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May 25, 1983     The Issaquah Press
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May 25, 1983

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Page 2 - The lssaquah Press, Wednesday, May 25, 198"4 Opinion Editorial Letters Bring your ideas to community workshop On the back page of this week's issue, tend to lean toward tourism but they you'll find a registration form for a needn't be the basis of the seminar. 'Seek UniqueSeminar.'Wew,antyouto Ideas could range from a sidewalk fill it out and come. along Newport Way to a water fountain We hope anyone who ever said on Front Street. All of the ideas should "'What lssaquah needs... " will be generate more ideas. And the one brain- there to get that comment out for stumper will be trying to tie it all discussion. We want to hear from mar- together with a common thread for lie- chants, citizens, educators, ministers, ing, welcoming andpromoting. students, city councilors and seniors, representatives from community clubs, Chuck Langlois, community 4-H clubs, service clubs and garden motivator, will tell us how other towns clubs, the pool manager, the post- have done it, and how we can do it, too. master, the librarian, the park director, Then he'll ask us what we think should the police and fire chiefs, the mayor, be done and why we want it. In the end the new school superintendent.., and he'll move us toward doing it and leave you. us knowing we will. Some of the ideas we expect to hear 'It' is dreaming big, reaching for the are the establishment of a visitor in- moon and turning the stars into reality. formation center, the creation of public We know this town has the volunteer hours for the museum and the landscap- spirit to get things done. It's the stuff ing of the freeway off-ramps. Those Issaquahismadeof. i ruonc meenngs School Board, Wednesday, May 25, 7 p.m. Administration Service Center. Planning Policy Commission, Wednes- day, May 25, Community Hall, 8 p.m. There will be a public hearing at 8 p.m. on rezoaing the area from Sunset Way to Creek Way, and between Second Ave. and the railroad right-of-way, to a public use zone, with Memorial Field being rezoned into a sub-classification of"park use." Tiger Mountain State Forest Advisory Oammittee, Wednesday, May 25, 7:30 p.m. The conflict between "hikers and bikers" is expected to be aired as the committee begins I I .....   .... .... I drawing up a draft plan for the mountain. Development Commission, Wednesday, June l, Community Hall, 7:30 p.m. A sign appeal by John L. Scott and consideration of the Orchard Grove planned unit develop- ment will be discussed. King County Council, Planning and Community Development Committee, Wednesday, May 25, 9:30 a.m., King Coun- ty Superior Courthouse, Room 402. The proposed ordinance adopting the Newcastle Community Plan and area zoning is among agenda items. Meeting follow-up City Council, May 16. The Council ap- proved the application by the city for $77,000 in block grant money which will go toward the downtown revitalization pro- ject... A 1973 power mower owned by the city was declared surplus and the public works department appropriated $24,000 from the equipment fund to replace it... An ordinance was adopted assigning in- dividuals on the Building Board of Appeals to also serve as the Housing Advisory and Appeals Board... A public hearingwas set for June 6 on a petition requesting the city vacate about 28 feet of unused public right- of-way near the new lssaquah Professional Building along Gilman Blvd... A propos- ed ordinance regulating fair campaign prac- tices was sent to the Intergovcrnmental Re- lations Committe for review... The city vacated a strip of land In front of Puget Sound Baking Company Tearoom to sell to George and Marge Miller. Miss Issaquah applications due this week May 26 is the final day to preparing for the four phases pageant. This week she will acept applications for the of the Miss Washington Pa- have lunch with Miss Miss Issaquah Pageant. geant, which includes talent, America in Seattle. Auditions are being held now evening gown, swim suit, and Daniela has also attended for Miss Issaquah. interview. Erhard has attend- local pageants in the area in ed assemblies at Issaquah preparation for the Miss The present Miss Issaquah, and Liberty High Schools to Washington Pageant, in Daniela Erhard, is busy give out information on the June. I I II THE ISSAQUAH PRESS Published every Wednesday since 1900 45 Front St. S. (Box HH), Issaquah, King Co., WA 98027 Phone (206) 392-6434 $10 per year. $17.50 for two years in King County; $10.75 per year outside King County; $5.00 for senior citizens. Deborah Berto, managing editor; Rodl Shemeta Ludlum, associate editor; Rhoda Donkln, reporter; Brian Bretland and Joan Blincoe, display advertising; WIIma Coleman, classifieds; Marllyn Boyden, circulation; Myrtle Winslow, bookkeep- per;, Roxine Reynolds, Norms Starks, contributing writers; Fred Marler, con- trlbutlng write L darkroom technician. DEADLINES News ............................. Friday, 5 p.m. Display Advertising. ". ........... Mooday, 3 p.m. Classified Advertising ............. Monday, 3 p.m. Office Hours ................ Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. OFFICIAL PAPER FOR THE CITY OF ISMQUAH Entered as second class matter at the Issa- quah Post Office under Act of March 2, 1897. A Oiw$ion of Murray PublilhinE Company Pickering editorial off mark Your editorial of May 18, "One more time: make the farm established," was interesting. It was also misleading and woe- fully short in logic, honesty and abasic under.standing of the city's comprehensive plan. It was difficult to tell if you'd just decided "to-hell-with- facts-the-poor-stupid-public-won't- know-any-better" or if you were merely suffering from a case of journalistic bends. For the record in response to some of the things you printed: A. In all the time the plan has been worked, a majority of the citizens have neversaid they do not want a business park. They did say they did not want a shopping center. The consen- sus of the Wilsey and Hamm community meetings was that there was no "overwhelming" sentiment one way or the other. Supporters on both sides were very vocal but there was no "overwhelming" mandate as you would have us believe. B. Dreaming of a "performing arts center.., a golf course.., a recreation haven" is wonderful. But when you pull your head out of the dream haven you'll find you have to have development to get them. If you understood the com- prehensive plan you'd know the area has to be a development district before that can happen. Your established district would not allow any of them. C. You've really gone daffy if you think this Community is going to allow a major shopping center over there. That sug- gestion would be funny if it weren't so stupid. D. With even the most basic understanding of what this comprehensive plan says and does, you'd know that a master site plan requirement gives the city nearly complete control over what does and does not happen. So, contrary to your comment, there is a great deal of city control to protect the ci- ty's interests. E. Your cry, "Why hasn't the council asked you?" and, "... why not toss it out to the citizens for some input?" really takes the cake! For your information, on April 8, 1983, the mayor stated there have been 62 sessions on the compre- hensive plan (39 since the current council was seated). These included 2 Planning Commission/City Council hearings; 1 Ci- ty Council public hearing; 7 Planning Commission public hearings; 20 regular or special public meetings; 8 Planning Commission meetings; 2 Planning Commission/City Council work sessions; 4 City Council work sessions; and, 18 Planning Commission work sessions. In all cases the public was en- couraged to speak. What more do you want? F. Your suggestion to "remove (Pickering Farm) from the comprehensive plan" flies in the face of why and how this whole thing got started in the first place! Pickering Farm has always been the major topic in this plan. It is why there is a review going on. To "remove" it makes absolutely no sense. One wonders why the Press is so adamantly reckless with the facts on this very important issue. Is it because you want the farm to stay the way it is so badly that you'll print any- thing to keep it that way? Or is it because the saquah Press is a defendant ( .cording to theJouoa!. Ain't#n) in  large libel suit broLight by o'ne el  the farm owners.lMth*er way"i*"it's a poor way to run a newspaper. : The editorial page is the correct place to publish your paper's position. You're entitled to that. But it would be nice if you'd be honest with the public when you editorialize. Sincerely, David R. Mortenson Kent Use of photo does not compute We read, with interest, Rodi Ludlum's column on May 11, regarding computers. Being the sponsors of Snoqualmie Computer Camp, for kids ages 10-15, we do not agree with your viewpoint on com- puters, hut your right to publish an article with your view- point on computers, but your right to publish an article with your personal opinion is not questioned. What we do object to is your use of the photograph we sent you with our press release dated May 4, announcing our com- puter camp. To use this photograph in a negative way appears to us to be totally inappropriate, and we would like to hear from you on your reasoning. While your interest is obviously not captured by computers, we are sending another one of our brochures so you might understand our original submission. Incidentally, you will note the same photograph in our brochure -- the association with your article and our brochure certainly detracts from our credibility. We hope you like skiing better than you do computers! Sincerely, David R. Moffett President, Snoqualmie Computer Camp Last chance to save the g00een We're tired and you will lose! For the past four years we have involved ourselves with other concerned citizens of Issa- quah and its environs in earnest efforts to ensure that Issa- quah does not evolve into just another obscure and mediocre blemish on this fair earth, as have countless other com- munities in this nation, state and county! We got off the mark and began our sometimes frustrating defense back when Owen-Hall Associates, representing three investment groups owning the Pickering Farm/Skyport Pro- perties, planned to turn this area north of 1-90 into a facsimile of San Jose! This same insidious mentality of "growth at any cost" also threatened the city, south of 1-90. We are proud to have focused our attention on the beautiful, wide open green spaces of Pickering Farm and the Skysport! We have felt all along that this area represents the real Issaquah, and that commercial