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April 4, 1979     The Issaquah Press
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April 4, 1979

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PUc 18- The Issaquah Press, Wednesday, April 4, 1979 PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE Lqa.l SotLos S. 1P.-5 COUNTY COUNCIL NOTICE OF HEARIN(i NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearkng will be held before the King County Council in Room 402, King County Courthouse, Seattle. Wauhlngton, on the 16th day of April. 1H79, at 9:30 A.Jl. to consider adoption of the following proposed ordinance: BE IT ORDAXNED BY TNE COUNCIL OF KING COUNTYz PART X GENERAL PROVIS XON9 SECTION i. LEGISLATXV FXNDINGS AND DECLARATION OF PORPOSE. The King County Council hereby find and declares: A. That there has been a recent, ubstntlal increase In the number end percentage at rental units converted to condominium apartments within glng County; B. That there has been recant, substantial increase in the number of condomLnium declarations filed within King County; C. That there sxlat a low Vacancy rte for rental units within King County, ,nd projections Indicate no substantial increase in the vacancy rate within the reasonably foreseeable future; D. Tht the conversion of rental unit to condomlnlum prtments reduces the number Of rntl units available on the open merket sn1 CSUSe eevere hardships for tennt, esclally th elderly and those of IOW rid modarts income, who must secure nsw housing on short notice in tight market; E. r'nat rental unLte have been converted with inadequate notice provldad tO tenants, further copounding the hardship suffered by those who must leek new housLng aS result of conversions; F, That subatandard rental units have been converted with inadequate disclosure and no correction Of existing defects to prospective pdrchaeers, in- cluding fomer tenants, and ouch failure hem caused severe hrdshlpl fOr the purchasers Of these unitst G. That the purpose of this ordinance Is to alleviate the aforementloned herd|hips on citizens of King County by providLn for fair disclosure of conversion, protection Of tennil in units being converted, mitigation Of herdshLps caused by onvlrlion dLlplcement, and Housing Code inspection and compliance prior to sale of i converted apartment, 9ECTXON 2. DEFINXTIONd. For purposes of this Ordinance. the following terms shill have the meanings set forth below. A. A jprtment. =Apartment" shell mean any apartment as defined by the King County Zoning Code, KCC 21.04.050. a. Building. "eullding" shell mean any exilting structure continlng one or sore housing units and any grouping Of such structured which aS rental atructure8 were opereted gndsr I single name and as converted buildings era the subject of a single declaration or sLmultaneoua declarations f/led pursuant to the State Horizontal Property Regimes Act, ROW Chapter 64.32. . Condominium. eCondominiuo" shall mean real estate eubet tO that form Of ownership, el established and declared by acw chapter 64.32, whereby the owner of each conominium apartment he entttled t the eselusive ownership end possession of 4ie Or her apartment in fee simple absolute Or qusllfled, by way of leasehold or by Way of periodic estate, or in any other manner in which reel roperty Bay be Owned, leased or possessed in this state, together with an undivided interest Ln like estate ,Of the colon lreSl and facilities in the percentage specified in the declaration IS duly recorded under State law, O. . "Conversion" shall msan the act of filing a declaration pursuant to RCW chapter 64.32 where the resultant ondInlum Lncindes or iS part Of any building that it any tlme prior to recording Of the declaration yes occupied wholly or In part by tenants. =Convers/on" shell a18o /nclude the esle t a developer Of condollnlum aprtment8 that were pre- Viously rental unite. S. " AnY parson, firm, partnershLp, Joint venture, corporation or any other entity or combination Of en- tities who undertake the conversion, ilia, or offering for sail Of ondominium