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February 16, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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February 16, 1933

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I PAGE TWO THE ISSAQUAH PRESS --OFFICIAL PAPER FOR THE TOWN OF ISSAQUAH-- I'ubli,;hed Every Thursday at ISSAQUAH, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON Subscription Rates : One Year, in advance .................................................... $1.50 Six Months, " . ................................................... 1.00 Three Months, " . ................................................ 75 Entered as second-class matter on October 27, 1916: at the post- office at lssaquah, I~ing County, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1870. M. A. BOYDEN ................................................... Editor-Publisher A MODEL LEGISLATURE. [ THE ATONEMENT In a thirty-minute over the radio, , . , last evening, Senator G. W Norris of] (Sermon at Commumty Churcn • . ' February 12) Nebraska gave his idea of a model state legislature. Instead of a senate .... ~ ...... and house, he would have but one! r~xcept a Ke~net o: wheat ia!l in- . . I to the ground and din, it reamlns a oody. ............ lsingle kernel; but if it die it bear~ In a state toe size oi £NeorasKa nel a great crop.' John 12:24, Mont- would have about twenty members,] , • . gome~y s rIanslatlon elected for a term of four years on " " . ". a non-partisan ballot. He offered ex- Jesus gave th~s view of atone- cellent argument in favor of this ment in answer to the Greeks' re- plan speeding up legislation and get- quest, "We would see Jesus," im- tin,- r plying that we could not see Hm~ ' ~. neare what the people xwanted. " o , In a financial way, he said Nebraska until tie had died and risen again. could pay their legislators $4,000 and Ha spoke of His death as glory--a still save $50,000 a year over the strange idea of glory. present method. The words of Jesus are riddles His plan seems to have much to unless we get Itis viewpoint, which THE ISSAQUAH PRESS, ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASHINGTON TttURSI)AY, FEBRUARY 16, 1923 TOPNOTCHERS IENOLAND " f.MOff I Community Ch T2h Y l egislative~ gh gh By JIMMIE K• BROWNE led some relief from the ever-increas- OLYMPIA, February 15- Carry-I ing tax burden due to the ever grow- ing the indorsement of the industrial- ing cost of ~'overmnent. lists and payroll makers of the sta~e, i ~ § § and ill a last minute stand to fightt (;(wernor Martin has recouunended I off ult:mate and final wreckage of a!aml urged some things. But unfor- once great basic indusLry, logging tunately some of these things mean and lumbering, a bill calling for lmore taxes and greater costs of gov- drastic changes in the industrial in-:I c.rn nent § § § surance act is now before the tIouse, i lie has split oe some of the over- § § § head costs but at the same time has This new bill would give to em- suggested other proposals which will ployers of the state the right to elee~ i increase taxes and create more tax whether they would come under the state insurance sy.~tenl, take private insurance or carry their own insur- ance under a system of awards which would be regulated by ~he state. § § § Facing assessments ranging higb as $19.25 per $100 payroll, the op- erators cannot put men at work with this heavy overhead, whereas, they !collecting bodies, making more jobs. The tax on the small stores does this, and the prol)(,sal for unemployment insurance, the old age pension bill, the sales tax, etc., all create more obs of a neeessity. § § § The Senate, in passing the Showal- er School Bill, did so after it has been so an~ended that the 40-mill feel confident that they can reduce limitation initiative stands a possi- these costs nmterially if given the lbility of being knocked into a cocked right to insure as they desire, hat by the state supreme court. As § § § the bill passed the ~enate it pro- It can be classified as a step to- vides that the state board of equal- ward getting men on payrolls, ization can levy for the common I schools "not to exceed five mills." § § § The present set-up is not so mueh lThe 40-mill initiative limits the state interested at this time in aiding and I levy for all purposes to tive mills. If assisting industry and business back[the same strong lobby of the schools on the road to recovery, however, as i sets down on the board of equaliza- recommend it. Ite stated the only is that every human individual has being' sinned] and needs to be sa~ed.He 0 -0 the campaign promises led the state tion as it stepped upon the Legisla- thing that has kept it from to believe. § § § ture, then there will be no levies adopted before now is politicians, came to save us by bearing our guilt "Thunder or Angel; Skepticism or made for the institutions of higher That in itself is a strong en(lorse-lupon Itimself thru death on the cross. [ Faith?" is the sermon theme for next He is our substitute at the judgment,] byArthur Brleb ne Sunday at 11:00. The choir will sing While the leaders are anxious to education, the current expenses of ment of th?