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April 20, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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April 20, 1933

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~HURSDAY, APRIL 20, 193~,. TH~ lSSAQUAH PRE$~, iSSAQIJAH, KiNG C6.; WASNINGToN I~AG]~ ~I~I~. p ........... !LOCAL AND PERSONAL ? l! -- Of Interest From The Capital T H Z I S S A Q U A H Z H E A T R E /-klNL; t_JI%l~2~i1 ~, Mr. and Mrs. William Endberg, a Phone F244 iMrs.Thilda Becker and C. T Mc- - ............. J ....... 7:30 P M ....... MORNING DELIVERIES i Quade were Seattle shoppers "We~- By J1MMIE K. BROWNE to face. It all tends to keep back the THUR~Y -~--~AY .-~SA%U-RDA~Y~-A-P--R-IL 20.21.~-2 . ~ ~ 1-, t!nesdav -- ]recovery of the timber and lumber tLt"~ ~ lssaquan valley walry II "" * * OLYMPIA, April 19--With the filingl market. "'tJoona ~oona ' ..... ~ I Ottmer Finney was the guest of the of a referendum against the BoneI Democrats are now completing the Natives of Bali ~W~L~A-M-HOL%AND--~ IF. W. I,'inneys Monday power bill, enacted by the recent ses-lreorganization of the state ads]his- ,~iR |. ,. / 9~ ~E,,~I~T ]1 * * * sion of the legislature, and the deci-!trative forces E. Pat Kelly, Seattle I1USSOllnl ,)peags 1) IN1 ~ ] I About two dozen friends of Pos~- sion of the Thurston County court attorney, has been appointed direetol (Mussolini -- Lowel Thomas interpreting) f~m.~ ~z ..... _ ~ .--~-~-a +. a.nn n.~il,| I master John Gibson gave him a birth- that the state income tax law is nulllof Labor and Industry, succeeding --- NEWS -- .... ~'~'~---~.~.~ ~'nda.s-'~| 'day anniversary surprise at his home and void, the tax payers apparentlyI, Claire Bowman. - .......... S--UNDJkY--~-MO~-ND---AY,--APRIL 23------------2-4- ...... ............ ~ ....... "" ][last evening, the occasion being hm ~oin~" to have their innings for aJ S S $ L~r,/ fi- n*~ ~9 Phone 602 Issaqual~: Wash~lslxty-ninth ann.lye?cry, change. The decision on the mcome] While Martinis clearing out the lne Dig ~age .... ~ ..... ...... I * tax came at the same time that al_ln Re-)ublican focces President (Clyde Beatty, Ar;ta Page) ..... The Misses Esther and Bertha Er- " ~ t ', KRAZY KAT VOME ATTORNEY ]] ........ group of Everett taxpayers filed a[Roosevelt is working somewhat slow- NEWS -- ~- SWEET HOME lCKSOn entertamea ~ne memoers oi " , - ................................................... v VAIS~T OT~/r~(~IXT~ 1] ..... of He I'S T " e i referendum against the Bone bfll-ler on handling the federal brigade. WEDNESDAY . THURSDAY, APRIL 26.27 d. l.#z-xr,l_j ~v~.)~o ~ tne ~uo a'~' uesoay ven ng The secretar'" of state received the I Y Frank T Bell, for many years pri- ~ ~ ~ In Issaquah Evenings - Saturday~ I lat their home. The evenmg was spen~ referendum although he refused to " ~-~l#-~ ~,~ |~.I ~' " b id e and "i saw zzles Miss , ~ ~vate secretary to Senator C C Dill, ~|~M~ ~;;|1| ~tl| Phone 593 ]~venings | t a~',~lring LeT'J g~:as p~ ~n~i*i .... l accept a petition for the repeal of has been appointed federal commis- (Wheeler and Woolsey) - Phone 43 Saturdays the state income t x, a few days pre |1 . ] "lsioner of fisheries, taking over the BI OCKS AND TACKLE -- CAMPUS MYSTERY guest. . ~ . z VlOUSly. work of Henry O'Malley, commis- -- HIGH SCHOOL HOOFER --- A marriage license was