aperJllntl. "Developer= shell else include the agents Of and successors to devalopors. r. D..0.. "Director" shall mean the Otrector Of the King County Department Of Planning end Community DeveloPment and hi8 or her dealgneee. G. . "eviction" shall Bean any effort by 8 developer tO deprive a tenant Of Possession Of praises or tO toLease i enancy by lewful or unlawful means. H. Rousing Code. "Mousing Code" shall seen the Rise County Rousing Code, as codified and incorporated by gCC 1g.04.010(2) and RCC 16.04.040. X. Offer for Sale,. "Offer for alia" shall mem a written offer to set1 a omnLnAnA apartaent to the tenaat An p(lelll41 Of that unl at a specific prAce and on specific be og any aagtiamnt, hnduoement, solicitation, or attmt by a developer tO enaourtule amy Pmroon oer an a tenant tO puzohaae a oondMLni aparnt. J. Parson. "Peraon shall an a natuzal poton, or- porati, partmtrship, sesociatim, tmt, other entity, Or any oaWinaio thereof. g. Prcepaotice Purchaler, "ProlFeotice purchaser" shall lln any Pmaon. inclnq existing tnta Or sbtenante, who expgelaea I interest to a declaruIt or the aqent Of a dec&ret An purchung a ondomAni apar1ment. L. mantel Oni. "Kental unit" shall mean any "delling Unit", as hat tena Is defined An the King Cokmty Zoning Code, l{CC 21.04.255, which hs being rented on a periodic basal or leased for purpoall Of hrltation. N. Bt. "Tonht" Ihall ISeUI Jury Person who IS entitled to o=eupy a rental lt prirAiy for iLvAng og bailing puaes under a rental or leue agaent, written Or Oral, express Or lqlAed. le tlll "tanlt" lhali also inciuh a s@tllnt 81 sfne in tR" bllCM lll the o tlr ire speolloaliy di I tinguilhed. N. abtenlmt. "Subtnlmt" shall Been a paron in OCCpenOy With the writben consent of the OWner. Z 3. APPLICATION. A. . ThAi Ordinance shell apply only to the emtl and sale Of rental units that have not yet been converted to oondamni aparemenbe and to those aitJ in cnverd buildings that are not yet s"ect to a binding puehue ooemAtment or have not been sOld ell the efeotLce date of this Odinancl. l. lioation to Tenants. This OcdLnance shell al:ly on2y tO thole tenants who are in possession Of rental Units in onvertl blldingl It the till the notices, offers# and dll- allUEll rovldlnd by thil Ordinance Ire rtuirl! to bl dlliVlrt. This Otinlede lhali t lly to tan&ntl do take PmllelllO of I unit vated by a tenant who his received the notices and Other beeefitl provided by thai Ordinenael Lrd' that developers shall disclose In triihg tO all tenants who take plBeaeion after Barrios of the 120-day notice re,/red by PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE this Ordinance that the unit has been acid or will be offered for sle as condoLnium apartment. This disclosure hll be made prior re the execution of any written rental agreement or prior to the teeant'e tking polssllon whichever occurs earlier. A developsr's failure to disclose, lthin ths tLms specifld above, that the unit hs been old or Offered for Is hall entitle the tenant to el/ the other protsction and benefits Of this Ordinance. SECTXOR 4. SERVICE OF NOTICE. Unless otherwise speclflcally provided, ell noires, dlscloure, documentl end other writing required by this Ordinance shell be personally delivered tO th Lntendsd recLpient. If personal service IS not poseible, service may be accompllhed by registered or certLled hall. A tsnnt' refusl tO ccept srvLce shsll be deemed as deuata secvice. Delivery ehall be to the address specified on the lesle Or rental agreement between the tenant and ths developer or landlord. Xf there Ls no written lease or rental greement then notices, disclosures and document hall be delLvred to the tenant's address at the converted bui/ding. Xn any sublet unit all documents shell be delivered to the tsnnt at hie current addrel if known, and tO the subtenant In 9olSiliOn. Xf ths tenent'l cucrGnt &ddrell II unknown, then to copies of a/1 dcuments shall be delivered to the subtenant, one addressed to the tenant end ths other addressed to the subtenent. PART XI PROTRCTION OF TENANTS SECTION S. NOTICES TO TENANTE. A, Filln of ConversiOn