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April 20, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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April 20, 1933

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The "yardstick" will not suit all electric companies• "Cireumsta:ces :lte: cases." What in peace times is a crime, namely, killing strangers, becomes a patriotic vil~ue when war comes, and killing strangers becomes a nation's bus~- ness. Similarly, in the war of depression, what might be called "extravagance" in better times, changes to "helpful good run in left field. Koss threw! the next out at first and walked the t third man up. The next ball was a scooter on the ground midway be- tween first and second• Chip Morrisl raced up from second and scooped theI ball up and into the glove of Mack at first to make the out by inche~ only to spare. I In their half at bat Reini, first up, made a perfect bunt. The throw to first was wild and he went to secona. understanding of common problems, and responsible citizens from the thirty-nine counties counsel with eac~ other in working out solutions equal- ly beneficial to all sections• The meeting will be called at 10:00 o'clock and continue'all" day, with fifteen speakers discussing that many subjects, the last talk being by Gee, Martin, at the conclusion of a 6:30 dinner. They are inviting all Wash- ington newspaper editors, and ask spending and encouragement of bus~- Evans made an exact duplication el them to bring as many others as pos- ness•" the play. Hircho's best was a roller[ sible, that all may know what is be- Those able to spend should spend down the first base line that Sno-I -ww= ing done• now, even though they strain a point iqualmie hoped would go foul, but itt ~" to do it. To refrain from buying,stayed fair and all hands were safe, I .......................... t ................... ROLL {:ALL things that you want or need whenlReini having scored. In an attempt-,ISSAQUAHNS ATTEND /British And American FOR RED you have the money, is another form ed double steal, Evans was caugnt SOUTH END ELECTInNt Com"arisom Shown U- I ~ " • ~.i r l" It" of hoarding, between third and home; Koss pop-] [ CROSS NEXT MONTH Every dollar put in circulation ped up to the catcher, Bill Castagno[ ......... ~. ~ / ..... ~. ...... I wlEn all nee aelega~es, omcers oflssaquan ztlwanlans enjoyeu ~m- now does duty doubly and quadruply, ,fanned, and the game was over for' ......... / ............. .... ¢ne assoclaTAon, T, ne ueen ann ~wo omer excellen~ T, alK aT, yes~eruay Date= Set for June 1st to 15th, That whether it be used for replemshmg Issaquah, so far as the ofriensxve was .... q _' .. . [ ....... warLobes he sehol~ e ui- I ...... I or tnree spectators attenmng, tne ~s-/noon mncneon, gxven Dy yranz ua- Fund, May Be Available for Pre=- cur , new u u q p- concerneo They nan men on in see- , . . ~o~. ¢ .... ~+ ...... +~.~u ...... I .._ " ......... saquah Taxpayers Association made wdson, president of the North Bend ent R*lie~ Need,• ....... , .......... , ............. , ..... -~en mrreren~ lnnlngs az~er ma~ out eating,painting and otherwise ira-Ilacked the punch to put them over. a very good showing at the meeting Kiwanis club. His subject was Eng- provinghouses. All money spentI Up to the close of the ninth, Koss of the Associated South End Ira- lish and American comparisons ann Fifty-thousand yards of cotton now isliterally patriotic spending. [had thrown a no-hit game, and but provement Club Thursday evening at contrasts. A graduate of Oxford goods to be made into clothing l Twen- * * * I for his wildness in the fifth, the game Renton. This was the first meeting college, with several years' residence ty-nine thousand garments, big shirts President Roosevelt suggests:]would have been over. In that frame of the club since the formation ot in America, a close observer and with and little ones, overalls and cunning "Abolish all unnecessary, artificial lhe walked the first man, threw the the Issaquah association, and