issued in . slower since 1922 when he was named D. W. HUME Seattle Monday to James R. Hall and Under the attack the Bone bill, tax-~by President Harding. , w,D~x) ~H~D IIMaI'y Debus, both of Issaquah. [payers charge that as an initiative! The fisheries people, Republicans[ :~ ........... lit had been defeated once by moreland Democrats alike, had urged thel PRESTON ,deri~ed from the game, here it is al- I] Mrs, Alex Strnard entertained the:than 8,000 votes; that it would re-lretention of Mr O'Malley t ......... ways a contest, a desire to win Cleanliness, Civility I!Agenda club at cards last ThursdaY:move property from the tax rollsI I Mrs Arthur Hohnes entertainedI He dwelt on differences in law Good Workmanship ~1 evenin ...... " g. [and permit municipal competition, Governor Martin has called thelSeveral friends last Thursday after-tgnage, dialects and jokes, closing =OTsET ,~:s:QTuHA: /Am le~:kil :e:g!~ : hberg 11 l*~ ~te 5 r ltd:Y ::r to~h~il rbtiii~aa~ ;!~Ye o~a' e~tohi:dl U~o~nn~ti! I i!: i~ ~C~r f!i:~! f :h! I ~!lt ~!lei:~m ~i ! M~ C!ag hh~eel rTwh~h:q~il::)~! r SHi!~li I ~s!: i ~a~ ~h ePhlese i~ ~on~: it~ea~e!k: ~w~amsB~lim~! , ~ * * * [ "' P "1 for Tuesday, August 29. land Billy, spent last week at thelplied while in America it was brought ] Dancers, reserve Saturday night,~ate power and light plants, fix ratesI g~ h,~ ,,i~,~ +h, ,,,~+~,, i, +~lHolmes home. The guests were theiout in the open April 29, fol the Fnemen s dance at and operate without regulation or su I Mesdames BillEdwlns John Sko P es~den - " ' I " - mind of Bob Montgomery, Democrat-I ' " , g'] " '/ ' t Wold admonished all to HILE'S BARBER SHOP I!Grange Han Ipervision- lie editor of Pu.,allu., as to the advis lurid, Bill I, mtzberg, Iud Frltzberg l atte"~d the Kiwanis Grange meetin Mr and Mrs* L* J. *Harris" and Mr. skLasti November. voters of Whatcom, ability of holding i~' on this date at/anald Johnson, l~hil Nelson and lat the, Grange hall Monday eveningg I at 8 o clock. 0 and Mrs Hu'o Bert and daughter ag t, Snohomlsh, Island and Yak- a cost to the taxpayers of $75,000 or Sam Anderson. --" ' Y. ( i palities and school districts that re-I ....... | o~#"~ m . c,. .v 1-. /] * * * . /suit against House Bill 92, the no-]., ;.~ ~. ~ ........... ~h',n ~-ir -,,o~a,Alaska, where he expects to be em-] --orr~..l~.,-~-- vron% ~, i~ear ]JanK Mrs Anna Johnson Miss Ethel torious excise multi,qe tax measure!u ......... ~ .............. ~" ~ I .......... ! ................. I Johnson and Harold Byrd motored to enacted during the ;{using hours of und, heth~shl~t~tl:tT:u::~ut that virtu !pray:: HOghw:;.ucn:~erMarket, ownea ~ ~'~'~~~~'~7 Yakima Friday, where they werelthe session. This is also one of those ..~ e . ? y .......... :!and operated by B L Woolman, wasl ~m~]|}~l~ , , ally every SChOOl OlS~rlc~ Willoeout " . week end guests at the latter s home I ";, ~_... ,-- ! ~1. Ud-II" I I " "Ibdls to increase the cost of doing bus-l for mo~e mone'" entered by robbers Tuesday night,} ]]| ~i~ ]~ ...y~ .~ a~ ..~. )[ The primary grades of the Mission]Icn:~: :: the state, lncreasmg these] There is therefoi'e no sound reason,wh looted the store of a large sup-1 la m maintain the high costs of ly of g~oceries and tobacco En PAll| 'q l~h1~Rl~'l~ ~I-I('~Pl ISunday school enjoyed a picnic last, ' lwhy there should be two costly spe-lP " " ' ' "] l~i~ I~ Spec~n to I IcS;:Ugeday, w,th Mrs. Bessie Swam InlS The Superior court has found thel:ithle:lectIns wlthln 30 days of eachi:i:ndo%.'"],he loss was e~'mated~'at] ~.X~m~i~ v Specs, ~e ~o_n_t.?