Declaration. Within five (51 deys Of the filing of condomlnlum conversion decleration a provlded by the Norlzontal Property Regime8 Act, RCW Chapter 54.32, the dvsloper shall serve each tenant in the converted buL1dlng with written notice ot the filing. B. PrLor to Offer for Sale. At least 120 days prior to offering any rental unit or unLts for sale to the public as a condominiu perCent unit, the developer shall serve each tenant Ln the building wlth written notice of his or her IntentLon to ell the unit or units. The notice hall specify the individual unit tO be Ioid snd the sale price of each unit. This notice shall be In addition to and not Ln lleu of any notices requlrsd for eviction by RCW Chapter 55.12 end ECW Chapter 59.18. With the notice the developer ehnll also deliver to the tenant statement, in a format to be provided by the Director, of the tenant's rights under thla Ordinenca. SECTXOa_..._._.__. TNANT'S PURCNE RIGET9 Ao R_hte Of Tenants In po!lellOn. Wit the 120-day notice provided by thls Ordinance, the developer shell deliver to each tenant whose unit Ls to be offered for sale firm Offer Of sale of the unit that the tenant occupies. Xn ths event that more than one tenant Ocuptes a ingle unit, the developer shall delayer the offer to all tenants ointly Or separately. FOr 60 deye frol the date Of delivery Of the offer tenent shell have the exclueive right to purchase hi or her unit. Pot a eriod of on yer following ths reection of en offer by tenant in poIiSlllOn, the developer Ihll not Offer that unit for ale to any Other person on terms in shy rlipect more favorable than those Offered the tenant. Tenanta of rental units which were offersd tot sale as condominium partonto prior to the effective date Of this Ord/nance# but for which offers there have been no cceptances, she1/ be entitled to the rights and benefLts of this Ordinance except that those rights provLded by Pergraph C Of this SeCtion Shell terminate 6C dlys from the offer O sale Of the unit to the tenant. B. Right of Subtenants Ln Possession. Should a tenant reect an offer Of ale, a lubtenent in pollsalon It the time the 120-day notice provided by this ocd/nnce il delivered shall be offred the unit on' the same term es those offered the tenant. Per 30 days foilowlng the offer or until the expiration of the tenant's 60-day purchase period IS provided in Paragrph h of thle Section# whichever OCCUrs later, the subtenant shall hv the excluslve right to purchase the unit. C. Rights to Purchae Othe nlts. Should both the tenant and subtenant reject the offer of sale or vacate, th unit shell be mde aveileble to other tenants end ubtenantl in the building, The tenants' and subtenants' lghte to pchase another unit in the building shell extend to ths end Of the 120- day notice period provided the tenant in Peassalon of that unit; , that tenants end subtenants hall not have the right to purchase more than one unit In the building. D. " cceptence by tenants or other beneficiaries Of offers ovided purluant to this OrdLnnce ahall be In Itlng and delivsred to the developer by ragStared or certified maA1 postmarked on or before the expiration date of the offer. L' T;W^'E RGN TO XZSCZ.n. A tenant BeY reacind an ernest money agreoment or any other acceptance of an offer of sale by delLverLng to the devel- oper or hie agent, by registered Or certified mall, written Uotca of revocation within IS days of acceptance of the Offer. upon receipt Of a tiaeiy revocation ths developer sniAA lediately refund any deposit, earnest money, or other funda and the Parties Ihali have no further cLghts or AaoAitiea under tha Purchase aqroeBent Developor8 shall nciUde in their lalel contracts S clause InfoIng purchasers of shelf rLghts under this Section. The clause shall be located either immediately bore the purohller'l ligniturs Or under a aspirate COnsplcuoul caption entLtied *Purchaser's Right TO Cancel , Xn addition each binding sale agreement shall provide that the prevailing Perry In iny action tO enforce rights under the agreement shell be antlti to raasable itOrnly'i fill. A developer 8hill not evict