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April 6, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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April 6, 1933

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PAGE TWO TI4E I~AQtJAH PRES~, ISSAQOA~ KING CO., WASHINGTON THURSDAY, APRIL 6, 193'~. llUl I I I I I I II II Ill I I III III ......... I 1 I I l[llt ~ Nv,,t' [I It i l THE ISSAQUAH PRESS l og, ,.t,vo" Hi hli htsi] CLAR UO T I i --OFFICIAL PAPER FOR THE TOWN OF ISSAQUAH-- ~[ g-~ O [/ t PublLhed E e y Thu 'sday at ~J By JIMMIE K. BROWNE +as chairman of the Columbia Basin ]l ..... "), ':: " i'/: .... ~#'~,X,.~ t ISSAQUAH, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON ~ __ ICommission. Othcr m,'mhe,s of the / ~ ; I i -------~--~ )1 OLYMPIA, April 5-- During th ~ committee are J. E. McGovern of ii ~ ........ ~~ I t Subscmption Rates: 0 i I last six years, out of a total tax levy iSpokane; Rufus Wood, Wenatchee [/ " i ~"~, -~g g~-. ~'~ [ t One Year, m advance .................................................... $1.5 ~[against all property in the state oflpublisher; A. S. Goss, Seattle, mast-l[ : ~~ ~.~!~.t~,. ] t SIX Months, :: .................................................... 1.00 ~ /5i01,718,000 the sum of $45,155,000 er of the State Grange, and flarry ] ~i~!]~ ] l rnree _~ontns ...................................................... to ~lwas never paid, or is today delin-]Smith, Neppel Mr (;oss has beenll t~~a~li~! I t Entered as second-class matter on October 27, 1916, at the post- t q:l~::'tednlYi55e'61(P;9' \:~x:tn hh: ~::~ sent to Washington, D.C.,already. l/ I office at Issaquah; King County, Washington, under the Act of t,c . " S ~ . :'.,.~ t ) ~ ~ ~ ]l ii~~~ I conections were arouna ~u per centDurin the time that the over March 3, 1879. _=~ 1 there has bcena .steady decline, mr-no,' hadgthe optional insuran: bill / ~~-2~ ... ] i M.A. BOYDEN .................................................. Editor-Publi*her t ]respective of business m." economic I under consideration, a delegation of i/ ~ t conditions until toda,, the arrears' - ...... ,t ~-~: ~'~-~--~ .... I L ' a " ] pnyslclans an(i surgeons urgeu -,nat I/ .... ~" ~- : -:~ ...... ] Ihave reached a point which has be-ihe veto the act. }l " - , i . .. I .... ' , /come a meance in the state [ Why the doctors should be inter-]l An~::~l~m~::~.n~ Hff'l~'~:~_l ] It is interesting to note the gener- into groups tnrougnout the state ana .~,,-..n _ +g;o .g .... ..,~ ~ t._;.~_+;_.. I . -- ~....----.**--.,~.--. .----.v ..~- I al interest evlaenceo in tne near-re- a ilnai reuuc~lon in ~ne numoer of ~.. .L -- ..... . . . / .... ~ .... I ~n]s year tne.egmmture gave to]alter tney nau mso sougnt to stop[| ~,~1,~)~ ~;~o+ n..... .... n ADartment Hotel. I turn of beer, and the exit of near- counties to not over eight or ten :ni.~ ._ s - ~i~" a' "" " sI " "' ...... s " u~c~a~ o x ~two~ ~-,uvv~uvv~ ~Vc,,~,,,~,~ ~v~,.,. I . I .. . um ~axpayer~ an ago lion i oo nay:icon,racking o] meulcai services, na i/ ~ ~.~ ~ .~ , " ~ ~, I oeer. One would think it was alan, arranging tnem into groups o; to~a" their taxes and still red~ *he i started a stud- of the records of tl~ei| (slose 1o ~ne nopplng uenter ado ]neatres. ] " " ' imilar " e ests v ~ v ~ ~ i panacea for all evil Well, we are] counties with s mt r ~ " benefit of the three ner cent rebate industrial insurance denartment ,/ One Block To Sta e Depot badly l.n need of the panacea, sol On the heels of these proposalslfor payment of the total levy on These furnish some rather enlight-]/ Hotel Rooms with Bath from 150 Sin,de $200 Double ] here s hoping itsreturnisforthe comes now a proposition, omginating~ ^~ .~_~,~L..~_. ~,~:~ .~ , ....... :__ :_~ ...... ,:__ ~/ " ~ , " " , ........... I ,,,,= -,.~umvnt H..~ yuat ~axv~ i cn,.g miorma~mn. ]/ Without Bath from 1 00 Sin'de ~1 50 Double ; better in Auourn, for tne alvlslon Ol ~]ng~ _, ~ ~ ....... II w s , ~ . pare on or oelore lvlay lo, receive, 9 9 .q ,-- ,~ - ~- - - ~ -- - ~- - - ~, - I and Pierce counties into three court-~ ~ ' ~t ~ompletelyrurmsnea ~partment wltn r~otel ~ervlce,xrom GOOD NEWS I :"~. ...... the three per cent The result has l Ilere are a fewof the claims in | o ~ne:....