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April 13, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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April 13, 1933

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By ARTHUR BRISBANE~- The Akron Disaster Roosevelt Common Sense A Bill of Mystery The Dead Man's Hand VOLUME 17, NUMBER 32. ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASH., THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 1933 SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 PER YEAR HERE'S REAL BREAK DETAILS ADVANCED mm ----- BY ATTORNEY ALL As much of the world as hears the GIVEN SINGLEMEN news talks of the Akron disaster, BY REFORESTATION HA:~SM~N~~N~"A 'to 22nd fo]]owed so sw!iftly and tragically pril 17th FAVOR NEW COUNTY by that of the non-rigid air ship J-'L Y TIEs country has owned three gn'eat County Welfare Board Now , ------ .... Garden ! eautif . .... John T. Hunt Argues Favor- dirigibles, and two have been wreck- ine pipeuream explooeu oy our C ub To B y r~ . aa r t~ ~ movomen~, sponsoreoDy l, ne t~ *.. T~ * rteglstermg xvten ror we t mg t-ropo$1uon, Du$1ne$$ ed with heavy loss of life. . ..... "[ friend, August Engberg some timeTown By General Ciean-i Heart papers, to observe Sunday, " Congressman Fish of New York forestation,Ages 18-25; ago regarding activities in the vicin-I Wn Week" Coo..erationiApri130, as President's Day, is being Men Of Enumclaw Are . g~ 9 ]~' . . . demands investigation of a report Better Price for Wood. ity of the Harms mine seems to be n .... t taken up over the natron like wild His Audience Mendsv supposed to have been made by the ]crystalizing into a reality and even Dy Mayor Atexanoer. fire. a. two secret service agents, accusing ...... i to en t extending beyond the territory taken l ~ I PresidentRoosevelthas accom- ~ .............. ~. . of sabotage, intended to make the unempmye~ men wisn ng -li b " AUlbol~r% Apru It vreparaxion Akron unsafe, a certain Austrian of-lgage in the reforestation projects, n y August:. ........ I The Issaquah Garden Club isac-lphshed so much .m t!~e sho~:t t m~e he of a brief disclosing the legal phases ," ~ ,.,, +~ ,~ hi~ ,~+~to ~,,,,*, Lose week z~r. riarrls took out ill/tire], s onsorin~ a Clean Un Week/nas neen in OlilCe ~nat all IaeLlons ~ . . .~ , . fleer whose name is given, employed[m nations, .o.~s ............. ,,,-~ - -P . ~. - v ..... o~ rormmg ~ne proposed new county .............. 1--~- of *heItus of clay from the Gladden Me-/for next week April 17 to 22 [are anxmus to join in this manner oi ............ on construction of the Akron. i regaster wl~n ~ne wor~ c ~v~ v . ' " . l:O IICoe~een ~eattte ana tacoma ........ elfare Board for thisI Bean property there. This was tak-/Ma"ot Stella Alexander is co o- ]expression to Mr. Roosevelt that he , . ..... . Why any Austrian or any other [~ils~gict~vn.~).~hannon, welfare corn- 30 t000h: Plbn~ ktR:7:m ~ro:t ?i:h/ s u a nHuncte~Au~:=r~aYtt::e:l~,LhY foreigner should be interested in ] crating to the extent of officially d=-Il toi~lt hers b:ck :f 1~ :hatthh: h:d l:P~ An a;. c s , t c g es p P P "' e ulacturea. [ ." ~ovemner. destroying that ship is not easily Imissiner' announ ed ye. terday. ~ * - ignating the week, and the club hop [,, , " addressed the E~umclaw Chamber of ~.,n o~ ,,~ -.'ho are at ~resen* ~- ~nipmentsof this ctay in tne pas~[ : ..... * *~ .......... i*-- 2~ ieature that is being overiooKea - imagined. I Smgle men betwen the ages of 18 ....... for the fullest cooperation of the clt- , ~ . . , , . , Commerce on the subject. ~tlt~t ~* d~*~. w IJ . b tu-] l~II~ U LII~ UUIIIII|LIII b.y. I ' ' Lieutenant Wiley, second in corn- ......... ,have been for trial test only, bull Ito anextent is the fact that with In h!s talk, Hunt pomted out that celvlng rellei, ate :o De gi~,en Ilrst~ mand of the Akron, who survived, o--ortunit'pp : at this work Full de front the nature of the development[ Interest Gains Yearly I world conditmns ..... in the chaotic mix- the method of creatmg a new county says, "the ship took a sharp lurch tails of the program and the means work now being done in the tunnel,! Each year additional interest is up they occupytoday, an expression t:i~ bYtears=tt~: tf:h:o=:~2;:~Y :ff and the control wires of the upper b- which it will be ~ut into effectIthe further prosecution of this im levidenced by the residents of thelOI ~nis Klntl Will serve as an assur- ~'- , v . " e ) fo~ i n n ions a h r s the proposed county When the ms- rudder were carried away." The h-re not ,~et been "mnouncen bu~ -re! portant operation there seems assur-ltown in improving their own homes lanc~ t( "e g at s th t t e p e - . .. ~ . . ..... " - ..... 