they an abundance of wit, the subject was dresses, sweaters, seeks. More than barriers and restrictions which now I next out at first, hit the third, and heard the vote taken that made them well taken care of. one and one half million pounds el hamper the healthy flow of trade be-tlet the leading runner in on a wild members of the South End club. A fundamental difference he era- flourl Blankets, quilts---I tween the peoples of the American lpitch• The visitors got their first hit The principal part of the time was phasized in social life was that Am- These immense totals of emergency ,, • given over to the election of officers, cries held that all men are born commodities have been supplied to republics, left him in the tenth. This would mean doing away withI Koss retired in eleventh in favor which resulted as follows:equal, while English life is built King County towns, outside SeatOe, tariffs, from Tierra del Fuego, northlof Ackerman, who got by the two William J. Wilkins, deputy prose- around the inequality of men. Poll- so far this year, by their own Rea through South America, Central Am-{innings without allowing a hit, but cuting attorney, president; George tical practices are very similar ex- Cross chapters. Into every district erica and Mexico, up to Canada'slthrew wild to let a man on, who Beanblossom, mayor of Renton, first cept that there was no such thing m the Red Cross has reached and In border. - tworked his way around to third and vice-president; Roy Trelstad, Kent, England as party patronage. .&'man continuing to extend relief, that no Canada, not being a republic, bu~[came in on another wild pitch, second vice-president, and C• R. Cot- is kept in position as long as he can child shall go cold or lmngry or in part of another national group, is notI Issaquah's lineup was Reinithtrd, tr~ell, Lake Meridian, secretary-tress- show ability to handle it, thus bring-Idistress. included now. Later Canada might. Evans center, Hircho left, Kegs pitch- urer. Directors named for the ensu- ing out the best there is in a man.[ "In these months of need the Red decide to annex the United States, a[er, W. Castagno short, Mortises right, ing year are Ben O. Swain of Enum- As to prohibition, he says Britain istCross must stand by, and we must majority vote ruling both countries, mR. Castagno catcher, Mack first, claw; William Swartout, Duwanish; working through education instead,stand by the Red Cross," tl#e ReD. That would be highly acceptable herelMorris second. Substitutions were H. L. Brewer, "Auburn ; Charles Fish- of legal procedure, and that proht- Dr. M. A. Matthews, chairman of the and then there might be free trade=Eriekson, Walen, Monti and Acker- er, Thomas, and Earl C. Carr, Des bition was much more effective than Seattle and King County Chapter, Moines. here. His criticism of our school said today. from the north to the south poles.man. ~" [ The officers will be installed a~ system is that while this is essential- M.J. Thomas is the Issaquah chair- on both American continents. That, Next Sunday Manager Hayward the club s annual entertainment and ly a Christian nation, we hold a very man, for cotton materials and gar- in the language of Amos and Andy has arranged a game for his team dance to be held at the Kent high strict ban on the thought of Chris- ments, and Joe and James Holder would be"sump'n for Europe, Asia at Edmonds, another County League school at 8:00 o'clock, Saturday eve- tian teachings entering our public for flour. In this town' alone, relief and Africa to think about, member. * * ;h ning, April 22nd. (Continued on Page 3) distributions up to the middle of Airplanes simplify e troubles of Junior Prom Tomorrow ........................................................................................ April include: 1,467 years of coy- nations that rule "inferior peoples." ton material, 1,055 garments, and In French Somaliland, rebelliou~ Evening At Gymnasium IN 70,584• pounds of flour. Other dist- Abyssinian tribes threaten trouble. -- • , • ricts share proportionately• There is no need now to march theThe Junior Prom, one of the truly And the work goes on l SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 PER YEAR NO DATE FIXED ON FOREST WORK CALL To Be Awarded To Those Between tbo Ages of 18 and 25, Members of Families R~eiving Relief ..... No definite notice has yet been received by the King County Wel- fare Board as to when young men w~ill he called for employment in the ;orest conservation camps in WasMngton and Oregon, William Strata, chairman of the advisory bored for this district, announced yesterday. The latest official ad- vice is that the entire state quota will be only 3250. The welfare board has been au- thorized to receive applications for employment from men between the age~ of 18 and 25 who are members of families receiving aid from re- lief agencies. Special employment forms of the United States Department of Labor will be available shortly at the wel- fare board'sdis~rict offices. It will be r.ecessary for all those who al- ready have made preliminary regis- tration to fill out these department of labor forms. Word from the forestry service in- dicates that department will urgent- ly need young men within the age limits who have had experience in the following lines: Timber falling, and other logging experience; horse and mule packing; trail construction and maintenance; road construction and maintenance; blacksmiths, pow- der men and teamsters; tractor op- erators and forest fire fighting. When the men have been selectee, they will be directed to the recruit- lug station of the army nearest their hon~es, where they will be given a pre] ,ainary medical examinatiom If founci in apparently fit condition, they will be taken to the appropriate army camp, where a final examina. tion will be given. Upon formal enrollment, the men will" ~egin receiving a cash allowance. The-. will be put into good physical congL~ion during ten day, or two weeks that they remain in the pre- liminary camps. The men will then be evacuated from there into work- ing camps as rapidly as required by the emergency conservation work. Is aquah Service And Sunset Garage Change Two Issaquah concerns have ex- changed places during the past week, as a result of which the Issaquah Service Station, managed the put rive years by A. F. Anderson in the Cou~ts garage building on the high- way, first doer west of The Press of- rice, has moved to the Powell build- ing on North Front street, operated the past eighteen months by T. A. Phillips, as the Sunset Garage. Mr. Phillips has moved the Sunset into French soldiers in red pantaloons, highlights of the social affairs of the " But if it is to continue, Red Cross the Coutts building, and both are making excellent targets, across the high school, will be held in the gym- A rive-inch double column picture farm for a cemetery, stating tha~ funds must not fail, E. B. McGee- now ready for business in the new desert sands, naslum tomorrow, Friday evening, of Mrs. Angeline Taylor Myers grac- there were a good many people bur- ern, Rc~l Call chairman, declares, locations. France sends an airplane carrier Extensive preparation is in# prog- ed the front page of the Issaquah ~ed there, as it was the cemetery for The annual Roll Call which provides loaded with airplanes, each airplane ress, including decoration and ape- Indelbendent in the issue of twenty- the valley and town in the '70's and relief funds, will be held in the spring BIG ATHLETIC EVENT OF . '80's. loaded with bombs and machine guns. ciai dressing of the floor; good mu- four years ago this week. Announce- ~*~ ..... ade of Florence this year, June 1st to 15th, rather HIGH SCHOOLS SATURDAY Shortly after they hear and hear the sic has been se ured, a reduetmn was made that Mr~ Myers had pass- v~ ~. ~ ..... *~o ~.o~o~ in t~e than m the fall, m order to md the airplanes, the rebellious Abyssinians made in the price. In fact, nothing! ed away at the home of her daughter, ;:ci;ati':n"cont:sl ;;~the~Methodist Community Fund. S',turday afternoon of this week, • " " " - " " o ;~lelnchf::ln, l::Sli:ye~:U:,o:ndh:h: faibre=:r::ft~vU?da:de tt: =anktrei:uh:e a:: oM:: :::~:;,;~:rPr:~dO:;g~:~o:tg:: Ch:;ch~::dy:lgt= Eakthtdh: U;:p~h: SCHNEIDERS GO EAST TO :toar:in~n:twn'a:'~l:k"' will probably not have a scratch. A the enjoyment of those attending• The funeral had been held from the t~u..