tenlntl Or force tanantl tO ViOIti thsir rlntli unitl for thl purpoII of avoiding ipplLcl- tion Of this Ordinance. RO condominium ipartent ihlil be sold or offered for Sale if, in the 150-day PeriOd lmtedlateiy preceding the sale or Offer fOr sale, any tenant has been evicted from the unLt without good cause. Par 120 days prior O offering rntel unit for |ale to the public, the tenant of that unit shall be evicted oely for good cause. Per the purposes Of this OrdLnanCe good cause elll sesns (1) fallurs to quit the premises after axpiratLon of the ter of tbe lee en povlded in Ire4 $4.13.030(1) (not alliceble to periodic tenancy); [2) faLlure to pay cent after aervAee of a Uree (3) day notLce to pay rent or vacate as provided In RCW 55,12.030(3)1 (3) faLlure to omply vith a term or terBe of the tenancy aJter aervLce of a ten (10) day notioe to comply or vacate as provided in RC $$.12.030(4); and (4) the oemission or PmrmLseion of a walta or thm satntenance Of a nUIIics on the pceaLses and faLlur to vlate after aervlce of a three (3) day notice as provLded in  $5.12.030($). _C. ZLOCATZON ASS;SmCr. aelocation aseiitence Of $3S0.00 per rental unAt shall be paid by the developer tU tenants and;subtenant| whO vacte the building after receLvtng the 120-day notice of intention to sell se provided by thLs Ondinahce, axcept where the tenant Or subtenant 18 evicted for cause under ROW $.12.030. lh unfurnished sublet Units the subtenant 8hail be entitled tO the beneflts Of this provision. Otherwise, the tenant shell be entitle# to the befit$ 9Id, that the developer ehl|l not be oblllatad ta determine tenant from subtenant PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE and shell have fulfilled his obllgatlon under this Section hy ds/ivertng ths relocation benefLt tO either the tenant or the subtsnant. Reloction assistance shell be paid on or before ths date the tennt Or subtenent vcts end hall be in addition tO any damage 4eposlt or othsr compensation OC refund to which the tenant Is othsrwise ntitled. SECTION 10. TENANT'S RIGHT TO VACATE, Nothlng in this Ordlnnce shall be construed ae llmitlng tann' right tO VaCate the premises t any time in the manner prescribed by law. PART XIX CENSURER PROTECTIONS SECTION el. NANOATOR SOUSING CODE XNgPECTION. Prior tO servLoe Of a 120-dy notice for ny rental unit in building, developer shall rquet a Xousing Code Insctlon Of the entire buildlng from the DivLsion of Building and Land Development. The compliance Lnspsctlon shall be completed withLn 45 dams Of racsApt by the DivLsion of the developer's written request. All violations of the Nousing Code revealed by the inspection sult be orrected at least leven (7) days prior to the closing of the sole ef the first unit or by the compliance date on the inspection report, whichever IS sooner. A copy Of the LnpectLon report and certification of repairs shall be provided by the developer to each propectLve purchaser at least seven (7) days before the signLng Of any earnst money agreement or other binding purchase comltent. Copies Of the inspection report hall be served on tenants in the building by the developer with the 120- 4ay notice Of intent to sell provided by this Ordinance. 12. CERTIFICATION OP REPAIRS. Pot the pro- tection Of the general public, the Division of Building and Lnd Develoent shell Inspect the repair of dsfective conditions identified in the lnelction report rid certify corrected vlolationa. The certification hell state that only those defect discovered by the Nousing Code inspection end listed on the inspection report have been corrected and that the crtii- cation does not guarantee that ll Nousing Code violtions have been corrected. Prior tO closing any sale the developsr shall de- ILver copy Of the cartlflcate tO the purchaser. NO ev1oper, he, vet# hall use the Division's certification in any advertising or indicate to anyone, in any faahLon, for the purpose of inducLng a Person o purchase a condomLnium pertent, that aLng County or any Of its agencies has "approved" the buildLng or any unit for esle on account of such certifLcitLon. . REQUIRED