~^ ~ an r~^. ~.~ ties, inoruerto separazetnetwo l ( ,~ ~ o,,,s,=, ,o ~. ~...,= l.*.~.~s rl~...l^ h.~....... 4* *~..] ~ " ' been that taxes are not being paid, 1932, selected haphazard from the ] " " ' ~l/l~ ~l~aatu ~-xts~tl|m, utl~ v~ ~lt~ " " Tacom~ larger crees, Seattle and very few to predict the 1928 Wail[ ........ 'o .. [every holding off to the last minute.!records: On the first the total cos, l/ Low weekly and monthly rate,. Street crash is back now with a more irom tne suouroan interests oi tne This is one reason why tax paymemslto industry was $17,07089 of which ![ . ............................... ,, '. . Itwo commonwealths. Issaquah wouldl , . , I ........ ....... !I YOU WILL LII~L IHL ULAKLWIUNI " J doubtless deIe-I are .so low tooay, l.sum Z,1~:~ bb went ior medical al(lI welcome prediction -- Recovery tn / be invited to send o - - ....."~ ....... i. FOURTH AT VIRGINIA SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 9 9 and ~,~ol zo ior time loss p~mr to the United States within the nextl_at_s to a second meetin~ to be held[ i - " i| ,, g ~;' placing the injured workman on the two years and possibly ~ithm one. at Renton on the evening of April 2~ A movement has been started to roblem A survey has shown for:they should be prepared to voice the ' - " " Mr an Mrs -- -" ' " P " - ' ......... 1 .... i .... Out o~ a total of 98 pension claims. d .. J. W. Wilfong an6 blade This office exam,,le that 45 2 ~er cent of all the~sentimen~s of tne community m an lconventmn ne u at u~ymp a, aecmea ........... /~__ ,,r~ .... ~ ..... : ........... " v , P [ . #. . .. . .... l allowed as a result oI uea~n to worK-~mr~, vveu~ct- nau a[-r,veu ~rO,n lvlln- - ...................... mtelh ent wa tna~ no ross woum resu~ vo tne farms in New York are under mort-I" g Y" ] ........ Jmen, 68 cost in excess of $5000 andlnesota, where the latter had visitcd. FOUND--Keys on leather thong. ~ s~:ate s revenuesout tnal; some say- ~ T "s f i gage-~and thlsIS precisely the same[THAT BEER THING ]'n c l~~ mad .... toth " [12 cost in excess of $8000 Medical[Mr. Wilfong, who had been here be- hl.o f ce. e 1 g OU uDe e DOgn e tax- . ......................... p rcentage that was mortgaged in ]costs were ver h~ h fore, returned to buy a home ILL ] Quite a number of people, includ-]~a-er and the state ~enerall- b-, Y g " W YOU TRADE-- A touring 1 Be - . v ~ ~ ,, . . . 900 st year was 1925, when the Out of 49 total ermanent dlsabflAt an oratorical contest held by r J ing the federal collector of mterna~]olimi,,a+i,,,, tho osseos.~en -f +~el P "1 car o roadster, or what have you, ere a ro ~ "" ~ "'~ ~ ~" ~ "" ~ ~ ~'" ...... p ent ge d pped to 38.7. ]revenue are somewhat exercised ov. Jh ..... h.M ,~,~,,Ao . h.,~e. Jlty penmon claims ]n 1931, 13 costlthe W. C. T. U., a silver medal had for early 1927 Star light truck? Will NOW A NEW COUNT~ er whether or not beer shall be soldl"'Th e'b'i l wa~:passe'd:'but" it was ve-]in excess of $10,000; 20 in excess of[been won by Edith Steffan~, .with nicely handle half cord of wood. In- ...... lin this state, and where and how. [toed when Governor Martin struck[$8'000 anu a# in excess oi ~5000 souvenirs awarueu o ~.ean wnson, quire Press office ror a number oI years tnere nas l , ' " " Delin " ' ...... Confess and the sunreme courtltr-~- *~ + ....... *;-n ~;n +h.t]More medical aid rehef for the doc- a Steffam, Edith McQua~e, -- .... oeen more or less cons,aeration g~v-I .... ~.~_~ ,~^, ~ ...... :.~." ~ :. ,^ ~.^t~ ~:, .... .~y.~ ~'?v~'~ . - ....... /tors Lyle Allyn, and Maggie Neupauer. FOR SALE--Fifteen boats in good en to a consolidation of the govern-lnav~ z u~vu ~u=~ u~., ~u~. ~ ...... Isecuon winch prowoea ior non-an-I Where me,deal aid service has been ~ condition. Hans Jensen. ments of Kin- Count-- and *he m:*"' manufactured ann solo, ]s a oeveragelsessment on household goods used ln l ................. # ~ '~ ..... rendered by contractinghysicians, ~v~v~L mr~r~a~a , .