and light industrial development should concentrate south of 1-90. It had long been clear to us that the overwhelming majority of you citizens feel likewise, but apparently your opinion doesn't count! On Tuesday, May 17, four members of the seven-member city council voted to put these properties in a "deVelopment district," under current comprehensive plan efforts, and may thus ensure that the existing green plain will soon be another "silicon valley" or "high-tech tundra"! If this is allowed to occur, you'll all lose! Think about it! We challenge each of you to get up off your duffs! If you care at all about why you chose Issaquah for your home, and what makes it a desirable location, if you care about the uni- que quality of this sensitive land north of 1-90, then prove it! Take a few minutes out of your busy schedules and call 392- 6477, at city hall. Leave a firm message for Dick Mitchell, Darlene McHenry, Ernie Smith, and Rowan Hinds! You can write to them c/o P.O. Box M, lssaquah, 98027. Each of you has a clear opportunity to act now! At this point, it should be noted that these four council members have ignored the recommendations of the Planning Commission, which on two separate occasions, voted unanimously to designate these properties as an "established district," with the intent of preventing commercial develop- ment in the short term. These same "representatives" have also ignored the wishes of those of you who have voiced opposition to such develop- ment, via letters, public testimony, and petitions! We were most recently involved in an effort which secured roughly 685 signatures: 638 Issaquah voters wanted an "established" designation and merely 47 wanted to see a "development" classification! Conveniently, this serious effort was labelled as "biased" by these same council members. We feel these local politicians have placed their individual opinions and biases above the wishes of those whom they represent! They feel that you, the public, are not capable of making n intel'gent judgq, ment oqth subjtt O. ne city of- ficial was quoted in the media as saying,,L ertinly the ci- ty council will kn0W'everything there is to knaw about the issue before they decide it. Can you say the same about the public?" These same omniscient individuals have ignored their own planning director, who wrote in a recent memo concerning the proposed "development district," about the "possibility of uncoordinated development between individual parcels." And, relating to another aspect of such development, the director stated that, "...However, there is no guarantee. The economy affects development. Developers sometimes fail and other things happen to thwart the best conceived plans." They have also ignored the expert forecasts of the Puget Sound council of governments, which indicate a maximum need of 377 acres of commercial/industrial development in Issaquah, up to the year 2000! The Planning Commission even allowed for more than that (416 acres) without develop- ing the Pickering Farm/Skysport properties (approximately 1 40 acres) ! The Issaquah Press, which endorsed these four people two years ago for election, has joined the ranks of "the ignored!" The Press has on numerous occasions, recommended an "established" designation! This newspaper has gone a step further and dreams progressively of seeing a performing arts center, parachuting and gliding, a fine arts school, equestrian uses, and other recreationalactivities out there, as do we! The only apparent sources these councilors are not ignoring are those investors, etc., who currently "own" the three parcels involved! They have placed the goals of less than 60 individual and corporate speculators above the will of the community! They use subterfuge when they indicate they do not want the city to get involved in a "landlord/tenant squab- ble" between the "owners" for development, they have directly involved the city in a guaranteed demise of para- chuting and gliding activities, and have Do these same public servants seem group of speculators has previously arranged a portion of the airport property, to other contingent upon development zoning.t? We have simply facilitated such an eventuality! With June 6, slated as the final council vote on th hensive plan, and possible "icing on the cake," we implore you citizens to take a stand, we rent council to reconsider its errant intentions, mediately undertake a professional polling of citizenry, and once and for all, determine the of their constituents! With so much at stake, these mandatory, before a final votel Sus Harvey My money's on the movies Thank you Alice Barr for slapping my hand for a. pen. '1 apologize to you (since your husband Planning Commission) and to the Planning the unjust criticism that questioned their com As to Oletta Sargeant's comment on my allowing the waterworks park, I'd like to see hart waterworks park slide in mid-December even If I have my choice (and I know it comes from ness) I'd rather pay $5 to go to a movie then sit plastic slide that cannot be functional between and late June. Go ahead Oletta and pay $5 to sit in You have my blessing. Maybe you will wave December day from your peak of delight as I am 0  to the movie theater. P.S. I happen to think... "that the Queen of snappy dresser." Waterworks doesn't fit the I am writing as a most concerned resident of as a representative member