DISCLOSURES. In addition to the dllcloauraa ruired by previoue Section of thls Ordlnnce, developer ehall make available the followlng Informtion to prospective purthaeerl It least seven (7) day before any purchase collitJent Is signed, or, in the tale Of tenants in posselslon, wlth the 120-day notice provided by this Ordinances A. Generl Disclosursa. (1} copies of all documents filed with any governmsntal agency pur/uent tO the Horizontal Property RegLmaa Act, RCI Chapter 64.32 (2) an itemization of the pecific repairs and improve- manta made to the entLre building during the six (6) month immediately prectxlng the offer for asia; (3) en IteIsatlon O{ the repair and improvement to be complted before close of sale; (4) a statement of the services and expenses which ars being paid for by the developer but whLch will in the future be terminated, Or transferred tO the purchaser, Or trensfrred to the ovnage' aeeociation; ($) an accurate etimats of the useful life of the buLlding'a eJor components end mschenlcel system (foundation, exterior yells, exterior wall coverings Other than paLnt or eLmillr protsctive coating, exterior stair, floors and flOOr supports, carpeting in common arals, roof Oover, chimneys, plumbing lyatem heating lyStem, Wltlr heating appliances, mechanical ventlltion lystsm, Ind elvisor aquipmlnt}; and (5) in IltiOltl of the COlt of repairing any component whole uaeful life Will terminlte in less than five ylerl from the date Of this dLscloaura. For esch eyetem end component whose ekpected life cannot be ecutstely estlmatad, the developer shall provide a detailed description of its present condLtion and an explanatLon Of why no eetlmata le Olllble. B. taeBent of Xtemised COSTS. The developer ghall also provide n ltemLsed sttsment in budgat fot of the monthly costs Of owning the condolnium apartment that the purchlser Intends to buy. The Itemlsation shell include but shell not bs llmlted toI pylaents on purchase loan; taxs; insurance! utilltlee (which shell be listed Lndividually); homeowner.s assessments; the proJscted monthly assessment needed for replacing buildlng component and system8 whose life exEsCtancY Ii less than fly (5) ysara! and a sttemen Of thS budget issumptions concerning occupancy and lnflltLon factors. A. argsngy o aepaLr=. ach developor shall warrant for one (1) year from the date of completion all improvements end repair diSClOSed Pursuant to this Ordinance. B. * The daveloper ihlil Istlblllh within 30 dlyS fiat lala of the fires unit in the converted building, Ln a bank or othSr fLnanciai institution Of his choolinG, an eacrow fund In an amount aqual to lOt Of the colt of all rsplre and LmprovementS warantad. The location of ths fund shell bs made known te all ondominium apartment ownerl and to the ownerl' association end Ihsil be available for insuring compietLon Of warranted lsFoVeentl and raalra: povded, that no money shall bs witndrawn from the fund unlese the developer has been edvlled In writing  the need for the epocific rapeLr and hae failed to omplete ths repair Vithin a ceaaonable perind of tiee. Depletion of the asco fund prior to expiration of the warranty period shall not relieve the developer of the obligation of saying all repa and imporients varcented, any money remaining in the fund at the end of the ona year poriod shall be returned to the developer, Any clale Of the ovnewe' alSOClation to any money le the secr fund Ihall be prior to any eredLto Of the landlord, Lnclnding a tustee in bankruptcy or receiver, even If such funds are ommingled. " YOL REPRESRNTATXOWS. Xt shall be unlawful few any developer, agent, or perocn to make or oause to be Beds in anY disclo|ure or other document required y thil Ordinance iny statement Or rereNntation this il knowlngly false or misleading' Zt shall also be unlawful for any developer, agent, or other potion to eako, or cause to he mid, to shy prqlpoCtiVS purchalSr# including a tenant, any oral rapresentatAon which differ aatsrialiy fr the ittementl mnde in tS dis- loaurea and oCha doculnts required to be provided tenant snd Rurcheserl bY thAe OCdlnence. 