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March 9, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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March 9, 1933

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PAGE FOUR bTArthur Brisbane [committed suicide that his familYias referee. (Continued from first page) [might receive $100,000 insurance, i For the second game Mr. Ulvestad ]lie made a bad bargain with fate. Iti played fourteen boards simultaneous~ There is in Los Angeles one long!would have been better for his fam-ily" Twelve of the~e went down to de- street, Wilshire boulevard, that with ily had he lived, using his courage!leat before the bewlhtermg attaci~ THE ISSAQUAH PRESS, ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASHINGTON THURSDAY. MARCH 9, 1933 • . , i . i IH,l,, ,i , lights, since it is not probable that!l)iaved amt won by Mr. Ulve.Mad' "~i~sy-~-N--;-'i;s~-F~;m-~the--*-iss--a,-quah~-High.~-sch~;i prizefighting crowds will ret'orn~ i wiihout ,~eeing the men m' board. The their manners. I~"~enerals" opposing bim were C. J. [ * * * [Sween of Redmond; Paul Benson of A well known man m this state,!issaquah, and Arvid Naas of Preston. [ young, energetic, his money gone. t Emil Lovegren of tligh Point acted Mr. Phillips, a missionary who! men, sec()nd team, gr'M,! school and. ['or many year.-. This year's team will and sense of duty here, in this nms~ interesting fight against depression. The greatest opportunities that the world has ever seen will be offered to courage and wise investment be- fore this depression ends. MORE ABOUT "WAR" (Continued from first page) chess game played at Preston scbool- house last Friday evening, betweea the state champion of blindfold chess, Mr. O. Ulvestad, and a team pickett! widely from these parts of the coun-! ty. From Pine Lake, Issaquah, High! Point, Preston, Fall City and Upper Preston, they had gathered -- men from school age to men with white hair, to pit their skill against this champion. A big crowd of enthusiasts of the intricate game had gathered to wit- ness the battle. Tbe first game wa~ of this schoolhoy. There was not the least doubt from beginning who was master of ceremonies. Ulvestad work- ed fast• Ile skipped from board to board anti often indicated a better reply when his opponent became too bewildered. In less than one hour af- ter the game had started the first man was check-mated. "Two more moves and I am gone," moaned Lloyn tory. The difficulties of tile people toI Lovegren. "Same here," came fronV preserve their crops from the rav-I his brother Gram sittin,, at the next! ages of wild beasts were also disc'us- ' • ~" ! I table. On the next round the same sed• Mr. Anderson, of the Issaquah! fate befell Mr. McKibben and Dr.I Community Church, introduced the I Cheney of Fall City and C. J. Lar- speaker. ¶[ ¶ ¶ ' i son of Upper Preston. Soon Paul Ben- The Issaquah town te'tm was de-I son got up and walked across the room. "What's the matter, do you ~'ive up, too?" he was asked. "Yes, I know when I'm licked," came the answer. Mr. Ulvestad resigned his game against Arvid Naas of Preston. The next to reckon wkh was Emil Lovcgren. Their game stood so even that Mr. Ulvestad offered a draw, all respect to New York's Fifth ave-I hue, State street and Michigan boul- (yard in Chicago, may one day be the greatest street in the world. It runs twenty miles from the heart of Los Angeles out to the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Off to the left is Los Angeles har- bor, destined to draw more and more of the Pacific trade. What that Wil- shire boulevard will be in years to come, nobody can imagine. Los An, geles within its large borders will have ten millions