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April 25, 1963     The Issaquah Press
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April 25, 1963

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LIP~AL NOTICE No. 7~ King Cmmty COMMIgSIONERS' NOTICE OF HEARING In the Matter of the Locatkm and Et tablishment of Lake Francis Road | S.E. 1961h St. (S.E. ~ Street--244tf Ave. S.E.) NOTICE OF HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, thai the 131h day of May, 1963. at the horn of 9:30 a.m., in the office of the Boar~ of Cotmty Commissioners, Seattle Washington, has been fixed as the timl and place for hearing upon the reporl of the County Rond Engineer in the mat ter of the establishment of Lake Fre~ eis Road & S.E. 196th St:. (S.E, ~92nd--- 244th Ave. S.E+), the termini, genera++ course end width of which, as recom. po =.+ed in such repro, heing as foe Beginning at a point on the north llae of Sac. 3, Twp. 22 N., R. S, E., W.M., said point being 284.66' E'ly of the N.W. col'. of said See. 3 thence in a easterly direction a dis- tance of 5376.36 ft. tO a terminus On the centerllne of 244th Ave. S.E., said terminus being the S.E. cor. of Gov, Lot 1 in said See 3 5576.36' = 1.02 ML NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, thai all pers~s interested may appear ant be beard at such hearing upon Imct report and upon the establisbment od such road, DATED at Seattle, Washington, tldJ 8th day of April 1,963. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS King County, Washington ROBERT A. MORRIS, Clerk'of Board By Ralph R Stender, DepWy Published in the It~aquah PreKI April 25, May 2, 1963 LEGAL NOTICE No 7~ Kblg County COMMISSIONERS' NOTICE OF HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that imblie hearing will be held by thi Board of County Cowdnissloners of I~ County, Washington, in its office 40~ King County Cotwthouse, Seattle, Wash ington, on the 6th day of May, 1963, a' 9:30 a.m., for the pa~ of determin ing whether .)r rot un emergency ap~ propriation shall be made in the sum o~ ~3,850.00 for the King County Clerk, a~ which time any taxpayer of ~ COU~ ty may appear and be beard for ot~ against such an expenditure for aal~ purpose. | DkTI~ at Seattle, W~h~gton, ~ day of April, 1963. LEGAL NOTICE No. '/$8 King County COMMISglONER~' NOTICE OF ItEA/tiNtt NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Board of County Commissioners of King County, Washington, will hold a public hearing in Its otline in Room 4~2 King County Courthouse, Seattle 4, Washington, en the 6th day of May, 1963, at the hour of 9:30 a.m. for the purpose of considering the adoption of the following proposed resolution which amends King County Districting tZon- lng) Resolution No. 18801 with refer- ence to C-M Industrial Park District Regulations : RESOLUTION NO.-- A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY" COMbfISSIONERS FOR KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON, AMENDING RESOLUTION NO. 18801, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON. ADOPTED AUGUST 12. 1958. AND AS AMENDED BY RESOLUTION NO. 18844 AND AS SUBSEQUENTLY AMENDED WHICH IS A GENERAL RESOLUTION ESTABLISHING LAND USE R~'GULATIONS AND DISTRICTS (Zoning) WITHIN THE UNINCORPO- RATED TERRITORY OF KING COUN- TY, STATE OF WASHINGTON, AND REGULATING THE USES OF PROP- ERTY PUBLICLY AND PRIVATELY OWNED THEREIN. ADOPTING MAPS DIVIDING KING COUNTY INTO USE DISTRICTS AND PROVIDING FOR AMENDMENTS A N D ADDITIONS THERETO: AND PROVIDING PEN- ALTIES FOR THE VIOLATION OF THE PROVISIONS OF THIS RESOLU- TION. BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioner's, King County, State of Washington that King County Districting (Zoningl Resolatioo No. 18801, udopted by the Board of umy Commissioners, King County,Wash-as- ington, on August 12, 1958, and