0" SZRS RGST TO RZSCXSD. Any purchaser who doaa not receive the notices, discloauras and doclmente rmlUl red by this Ordinance may, at any tLme prior to cloaing of he sale, resclnd in vrttlng, eny binding purchasa agreement vLthOUt any lisbility on the purchaser's pert, and the purchaser Ihail thereUpOn be enLtied to the return of any depoeAte mgde on accognt ef the igreement, PAW XV ENFORCIMII &KD AI4XHIDTltATXON J.. O[ We otraetor la suthorisad te enforse tha F rvigian8 o thil CrdLnence, and any rules New salon on Front S The Curl Company, lssa- next door. husband Ted quah's newest Beauty spot, But the shop isn't just for quah beca opened recently in the Mer- seniors. Owner Stephanie good cantile Building on Front Kasprowicz describes her wanted tolivi Street N. newly decorated salon as a get to the s The shop offers special dis- total beauty care center with quickly. The counts to senior citizens and cuts, sets, blow-dry styles, ing in her gives make-up demonstra- hair coloring, manicures, and Mexican tions at From Issaquah With permanents, door Love, h- e.;or citizen shop Mrs. Kasprowicz and her Grounclbreaking set {or A special groundbreaking development plan for the 60- ceremony ceremony for Sambica's pro- year-old nondenominational J. Patrick Mit, posed Waterfront Lodge is camp and conference chitect of April 7, at 1:30 p.m. at the ministry, features 16 camp on Lake Sammamish in The public is invited to at- three-bedrooml Bellevue. tend the groundbreaking ment, and a The lodge will be Sam- which will feature a short 75 persons. bica's first phase of a 10-year PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE and regultLons promulgated thsreunder, pursuant tO the enforce- ment end penalty povillons Of ths King County Enforcement Ordinance, ECC Title 23, SECTION i___ 8. AONINfSTRATION. The Director iS authorized to promulgate nd adopt admlnlstrtlve rule nd regulatlon under th procedures specified In Ordinance 2165, KCC Chapter 2.g8, for the 9urposa Of iplementlng nd enforcing the provisions Of thls Ordlnanc. The Director Is psclflclly authorlzed to promulgate, adopt and impose fee chedule for the NouslngCode inspections requLred by this Ordinance. Such fee schedule shall be reasonably designed to reimburse the County for the coat Of such inspections. SECTION 19. SEVERAelLIT. Should any section, subsctlon, pargrph, ntsnce, lause Or phrase of the ordinance be declared unconstitutional Or invalid for any reason, such decision hell not affect ths validity of the remaining portions Of this ordLnancs. This notico Is given in ccordanoe with the provisions of R,C.W. 36,32,120 (?) and provides penalties /,z' the provisions thereoL DATED at Seattle. Washington, thi 2Tth day ol' Match. 1979. KING COUNTY COUNCIL KING COUNTY. WASI[INGTOS DOROTIIY M. OWENS DEPUTY CLERK Pbllshed in the Isssquh Press Apll &, 1979 Legal K#n Bid Opening: Sea fed blds designated by the King No. 123, herein the Owner, Glen Lundqulsf, Board of Water 30620 SE 871h' date I be opened and at 8:00 PM in the I 8641 Bids Mr. Glen the Board P.O. Box 995, 98050. Each completely envelope, shown, with ths of the project plainly side of the In general, drilling and Inch water su Drawings and beenprepared t at the office Mayo, Inc. Architects, and 1917 First A Legal Notice No. 79-243 NOTICE OF HEARING Pursuant to King County Ordinance 1531 the King County Department of Public Works hereby serves notice that it wile consider reducing the speed limit from 35 MPH to 25 MPH on Fay Road NE between State Route 203 and NE Big Rock Road (Stlllwater-Cherry Garden Road). This revision wlU be considered ala public meeting to be held in Room 854, King County Administration Building at 9:30 AM on April 25, lg7. Ale interested pereOna are Invited to express their views. Wr(tten comments or opinions *on this matter will be accepted and considered at the public hering if they are recelvod no later thsn Aprli 20, lg79. Addread car- repondno to: John J, Logan, P.E. Act(ng Traffic and Planning Englnear Klng County Department of Publlc Works 900 King County AdmJnlstration Buiid- Ing 500- 