of population, be- fore the century ends. A California lady, h e r 'husband very well known, attended the Fred Miller - Baby Arizmendi prizefight. Gentelemen in the gallery, dissatis- fied with tbe prizefight decision, threw bottles of variou,: sizes. One struck the lady, knockeM her uncon- scious. She is recovering. It may be necessary for ladies to abandon the Specials--For Friday and Saturday,'March 10 and 11 i i1|1, ] Neither is it true that getting good foods and ] good prices is a matter of luck. "It is merely a 1 i I Imatter of coming to the MONEY SAVERS." . L~Z;~=::t '1 PUREST QUALITY; CHOCOLATE FLAVORED I Tasty-Salt,L3- ~Fz~.~~;~~ ] ~~~L==JL~ ~ (limit) J ~ I~# F!out 4!I,. ......... 85¢ [ CrystaiWhite i SNOWLIKE BRAND; MILLED BYGENTENNIAL / Soap _ I Bisquick,*c-*o 2 9 c/': :'"""=;" I Syrup QUART BOTTLE ........ 25C ] teslie'sShaker I NALLEY'$ EXCELLENT WAFFLE SYRUP " , . __ I I . ,..= , / Sat[ , FlapJack PACKAGE 15C ] Full TwO-Pound Packages [ cofree. . o o ................ 1,7 / B,,, R bb,, , FRESH ROASTED, FRESH GROUND~ IN BU K / ql, ~ ~ A | Malt 0xydol 9c/ ! , 1 The World's Largest Seller PROCTERS&GAMLESCOMPLETEHOUSEHOLD SOAPPWDR. 49©] KING POWDER POST TOASTIES ' C JELLO ....... _ 19c 1-POUND CAN ...... :. . i i... 3 PACKAGES {,All P-layers) ................. ~ ............................. PER POUND ............................... 10- to 12.Pound Average; Sugar" Cured; S~nned; Half or ~Pnole uii I ........ :10¢ Fancy, Lean, Dry Salt Pork ,, , , , , SLICED BACON Fancy Sugar Cured; No"]~i~d I Crisp Stalks, Each .............. 5~C MEDIUM SIZE; LEAN SUGAR CURED --- PER POUND LARGE, CRISP SOLII~ HEADS --EACH-- i I I I I I CARROTS B,.o 5c BANANAS. Firm and Rips* Pound 5C t feated, 30-25, by Foster town teamI Thursday night at the gym. TheI game was a close-checking affair un-I til Capt. Gott, who played on theI Foster It. S. championship teamI .q)ent five years in India, gave a short lall stars. So far tim senior, sophonmre! be relneml~ered as tile strnngest in talk to the high school an(1 part of:and grade school teams arc tied fm [the history of the school. the grade school at an assembly call- fi 'st l lace T w seniors Fat their op-I , . , 'the iunior~ ~', ~i ~i e(l Thursday morning, tits talk was portunitv br (lefeatin~ A 4-I1 Club dance was held Satur- on India, its people and its custolns,[;ll-t(;; the :~ol)h.morc.'~ took ~ oh)s,- day niM~t at (iraH~e tlalI.A five-piece and was illustrated with some artiele~ [ l 7-I(; victory (*~ev the fresh and the local orchestra turnisheo the music, of dress, jeweh'y and weapons used i graders trounced the all stars .1(;-6. !and Beryl Crosby, a high school stu- by the tribes of that country. Mr.i The ~,irls qre also entered in these(lent, gave several vocal numbers. Phillips told of several experiences l games, with the Sol)honmre team tied This dance was given to raise suffic- in Europe, but India was the main!with the seniors for first pl-~ce. With lent funds to send some of the club topic of his talk. tte told of the tribe itheir impressive 32-8 victory over tbe: members to the 4-1t Club camp at of head-hunters who for years have!juniors, the senio:'s took their place Pullnan as has been customary i~ ] ~ ' , . raided settlements and collected hu-I beside the sophomores, who downea~pa.~t years. An amount large enough man skulls as their trophies of vis-}the frosb, 23-20. The fresh were sit-lie send one member was cleared, but fan attempt will be made to send sev- eral others, through card parties and other me(liun~s, as yet undecided. The club members who sold the mos¢~ ~i(.kets to this (lance are to be re- warded for their eiforts by being cn- lertained at a house party and hike. "Whether or not the Issaquah high school should build a tennis court" is a subject that has received much thought and discussion. At the Boys' Club meeting, held Friday, af- ter many opinions had been heard a.