of the Issaquah The proposed Waterworks Park embodies the the image Issaquah conveys. Bsaquah is so be able to offer its citizens natural parkland mamish, Issaquah Creek, and lovely mountains. of logic would result in the construction of rains and pumped chlorinated water. The proposed location (across the street from mamish Park) would greet visitors into Issaquah Disney formations on the north side of 1-90 the cement hangars on the south side of 1-90. residell.,h the current City Council will shoW, A dom by nt .repeting the architectural dis side. ; '. .......... ! At our May 17 meeting, the Historical Waterworks Park proposal and voted to oppose that Issaquah should direct its development taining an emphasis on history (such as Gilman natural beauty. Laura  Thanks for your pennies A great big thank you to everyone m Issa tributed to thisyear's Penny Drive for Hospital and Medical Center. Our membership is with the positive response we received. Penny Driv Issaquah Fun without sun Dear Editor: The Issaquah Celebrations Commission would Ill you for the terrific coverage you gave us for our inc." The festival went very well despite the rain just goes to show you can have Fun without like to thank local businesses for their generous donations. And special thanks to the Pine Lake Jr. High Harwood's, Steve and Earl for their time and always, we thank our friends and their families the Spring Fling... see y'all at the down-home 4tb Gerald Nelson,' Issaq Sunshine... almost all the time, makes me fry Rodi Shemeta Ludlum How many of you got a sunburn last weekend? Raise your hand,., ouch! Careful with that shoulder. Really did it to yourself, right? Took that pale, pasty face, those tender arms, those hairy white legs and just thrust them into the blazing sun. To hell with all the helpful advice you read in magazines this time of year- all that stuff about building up a tan gradually. You know, go out for 10 minutes on the first day, 15 on the second day, all the time slathering yourself with lotion that allows your skin to tan one cell at a time. Ignore the dire warnings about ultraviolet rays that will turn your face to a prune at age 35. Forget about skin cancer. The way you figure it, you're already half dead from too much stress, too much coffee, too much sugar, too much salt and not enough sex. But sunshine how can you get too much sunshine? Last Sunday, you watched, unbelieving, as the temperature rose from the 60's to 70's to -- good lord! 80! It's really summerI You tried on last year's shorts and T-shirts and bathing suit. Looked pretty bad, right? No matter: they'll all look better once you have a tan. You gathered your serious tanning equipment. You knew there was some Sea N'Ski left over from last year... somewhere. Ah yes, there it was, way, way in back of the bathroom cabinet. It's still got sand in the cap. And oh, that greasy suntan lotion smell. Doesn't that bring back memories of squinting into sparkling sun on the water, eating sandy potato chips on the beach and listening to the drone of motorboats? You get your big beach towel, portable radio, bottle of beer and a stack of magazines that won't be read. Your hands are too greasy to hold them and the sun's too bright to read, and besides, it makes a shadow on your face. And your face, after all, is destined for a golden bronze glow. You lie out for a few minutes, glistening with oil, drinking in that blessed warmth, feeling like you're in Rio. And then it starts to get really hot. Your eyes see bright red through your eyelids. You could put the towel over your eyes, but then your forehead wouldn't tan. You could put sunglasses on, but then you'd look like a raccoon. Instead, you squint, and permanent lines are baked into your face. You brought a squirt bottle to cool yourself off periodically, and you start using it every 42 seconds. You flip over to roast the other side. The rays zero in on the back of your knees. It's hard to squirt there. Pretty soon your shoulders start to feel a little .. warm. You flip back over. Your back is in pain. There's no more lotion on your front. You don't :are. You remember mother told you about "the price of beauty is regrease yourself and lie down with grim You can't give up now. The sun may never come You sweat out the rest of the afternoon in a haze, rising only when the shade begins to creep toes. Everything looks bright green. You see spots your eyes. The inside of the house looks so even see if you've got a tan or not. You look shoulder strap -- wow! Look at that tan line! clears. Whoa. That is not a tan. That looks like You peer at your face. Your nose is bright red big red splotch under each eye. There are little all around your eyes. Tentatively, you sit down. The back of your Quickly, you spring up. You've got to wash all off. Lukewarm water scalds you. The cold wonderful. Maybe you'll survive this thing after step out of the shower and find there's no need The heat radiating off your body has dried every look for something extremely soft and loose to Flannel jamies are great. You try not to bump even bend any part of your body. When nighttime comes, you're a walking waves shimmer off your body. You will dream Valley tonight -- if you sleep at all. In the face will be puffy, your eyelids swollen. One consoles you -- where there's burn, a tan will You'll look great in white. Don't even think about peeling.