__pllog:am_. ...... taking our guilt upon Himself and[ ---- "Crown Him with Many Crowns." assist, the rank and file feel other- the state, military, courts, etc. The g~vmg to us His righteousness What Contl fr "AT GRIPS." I .... " i ( 'nued om first page) "An Appeal to the Lodges" will bewise' judging solely from the grist next step under such a condition will I __ given Sunday evening at 7:30. Ev- which has been coming through the be fore some one to attack the fact A research committee social gracious transaction! on ia that no funds can be made available The fabled Atlas is sam to have trends has rendered a report, after] "~ ~ " i by the life insurance companies. And cry lodge member in the community bill hoppers. § § § under the 40-mill act to support ex* catrmd the earth upon hm shoulders,~ h s mc three years work by 500 investiga-] " ' " " it o e " .lined to approve thoughtless- is urged to attend. The Young Peo- Lumber and timber is especially isting and necessary stateinstitu- but Christactuallycarriedthe tors, that the committee "does not' ". ' I ly any mortgage repudiation should ple's choir will sing. weight of the world's sin to the cros~ r m er support the belief that a great crime " " "" I eme b that the money in those A large crowd was present last hit. Senate Bill 147 would do away tions and the courts will rightfully wave holds the nation at grips." His glory lay in this, that He did it lmortgages' the same as other mort- Sunday evening to hear Jesse Parker with the exisiting law to perpetuate hold that these are necessary, must Maybe we do not know just what all voluntarily because He loved us gages, d~)es not belong to life insur- preach. Visitors came from North forestation°Ur timber standzgd-bY encouraginglands, re- be sustained(continuedand onWilllastauth°riZepage) any that expression, "at grips," means, every one. gnce officials; it belongs to policy- Bend, Seattle, Preston and Bellevue. on§lo .e§off Welcome; come again. The soc~t~t :~ ~ but to us there seems to be some- Love is lonesome and desires corn- holders and represents protection time was delightful, fifty-one being There are a score or more of bills thing radicallywrong when crime pany. Christ is lonesome for us, He for widows and children. Their only pending with pledged votes enough and " rl• said" and wants that " where I threats of anl crlm yp ~ an ; one . -" ation should not be overlooked long mon~ns Stefam Poultry Farm peals the road and bridge funds. I ingfrOmthefeedeffectsdepartmentof the depression,Operations~ year beforehcenseltto" the statethr°ugh' ;.~} oneHolsteinaCre ground,cheap, comingS225. TermS.fresh soon.in. . e d ve one of . , protection That aspect of the situ seated at the tables. Adult choir p~actice at the L R to insure passage which will set back ..... • • • . . I OUST the ~amping ~ing. ,,lec~ the most t lcal of Amer c s there ye may be also He wants our Hepler home Friday at 7'30 The early rewval of business for many ......... o~¢ the most popular, useful of our compamonshl'p now, hence His" em- * * * " • • . .. ,o. w. t~es~ ror~ t~ommlssloner. young manhood, out of the United phasis upon church fellowship• Henry Ford predicts anera of pros- whole church is preparing for the • " I .............. coming of Evangelist W A Phillips, § § § HATCHING Eggs, 30c doz.; also States and into a foreign country as And how are we glorified? By be- perity in which money will be of lit- March 1 to 8 " " To date virtually all such measures lbaby chicks, 10c each• V. Cherne. a protection for the life of his ins like Christ: burying our lives in tle consequence, simply used "as Sunda school at ten don't miss it call for increased taxes None would[ .............. family Christian service; testifying for Him; postage stamps are used, to move Y ; • . ...... " .... FOR SALE--Guernsey bull. In- S E ANDERSON Pastor reouce ~axes, wl~n ~ne posslaie ex- r funds m romotm His~ ' " r Fo ' re ceptmn of House Bill 177, which re-tq . " planting ou p g I things.M. rd s ply to tech- • • , • • • • ~uire Wm Maunns rancn, next to BIRTHDAY SURPRISE plans; dying to worldly practices, and nocraey nonsense is brief: lt/l/.~l~~/r~/.~ll~ i ......... o ....... -- I denyingourselves every fleshly "It is silly to suggest that man can ,;~.,,~,., ,~.~v...,, .,.,vv., § § § ] FOR SALE~Young Jersey bull. tuontmuea ~rom ~rs~ page) On the evening of February 3, a]thing, be dominated by the machine ~vhich But even this bill is so drafted Will sell cehap. E. Nyberg, Route number of friends of C. J. SweenI Do we want to see Jesus? Then, he creates and controls." gave him a birthday surprise, the oc-lsays He, "If any man serve me, let But man has been dominated too~ ~n@ v~.