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May 18, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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May 18, 1933

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PAGE TWO THE ISSAQUAH PRESS, ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASHINGTON THURSDAY, MAY 15, 1933 i i THE ISSAQUAH PRESS ---OFFICIAL PAPER FOR THE TOWN OF ISSAQUAH-- Published Every Thursday at ISSAQUAH, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON Subscription Rates : One Year, in advance ................................................... $1.50 Six Months, " . ................................................. 1.00 Three Months, " ..................................................... 75 Entered as secon~l-class matter on October 27, 1916, at the post- office at Issaquah, King County, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. M. A. BOYDEN ................................................. Editor-Publi.her STATE GAMBLING LAW The last Legislature passed a race track gambling bill, with a "pari- mutuel" system (whatever that means) whereby the state isto re- in that sort of business and believe they have the majority of the voters of the state back of them. In order to bring the matter before the voters they are attempting to secure names ceive a small percentage on the bet- sufficient to bring it up as a refer-I tins. Sounds like the old saloon days endum and are circulating petitions. when the poker dealer grabbed off a Legalizing race track gambling will couple of chips for each pair, more lput into the pockets of race promo-t for threes, and a stack for a full ters money that should go to the gro-i house, if there happened to be a lcer, dry goods dealer or the landlord. good sum in the "pot." Like all other gambling, the carolsr There are a number of people who are stacked against the sucker who do not approve the state taking part puts up the money--it is impossible It beat the game. FRATERNAL ORDERS I There is a certain fascination tn GILMAN LODGE No. 69, I. O. O. F. every game of chance which, corn- Meets every Friday evening. Theo. Kinnune, N. G.; L. H. Smart, Secy. GILMAN REBEKAH LODGE No. 59 I. O. O. F. Meets first and third Wednesday of each month, at I. O. O. F. Hall. Mary Kinnune, N. G.; Ruby Lindman, Secy. ISSAQUAH VALLEY GRANGE No. 581. Meets second and fourth Mon- dayof each month, 8 p.m., Grange Hall. W.V. Bradley, Master, Mrs. C. L. Olson, Secy. bined with the excitement of the race, induces many who can ill af- ford to lose money to "take a chance." These referendums are expensive critters but we hope this one will pre- vail, that the people may expres, themselves on the measure. COMMUNITY NEED Good news is filtering through that the men to be used in the reforesta- tion program in this district will be employed largely on forest fire pro- ........................................... tective improvements. GILMAN ENCAMPMENT No. 43, I. O. O. F.Meets every second Sat- urday at Issaquah and every fourth Thursday at Redmond. Visiting Pa. triarchs welcome. R. G. MeKee, C. P.; E. J, Lindman, Scribe. MYRTLE LODGE No. 108, F. & A. M. Meets first Saturday in each month. Ernest J. Lindman, W. M.; Thos. F. Drylie, Secy. CENTURY CHAPTER No. 66. O. E. S. Meets second and fourth Wed- nesday in Masonic hall. Hazel Ek, i W. M., Minnie Schomber, Secy, That is good news, because that is about the best kind of reforestation here. Nature has planted millions of young trees which, if protected from fire, will give as good a forest as could be planted by hand. And here is what we are leading up to: Every citizen should deem it an important duty to help in re for- estation by being careful with .fire. This suggestion is given significance by the fact that already two new ug- ly brown spots several acres in size, have appeared on the hills skirting the town limits, one on the north, one on the south. This should not be, and again we appeal to the residents to give na- | May 9, 1955 A great thing has occurred amongst us. We have made a complete turn-around, and at last America's face is toward the future. Three years---1929 to 1952---we Americans looked backward. All our old financial and political machinery was geared to pull us out of the depression by the zame door through which we entered. We thought it simply a c~:~e of going back the way we came. It failed. We now realize that the way out is forward---through it. Thanks for that belongs to President Roosevelt. Inauguration Day he turned the Ship of State around. Having observed the failure of sincere efforts to haul us back the way we came, he designed a new method---new political and financial machinery---to pull us out the way we are going---forward. He is clearing international obstacles out of the way; he does not stand in awe of tariffs. The people