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June 3, 2009     The Issaquah Press
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June 3, 2009

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THE ISSAQUAH PRESS A4 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3, 2009 PRESS EDITORIAL ampaign fmance rules for the Issaquah City Coun- cil elections were overdue. The cap to limit contri- butions to $500 from one source is appropriate. The City Council struggled with this one, to our surprise. Comments by council members referred to this as a "non- problem" and suggested no one had identified specific con- cerns. It may have gone unsaid, but all seven council mem- bers are well aware of the problem brought on by the King County Republican Party when it donated heavily to council candidates in 2005, in spite of the city race being nonparti- san. There is little doubt that the only reason the Republicans got involved was because donors had funneled money through the party, although it was denied. The King County Democrats or any other political action committee could have just as easily have been the conduit. While we do think there should be a cap on contributions, we don't expect the $500 limit will solve the problem of fun- neling big chunks of money to one candidate. It is not that difficult to give money to friends, family or a PAC who will then pass along the contribution. We Can only hope that campaign contributors and our candidates won't let it hap- pen. The new ordinance makes it clear that the city of Issaquah wants its elections open and fair. By November, we'll see if the new rule has helped keep our elections clean. OFF THE PRESS truly enjoy working at The Issaquah Press. Writing at a weekly community paper has also allowed me to do much within newspaper production, and I am grateful for the experience. However, I've learned one of the downsides of a weekly publi- cation is breaking news. It used to be if an event happened after 9 p.m. Monday night, it wouldn't "get in our paper until nine days later, because it missed our deadline to get in that week's Wednesday edition and would need to wait until the following Wednesday -- an eternity in the news business. I once covered a weekend city meeting, writing an accompany- ing story. Then, I covered the fol- low-up City Council meeting on Monday and a key fact changed, but it was too late to recall the story without incurring thou- sands of dollars of "stop the presses" penalty fees. All of that changed when we became a daily paper. If that's news to you, then you haven't been to our Web site lately. In fact, a lot has changed on our electronic edition of The Is- saquah Press since I first started here. But the biggest difference is the posting on the homepage. Reporters are actually giddy in the newsroom to fill that spot with something breaking, espe- cially if it gets there before any of our competition has the info. Our team coverage of the win- ter floods is a perfect example. Our readers were well-informed of developments as they hap- pened, thanks to repeated live updates we posted to the Web page -- from which streets were flooded to which businesses were under water and which homes were in danger of floating away. It was information other news sources didn't have for a week. Nothing feels better in the biz than scooping the other guy. Another as- pect of our Web site I en- joy is instant feedback. Where we used to only post the occa- sional story on the Web, now we catalog an entire issue. DAVII) I-IAYJ~ S Press Reporter And each story has the opportu- nity for the reader to leave a comment, for whatever reason. For example, when I wrote a column about David Lanz's up- coming performance at Bake's Place, little did I know he would actually read my Off The Press. He wrote: "you are busted...a Lanz fan huh? Should have known :-) see you Sat...l be the guy playing the '88's. thanks for the ink! dL" Others use the comments space to write a note to the per- son within my story. I inter- viewed Skyline High School grad- uate Josh Rawlings when his jazz trio debuted locally, again at Bake's Place. The comments show that we have readers out- side the confines of Issaquah. Guy and Judy Ludvigson wrote, "So excited for you, Josh. Sure hope we are in the area when you come to Minneapolis." We frequently get readers who harbor a need to fmd errors and let us know about them. Now, with the Web, the notification is quicker. Once, a typo I made ac- tually gave an item a whole new, even plausible label. In a Home & Garden story I wrote about en- ergy rebates, I missed a typo un- der the graphic. Erik didn't. He wrote, "The article and drawing caption mention 'thankless' wa- See DAILY, Page A5 'TOR , I A ToTAU \ My Mo, y! TO THE EDITOR Memorial Day cross issue Letter writer's opinion was hateful, wrong Letter writer Mike Huber was completely out of line. He overreacted to legitimate objections raised about disrespectful behavior toward Thank you Issaquah people should be proud of themselves for kindness Issaquah has some of the nicest, most helpful non-Christians by Christians. people in the world, willing to go out of their As to the flags, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, way for others in need. while trying to do a noble, respectful thing, should seek the permission of the families be- appointment and just made it to a stoplight fore doing anything on their graves. That is just common sense. Michael T. Ban Sammenu h Asking to change name to number was ignorant of WWII evil done to Jews As a Jew and granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, I was deeply offended by Mike