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February 16, 1983     The Issaquah Press
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February 16, 1983

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ty police dispcrl00chers take on a new medical role by Rhode Donkin lice depend on them for safety. Firefighters say "our life line." Radio are the critical between crisis in the mnity and emergency the seven dispat- who operate the jungle equipment Issaquah police and ts are being for a new line of are being introduced World of medical jar- a training program by the Issaquah Fire The program a big change in ties of police that has come over the last jear. the fire department a sophisticated aid program, with a $36,000 aid volunteer fire with at least two of standing by every night immediately when ren sounds. year aid calls increas- percent, and the vast of them were heart- medical emergencies. program has been significantly and o dispatchers have a critical part of that a typical rainy winter week, when police was minimal, the frequency was being Police dispatcher Paula Ralph talks to an officer over the radio. / \\; - 1he treatment - Skin onoly=, Focal vocuum Deep pO/e cleorInQ Skin penetrofLon $teom Vapor Muicte tocw massoge Exhoclor Aocno theropv ElectriC ,kin Ilougln0 Acu-I:xessute (I,- loft@Hr.) used to conduct routine voice was Tony Singleton&apos;s, breath.., diaphoretic.., rushing to the scene from business. Then a call came in the Issaquah Fire Chief. blood pressure 240 over Eastgate. Singleton's port- on the fire frequency that .t two radio... We 120... pulse 112... able radio wasn't getting took the dispatcher by sur- have an 83-year-old respiration.., complaining through. Squak Mountain prise. The rapid fire woman.., history of ofchestpain..." was in the way. heart... M.1. August The dispatcher had torelay She scribbled the message 80..'. shortness of the message to a medic unit quickly. Meanwhile, her I t,,a- N ISSAQUAH ll DO I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL TODAY? 00,oce,00,o Winter Sl  We're the Sylvan Learning Centen. We }'ISCEgt, S ts b eak ng up learning fun. Sylvan Learning Centers , r I . oo0 w. 00o,e ///",'-' ,' /l: " work closely with teachers which I ' ]-dl'i  !/I sional, individuolzed and it workst hoice.LockerBeef  at the  =r . ,.,-, /,.j oge one yeor of academic growth S  .,%,.= ..-% ",:1 af,erju,, ,h,-,= hou.on.,oo.  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It was all she had time to say, and all she had time to record. "Medics who don't know what they're about to deal with can lose up to three minutes being briefed at the scene," said Singleton to a group of dispatchers at a re- cent training session. "It's critical time they can't afford to lose in a heart attack or any other life-threatening situation." In the past, the city's "at- tack unit" rushed to the scene of an emergency and transported the patient to VIP's parking lot, where the Bellevue medic unit would take over. The fire depart- ment consisted of emergency medical technicians and fire- fighters trained to handle a limited variety of medical emergencies. All that chang- ed in 1982. What hasn't changed are the portable radios used to transmit the message to the traveling medics. The low wattage walky-talkies are useless in "dead spots" in the city, where transmission is impeded by physical barriers. 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Hot Dog Rollup w/Cup of Chili or Tuna Salad Sandwich Frl.- Fish w/Rice Pilaf or Salami Sandwich courtesy of PUGET SOUND BAKING C0. in Mark-It Foods 392-1341 Tea Room -- 355 N.W. Gilman Blvd. 392-1700 Parts of Hutchison House, retirement apartments on Mountain Park Boulevard, are blocked, and so is the back side of Wildwood Apartments and many areas along Wildwood Drive. When the aid crew can't radio out, they have to rely on the base station, radio dispatchers at the police department. Until this year, dispatchers didn't need to know what "diaphoretic" (cold sweat) meant, or that "M.I." means a heart at- tack. They were seldom call- ed on to translate the barrage of medical information from the scene of an accident. Now it's quickly becoming terminology they must know fluently. At the training session, dispatchers were also in- structed in another respon- sibility that county fire The Issaquah Press, Wednesday, February 16, 1983 - Page 7 dispatchers take for granted. They were shown the basics of cardiopulminary resusita- tion, a technique used to revive someone whose heart or lungs have stopped functioning. In the future they will be expected to in- struct CPR over the phone. With all the other things dispatchers are responsible for, Linda Howard, for one, is a little skeptical about sav- ing a life over the phone. If such an occasion arises, she would have to drop every other activity she does: using the teletype to track down licenses, handling the police complaint window, typing officer's reports, issuing licenses, monitoring burglar alarms, watching jail inmates on closed circuit TV, or giv- ing directions to lost people, Even communication with an officer in the field would be momentarily curtailed to in- struct a desperate caller over the phone. But Howard agrees with veteran dispatcher Paul Ralph, the job of juggling a dozen different activities at the police station has great rewards. "We're best under pressure," said Ralph. 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