~ .as ------- that it opens the way to the squan-lA, Box 43. ~'"~-' ........ dering of millions of the gasoline tax .............................. casion being his fifty-fifth birthday him follow me; and where I am, much by money. The intelligence of Preferred stock patronage refund . . R SALE Four room house and anniversary. There were nineteen there shall also my servant be: if the country has been centered on zuna revenues FO --- - present, and the evening was spent any man serve me, him shallmy getting more and more of money $365,628.44. I . . § § .§ .... !quire A. Galbraith, Mine Hill. oust as an example ox now regis at cards and other social fhatures. ]Father honour." " that means nothing, neglecting the Grand total extra payments toI - -i ............... ±---- ,~,~h~ ~o2~ ~.~, ._~ ..~., .... .~ lation works this year: The chain l FOR SALE--Double tractor plow; ~~~ real problem, which is to produce -.~f.o--~, ~-~ ...... P ........ istore bill was passed by the Senate. lsmall pigs for sale. Mrs. Bogden. and distribute things that the peo- While the poultry industry is feel-IBut weathered, the---wANTED~Farm horse, 1300 Ibs., ___ ple really need• I|& act was so amenueu ~na~ every small • , • • --- PE L.-- is obvious from the above reports ~'~'*" ............ , ............ z'~°~t" W Ekdahl R F D or this office the difference between a human be-that these poultrymen, working to-[°nly a. $10 stock, must pay $12 al~ Ld • ' Slk"Drese ins and an animal, gether cooperatively, are solving tot " I llllllllllllllllllllllllll _a_les. , ,-l--s.-----~-S ~v~ only animal that laughs. Another lems with which they are confront-i Business and industry looked forI __ . • One says the human being is the their advantage many of the prob- § § t.,leanea tor . . says that man is the only animal ed, and thereby reflecting a benefitl_assistance__ .~at ............... this session The__ expect-_ I ~eneral that thinks, not only to themselves but to the en- -- .... Leave Coats at Humes Barber Shop It might be more accurate to say tire business life of the Northwest 0 ..... 0 sum Aflll~gll~lllTl.II • .. __ __ ~. that man is the only animal unable " a. R- . . ... .I D/ tR r'll/I I lervtwe taonOry ano 12leaner~ to mind its own business. Mr. an~auer, ~,,.I l IleW lllcnm0no HOIel --- and Mrs. Gottehuit (Mary Neupauer) I t Mr. and Mrs. William Beach and and son were Issaquah visitors Fri- 0 0 Including We have Safe Deposit Boxes for rent in our absolutle Fire Proof vaults. A box of sufficient size to hold a large number of papers and documents may be rented for $3.00 a year. You carry the keys and our vaults afford the best of protection. We will be pleased to explain the plan more fully. Per Cent Interest Issaquah A STRONG BANK Issaquah, Washington son Bob returned home last week after having spent the winter visit- ing the former's relatives in Colo- rado. They drove home through Cal- ifornia, visiting relatives enroute. day. Mr. and Mrs. Gottbehuit re- turned recently from Detroit, where they have lived for several years, but are now making their home in Seattle. II for letters to be mailed by all poul en in the 2000 FREE NOPCO XX TEST BUT-- from now on the~w who dld not eater will feed oulymashes--.all mashes--- containinI NoPco XX for proper Vitamin D and A content, judging by the hundreds of letters received from poultrymen who have proven-- ba their own way-- that the one rare way of gettY8 NOPCO XX results Is to feed only mashes containing NoPCO XX. Thl~ htclude~ 4-H Club memben. R l M | M i l R -- There is no substitute for NoPco XX. LMPORTANT TO POULTRY MEN AND , l TURKI~ GROWERS Thl, 1, • I~ED TEST--~OT a Lett~ Wthlas Eonts~ Tim PURPOSE--to ratify yourm~, in your way, on yore. ranch, resardin8 NOPCO XXremltL Then llst your result~..on wraP. ping paper, if you J~e. Form II o~ no conNquenco. SiKn up with your d~der for the FEED TEST whether you writs • letu~ or not. You can do as you pleaso about that, 325 Rooms -- Modern --- Fireproof NEW LOW RATES DALLY, without bath ...... from $ .TS DALLY, with bath .......... from 1.00 WEEKLY, without bath., from3.501 WEEKLY, with bath ...... from $.S0 "You"l Like This Hotel" MACHINE WORK E. Cedarholm FRONT STREET w. E. Bonhnm, Mn-as., One-half block south of Seattle, Washington -"---- --'-= I Highway Issaquah Exchange Ads are result-getters I and are inexpensive. Use them. ] nlll~llllilllllllllllllllll EGGS, standards, dozen i ........................... 15c BACON, Swift's pound ............................ ,12 zC SQUASH, fancy, pound ............................ COFFEE, Gold Shield,, pound .................... 29¢ SUGAR, pure cane, 10 pounds .................. 41c SOAP, Feldman's Naptha, 4 for .......... :..:.. 19c OATS, Carnation regular, pkg ................... 17c SALMON, Seaport pink, can ...................... 9¢ PANCAKE FLOUR, Sperry's, pkg. 19c One package of Wheat Hearts