4th Avenue Seattle, WA 8104 Further Information on thla hearlng may be obtained by contacting the traffic and planning dlvlalon at 344-2696 Publlshed In the Ssaaquah Press April 4, Ig79. Legal Notice No. )II-212 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON iN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF KING JUVENILE DEPARTMENT IN THE MATTER OF THE WELFARE OF LILIANA MESA No. W379 To anyone having or claiming to have any right or interests in the child and to ell whom It may concern: You ere hereby notified that on the 14th day of February, 1979, a petition wee filed In the above entitled Court claiming that LiLIANA MESA. a minor, born in lg73 (ap- proximately) i8 a dependent child of pARENTS UNKNOWN. 8aid petlUon will be heard on the 3rd dey "of May, 1979, at the hour of g:00 o'lock a.m., et the Youth Service Center, 1211 East Alder 8treeS. Seattle. Washington, before a Judge of the above entitled Gourt at which time you are dlrecled to ippeer and answer the k petition or the petition will be granted end action will be taken by the Court such as Ihall appear to be for the welfare of the M#d LIUANA ME8A. Dated this 8th dey of Mirth, lgTg. KENNETH 8. HELM 8UPERIOR COURT CLERK By L,I, PopovIch, Deputy Ctark (8ell) Date of first pubUoatlon March 21,1971). Published In the laeaquah Preal Mlrch 21,28 and Apr(I 4,1070 Legal Notice No. 70-211 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF KiNG JUVENILE DEPARTMENT IN THE MATTER OF THE WELFARE OF BRENDA MAINAR No. W428 TO REGINA MAINAR, mothar; to HENRY MAINAR, father; to anyone having or claiming to have an Interest In eald ohled; and to ell whom it may concern: You are hereby notified Ihat on the 1st day of March. lg7g, petition wle filed In the above sntltled Court 01!liming that BRENDA MAINAR, mtnor, born 10/24/71 Is a dependent child of REGINA MAINAR end HENRY MAINAR. 8aid petition will be heard on the 18t day Of May, t979, et the hour Of go00 o'clock a.m., et the Youth Service Center. 1211 Eeat Alder treet. Seattle. Welhinglon, before a Judge of the above entitled Court 8t whioh time you are direotad to appear and answer tho eald petition or the petition will be granted and motion we## be taken by the Court such aa Ihlll appear to be for the welfare of the edld BRENDA MAINAR. Dated thll 8th day of March. le70 KENNETH 8. HELM SUPERIOR COURT CLERK By L. I. Popovl0h. Deputy Clerk (Seal) Date of flrat publication Mamh 21, IgTg. Publlahed in the leaequeh Press March 21.28 Ind April 4, I gTg Legal Notice No. ?9-236 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN that the Zonlng and 8ubolvlalon Examlner for the King County Counoli wlil meet in Room 21B -- Klng County Admlnlatret on Bui/dlng, THUR8DAY, APRIL 20 lgTe. bsglnnng It 00 a.m., r n,.eoh theredfter a8 pOlalbls, to Gone(der amendmenta to offiolal (:ontrola, Or to soma mora raatrlctad uas, all aa (iated hereafter: 233--R - DORENE & ASSOCIATES. A WASHINGTON LIM#TED PARTNER8HIP * lying on the northwest corner of SE 25th Street and 132nd Avenue SE, S-R to RM- 2400; 237-79-R - THE QUADRANT CORPORA- TION - lylng approxfmately 175' easterly of State Route 18. north ot SE 260th Street (if extended); 8-E to RS-7200; 231-79-R - DUANE ANDERSON - lying On the east 8ado of 264th Avenue SE, at SE 424th Street (if extended); G and A to C-G. Details Available in King County Buliding & Land Development Division Room 40 - K!ng County Administration Buffdlng .......... DATED th#a 4th day of April, 1879. KING COUNTY COUNCIL KING COUNTY. WASHINGTON Dorothy M. Owens Deputy Clerk Published In the 18aaqueh Press April 4, lg79 Legal Notice No. 79-222 COUNTY COUNCIL NOTICE OF HEARING IN THE MATTER OF THE VACATfON OF A PORTION OF 4TH AVENUE SOUTH PETITIONED FOR BY L. E. TARBUCK AND OTHERS, V-1596. NOTICE iS HEREBY GIVEN that a peti- tion for the vacation of a portion of 4th Avenue 8outh ha8 been filed with the Doputy Clerk of the King County Council. A public hearing will be held before the King County Council in Room 402, King County Courthouse, Seattlo, Washington, the 18th day of April, lgTg, at g:30 A.M. The designated road sought