begin to feel that he does not take advice from the "inter- ests"; that he has courage and loyalty to work for one supreme interest only---the welfare of the American people. That is a big achievement for two months in office. And now we all look to what is coming; we grow less and less concerned with what is behind. We are looking for a hand-hold on the haul rope. Every man wants to do what he can, and all he can. The best thing I can do for the Country is to create industry by building good motor cars. If I knew anything better to do, I would do it. Industry must be my contribution. Motor cars must face ahead to the future, like everything else. They are so much a part of the Nation's daily life that if they lag behind they ho14 the Country back. PURE RAW MILK * * AND CREAM ture a chance, not only to keep this i Phone F244 country beautiful, but also to keep ~N~~tday at the Nels Nelson home. ]Henry Fosse here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, Joe Hanson were MORNING DELIVERIES a supply of timber coming for future Mr. and Mrs. Emil Lovegren andI The Watson farm above High dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Vlc- I Mildred Holm were Seattle shoppers Point, which was recently vacated by tor Holm Sunday. uses. We wish people could wake up Children of the grade school held Saturday. ' Mr. Christianson, has now been o~- -- Issaquah Valley Dairy to this need before it is too late. their annual closing day picnic at the Mrs. A. Swanson returned home cupied by a party from Seattle. Hemlock Poison "~-~-~*~-*~" WHY PAY INTEREST? the school grounds Thursday. AfteL last week from Seattle where she Joe Hanson has secured employ- The hemlock drunk by Socrates was ............. T, *h ....... * .... , ,....., ...... ~. l many games had been played, re-ihad spent some time visiting with meat at the Snoqualmie mill. the poison hemlock, a perennial Euro. "'It Fays to Look Well" distributJ'moSne'; ~:mon;'the~la";o:' freshments were served, friends and relatives j ~^... pean plant belonging to the parsley ~A,,, ,~ -D---A'DO~--'----~ ota~n ing elates and thus stimulate the);[ Mrs. I. Jackobson and daughter[ The Young People,s Society held al--.O'. Peterson~. .- returned._ home., f ............ Tamlly. The roots pro(race s power,u|" r~l..a,-o ~r~ on~r Vwmn of Bryn Mawr spent Satur ver successful Mother's Da ro ~msKa Inursuay aster spenumg a purchasing power, the administra- ] Vivian of Bryn Mawr spent Satur- ] y Y P " few months there narcotic and is referred to by Macbeth .. ~ . tion proposes to sell three billion dol-I~lgram at the local church Sunday. A[ ' when he says: "Were such Hfings ~pecml attenmn ~o .... lars worth of bonds to raise money ~ |number of Issaquah and Preston Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Olson of North here, as we do speak ab,,ut, or have Ladies' and Children's for the project. Interest on these f~/ people also attended. I Bend spent Sunday with Mrs. i~/. we eaten on tile insane root, thai takes Er ckson a e the reason prisoner haircutting bonds will of course consume a huge] i Mr. H. Fosse of Poulsbo was a i t her home her . the. rea~n prisnn~r?' ~ ---o--- part of the principal before they are l dinner guest at the home of h~s son, -- Shavinu Material I finally paid. Why? f~i~ I ............................... f ...... "~o--- Why not issue non-interest bearing EXPERIENCED OPERATORS PERMANENTs.WAVES ...... $ .50 Sunset Highway, Issaquah. : Itreasury notes? Treasury notes are] ~:/ I OPEN NEW BEAUTY SALON I certainly just as good as govern .... Permanent Waves may give you months of pleasure and ' ~ ..... I ~:~ [ Mms Ethel Morton and Mms Dor- enhance your personality, or be a disappointment. I menz bonus, as the goDs old U. S A '::::::~,: ...... . ~ ......... .[ ~~ othy Lmrd are openmg thmr new Permanent waves are not all alike. Soft natural waves with lasting Ill-~lll[lS Dacg oz Down. e ormer objection to f ~ ~ ishop, "Beautyland," in Seattle. curls are the result when you visit "Beautyland." If] ~ ]:5]2~AU'I'Y ------ ~[[ treasury notes has been they woukl ~ ~K~i~ According to Miss Morton "all mffi _. @$~ Experienced licensed operators ,,i -SHOPPE SPECIALS- l[[l"inflate'' our current ..... i ~j[r~ I beau~ty work given at Beautyland ~ ~ ~ m~lJ| ~ &| | | that do not rush you or leave ~, a~ orr~sk~ y ~nou~ ~ne~ Ill --_~:avz z r~ orr.~.sk~L.~-- fill " :idll~!i~ lmust be satisfactory. We use the bes-~ m Shampoo and JJJ only difference we can see is that ~J of supplies, give careful individual [[W~[~ [~ I II1H 11 1 1 you. Our waves a r e not the | J~| | ~t~aam='| | 11 U cheapest but they are all guar- Ill Ma :cel -.'-.---. .... 7.~c Ill[bonds will mean credit in the banks, I ~ ]attentmn at moderate prices." ~ 5tO sEAeoARD et.os. "" anteed--a joy to behold. Ill ~C'~'.