~,t~l~ ]and not an intoxicating, sp~mtuou~]homes. [ . P . FOR SALE--- One Shghtly used ........... I li-uor Under that theory of law,] ............ [the costs have been extremely low,Rev~ al meetings started last Sun- 12 inch McC Deerin~ -'low with une ox tne prmclpal 0DJeCtS no- "~ ~ne veto oz tins section iOliO-~V~ i " - " ~ l less than $100 as compared to the day n ght at Bethel M]ssmn, w~th"nc c vanced by those favoring the consul,- then, can a clty, county or state, orlgenerally the principle which per-t^u ...... _,~ ..... ~..__~ ___.. ......... ~ cr^'''~ ~**--ai-'- ~ ..... Qul y utter and clamp, one 15- a-~i~- h=o ho~.. ~, .... n +; l even the government, regulateand l.~oo+oa ,~o ~oR~ ~o~o;~ *ho+ -~ ooJ ]cu~rg~ w u~.~r m~u,~m a~m~anc~ ~,,.. ~"~ ~"~ "~" ~"~ '"~" toothMcC-Deering spring tooth har- , rangang ]n the thousands of dollars, gs a e p ctedo continue e y .... c restrict its sale. " er s row. Lime sulphur solutmn, for early ost of government, through tbe el- . .. . dhng upon property own s and bu - ol+~, .... h +ho ~,,~ .... a -,-o,- 1- ...... ;,, ni~,h* the n~x+ w~ek excene Monda .... ira,nationof much a,,~l;~+i^~ ^+I The internal revenue colleczor says~;neos oo for as ~ossible new taxes I ....... s ......... J ..................... ~2 ~ . .~ - --~, w # spraying, 5uc gallon; bring a con- .,,,v,,,.,~,, ~,, ~-, . ~ ,~ - v ~ " " ana ~aturaa e just as much benefit and the same y work a beer license must be obtained.] The costof listin- the household] tainer. A. L. Wold Co. us, ~ )ension award. ~ ....... Watch him try to get it He m I J The difference is to be found in BETHEL MISSION ~ P Y, As a further reduction in heavy goods of thestate costs almost as FOR SALE Saddle on abou~ 800 pounds. Goode's Corner first prove that beer is an intoxicant, much as is received governmental expenses came a plea If this is proven, it cannot be manu- ~ ..... of *hi~" ~r^~*ram of *he[the fact that the claims under the for the combining of several counties ,.~a .na~ f.h~ 1Rth ~mendment ...... ~" ~ v ~ . ~ ]contracting system fo/" medical aid Sunday school at 10:00. Preach-FOR SALE---Young pigs; also - - fac ......................... r .... ........... [assessors m going to nu ~ in manYlare low The in~ured man is in- mg service at 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 ' . ~very clty m.tne stase, prooamylplaces where the property owners[formed ~uickl.. that he is a --erma ] Young People's meeting at 7:15 Netted Gem potatoes. M.R. Martin, nas a veer r_egulaung ordinance, on ]hoped to have some little relief. I nent dis:bilit~,~and #oes on th~ ~en'j Midweek meeting Wednesday at on E. J. Anderson farm, on Laks their ooogs. They ao not at~emp~ ~o ~ ~ ~ - ~ ~- " ~ ~^ Sammamish. re, slate or say where and how cof-I ~ ~ ~ Is,on rolls rather than be held monthlY:us P.m. " ---FO-R-SAL-E~ Houses to wr~ I There is probably more injustice after month under the partial disabil- A. GALBRAITH, Pastor. from $12 up. See A. Galbraith. on mine hill. II~ II TRACTORS PARTS SERVICE Star Machinery Co. 1741 First Ave. South EL. 0760 Seattle, Wn. I I !fee, milk, tea or other beverages ........... snau ........... ae sum. ~ one new beer is aliD Jm~mg. ann assesslng, nousenom ity rating. beverage and not an intoxicating li- goods !n thehome t l~an in any other ...... ~...~.^..~n ;+ ..^+ ~.~ o.M ;,,o~lCnaracter o~ mvymg lor mx purposes. The high costs of medical aid and .~.