~ ~o the benefits of such a project, it wa-' decided that the club would span- who scored 9 points. Playing an ov-lpassing of the guards and centers sor the building of one. The next ertime period, the local second team] put the ball in scoring position fat thing to be discussed was how to emerged victorious, 24-22, over the ithe forwards, Esther Eriekson aria raise money for building the court. Foster second team. Pedigan led the!Dorothy Castagno. The girls went Boxing and wrestling are now under scoring for Issaquah with 11 points, ltbrough the season agaiust a tough way and it is said many of the boy~ ¶ ¶ ¶ schedule composed of Fall City, Du- lave exhibited skill and ability as The interclass games are beingi vall, Tolt, Redmond and North'Bend I tighters. Later on in the school yea played each Tuesday and Thursday[ Coach Miss Klaus had her team in l::mol£ers will be given, from which evening in order that the hi schooI ithe best condition at all times an(tithe proceeds will go toward building champion team may be found• The;. they were able to withstand all owl u court. The boys are trying to get teams competing in these games are position. The championship was the matches with other schools to arouse seniors, juniors, sophomores, fresh-I first one an Issaquah team had won ladded public interest. ting at third place after their 29-5 victory over the juniors. The lssaquah girls' basketball team took the championship of the valley Friday after thoroughly trounci~ g Duvall. This gave them their sixti~ straight vict,)ry and proved that they were able to win more games than the boys. The fight for the title wa~ an up-hill battle throughout the sea- son. At first the girls were unable to which was quickly accepted. The art, through his seven years' expert- last to give up was John Skoglund SEEKS PORT POSITION cnce as publisher of Railway & Mar- of Preston and Frank Morgan of Fall ................. inc News, has a thorough knowledge City. ~ ~ ~ of the port and port operations. Everyone enjoyed the evening tre- ~ ~i:!;i:ii:~iii!i::i:::~;::::~i;!!~iii~] IIighlights of the final week of his mendously, for in chess it is not the ~ ======}=====================1 campaign will be radio talks this winning or losing that makes it in- 1~ ~!i!!iii::!::ii!!!iii] iweck-end by Lewis B. Schwellenbach teresting, but rather the presence of [~ ~:~ii!:i?}!i~]!and Bert C Ross, prominent attar- intricate problems and beautiful cam- [~i~ ii! : ~!~:i ~ii![ neys, urging supnort of the voter, binations These occur more frequent- ]~il i!!iiiiiiiiiiiiijii: ........ ~~i~iii[ for Mr Stewart-- • . .,'f.~:.+%!::::;:::" "~!~ii;!:; !!:i~. .!: '":~:~: " " 1 in a sklllfull la ed ame N~ ~i~ The e Y Y P Y g • [N~l ~;~:: ~!i~!~ :~!~.::i:i~:~i~[.:.~>~.:.~.: ~ lection is next Tuesday, the Mr. Ulvestad said he also had en- I~ :a~ ~ :-~:!!!:;:: ):iii~::::~::!::!:~:ii:!:'~:[~:~, fourteenth of March. joyed the game and expressed a I~i i~ ::::~i~::: ; ii~;!i!~ii:'!!::i~!~i:| wi " ~::::>::;?::?- ~:- '... " '::~i: i.??!:~x'. :~x~:i?!.~.'::::: ........... lhngness to come to Issaquah anti 1~ ~ F~- .......... I~;::!111t ~ ....... :~i!::;~:iiii~im:~;,::;i:,~ii:s~::~!~?~l I DR WILLIAM HOLLAND [ pay ~ne mgn scnool clue some eve- I~;~~ ~: ~ ~ ~:~:~:::?~:~:J " r ning. ~ I~i~ ~:, :::~;i~iii~i~::~/:~:~:::~:~iGI I DENTIST [ "ilG::! ~-)7 ~ii: :::i~ ....... .... MORE ABOUT RELIEF ~;I [Office Hours--1"00 to 6:00 Dail,/ • • !~: ::~i N~:::,!i!i~:~i ii~:. : I . (Continued from first page) ~~ a~il t Also Evenings and Sundays i Phone 602 Issaquah, Wash.