___,_ tl I$10,000,000 emergency bond issue tol' o o o 1about one hundred dollars. | ~~~ Ladies' and Children's l ]j..... W'LLIAM T"R~-~~==NBULL I be cared for from gasoline tax money l s ~ s . I The pupils and teachers of the lo- / .......... . ~mr.~ ~ u ..... The matter rests with the gover-, . . lar e K .... t k: haircutting 11 I~s not unconstitutional but IS vahd.] .......... I cal Sunday school presented an East-~ g P g --o-- ~] Mr James William Turnbull, fath-IThIs means that thm money will be'nr" rne SChOOl ~.lStrlcts can no~ er program of songs and rectitation~/LUx large ~k~ ~- JJStates and to the w:StedOmini2 awl'at work, or to try and start the[ This starts in September: . t .... " IJELLO, 3 pkgs for 19c ...... I I age oz sixtee~ ann st rt g' wheels of industr-" when the "ax fu I Foes of the 18th amenamenz ex-, ................... ,,,,~ ....... ~J~i]li~r~I If occupation that he continued to fol ..... Y.' . . 1~ "l~ress a fear that there will not be the~ M~)~J~ A~UU1 Ie%.IWAINI~I ~r~#-~at~r , ........ ure is such that ~ney a0 no~ Know ltlv t .,~..-,-~,,.,.^.a ~.~,.,~ flr~t ,~aoe~ It.,tJt.,~Jt~l~l l[~li A JI~iI~L4111"E=E*~I l i!ow to the end, ann ~nrougn wmcn they can market their output at alheavy registration by September 26,|,~h ~l~"~""~=,h~eti"cs in~" r t in TAFFY BARS. Ib 19c E~E_J-~ILI~ffIIII I [ne experiencea me llZe oz muepena- profit as the state now enjoys and me suc- ~ .............. , . e| " ' .... ent riches m different stages of h~s ~ ~ ~ n vlthey play for the amusement to ~ l~[~am~ ~'~aa~ |[ ..... _ _ . cess of the re~eal movement, the, .. ! n.~rr~ n~/II, -- !'career He spent a number of years ...... s. s ~ ..... contend, depends upon getting out a] ..... |a~AV#'~1~;Ik;A~ I " ~:~-- ~"- .... ~ign~ in ~nlsrespect snoula De . i ~ ~va~a,~,~e~a~r.,~ :/:2 xt~. ~: in.l. in. Illn Utah and was prominently ~dent~- - ........ !tremendous vote to the polls electlonl D~f~D| ~ ~ ~V~U~ I .... uu ~ I I ........ men~mneu ~ne uepreclazeu currency I rm~rs.r..~ ~-|11~]~ ~ JU~ ~T~L~C I ~ieu with the grea~ ~lngnam ~anyon .......... I day . ~L~Va~ ~ ~ | " I ..... OI ~anaoa. lnlsr~nges Irom IZ l;OI " -- .................................... MACHINE WORK copper mlne In its early history His , ]I ............. 16percent.In other words, anAmer-I I FOR RENT--Furmshed house a [MORTONS later acz~vmes leu him ~o wrescen~ l Ri ht in this resepect is where the |I ........... ican dollar will buy from $1.12 to $1-. g I$500 a month Mrs. A. Cammon,[SALT, 2 nkvs for ISc tPlty, tsalliornla, wnere ne owneu ~ x- dry forces have the bulge on thelr ]] ......... 16 worth of timber and lumber In, " ]Route 1 Box 38 ........ ! valuaole grouna at the tlme o~ ms ' " " ' " "1 " o bla The opponents The dries are orgamz Brit'sh C lum , reas ~t will on-| "" ............. I m~r ~ s | s ,death, also at Grants Pass, Oregon. h ~. .... .. ..... +h .. hi~ .,,~...t h.,They are active Their lead ] FOR SALE Broilers 12 cents a, ||.....- fiflflEgflY inll|lO! re Leoarnoim [ - Surviving children are Mrs C F line This is also another kind of[ers are campaigning right now 'pound, Vincent Cherne, Box 32.I VlJIIIlV UlliVlJL-II/ I , . * ................. E'Dt~l~I'r C'T'DI:'I~T []of Issaquah, William James Jr. ol are sitting back sipping their beer] ............ ~ .... ~ w ~o,~ I--- " "--- |] Oatman, Arizona, and Alfred John ............... [and taking a great deal for granted, t~_ ~, Anaerson farm on Lake' ' ' ,,,xo. m~x~ ~n~.o z k one thin Beer ~u ~ .... , N~tice of Sheriff's Sale of Real I Turnbull of Spokane. He had been ....... I The wets ove'loo g: I o~2.__...ish I _ I .,~notnerlssaquan pioneer,lwrs oa.,m.., ~state | prominently connected with the Ma- "lis now available. The summer will l __" .......... - ............ [ . Mary Jones,passed to her reward ~ 1 allon of alnt varmsh Sheriff's Office, State of Wash |~sonic Order for fifty-three years, Isoon be here There is a fine o~-/ FREE.-- g P' , ' I ........ " One-half block .qonth of ] lhaving been inlttated" " "in' Salt :Lake, !ast Sunday. Mrs. Jones was born|portumty, between now and electionlor enamel with every purchase, of 411ng~n~ir~Un:y:~ o~ngr'o~Ss~ .. - " -,= ,~-~u'1 I~Ii~-h-~va~; ..... iss~lohah ~Icity" Funeral services were con- In ~orway eighty-three years ago,]time for the people of the state to ac-~gallons (during month of April only.) out of the Honorable Superior Cour~ J "4 |lducted Tuesday afternoon at the lo- anu was a resident of Issaquah fO~Icept a privilege as a licelase and go'Prices from $1.89 per gallon and uplof King County, on the 14th day of over tlxty two years r rtlc lars A L Wold Co Ma~ch, 1933, by the clerk thereoI m |tcal Masonic Temple and intermen~ " " ~to excessive ends in handling the Call fo pa 'm ..... I._" ........ t . She is survived b one daughter, the =asP ox Annie J x~am,, ~'lam- IIIIlllllllllRilllIRIIllllmade in Hillside Cemetery .... ~Y , o I beer Abuses can be expected Issaquah Wash .... u .... ~ ...... " " I " " ~llI, vers S 11- 1~.t~nrls~y, ~awar ~_ , ,. lvlrs oas Odell, of ~eattle, ann ~our r e ............................. ' . . .| It does not take much to c eat ~ WANTED to rent or buy Chick I M Manning and Margaret M. Man- "-- ===..= sons, Jake, Herman, Sam ann Joe, oi! ...... i , --" -In]no his wife. D I Burkhart and . { a revulsion OI xeeslng. ~. ~.~h w.;+o ~v ~ ~nton ' ~' ' " ' saquah. I t Alg e B. Burkhart, hss wife; and the i~ h I~lql41:R i:IINITR hi i tRI CTflR Funeral services were held at the ...... ~*.sa,,s~'.,--F6R-.~A-LE-~Fff~teen--b0ats-in ~ood Western Loan & Building Company, /, flto /J~JiiL~It~ a UtIi~IKJ3JL~ 17aatz~avat P;oh~r u: ]e, .n ~ob;,~ ~o~1,,~ ~,,~oto~.d~, I oa ~,.,~u ,, ~.~a,av~,,. -~ ..... ~..., v ~. .. . la corporation, Defendants FULL LINE of-UNDERTAKING SUPPLIES Wednesday- afternoon, 1~ev. R. I:] Rev. Father Carey, Pastor [condition. Han~o Jensen. " _, -- ^--^^ ---| dir~e~ie~5~a~n~,dae~i~:odm: e, as Sheriff, dis osal at all t~me$ e Our moat consld6rate attention is at your " p " Case officiating. Inters nt in Hill-[ Services the first Sunday of each 4.= ,~ ~ ~ ~1 No~ice is hereby given, That I will Cull ......... n n~" ^r ni-ht side Cemetery, F. A. Fisher, funeral month at 8:30 a.m. All other Sun-: ~avsJ~r l HsDaHalproceed to sell at public auction to ............. ~ ~ ~ a;~o~~ ~y~ ~t 10:00 a.m. Catechism every ~ t the highest bidder for cash, within Phone M212 [SSAQUAH, WASH. ~ ~ c~:l~;deaY afternoon at 1:30 for the Lost 16 Pounds |shhee:~?