'l" -' i jor::v o:ne vosers nave Slgneo the ed an et so ~dent ~s speaking w th full authomty crash followed. Apparent weakness expected shortl- J " I d th 'e seems to be no red n wiwI ' '" . ":. .. , . ........ of the rudder wires, on which con- ^ :~" - . ] Mr. Itarris is now associated with lthat interest should not reach 100~/~ TM the American people. The con- pet ~mn ~ ~s~ t~en su~m~t~eo to um trol and safety of the ship depend- omy men wno nave oeen rece~wng~ ~n.. D .... ~ : ..... : .......... [--" '[ ferrin~" of that .-restive is in itself state legislature, which has the power aid from relief agencies will be taken ~"~ ~,~,,~,u~ ,. ~v~-,,,~ up -=~ltms year. ~ v ~. ~ to ~ ~cct or acce-t it he stated ed, might arouse suspicion of sabot- on the first unit of 2500 men, it was lcal veins in the Newcastle district. It should go further. There are a!wrth the inauguration of the day. , . . . v~ , ~., , e k e taunt also CO:dee some ox tne reds age. . . . stated yesterday. This group will be 1, They have had m n ma ~ng t.st number of vacant lots in town, somel It is also fitting that a Sunday be o ., ;. : ~ .~ = Oils ior ~ne io~mlng oi me proposeu 'But the ship was surrounded ~y s,~lit u,, ar, d sent to Fort Lawton 1res on the ground, located in the of them on the highway and other selected as the day for holding the ~ _ " . lightning flashes on all sides when Vancouver Barracks and Fort Wright Collins estate, for a couple of weeks, regularly used streets. For the ten- demonstration as the feeling is not county. He stated'that the agitation destruction came, so that there is near S~okane to be~in training, onl and have definitely selected the site eral appearance of the city, and inlonly to show appreciation of the sue- has been brought about, bY allege~ no need of any sabotage hypothesis, v ...... . ' ' i " '" or before next Tuesda,, I for operatmns, which they expect to justice to those who are keeping up lcess thus far attained but a praye~ taxatmn w thout repre~ntatmn. Now, the Akron, lighter than air z" start in the near future ..... s essf Grounds for this statement was giv- Unem,~lo-ed men not on relief at l their own premises, these unmghtly for ~a contmuance of hm ucc u! v ~ , ] , en that control of he political situs normally, but much heavier than wa- ,,resent ms,, also a,-,l- to the work l More good news that should mater- spots should be put in order. .leadership. President s Day is a ~ , . " ter, with the gas bag deflated, lies ~ ": ., / ~v : ..... liallv heln in makin~ a ~ood town be~ |h ...... +h .... ht tion ox ~_ing county is entirely in the clerk out their applications V~rlll notI .... - Garbage Removed Free --vvz ....~ .... ..;,.. .. ~..o**~.. r, .... .~ at the bottom of the ocean. It is not ter , ~,~ ..... ~.= ,~,,o=quen~y, a be honored until those on relief are l ~ [ ~---- " r nts greatmany ~mprovements have been probablethat thee truth will ever be . The club has made,a rangeme , " d taken care of. No one will be con- Vavmn StereopUcon ......... ,Beer Sale Constdere co-ed that are aid " r ..... le w put ~ p ~o ~y ~ne entire known .... re r to nave all garoage nau (1 a ay, Americans take pride in the ad- s~dered for future ~obs m the fo - Grange Slide Exhibit ask that you first burn all that can! At Informal Meeting county with the city of Seattle de- estation army without firs~ naving " .. mirable discipline maintained on the . . . ~ be disnosed of in that way. and to[ ~ t r~wng the benefits therefrom. Hunt airship by the men facing death. Or- reg~s~ere~. . . The Vivian Slides