[ Lindman at Issaquah or by Mr. I~ ~ Jl~/~] !~~ Brown, who has offices in the Library I1 r ......................... Building at Renton. The local office li | ~--~--- , is at the city hall, with office hour~ [~__ ~ Y~ ~T ~TT~ , . " i I ~t~. VV • .LJ. k./ AVJLJ~J 1 from 1:30 to 5:00 o clock daffy. Donald C. Stewart BARBER SHOP ~H Declaring that the administrativel] ~ I M O GHLIG TS system of the Port of Seattle need-]l Cleanliness, Civility (From page 2) ed a housecleaning, and that a geE-It Good Workmanship [ ; ~ " eral manager should be installed toI --------- I necessary and careful scrutiny neces-[centralize authority over all depart-it SHOWER BATHS ] sary to enact legal laws. One thing meEts, Donald C. Stewart, candidate ~ [ is certain. There will be more litiga- , for Port Commissioner,.. is. closing an ,~1 FRONT ST., ISSA.~UAHO ,[ tion growing out of the 1933 session i energetic campaign this week. Stew-!~1 than from any three previous gather...~ ings together. § § § [•llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Senator Heffron of Yakima, who i __ H was selected to handle the governor'sl= .LEC.T DONALD C. STEWART, Port Commissioner = pet banking code did a whale of aim good job, in that he slid it along thru]~ ELECTION MARCH 14 -- -- NON-PARTISAN i the Senate in rauid_ order and then[~- /--I TbeMumc~pal..foliowingLe].guereport was issued February 20, 1933, by the Seattle ••m" followed in into the House, where he~== , : ...... ......... l~ 'Donald C Stewart, candidate zor ror~ ~ommis~ioner, is [] aluea in greaslng rou-ways tar 1~, I " • • • .... ~ ' Ii 38 years of age, ~s married, and hves with his family at 1853 Ill ~~= Itamlin street. He was born in Minnesota, and has lived in m_ FRATERNAL ORDERS • King County for 29 years. For several years he has been the l .... • owner and manager of the Pacific Press Clipping Bureau. i GILMAN REBEKAH LODGE No. 59 • • During seven years he published, the.. "Railway & Marine•• GILMAN ENCAMPMENT No 43,I _ "MAKE THE •PORT SUPPORT ITSELF WITHOUT TAXES" • • .~ • O. O. F.Meeta every second Sat-•~miBiH[E•mmmmmmmllil~mmlmm~l~mmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmmm urday at Issaquah and every fourth ................... Thursday at Redmond. Visiting Pa. - ................... triarchs welcome. R. G. MeKee, C. " .... P.; E. J. Lindman, Scribe. | 1 I~ 581. Meets second and fourth Men- ~ 1 ~ • • ~ • ~ V~ day of each month, 8 p.m., Grange Hall. W.V. Bradley, Master, Mrs. C. L Olson, Secy • • • • " Other Hauhng at R~ght Price MYRTLE LODGE No. 108, F. & A. M. Meets first Saturday in each month. Ernest J. Lindman, W. M.; Thos. F. D~ylie, Secy. CENTURY CHAPTER Ne. 66. O. E. S. Meets second and fourth Wed- nesday in Masonic hall. Hazel Ek W. M., Minnie Schomber, Secy. GILMAN LODGE No~ 69, I. O. O. F. Meets every Friday evening. Thee. Kinnune, N. G.; L. H. Smart, Secy. f " ATTORNEY 1 , J. LAEL SIMMONS | In Issaquah Evenings - SaturdaysI Phone 593 Evenings ! Phone 43 Saturdays J PURE RAW MILK AND CREAM Phone F244 MORNING DELIVERIES Issaquah Valley Dairy Phone 392 • lilllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllillllllll We Do All Kinds of Hauling Business Every Business Day -- between -- Seattle and Coalfield, Issaquah, Hilrh Point, Preston, Monohnn, Ell|ott and Cedar Grove, and all way places Issaquah TransporiationCo,, Inc, AUTO FREIGHT AND TRANSFER SeattleDepot--•Railroad Ave., Dearborn St. and Railroad Way Leavo Seattle I:00 P. M. Only Leave Issaquah ~,00 A. M. Telephone Maln 894 Washed Sand and Gravel IIIIlIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIlIllllIIIIII ANSWER TO LAST WEEK'S AD--:Sight depends on liiht reaching the iris of the eyes• The less llsht the less sight.