spanish bishop appoint two civil Judges to work together. Cata- lan is the language spoken• French and Spanish currency are both in use. French influence dominates the state. ALL DURING FEBRUARY ..... ..... IT'S A HABIT THAT PAYS These Prices are Effective q February 3, 4, 6 LARGE 19C WASHING POWDER Breakfast Bell PURE STRAINED • POUND PAIL Faultless DILL PICKSES No. 2 x~i CAN 10c ITALIAN PRUNES SIZE 19C COFFEE ............................... 29c Vacuum Packed ~ A Fine Coffee at ABargain Price] MALT SYRUP ~ Your Choice of Light or Darkl Man's Small Wants "Man wants but little here below." In a very real sense this declaration of the poet is true. Every literary worker and every scholar tries to have a library close at hand. He gathers many books, which seem to him to he virtually indispensable to the prose- cution of his professional wtsrk. And yet the mainstay of such students consists of a few books• When they come to sift our wants, we find that they center on very few things• Our discontent and unsatisfaction come largely from our Imagination• We imagine that we have many obstacles and difficulties which have no exist- ence in reality. Could we realize how little we absolutely need, and do, in fact, voluntarily get along with, we should save ourselves a vast amount of harmful worry.--Exchange. Wrong Ideas A lot of our common ideas are wrong• It is quite true that iron is really white, and only turns black on exposure to the air• In the same way, gold doesn't glitter till it's polished; diamonds have no sparkle until they bays been cut; and opals when first found in their nat- ural clay setting are so soft that they can be picked with the fingernail But one of the commonest fallacies of this savt is to describe the pig as a dirty animal. In their natural mode of life pigs are very clean, finding food by rummaging in woodland. But their feet are so formed for digging that when they are kept in a confined space they eat up the earth and churn It into mud.--Exchange. BLUE RIBBON POUND PACKAGE ........ More Cups per Pound and More Enjoyment per Cup! J ............ 15C 19C LB. with MUSTARD or TOMATO SAUCE 3 25C, CRYSTAL WHITE ,0 ............... ...... 25¢ HAPPY VALE LARGE BOTTLE I i, SUNKIST JUICY ORANGES ' oo=. 25C Swift's Oriole PER POUND Beautiful Cathedral City There are few places In the whole of the British isles more fascinating than Wells, the city of many streams, not far from the other cathedral towns of Bath and Salisbury. Like Bru~ges in Belgium, a moat still sur- rounds the bishop's palace, and nearly everythlng which meets the eye savors of an order of things which vanished In England. Visitors are always spe- cially Interested In the swans which swim in the moat, for they have learned to ring the porter's bell when they want to be fed. The best view of the famous cathedral here can be obtained from Tor hill, from which point the visitors will learn why Wells has been called "a precious Jewel set in an emerald landscape" Raoh Hu • Name "I have been told there are quite a lot of different names for groups of animals, like flock of birds, herd of cows, etc." writem a correspondent. "Can you give me a list of these?" Well, here axe some to go on with: Swarm of be~, nest of rabbits, litter of whelps, down of hares, troop of monkeym, gaggle of geese, school of porpoises, wisp of snipe, aye of pheas- ants. team of oxen, covey of part. ridges, bevy of quails, pace of asses-- But enough l I fear other readers will be getting tired l---London Answers. PAGE THREE ssaqua heatre 10c --- 7:30 P. M. ---- .... 2Sc THUR~SDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 3, 4 ,,OUIll¥ q]l NOT OUItIY" (l~etty C )ml)son, Claudia Dell, George Irving, Walter Percial) "The Finishing Touch" (A Skeets Gallagber Comedy) NEWS --- RIPLEY'S "BELIEVE IT OR NOT" -- KRAZY KAT SUNDAY and MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 6 "I=AITHLI=$$" (Robert Montgomery, Tallulah Bankhead) NEWS- KR,:ZY KAT- ETHEL MERMAN Coming--"Grand Hotel, 'Pack Up Your Troubles," ' They Just Had to Get Married," "Flesh," "Red Dust," "Strange Interlude" and "San Daughter." [ LETTERS FROM I .................................... ~r.r-oo r.r~--r~r~o ~ISSAQUAH VALLEY GRANGE No. ! IVI~IhDD It~E,/4,L/E,I~ i 581. Meets second and fourth Mon- 0 0 day of each month, 8 p.m., Grange [ e'~ ~P~ATI~N Hall. W.V. Bradley, Master, Mrs. C. [ ---" ....... L. Ots~n, Secy. 1 Why is i~ we are so reluctant to ............................. cooperate with our neighbors--not MYLTLE LODGE No. 108, F. & A. only our next door neighbors, but M. Meets first Saturday in each stranger neighbors? Perhaps one an- month. Ernest J. Lindman, W. M.; swer to this question is selfishness. Thos. F. Drylie, Secy. We are afraid the other fellow is go- ing to get just a little more than we CENTURY CHAPTER No. 66. O. E. are to have. Perhaps we know or vis- S. Meets second and fourth Wed- nesday m Masomc hall Hazel Ek, ualize an apparent something which i " " ~ " • W M, Mmme Schombet, Secy does us no good--but might aid our[., • _! ! ...... : ......... : .... fellowmen and ~omen • I GILI~IAN LODGE No. 69, I. O. O. F. For instance, a little cooperationI Meets every Friday evening Thee ' between county and city governments Kinnune, N. G.; L. H. Smart, Secy. and men unemployed, the streets of }Issaquah, which are a disgrace and serious detriment, might be improved at least a little• Now, don't get riled, as this is only a suggestion. Say-- maybe the unemployed men could see the council and offer their aid with shovels and brawn--better'n laying isn't it, men? And the court-[ around, ell in turn ask aid--not money--from l, I the county, through the means ofI truck and gravel for one or two days, at least until the worst streets are repaired. Now--who will benefit by this little cooperation? Yes, you are right--we all will. The City of Issaquah will have half- decent streets; you who drive cars will not be forced to run them through "no man's" land; the county will have less expense on the school busses (re- cently a spring was broken on one of the trucks), and you men~ will have something to talon up the surplus time. What say, men? Do you think we, the county and city governments !and unemployed, can cooperate just !a little? --J. W. Valuable Right ot Way Less than half a mite of railroad track Csed by a western gold mine recently yielded over $5,0(X) in pay dirt in one month after a weigh-nms- ter noticed that the right of way was literally paved with gold. Before the ore was sent through the various processes, each car was weighed, and this was done by pushing it on the scales, then giving It a shove to send it coasting down the track to the mill, says Popular Mechanics Magazine. The weighmaster bbserved that each time a car was bumped in switching, a quantity of dust sifted out. A lease was obtained on the three-eighth-mile track and men began cleaning it up. Ore valued at $175,000 a car has been shipped to tbis mill, and it has been estimated that the residue dump alone contains unclaimed gold worth $3,000,- 000. Go to church Sunday. I. O. O. F. Meets first and third Wednesday of each month, at I. O. O. F. Hall. Mary Kinnune, N. G.; Ruby Lindman, Secy. O. O. F.Meets every second Sat- urday at Issaquah and every fourth Thursday at Redmond. Visiting Pa. triarchs welcome. R. G. McKee, C. P.; E. J. Lindman, Scribe. PURE RAW MILK AND CREAM Phone F244 MORNING DELIVERIES Icsaquah Valley Dairy BEAUTY ----- -SHOPPE SPECIALS- For Relaxed Muscles -- or flabby skin-- have a facial once a week and see t h e marvelous re- sults. • ........ HOME - BEAUTY SHOPPE - , , , q HILE'S BARBER SHOP O Efficient Tonsorial Service for all Members of the Family O Front St., -- Near Bank 0 0 ]Seattle.lssaquah.Easton !New Richmond H0tel!l XeR sS (minimum) 25c 325 Rooms ~ Modern --- Fireproof[ LEAVE ISSAQUAH I 8:10 a.m. S:SO p. m NEW LOW RATES DALLY, without bath ...... from $ .75 DALLY, with bath .......... from 1.00 WEEKLY, without bath., from3.$0 WEEKLY, with bath ...... from 5.S0 "You"l Like This Hotel" W. E. Bonham, Managor Seattle~ Washington Extra Suns. Hol'ys 8:10 p.m. LEAVE SEATTLE 9:30 a.m. 5:15 p. m. Extra Sundays and Holidays 10 p.m. One Way Fare ..... 90 Round Trip ........ $1•35 North Bend Stage Line, Inc. lllllilllllllllllllilllllllB1lllllllllllllllllllllllll We Do All Kinds of Hauling Business Every Business Day --- between --- Seattle and Coalfield, lssaquah, High Point, Preston, Menohun, Elliutt and Cedar Grove, and all way places Issaquah Transportation Co,, Inc, AUTO FREIGHT AND TRANSFER Seattle Depot---Railroad Ave., Dearborn St. and Railroad Way Leave Seattle l tO0 P. M. Only Leave lssaquah 6:00 A. M. Telephone Main 394 Washed Sand and Gravel