~'rs ~ar~::r'b~d.wibty IAatw T~n o'Clock A. M. on the 29th day of Dr. W. C. Holland left Thursday In 4 Weeks April 1933, before the Court Hous, door of King County, Jefferson morning of last week for Salem, Or- . ~ Street entrance, at Seattle, in the egon, on a tour of inspectmn for the BEAUTY "I have never found a medicine State of Washington, the following government. Mrs. Holland accom- -SHOPPE SPECIALS- that 'peps' you up like Kruschen described property, situated i~ King THR LARRMONT panied him as far as Portland, where ,~h~n~nnN ~nrl Salts and better still leaves YU peP" Cu'~tY; State f Washingtn' t'wit: .. --.r..~.. .. ped up.' I take it two or three tsmes West 48 feet of lot seven (7) in she visited with relatives. They re- ~ ~ , -- "~ __ a week---not to reduce but merely to block eleven (11), Supplementary a lvlarcel 75c turned home Tuesd y. ~_ " "'~ ..... . feel good and clean. My husband Plat of Edes and Knights Addition ',), ' nampoo ann took it to reduce, he Iost 16 pounds to the City of Seattle, according to I! sioN Fingerwave .... 75C in four weeks." Mrs. E. A. Ferris, l~lat thereof recorded in Volume 2 of Washington, D. C., December, 1932. ~lat~, page 194, records of said Gown- BETHEL MiS \ Facial .......... 75c To lose fat and at the came time ty. Sunda~ school at 10"00.m. aPreach'8 00 ~vv ~t, ~xrvv ~tvt~ .... ~C" gain in physical attractiveness and Levied on as the property of all of mg serwce at 11:00 a. . nd : tienna" -o~:" ....... 1.00 feel spirited and youthful, take one the said defendants herein, to sat]s- Young People's meeting at 7:1~ ~J~lZt~" ' " half teaspoonful of Kruschen in a fy a judgment of a foreclosure of a x~v~va~ ---- glass of hot water before brsakfas~ mortgage amounting to Two Thou~- Midweek reacting Wednesday at I]I;'AIITV ~lJf~D---- every morning. 8:00 p m. --]~.~AU~.I~ ~.~[ap~- A jar that lasts four weeks costs and Two Hundred and null00 ~~=ffi~ ~ffi~ffi but a trifle at Brendel Drug Co., Is- ($2,200.00) Dollars, attorney's fees of ~50.00, $20.30 paid for insur- A. GALBRAITH, Pastor.. saquah and Renton, or any drug store ance. the cost of suit and interest lili mi III innin nn liinnil IRIII ili|l IlilBRI IRRI in the world, but be sure and ge~ in favor of plaintiff. Kruschen Salts, the SAFE way ~o D~ted this 15th day of March, reduce wide hips, prominent front 1933. We Do All Kinds of Haul]nit Business. Every Bus;hess Day and double chin and again feel the joy of living--money back if dissat- CLaude G. Bannitk, Sheriff, by L --- between --- isfied after the first jar. E. ~t~derson, Deputy. 3-23 4-20 | ~ Apartment hat,,. -. C. hl , .,.h F.int, Fr.t.n, Mon. ., Seattle's Finest Downtown Apartment Hotel. Close To the Shopping Center and Theatres. One Block To Stage. Depot. Hotel Rooms with Bath from $1.50 Single, $2.00 Double. Without Bath from $1.00 Single, $1.50 Double. Completely Furnished Apartment with Hotel Set#tee, from $2.50 Single, $3.00 Double, Low wsski7 and monthly rate~. "YOU WILL LIKE THE CLAREMONT" FOURTH AT VIRGINIA SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Elllott aud C*da~ Grow*, and all way places Issaquah Transportation Co,, inc, AUTO FREIGHT AND TRANSFER 8*attle D*pot-..P.ailroad Av.., D~,rborn St, and Railroad Way L*av* Smsttl* I*00 P. M. On|y Leave Issaq~ah |lO0 A. M. Telephone Main 394 Washed Sand and Gravel Other Hau~n~ at Right Price Phono ~9~