illustrating the place the rest in containers suitablel There was an informal meeting of icalled to the attention of his audience lvir ~nannon also announceu a~ ders "given in a lowStone," instant- ....... ritualistic work of the Grange in the for handlin~ and have it ready eit'h-ithe City Council last evening in an the building of Aurora street bridge, increase m paymen~ ~o seix-nelp ~ "~ ' e " ly and efficiently obeyed, including ..... . first four degrees will be shown In er Thursday or Fmday" [effort to get an expresmon o th the ~rlaort_ and several uther ira- groups engages m woos cut~mg up- ~ " " Kmg County thm week and next w~shes of the pubhc on the manne~ ~ e this, at 300 feet altitude: All hands ........ There will be but few places wherel ' lp'o"em nts that have placed the en- era~nons, ~,o ~a vv per core, as com stand by for a crash." . .. " . . : Monday, the 17th. These slides are the men are so busy that at learn, in which beer is to be sold here, av tire county in debt. tared ~o ~ne previouspaymen~ ox A great majorityof Americans .... ~ a real work of art and with the ac- one day of the week might not be ithugh the meeting had not been as-1 Y.unt explained that when a new ;~ O0 a cora. " . . companymg lecture, furnish a good e o ed vertmed to the general pubhc ~ co t ~ o : hope that this second great air dis- " ........... d v t to this clean-up week, and I " u~ y's f rmed, the new un t m II- .Approxlma~;ely ~u,uu0 corns ox aster will not .diminish government - lder ...... picture of the background of the where~ more time can be given, bet- In opening the meeting Mayor Al-!able for its share of the indebtedness vooa, a anu llr,inxour tOOt interest in airships of all types, " Grange ritualistic work. The orlg- ter results will be apparent. We will exander said that the people with for property which lies within the lighter than air, or heavier than air. lengths, will be bought up for relief inal set of 191 slides cost in the have a better appearing town'; you whom she had come in contact since boundaries of the new county. If It is man's business to conquer the work next fall and winter. Payment neighborhood of a thousand dollars will have more enjoyable surround- the last council meeting, preferred the old county should default in its air and it is the business of our toY- for this work is made in cash. to prepare. It takes slightly over an ings. (Continued on Page 2) payments, then the new county would ernment to make this nation the most powerful in the air. There is pleasing common sense in Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt's state- ment on beer: "When it is legal to serve beer in any Government house, it will naturally be proper to do so for any one who desires it at the White House." Mrs. Roosevelt, a good citizen hopes that legal beer will discour- age bootleggung and adds thin sec- end thought to her expression of EAGLES ORDER WILL CELEBRATIE PENSION Aged People of Washington. opinion: . legmlatmn tendmg to dmcard the "I myself do not drink anything poor-farm and substitute a method with alcoholic content, but that is of existence for old people which purely an individual thing. I could is both dignified and self-sustaining not dream of forcing my own con- --the payment of sufficient pension victlons on other people as long as " I to maintain respectability in their t~ey llve up to the law of our land " " I declining years. The maximum pen- If some prohibition enthusiasts had . . Imon any person can receive m $30 possessed Mrs. Roosevelte' common iper month sense, this country might have es- ~ ............ " " " " "" I ~ea~J;le Aerie ~o. I nas excenaeo caped ~tscame wave ann Doo~leg .... .... imwtatmns to Aeries throughout the era, much to l~s advantage. . ......... . . . I sate ~o ~om them in a program oI :wtu ~, ~h h~oto and with no def l events which will include the initia- :t~ ~.. .... t~.. ~,~.