as amended by Resotution No. 18844 and as subsequently amended, be further amended m pert as follows: SECTION 21. C-M INDUSTRIAL PARK DISTRICT REGULATIONS. Sub- Section 21.01 USES PERMITTED, amend to read as follows: I. Any industrial or manufacturing use permitted in Commercial (C-1) or Manufacturing (M-l) district oth- er than uses permitted in any Resi- dential (R), Suburban(S-1) or Bus- iness (B-N), (B-Z) or {B-2) districts EXCEPT the following additional uses may he permitted : service sta- tions, restaurants, banks and public utility facilities 2. Auxiliary uses directly related to the principal uses, such as residen- ces for watchman or employees in training, employee dormitories, em- ployee cafeterias auditoriums and similar uses may be permitted. SECTION 21. C-M INDUSTRIAL PARK DISTP~CT REGULATIONS. Sub-Section 21_05 YARD REQUIRE- MENTS, amend to read as follows: LEGAL NOTICE No 748 - King County KING COUNTY TREASURER'S NOTICE OF BOND REDEMPTION . Notice is hereby given that on the 1st day of June, 1963, I shall upon presenta- tion at the office of County Treasurer, King County, Seattle, Washington, re- deecn the followhlg bonds: Des Moines Sewer District, King Co*mty Sewer Revenue Bonds 1958 Issued under date of June 1, 1958. Bonds numbered 461/474, inclusive King County 'IVeasurer's Reference No. 1062 Interest on the above bonds will cease June I, 1963. Dated at Seattle, Washington, this 23rd day of April, 1963. A. A. TREMPER, King County Treasurer By Roland C. Nolte, Deputy Published in the Issaquah Press, April 25, 1963. LEGAL NOTICE No. ~'49 - Klag County COMMISSIONERS' NOTICE OF BEARING NOTICE IS IIEREBY GIVEN that the Board of County Commissioners will meet in its office 402 King County Courthouse, Seattle, Washington. on the 131h day of May. I963 at the hour of 9:30 a,m,, for the purpose of consid- ering the adoption of a final supplemen- tal budget covering" excess funds for COUNTY ROAD FUND tCommissinn- ors' Districts NO. 2 and 3), in accord- ance with the provisions of Resdutinn No. 25707 passed by the Board of County Commissioners on the 15th day of April, 1963, Any person interested in this matter may appear before the Board of County Commissioners and be heard either for or against the adoption of said final supplemental budget. DATED at Seattle. Washington this 151h day of April, 1963. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS King County, Washingloo ROBERT A. MORRIS, Clerk of Board By: Ralph R. Stendor, Deputy Published in the Issaquah Press, April 25, May 2. 1963. LEGAL NOTICE NO. 750 - King County BOARD OF COUNTY 1. The minimum setback from all ~-----~-~-~------~--~--~-~-~------~- COMMISSIONERS street property lines shall be fifty COMMISSIONEEg' NOTICE King County, Washington (50) feet. ~e minimum setback OF BEARING ROBERT A, MORRIS, from all other property lines shall be twenty (20) feet, except no set- NO'I~CE IS HEREBY GIVEN" that Cterk of Board back is required when the property the Board of County Commissioners of; By: Ralph R. Stender, Dept~Wline Is also a railway right-or-way King County, Washington, will hold a line, the same to be clearly set out public hearing in its office in Room 402 BEgOLUTION NO. Mlgl in the plot and building plan and King County Courthouse, Seattle 4, upon the building' permit applies- Washington, on the 6th day of May, WHEREAS, the Board of County Corn. floe. 1963, at the hour of 9:30 a.m., for the missioners, of King County, Washing. the following proposed resolution which i ton, have been advised by the King PASSE~ this -- day of--, purpose of considering the adoption of /,, County Clerk that there is a deficit in 1963. the P.,~rati n a-n Main"'~n aecH'~ reduces the speed limit on 0.6 miles of of his 1963 bud"~ and BOARD OF' COUNTY the Issaquah-Hobart Road, south from "-" COMMISSIONERS the City limit of Issaquah, to 35 miles WHEREAS, at the time of making ofKing County, Washingtonper hour: the budget for 1963 it was not known ,~ i" a n * ,, .., n the exact amount the Clerk would need CHAIRMAN ~-~ ......... for tim Operarion and Maintenance se~ Commissioner ""'~ tloa of his budget, thereby creating a WHEREAS. by virtue of Chapter 177, siutation that was unforseen at that Commissioner Laws of 1955. the Legislature of the time, nOW, therefore, A""EST RDBE"T MORRIS State of Washington has granted to BE IT I~SOLVED by +h.. *~......