~'the~m~ ....................... ~For this reason tax assessors are up- claims is what is causing the high nKe . I i i The whole thing is rather amusing, posed to cont nu ng it. premium rates of the state depart- ---- ~ut the ~ig reason why there ought men,, and is now driving industrial NO BOV-- i h--SVNCZ George P. Mounce received word this morning from union headquart- ers that McDonald had changed hts mind and would go to Redmond This would leave Mr. Mounce here /as railroad agent if true. Throug a three-line want-ad, Mr. Galbraith has sold seven houses on the mine hill. These exchange ads do the work. In Our Vaults Is the To Safe-guard Your to be a total exemption is to encour- age refurnishing and buying and to encourage and aid youngsters just starting in life. Governor Martin has named Rep- :esentative E. F. Banker of Winthrop activities from the state. The in- dustrial leaders are honest 'in their assertions that this state cannot car- ry on under excessive industrial in- surance rates and compete with oth- er similar industries which do not have this additional overhead burden. ays... IN ISSAQUAH Our report this week is again from a call for all warrants drawn on the the columns of The Issaquah ~:~e- Town of Issaquah up and including pendent of twenty-four years ago ]those dated November 2, 1908, for An important first page article lpaymen,. dealt with a visit of inspection of lo- eal eoal properties by Alexander Faulds and Son, mining engineers o~ Vancouver, B.C. They were favor-! ably impressed with the properties inspected. A. P. Burrows announced the pur- chase of The Independent, published under his management the past 15 months. . On Warrant Basis Town Treasurer Gibson published The last of the work at the Con- densery was reported finished ado parties from Auburn had been here trying to lease the plant. Over a full column was devoted to a write-up of the death of William S. Gibson, containing his photograph. He was the father of Dr. W. E. an~ J. H. Gibson of Issaquah. Among the locals was an account of the arrival of Mrs. Nell Coutts from Seward, Alaska, for a visit with HIGH POINT Three dollars a year will rent one of our modern Safe Deposit Boxes. With your papers and other valuables thus protected you need have no fear of their loss by fire/ Neither will they become misplaced or lost. Come in and ask us to show SPECIALS THIS WEEK GROUND BEEF or PORK SAUSAGE, lb. 10c LITTLE PIG SAUSAGE, 2 pounds for ...... 25c you the plan. VEAL STEW, per pound 5c BOILING BEEF, per pound ...................... 8c Issaquah, Washingtorl Mr. and Mrs. Carl Olson and their daughters, Thelma and Rhodie, and Mr. and Mrs. A. Hedberg an~ daugh- ter Helen, and Miss Ruth Malmgren were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fosse on Friday evening. Miss Mildred Lovegren visited friends in Seattle over the week end. I Henry Fosse and Victor Holm at- tended the school directors' meeting held in the Chambe~ of Commerce Hall in Seattle on Friday , ~ , Roy and Helen Hedberg and Ruth PURE RAW MILK AND CREAM Phone" F244 MORNING DELIVERIES Issaquah Valley Dairy DtL WILLIAM HOLLAND DENTIST Office Hours---1:00 to 6:00 Daily Also Evenings and Sundays Phone 602 Issaquah, Wash. Malmgren of Seattle visited friends f ATTORNEY 1 and relatives here Sunday. * * * J. LAEL SIMMONS ] Mr and Mrs Gus Bostrom and Issaquah Evenings- Saturdays] family left Sunday for California forI In a few months trip, which will take] Phone 593 Evenings ] in many of the larger cities. Rob-I Phone 43 Eaturdays J err, their small son, was left in the] care of Mrs. Martin Hanson. I Miss Julia Lovegren has been vts- ,ling with friends for the past week She will soon enter into the Swedish hospital in Seattle as nurse Lloyd Lovegren*returned* * home on Monday from the Seattle General hospital. His condition is greatly * $ $ Work on the Ed Olson home is pro- gressing rapidly and several of the local men are employed in its con- struction. 'T= Pays to Look Well" PAUL'S BARBER SHOP Special attention to Ladies' and Children's haircutting Shaving Material ..=O=.. Sunset Highway, I~aquah. F pou want 'what pou want when pou want it--in the pn'nting line-- WE HAVE IT! Greenwood Cemetery has single graves as low at $10 to $20, not perpetual care, but some care. Perpetual care graves, $25 to $50. Concrete markers furnished with each grave, free. Telephone Re, non 55 RENTON, WASH. i I i F. FISHER, FUNERAL DIRECTOR FULL LINE of UNDERTAKING SUPPLIES Our most considerate attention is at your disposal at all timos Calls' answered dsy or night I, AOU , WASH. I i I I