~n t, tha n,,~ ltion of a large class of candidates ........... ntati----~Other Aeries of the state are arran~ IIC, ~ne house ox x~eprese ve~ -asses a bill fixin'- criminal ,,enal ling individual celebrations for the 13 ~ P - ties for "unauthorized publieation lmnth of April: Governor Maim _~ ~m.:~ ~ ....... ,. ]mined the pensmn bill on Washmg- o~ umbra, u~u,,~=,,,o. ] ton's birthday Congressmen are being asked I whether this new bill might be used to cover up mistakes or corrup- tion of government oflleials, wheth- er the bill could conveniently heip " to cover up waste of public money, or committ secret agreements with other countries, made without l~tting the people know about them. Those who established this govern- ment, with a good deal of common sense, were especially interested in protecting the right of the people to know what was being done by the government, which ,after all, be- longs to them. A photograph fromthe Japanese- Chinese war region shows a Japan-' ese soldier bearing on his hack a hour to run the slides with the ac- A little cooperation and an es- companying lecture, pecial effort to clean up the annually These slides will be shown at the lnegiected lots, is the request mace Cedar Grange Hall tonight, May lby the Garden Club. Creek Valley tomorrow, Meridian[ ...................... Grange Hall on Saturday, May 1~;l ed meeting, as they deal with the st-- and at the Snoqualmie Valley Grange cret work of the Grange. Members Hall, Tolt, on Monday night, April are urged to attend one of the four 17. I Granges and see these well-worth- These slides will be shown in clos- while pictures. o.oro W.i.o..l UI ]II enjoy one of their biggest days in the life of the Order. The occasion is the victory, afterI fourteen years' effort, in obtaining l The measure applies to every citx- zen of fifteen years' residence in theI state over 65 years of age. The Eagles, for t~e past twelve years, [have sponsorSd the same movemen~l in every state, eighteen of whichI have old-age pensions on their books. I Cost of administration may be asI |ow as 1% of the principal, comparekl] " with 83 1-3% for maintaining poor-I farms. BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY PARTY MRS. W. TIBBETTb J Mrs. E. J. Lindmaa entertained the Odao Club Friday evening In honor of Mrs. Wilson Tibbetts, whose birthday anniversary came on the following Sunday She was given n handkerchief shower. Additional guests were Mrs. M. Johnson,Mrs. J. Miles, Mrs. C. E Kin- hunt, Mrs. L. R. Hepler and Mrs. O: D. Woodring. The evening was spent playing bridge, Mrs. Dan Davies hold. dead comrade, carrying him to the rear. The Japanese General Tadashi Kiwahara stops the iiving man, with his burden, and shakes hands with the dead soldier, cangratulating him on having died for his country. You probably would not see thai; outside of Asia. It emphasiges the patriotism of the ,Japanese. ing high score and Mrs. Kinnune low. .2-.-- I FINNISH CLUB ~W FRIDAY This month the Finnish National Club meets with Mrs. William Man- nus tomorrow, Friday evening. An invitation is extended to all those who wish to attend. But it does not bring the dead man back to life or take care o1 his wife and children. * * $ Four Britons, the Marquis of Clydesdale, Lieut. Col. V. ~ Stew-,t art Black, Flight Lieut. D. F. Me-BIRTH AT KIRKLAND Intyre and a photographer,.~I Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Hume (Elms congratu'lated bein~ Bennett, have flown ov E1"Ickson) are erest, highest peak in t~7~:~|upon the birth of a son, April sixth, (Continued on t Ktrkland. Owing to natural advantages peculiar to this section of the country, we of Issaquah, with very little effort, have opportunity to create a "City Beautiful." With the existing unemployment conditions we should have no trouble in getting the extra work done, most of us having ample time to do our own. Because of these conditions, I proclaim the week of April 17-22 as Clean-Up Week, and call upon the people of Issaquah to co-op- erate and help clean up the town and make it look better and bright- er for the coming summer. All rubbish placed in containers will be picked up and taken to the city dump, thereby relieving the residents of any expense for hauling. STELLA ALEXANDER, Mayor. be ::ab.le for its share of the debt" pI A l:flR A~PHAIT tthat has not been paid. According ~aa ava~ ,a,~u~-~ to the Auburn lawyer, a reasonable Pi Mi MT Is PAVINc ao0o ,o. o, o, ,.,, ~blUblll II ~ perry of the old county has been up- held by the courts of the state. It Claim That Three Males May Be ' . . is believed that this apportionment Paved for the Pmee of One Male would make it profitable for the new of Straight Concrete Paving. county and would result in a large Issaquah Grangers and a number of visitors listened to a capable pre- sentation of the merits of asphalt concrete pavmg Monday evening. Don Bourne. Seattle-Portland rep- resentative of the Pacific Coast div- ision of the Asphalt Institute gave the lecture and presented a sample of the pavement. The points of ad- vantage claimed by Mr. Bourne for his product are lower building costs, less cost for upkeep, lasts longer, is smooth-riding, non-skid and non- glaring. In recommending this class of paving for the Sammamish pro- posed work, Mr. Bourne said it could be built here for about $6,500 per mile, or less than one-third of what reduction of taxes. Enumclaw will send delegates to the meeting at the City Hall in Ren- ton on April 21 at 7.'30 p. m. SMALL KIWANIS CROWD HEAR RELIEF SPEAKER Attendance at Kiwanis "luncheo~t yesterday was considerably reduced by the five members going to Enum- claw for an interclub meeting. P,,rt Commissioner-elect, Horace P. Chapman, was scheduled to give the talk, but at the last minute found it impossible to come and sent in- steed his son, Horace P., Jr., for four years connected with the Ellensburg Ki~ .nis club. Horace told a number concrete paving now costs, of good jokes, exhibited some pie- During the business session the st- ture~ of the Pacific Coast Coal Co. The joint meeting with the Kiwan. is Club was discussed and decision was made to hold no business meet- ling on that evening, April 24, that the program may have the full time. It was decided to serve sandwiches, cake, ice cream and coffee ~fter the (Continued on page 3) SNOQUALMIE FALLS BASE- BALL TEAM HERK SUNDAY Bill Hayward, newly appointed manager of the Fire Department baseball team, announces he has ar- ranged a game with the Snoqualmie Falls team on the home ground this Sunday. The Snoqualmie Falls team ha~ jot~ed the County League, and hav- ing no game scheduled for Sunday, the Issaquah game has been arrang- cretary reported Issaquah had again docks, which the present Port Corn- won the second prize, $15, in the mission had considered buying, op- Grange News advertising contest, position to which was one of the prin. The secretary's quarterly report cipaI planks upon which Mr. Chap- showed nintey-eight members in good man was elected. He also gave the standing at present. club the news that the depreuion was ed. This is the opening for the local team and they hope for a full attend. ance of the fans and fanettes Sun- day. PAST MATRONS CLUB TO MEET The Past Matrons Club of Century Chapter, will meet at the home o~ Mrs. Fannte Gibson on Wednesday, April 19th. MILITARY WHIST " There will be a Rebekah-4 H Mili- tary Whist party at Odd Fellows' hall next Monday evening, April 17. Kdmission 25 cents. now over. President Wold admonished the members to try" and attend Grange- Kiwanis meeting on the 24th, 100 per cent, MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS BANQUET MONDAY, MAY 111 The third annual Mothers and Daughters banquet in Issaquah will be ~eld at Community Church Mon- day evening, May 15. The banquet, sponsored by the Young Married Women's Bible Clam, will ~be held at six o'clock, with the nominal price of twenty-five cents being charged. The sponsors cordially invite the ladies to participate. ATTEND INTERCLUB MEETING George M. Clark, Walter Biles, A. J. Peters, R. J. Schneider and J. EL Gibson participated in an intercluo meeting with the Enumclaw Kiwanis Club yesterday noon, Mr. Clark giv- ing the program talk. 2OUNTY REPLACES OLD HOIST The county hoist at the gravel plt which has been out of repair for couple of weeks, has been replaced with a new one and the gravel crew is c-t the job again. Eon't forget the Baseball benefit dnce at the Grange Saturday nigh~