^~ ^. ~.,^. ~..~.., n.u~ ATTEND GOLDEN WEDDING I among the high schools of thie part new kind of war has come, and, soon Announcement is made that invite., home of Doctor Gibson. St';~an'i had won~the~d';ls'~medai"in Iof the county, will be held in Imm. or late, this country will learn that tions are not necessary, that free - ~- ~'ai-- had asked the count-- .... Mr and and Mra R J Schneider lquah, on the school campus it exists. Let us hope it will be soon, checking room will be maintainea, com~m~ssi~:e;: for a franchise for :!m~k:U;n~tire -a-e was devoted to left Monday night for Clinton, Iowa, [ Ten events are scheduled to be before we play the part of "rebel-[punch will be served and dancing will --i'wa-" from Rentonto Issa~uah ...... -~' s ........ where they will visit for a short time[run ofg and fifteen high schools are • "=,# ,* ,i~or~n Jaenu, ~ne principal article De- , . hous Abyssm~ans" [ be from 9 to 12 am w~th relatives. On Monday, April 24, Ito participate Anyone intereeted • . ...... _ to use any motive power but ste • ing of a destructive force whlch had , . . ." Italy reports an airplane .speed ofI The enterprise was declared indepen- burned s~sen buildings, the SyHes- Ray e parents v~ilt celebrate the~rl:n athletics will be amply repaid by 431 miles per hour. Mussohms gov-i BUY NEW HOME ............... railr^ad inte~-~ ................. golden wedding anniverse~,T, and tt[sperding that half day on the cam- " r a aen~ zrom uuy u~a~r u ~er Dank Delng amor~ ~nem• ~.~l~O~" . ernment may be poor m cash, eom- M . nd Mrs. William Trigg have _~_ " .~ ......... ;s to be present on the eeea~ion tha~Ipus. " " ," urchased the bun ...... es~s. ~urrows useu ~ne lnclaen~ ior an e(2- . ........... [ pared to some others, but it isn t poor [ P gmow a~ the mine .......................... me ~cnnemers are ma~mg the ~r]p [ --- • e e now occu led b the R e A commumcation was pumisnea l~ona~ urging ~ne organlZaTAon o~ a " , ' m common sense and spends ourag -] p Y ob rt Watsons .................. r .......... .They expect to be gone two weeks. [GIRLS CLUBS IN JOINT ously where national safetly is con-land expect to move there the latter zrom ~enerax TIe.D errs trom .~.~m.g, compe~enz n e uepar~menz In ,ssa I PICNIC AT THE SUMMIT part of the month The Wa recommenmng a sx~e on me TlbDet~s quan cerned. How pitiful our Americax, • tsonsare • ATTEND DOUBLE FUNERAL [ air marks 'seem compared with this remodeling the Storgel house in the - " ' ......... Mrs. W. E. Gibson, Elery Gibsonl The local 4-H Club joined the Italian speed, that would go ar°undt~cCl°skeY, there soon addition and will move ~a=' u i-,,,e Uoad L~.||.a||aR';|a;IMII([~ and Mrs. Olive Bayh attended the,Home Economic, Club of the High the world at the equator in sixty . L# ~.~IL /¥1 IlIMIIL IN~ ~ double funeral Saturday afternoon[school in a three-day vacation to the hours. In Italy the government pro-/ ...... of Glen L, Gibson and Walter' Lar-~ Summit last week. The time wM motes aviation and supplies the ne-lpine trees, under scientific forestr~.l We present herewith the talkltype of road or an intermed" yp .. " ' ' / p " "" g, ga g, rote t •son, who were killed m an autombfle s ent m ekun teho nnin and cessary money, making tests that will * * * ]made byDon Bourne of the Asnhalt is required. The Bureau feel if it Is acclflent on Victory Way a week ago[hiking. Miss Henrietta Stevens, mean air supremacy. I The inventor of the electric death l Institue, which we" consider of sufftc l a sub s~ntial base to support anm: yesterday. Glen was the youngest'[ leade~' of both clubs, chaperoned the air Dr A1 hesse David Rockwell. • ........ "[termeuia~e type tnaz sucn a type Wl, son of Mrs W R Gibso ou England also has the ~tviation in-tch , . p .[mnt |nteres~ ~o jus~izy us m lavin~ ........ a- ..... *rome u~ to 1 500 De- . • • n. /gr p. Rein Castagno furnished the telligence, lacking here, and has notlis dead, 92 year:vbf age. He meantlit before our readers: ° °lhic'l'e~s p'er"~ay•" ...... to R~be?sJ;inks left Monday morningitransportation• hesitated to spend one mMlon dollars[well, and his in ention works well.I "I thin~ th,~ .... .~u ~,. ;.+ .... + I I feel that putting in contem- "p man on the S. S. Shel-I - ..a .......... ;.~. ¢ ...... ; .... ~n.t ;tia not add to the dt~nitv ofloa :'~'~_~']plated types of construction--four ton, bound for the West Ind~es COMMUNITY CHURCH WILL " " to 0 miles :tot ~I,OOU flOeS no~ seem ~ul race for the Schneider Cup• science to substitute the electric cur- y u..For that reason, I have look- ~.. ~.... ....... *^~ +~ ...... a, *~d ~ I OBSgRVE PRKSIDENT'S DAY • * * [rent for the hangman, the headsman, ]ep up m the county bddget the el. ~'~._~"_'~'~,~'~ ~" ,~:.:~,~"~)t-h'e- SERIOUSLY INJURES HAND ]' zment n connection with the hx h Of importance to newspaper pub-lwith his axe, or the efficient guillo-] ....... ~_ .......... ;" -g "]ty~es using as asphaltic product--- Ralvtn White had the misfortune] The Community church will oh- • 1 ~w=~. u. ~a~ ~wo maes ox tmxe am- " a~- , hshers,, and owners of fir. tree forests, tine, ..... mamish e}t~her an asphalt road oxl or an to cut his hand badly last Saturday eerve President s Day at the 11 .'00 m the state of Wash|nares, is theI * * * I " I phalt which ls llqmfied to some ex- n ht He w / , In 1988, the county budget for~ten, ~... use of - solvent ~This sol- ig . as taken to the Snoqua~-iocloek hour, Sunday, April 80. ~AI~ news that fifteen year old fir trees Varmus incidents in Mr George h~ hwa construction showe ~ ~: = ~ m~e Hog ~ a ' - " " " ] " ' ' ] 'g Y ' d $41,0001 vent evaporates after bei'ng used on " p't I for treatment, where five I propriate music and exercises will be can be used to make white-~ewsprint[Bernard Shaw's talk of 100 minutes~ alloted for thewest side of the |akeia highwayl) stitches were taken in the cut.I£eatured for this special occasion. e he looks them and ~ne sum o~ ~4u,ooo tor the eas~ ,, paper~ This will make possible aI will interest him wh n ~ ..... if ~e " " ~ ~J [ A road using asphalt---2 ~ inches __ [ cro of firs every fifteen ears, re[over While at the speaker'n table[S. ,a e',an =_ 8~ inches in thicknes~-¢ost~ in ~N t~nwn~ ~ IT~NW~w'r ~u~ ~ee,~,,~u~ • ,= c~rr,ea uu~,1~ woum th i .............. "~ ,~o. • rs were luna .......... • ne ghborhood of $4,500 to $~,- . , stead of every forty years, while pre- he said that most banke"[mean putt/ha in about two miles on'800 ,,er mile and ie use~ o- the old Julia B• Walen m on the Washing-] Detective Chief of Seattle Ch-rl~- • ' ' ~|~ of ' " " ' .... serving forests a~d their u~efulnenltxcs. He had on one rode Thomas each s de the lake• [road~ed which has been down and ton State College honor roll for the lTennant, who |s being buried this a~. by scientific management, i Lamont of Morgan & Co., on the othI 'The Bureau of Publ_ic Roads has,is ample to. .act as a base for the first semester of 1932-33, earning 16]ternoon, was well known in this com' • r e er Aid olds residen~ maae a great many trmne curvein nut, ace WhiCh Is myea unuer ~nree ,, ,, , The State of Georgia is inte est o e Jacl~on Reyn , P or more hours of A ,. *. .....,..* .... . ..... .~.* ...1^* xro. v..u,.....* ~o*,^.=1 n.:'~ tthe past and.has considered ~,~O01different type~ of general eonstrtlc ....... .:Mt~ Waien tsirauuity• The family lived in Iu~- ............................. r ................ u,~= ,, ................... '|vehicle per day*as a means of deo/tion. They are ae follows, a 3unlor enrouea m cns aepartmentlquah and he attended school here other fine white paper from young[acting as his he.t,. They smiled. Ictding whether a hard-,urface ~ace[ (Continued on Page 2) of foreign languages. " lforty-five yem ago.