to be vacated Is derlbed a8 follows: That portlon of 4th Avenue South described as follows: The West 30 feet of s portion of the South 1/2 of the Northeast 1/4 of the Northwest 1/4 of Section 32, Township 23 North, Range 4 East, W.M., lying West of Des Molnes Way South. Vacstlon area contain approximately 13,020 square feet. DATED at Seattle, Washington, this 16th day of March, 1979. KING COUNTY COUNCIL KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON DOROTHY M. OWENS DEPUTY CLERK Published In the Isasquah Press March 28 & April 4,1979 Legal Notice No. 79-230 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF KING JUVENILE DEPARTMENT (N THE MATTER OF THE WELFARE OF JODY L, HENSON. No. W4S1. To ROBERT HENSON, father; to any othor person8 hevlng a claim to child; and to al whom It may concern: You are hereby notified that on the gth dsy of March, 1979 a petition was fled in the above entitled Court claiming that JODY L; HENSON, a minor, born 4fgf73 Is a dependent child of MARLINN HENON end ROBERT HENSON, Seed petition will be heard on the 11th day of May, 1979, at the hour of 9:00 o'clock e.m,, et the Youth Service Center, 1211 East Aldar 8treat. Seattle, Wishington, before a Judge of the above entlt)ed Court at whiGh time you 8re directed to appear and enawar the aeld petition or the petition will be granted and action will be taken by the Court such aa shall appear to be for the wefare of the said JODY L. HENON. Dated thee lgth day of March, lgTg. KENNETH S. HELM SUPERIOR COURT CLERK By L. I. Popovlch. Deputy Clerk Date of first publication March 28, lg79. Published In the laeaquah Pro88. March 28, April 4 & 11, Ig79. Legal Notca No. 79-231 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF KING JUVENILE DEPARTMENT IN THE MATTER OF THE WELFARE OF MARCEY 8TEDHAM. No, W406. To JUDY GRANT (also known es Lud)ngton), mother, and to all whom it may oonoern: You ere hereby notlflad that on the 23rd dly of February. lgTg, petition wea flied in the above entitled Court claiming that MARCEY 8TEDHAM. minor, born 8120/ II dependent child of JUDY GRANT (e/k/e Ludlngton) and JOHN 8TEDHAM. 8aid petition will ba heard on the 11th day of Mly. lg79, at the hour of g:O0 o'clook a.m., at the Youth 8ervloe Center, 1211 Eaet Alder 8treat, Seattle. Washington, before a Judge of the above entitled Court et which time you are dlreOta to appear end answer the said petitlo or the petition will be granted end 8otlon wlU be taken by the Court such as shill appear to be for the welfare of the said MARCEY 8TEDHAM. Dated this 19th day of March. lg79. KENNETH 8, HELM BUPERIOR COURT CLERK By L. I. Popovich, Deputy Clerk Date of first publication March 28, lg79. PublMhed in the |aeaquah Prell. March 28, April 4 11, lgTg, Washington 447-5300. tlons may be Ing Kramer, fices: 10 Oreg, Corvallis, Street, JuneaU, Each bid a bid proposal a bid bond or a cashier's check the Owner In then five amount of bond/check guarantee that ecute the to him In tract documents I Surety bond or thereln wlthln notlficetlon of the bidder. AS required I the contract lowest responl mined by the mlssloners; In mJnatlon, the mitring tho will be The Owner reject eny or ell regularltlea or bid or In No bidder may after the hour set thereof, or before tlon of contract, Is delayed for 81xty (60) days. This project 8oriel and the Municipal end Ir ply, a "part Futures Program. KING BY: Publlehed in April 4 and 11,19 Pursuant to King 1547 the King Public Works hereby will on Bus No, 210, revisions will be meeting to be County A,M. on Apri# 25, Wrlen comments the public hearing later than Apdl 20, respondents to: King County Worka 000 King County Ing 800 - 4th Avenue Seattle, WA 8104 Further information be obtained planning division i lgP Pursuant to KJng 1531 the King Public will conglder between State 8treeS. This revision public meeting King County g:$0 AM on April persons are vlewa. Written commentS matter will the public hearing later than April 20, respondence tO: Aotl King 800.4th Avenue Sslittta WA M104 Further Informat G ba obtatned by con planning division ! Pubi(shad In the Ig9,