Hu- ber's letter being printed in your publication. The last line of his letter said: "If his name is offensive because it sounds Jewish, does any- one have standing to object and demand he change it to a number?" Maybe Huber or The Issaquah Press are not aware of this, but that is exactly what happened during the Holocaust, when Jews were branded on their arms with numbers and forced into I was recently heading home after a doctor's near Target when I started having trouble with my power chair. I didn't have enough of a charge to even get up the curb ramp. Two people approached me; one even got out of his car while waiting for the light to change. They helped me get on the sidewalk and headed in the right direction. I thought about pulling into one of the stores to try to charge my battery from an outlet, but reconsidered when I looked at the parking lot and how little charge was left. I slowly contin- ued down the sidewalk and eventually made it to the driveway and ramps near my bus stop. A nice young man already at the stop offered to assist me. Other drivers got out of their cars, but when they saw him helping, they pro- ceeded on their ways. During my wait, the young man who helped me get to the stop had to get his own bus, so I thanked him and assured him I would be fine. A young couple then came to the stop for an- concentration camps. Shame on your paper for other bus. I was beginning to feel the heat, so publishing such an insensitive comment. , they helped me get my chair in some shade. Ddllb I vin (no mbtloa to Iff I fin} A young lady from one of the shops had no- ticed I was at the stop for nearly an hour, so Issaquah she came over to check on me. She told the bus Blatantly hateful letter should not have been published driver about my dilemma and they got me on the bus for home. I thanked that lady for going out of her way to help. Even the bus driver helped get me across the street to my apart- ment. Shame on The Issaquah Press for publishing I had a ton of "angels on earth" watching out the blatantly hateful and offensive letter from for me. You all went out of your ways to help Mike Huber regarding Irv Levin's issue with someone in immediate need of assistance and crosses on veteran's graves, because of that I was able to get home safely. This letter was not written to address the May God bless you for your kindness! true content of this issue as was the intelligent J. Rognlie letter written by David Waggoner that same is- sue. This letter was written with the express Issaquah intent to give Huber an audience for his obvi- ously hateful anti-Semitic views. Rules of the road His reference to changing Mr. Levin's name to a number was a clear reference to Hitler and Pedestrians coming to, from his numbered tattoos, and this just added to community center should be protected his hateful comments about supporting the State of Israel. Should city officials want to increase their The Letters to the Editor is one of my fa- source of funding and provide safety to pedes- vorite sections of The Press. I generally enjoy trians, just place an officer a couple of blocks reading well-written, intelligent comments south of the police station during school start- about current events near and far. But to give ing or ending. an audience to the hateful and offensive com- That would place the officer in the parking ments of Huber was inappropriate and area of the community center. During school thoughtless, days when school is getting ready to You not only provided a large audience for open/close, those using the center must take this man's bigotry but you succeeded in offend- extreme care to not get hit by drivers dropping ing a tot of your audience. Shame on you. off or picking up students. They zip into the restricted parking spaces, I.aul'~ Ught stop on the wrong side of the street, block lssaquah across to those restricted parking spaces and Opinionated? The Press wants you! Join our e-mail group -- Rapid Re- sponse. You give us your name and e-mail address. We send you questions regarding the news. You tell us what you think. What could be easier? We'll e-mail you a variety of questions. Answer one or all of them! Respond by the deadline in the e-mail and we'll get your thoughts into the newspaper. We'll edit for clarity, space and potential libel, then select a variety of responses and run them on a space-available basis. Send your name and e-mail address to editor@isspress.com. Put Rapid Response in the subject line. speed in some cases. Education budget Save money by not sending college class catalog to nonstudents The Department of Education spends about $16 million per year to print and mail curricu- lum catalogs to every residence in Washington. Four times per year, I get catalogs from three different community colleges, the University of Washington and Renton technical college. It would be fully effective to replace these catalogs with a two-part postcard. A person who is not inclined to access the catalogs via the Web would return part of the postcard, re- questing a catalog. This would reduce the cost to less than $500,000 per year. J Nell Butchart eq dl LE]TERS WEEOME The Issaquah Press welcomes letters to the editor on any subject, although we reserve the right to edit for space, potential libel and/or political relevance. Letters addressing local news will receive priority. Please limit letters to ,:350 words and type them, if possible. E-mail is pre- ferred. Letters must be signed and have a day- time phone number to verify authorship. Deadline for letters is noon Friday for the fol- lowing week's paper. Address:P.O. 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