~ .~ ~.~ ~1 -- --t'~t ~v A. , County Commissioners the authority to County Cc, m'--m~ainnel, s ~f Kl=n"~-tt~.. .... k Ot ~oard establish speed limits on County roads Washington, that a piddle e~u~rg~ By: ~ outside any incorporated city or town. exists which could not reasonably have Deputy WHEREAS, traffic engineering stud- been forceen at the time of ~ making This notice is given in accordance ies have determined that because of in- of the budget for 1963 which requires ... -~ . = , ~, r, ~ ~ ~2creased traffic volume population den- Wlul me provls,ons O, +~. ,.,. -- ~.o. the expendit, tre of funds from the 1963 ~nn ,~, ~'-~ ..+-....+-. ;+: ++..sity and existing alit, nment standards budget in,addlrien to the sam, s pl~v~.ded violation of the r.~wisions thereof the maximum safe speed on many Kin~. ~or merem, for me zouowmg ~nge*"-'- " County Roads is ]ewer than the n~esent. items, for the purpo~ herein q~eeifled DATED at Seattle, Wasblngten, this ly eet~ablished and posted spet'd limit and In the following specific amotmts 8th day of April 1963 now therefore to-wit : ' ' BOARD OF COUNT~ BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of ~JleKENT EXIqgNSE ~ ~ISSIONERS King County Commissioners that the CLERK King County, Washington maximum speed at which vehicles of P..~...+~.... ~..= ~r...* .................. any character upon the following de- v~;=,.,,,_, .~., ..... ,..~.,..,,,,.~ ~uu,~Kf A.M.uY-,J~:% scribed County road is hereby fixed at a tg) yrmung una olxt~ Clerk ot Boar~ thirty-five (35) miles ver hour. lug rel~ir $3,250.00 - ~ " ,5 (e-2) Folders 800.00 By Ralph R. Stander, Deputy That portion of the Issaqtrah-Hobart -- Published in thelss~nuah ~',-s P~ad beginning at the south city Tota~ $5,B5000 Anril 25 10,K~ "~ " """ ' limits of the City of Issaquah, south- r ' --'-' erly for a distance of approximately BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, thai ~--~-~--~--~-----~v~-~-~--v--------~ 0.6 miles. a public hearing on the foregoing mat. LV ter he held in the office .of the Board LEGAL NOTICE BE IT FURTHER RESO ED, that of County Commissioners in the Kins any part of any Resolution heretofore (~,.tv ~',~,,~h,m.~ nn ~ ath a~v ~f No. "/46 - King Cmmty passed by the Board of County Commis. ~-J~,'"~---~.'-~,.-=-~.=.".J o"'~..~':'.='~..~ stoners which is in conflict with this .... .... -solution, he and the same is he, y repealed empowered and directed to cause-N~ IN ~" NTY TREASURER ti,ce +~f Hearing to he published as ~ N(~I~&~BOND KEDEMPTI~N BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that VlOe~1 oy laW e zone be ~ the above described spa dPOst- PASSED this 15~ day of Anrfl 1963 | Notice Is hereby given that on the 1st ed with appropriate speed limit signs .... | day of June, 1963, I shall upon presen- at the extremities thereof and at other BOARD OF COUNTY | tetion at the office of County Treasur- points as required in accordance with COMMISSIONERS | er, King County, Seattle, Washington, or existing statutes, and King County, Wash~ ] at the fiscal agency for the State of ................. =,1., .... I W~shin~tnn ~h~s,, Manhattnn R~,I~ ~ ** r urt~r~.r~ ttr~ut,vr.