~= ..... Ill Iwhile the issue of notes will mean l ~ I Appointment preferences are ~v- HI ~p~u a~ IIIl"a~er mone,, in "our -^ck^* i ...... I A1DI)I~&~ |l~Td'~ "rd% V~'tTTlen to patrons zrom ou~ of town, wno SEATLLE . . . WASHINGTON Telephone,, Seneca 1070 I!1 Fin erwave .... 7~e 1[[|. .. I [have only a short time to spend in ill .... * ="!~ .............. III oy l:ne government and free of intez- OUT OF TOWN PEOPLE [the city ~ .. [[[facial .......... 7~C [H est. The government does not bol,-,"" 'T|NNEY SMILES WAYGRANGE IH Wet Wave ........ 25c Illlrow money to issue postage stamps,[I am going to use and apply hog-I THROUGH DEPRESSION llllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllll III Henna Pack ..... 1.00 Ill[why should we borrow money againstleal~in~:^me~hods to^ businets, an^a~!_. ~ . _ m ......... ...... III/which to issue money I ............. I The maxim, Smi~e and the World Ill . al~J~v~r.. ~ III1 "" -' /zarmer boy nwng m zne nms o~lSmiles With You," has areal decinle HI -BEAUTY SHOPPE- Ill/ .oh .... ;L ... ..... 1, ~,.t+o.. lMissouri. . .... ;in Tinney, the Furniture Man. Th'ru m .............. "::/ ..... ":* ........... "" ....... ~uur nogs were :ree ~o run DiCK In l+ho Ao~,b~=+ Ao,~,~ ,,,,~e +I~,~ A,~,~oo~^.. ~~and are mexpensive. Use them. /the hills for miles I soon learnee I~I"r ~in'ne'ke'~his'st 'r'~i~?'~2'~_" / ....... ' , . . y p o e n ~ne zor.- " , ~ .... |ma~ m Drier zo ge~ our hOgS ~o come l front by consistent newspaper advez- IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ~ I I |runnmg nome a~,mgnt ~.naa to o~er ltising written in the Homely Home- ]them more than mey coma ge~ m ~nelspun style of the Missouri Philoso- .,wooas.,nadtoonertnemthmrmostlpher. G y Sp !i ~I1~1~ ia ~m~ma~ ~a~-- I ~r__ i|palatable dish---corn. So in order toJ Mr, Tinney has based his appea, rooer e als .J ~JJlJ~ ~ ~ ~|~et you,Press readers to come hom.,[for patronage on simple straight-for- ~4 iVl~ ~ Fill ,~ ~ |1 am gomg to g~ve you. rest ca.an oa~lward representation of his Crede of ................ II]gams, zor ~na~ is wna~ we all want. JBustness--large volume, low profit, ~I~I'-L;IAL~ I-HI~ Wl':l':lra |1 PRINT LINOLEUM [quick turnover. Hence cempetitozs ~I| Large Stacks, Splendid Quallt~ lsa~. Tinned. Gives Furniure Away " Inas Lm ]W~th a Smile" ~[ ! 'd " el urn, per square yd. 85c ............. MAYONNAISE, Happy Home, pet jar .... 25c A ~ ~ ~ ~ .... ~|Prices on linoleum advancing steaa- ~4111~ I III Iil~dl~ I~111~III ... B|fly. Buy now at these low quotations, Not,ce to C ca,to., No. ses4s COFFEE, Gold Shield, 3-1b can .................. 75c ~s~ ,-o. II Wide variety and selection ' In Probate =| " PEAS, very good quality, can ...................... 10c A Real Bargam On Ranles We oi,- r e III| ...... ~. . In the Superio Court of the'Star l/zer neau~ui new range, goDs mzea of Washington, for King County PICNICS, 4 to 8 pounds, per pound ........ 10c ' PER !/firebox and oven, enameled doors and In the matter of the estate' of R,,~.I=**. nn0 rn occr ~Isplasher, ~ specmlly priced. Frank Sowicki, deceased. TOILET TISSUE, Madrona, 6 rolls ............ 25c ......... RUGS I anllEu l]Err LB. Ill| I RUGS! Notice is hereby given that the un- ............. Beautiful ............ SYRUP, Nalley's, quart jug .......................... 23c i| v lz rugs in a large va~ aerslgnea nan been appom~eu and i riety of designs and colors. LETTUCE, crisp and firm, 2 heads ............ 9c h Yore has qualified as administrator of the Fres Side ,. --1mm--n~- choice at $1.00 profit to us and you estate of Frank Nowicki, deceasecl; will find our stock of better rugs one that all persons having claims against, CARROTS, sweet and tender, 2 for ............ 9c of the largest in the city. said deceased are hereby required t~ A forty-pound serve the same, duly verified, on said RAISINS, 4-pound package .......................... 19c Little Pig COTTON MATTRESS ...... $ .SS administrator or his attorneys of rec- BAKER'S CHOCOLATE, 1/ -lb cake .... 23c LBS. Good Substantial ord at the address below stated, and .... FOR COIL SPRINGS ................ $3.75 file the same with the clerk of said Cake Tin FREE! These are only a few of our cheaper curt' together with proof of SUCh service within six months after the KLENZOL BLEACHER & CLEANER, bti. 9c but you will find hundreds O~!date of first publication of this nv- of better furniture at equally tice or the same will be barred. GOOD VARIETY LUNCHEON MEATS prices. : Date of first publication, May 11, THEY SAY "TINNEY GIVES 1933. FURNITURE AWAY with SMILE" William V. Ralkow~ki, Administra- tor of said estate; address 1822 Lane 8th and Westlaks . . Elliot 3510 St., Seattle, Washington. Issaquah, Washington Far Enough to be Che~lser Elder & Nievinskit Attorneys for Close Enough to be Handy estate; 70~ Dexter Herren Building, Four Blocks North Orpheum Theatre Seattle, Washington, 5.11-25 ;/