~, mat .................... tation -- El) MUNRO | New York City redeem the following any violation of this regu oe Chairman [ bonds" ' deemed a misdemeanor punishable as ' i such under the laws of the State of WALLACE [ LakeCity Sewer District, King ! Washington, omnmmunec Coenty i v,~t,x, T O'B~r'~ i ........ PASSED this---------day o~---------- Comml~lm~r [ , 1963. l Issued under date of June 1 1959 BOARD OF COUNTY ATTEST: l ' ~aP~Tt~. ~RRIS, sjB~vedS nambered 170//1900, =c|tl- KCOinMgMcIoSuSIONERsShlngton STEND I To be redeemed at $101.00 per + Chairman [ , p. valu. I Commissinner =,,hU.h=,~ ~., +k,* *.,,=.,,,,k ~.,,..1 King County Treasurer's Reference I Commissioner APril 25, 1963" | " ~ I ATTEST: ' [ Interest on the above bonds will I ROBER'I A MORRIS ........................ ] cease June 1, 1963 ~ ' . , ......... ~A{~N .......... -1 l Clerk of the Board LE OTICI [ Dated at Seattle Washington thisI No. 1~ King Canary [ 2rd day of April, Lq~3. ' By ....................... "l A.A. TREMPER, I Deputy ~'I[III~B ~IBBI#~ [ King County Treasurer I This notice is given in accordance "'"'E~ .~.~.~w~ [ ] with the provisions of R. C. W. 36.32.120 | By Roland C. Nolte, Deputy I (7) and provides penalties for the viola- ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS [ ................ I tion of the ~rovisions thereof. ~A~ ItlUqPRlt~*P ~/t ] FUUUSneO in ule ~-uaquan k'ress, ] Apn , I,~. [ DATED at Seattle. Washington, this Sealed bids will be recelved by the| ' '15th day of April, 1963. Board of County Commissioners of King[ ~ ~.~r NO~ICE m,'~A~r~ ~ rw,,x,,r~ county atCounty cnurt m se,[ --"'- Seattle, Washington, until 9:30 a.m.,[ No. ~ . King Couaty Ki-~ Countv W--t,~-~,ton Apefl 29, 1963, and will then and there[ "" " ....... be opened and read aloud, for the fur-[ .... - ..................... - i ROBERT A. MORRIS, nishing of all necessary labor, mater-[ COUNTY TREASUKEK'8 NOTICE J Clerk of Board talst and equi.prn, ant and performing all I OF SALE OF KEAL PROPERTY l ......... warx reqldren [or crushing and stock-I 1 tsy: ttatpn K. ~tev~er, L~p~ty piling of crushed surfacing materials at I Notice is hereby given that punmant I Publio~,,.~ ~. +~... ~ . -, -, saqua rees the following locations : +Ito an order of the Board of County Corn- ] Aortl ~, ~ "'~~" " ~ ' =mrffi. ~.,,,.~..,~.,,~,.~ ,~.,, .~ Jmissioners King Coun y, Washington, _~=__'_ ................. .=..~.~ --~ar.z~ w~,== r.~: to- [duly entered on the minutes of ~aidl ....................... (m~ed ....... ---- ............ ' . i, ~ ~eeuea 4, Twp. i~ .~., /~. ] Board, April 1, 1983, directing me to sell I LEGAL NOTICI$ " ~'" """ [ the following described property hereto- I fore acquired for taxes to-wit No ~ Kbl ~/S" mblua l~mhed sarfleing (Oou. / ' : l . g ty metloa 8peeiflea~o~a) f~,~e~ tons. [ ll' strip of Lot 1 ly E of I coo. i ....................... l' flguou~ to R/W Cedar Kiver Pipe | ....................... O~ID~AN ~OUNTY PIT: Loe/tted in l IAne, Block Sl, T. RANFOR]D'S AD. [ ~en~ ~r~m#l~ W.M. [ 141fi0.. J 81~i~,~ STORAGE CABINET8 11/8" mluus eruslu~d Imrflwlng (Coil- [ That pelt.ion of the Northeast quur. [ r~sq,~ ,~, ~rrs t~o~rt~ mwmvtl~ Sl~fle~tl~m) 1~,~ tam. | tar of the NortlnemI quarter of See. [ .... ~r~v~" ~"~,~"" .... I ,, tioa 9@, ~vlm~i ~t North, l~ 4+..n. ,, .bl. cro, ed .rfaning ] ........ [in- cwl- w-+ I ......... gpectfleatione 1O~ teas e ~rl of Bm'lea , ] in , w y J Invll'(rrloll IO IIIO Bids received after the time fixed for [ Wuy; EXCEPT the North ~ [ ...... ++,~ opening will not he considered[ feet thereof ~CEIPT the South Im |Sealed propolals will be recetven oy .!+ -- ' { feet thereof |King Cotmty Commissioners, 402 King Plane at glee.ca CotmW Court House Seattle Washing- , specific ions and form of con- [ [ .. _ , ..._. 2 ..... tract docum m ton up to 9:~U A M. ~4AY e J~ top ents ay be exaroined at s b o n f ' " ' ' ' ..................... | All u ~ect t such a~sme ts or Io- ~ the hwnishlng of' ~mK ~.~,nty I