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June 4, 1920     The Issaquah Press
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June 4, 1920

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George =- il Agnezu Chamberlain ~-- I Author Of =" Tile bishop was silent for a moment, his eyes IL~ed on the sudden glow that Illuminated Trevor's face; then he said, "Well, my dear, that settles it-- settles it finally, in fact, that I can't help but perceive that you are both ~lually in haste to repent at leisure." He arose with a resigned sigh. "Five minutes are soon up," he arid to Tre- vor. "Will you agree to take time out while I talk to my associates?" "Most certainly," answered Trover gravely and opened the door for his lordship. . . In ten minutes the associates were persuaded; in half an hour, with the assistance of lhe diamond nmgnate's engagement ring. Andrea and Trover were made man and wife according to the ancient usage of the Church of England; and Just five minutes at!or that, Bathtub announced dinner. It was high thnB, for in spite of the to,-,st that she had had with her tea. Andrea was faint and pale with hunger. Noth- ing short of the stimulus in the ex- citement of being married for the very first time in her life could have saved her from collapse. That was a great and merry dinner. The toasts that were drunk to the bride were many, some hearty, some witty; but the one that stood out above all others was that in which she pledged herself. She stood, glass :in hand, and looked down at the kindly, encouraging faces of the Your men; Q~d--~ I "This, the swa~-song of the Honor- ~/. L o ~ ~k ~ ~ [= ~ ~ [ able Andrea Peilor," she said in a ",',)ice Barber bhol) and Baib~ ~ ~ ]that started a bit gaspingly but soon .~11~1~ Isteadied to a clear flow, "who wor- trent btreet, laaaqdah '~"~1 ~ I shiped false gods flippantly (hlring ~ I twenty-five years ot her life, wbo trav- H ~ Ill eled blindfolded throngh a beautiful Cleanliness, Civility and Good Workmanship gJ ~ world to the feet of a Calf of G~ld and assured to all our patrons, mercifully died on a certain beach at -- four o'clock of a morning. She drinks __ ~with you to Andrea Robert Oddman __ J Trevor, the happiest woman--the hap- " ] .... Jencc Daypiest wo--tbe--- : 3:Ja quah wi!! c elebrate lnocp u revo l ped fo put' - - _ arm around her and patted her on the ....Monda.,, July 5th pi . m be here. shoulder. "There, there!" he soothed • desperately, his face flushed with em- FOR ........ ALE? List where you get results We specialize in this district who sold the o Johnson, $ko man, WebMer and btidl Places @. O. Lamberaon With Puget Sound Farms Co., 605 3rd Ave., Seattle. r I barrassmen t. "Kiss her. you duffer!" roared the three divines in one voice. CHAPTER XIV. They were all early to bed, the word having gone out to break camp at dawn for safari. The bishop and his companions were northw.u'd bound, Andrea and her man headed for the south and the coast. In "the (.old mist of the morning they parted xx ith tight handclasps and earnestly murmured "God-bless-you's.'" Incidents. following rapidly one niter the ~,ther, kept Andrua's mind off.the renting encounter with her old worhl unlil she was actually on its verge, Late one ~ffternoon tlmy came aped the bay and Trevor waited expectantly for her to recognize the scene of ber ravishment. He was disappointed, for the thin. insignificant strip of yello~ sand tueked under the red cliff dimin- ished by distance to lhe l)roportiou ot a railway embankmBnt, meant noflzlng to her inexpcrlenced eyes. At last he pointed it out to her. "Be- nold," he said. "the beginning and the end of all things." . Amlrea no(lded. "I felt it but I could not put it In words like that." As Trevor, the white head of a quarter-mile-long and glistening black serpent of humanity, swung in be- tween the gateposts of the hotel's im- posing portals, the ever-opportune Marguerite stretched his neck, raised his barrel-head and brayed.' Above that raucous cry sounded-a the sponta- neous and uncontrollable peal of An- drea's silver laughter. The groups of mBn and women-- all but one---on the hotel veranda stop- ped in their various occupations as though t~aralyzed ; drinks paused half- way to thirsty lips, cigarettes burned uneonseious fingers, knitting needles poised instantaneously---all but one pair. The manipulator of the excep- tion was a dear but very proper old lady wearing a cap of filmy lace~ on her plentiful white hair and enough filmy lace on her person to make the porch chair, in which she sat, look like a stall at a Red Cross bazaar. She was knitting a vast khaki-colored sweater and at the sound of Andrea's : laughter she gave no sign beyond purs- ing her withered lips while she meth- odically finished off the stitch upon which she had been engaged. That done, she raised a pair of beady black eyes so wonderfully alive that it seemed impossible they be- longed to her wrinkled face and flash- ed one look at Andrea and one at Tre- vor. "Well, my dear," she said calmly, presumably to the former, "lt's a re- lief to have you back apparently alive and well." No sooner were the words out of her mouth than she was swept into Andrea's impetuous embrace. "Oh, Aunly Gwen! Oh, you old dear!" The lady defended herself wlth con- siderable energy and was. beard to grumble thaN even kissing had de- generated Into a rough pastime. Hav- ing rescued herself from Andrea's arms, she said, "Now that that is over you will please go to your room and change from that outlandish circus costmne; you'll find everything as you left it except for a new lock on the door." Andrea glanced at Trevor and lean- ed over to whisper imploringly In her aunt's ear. "Your husband?" enunciated the old lady clearly. "Well, that's a relief, too; but I prefer to meet him else- where and after you have presented documentary evidence. By the way," she added with ominous emphasis as she resumed her knitting, "Harry is still here." "I should say I am," exclaimed a youth in the trim uniform of tile Fly- ing Corps, as he stepped out from the hotel door. "Hello, Sister Andy." Tl~en his eyes fell on Trevor. A slow smile of happy welcome spread over his face. "Well, I'il be d [" he exclaim- ed fervently. "D' you know, Trover, l've been saying from the firSt. "q~hex'- chez the flying-machine.' Come in and let me watch you have a drink." Trover. quivering under the pressure of the control he had summoned to carry him through the trying mo- ment aml filled with an immediate love and admiration for Aunly Gwen, paused re direct his following to a nearby vacant lot. "Is that marriage tip straight?" asked Harry. "Straight as the gc, od bishop of Mo- n]a and /We olher missionary Johnnies redid make it," replied Trevor. Hurry wan thoughtful for a moment, thee he said. "Well, Trover. I don't know how yea're fixed for proof but you know tbat throagh lean years and fi~t. I'm for you from the break in balk. As one sportsman to another, 1 congratulate you on puN illg one over on that up-country animated leather~ sack of vintage wines. By the way, yov realize I've got to wire hhn." "Of course," said Trover. "Tlze soon- er the better. Don't worry about An- .drea's food and raiment," he added fluslfing. "The truth is, I'm pretty well heeled with the needful." "Ym~ Americans generally are." sai5 Harry admiringly. "Sort of jolly n~ tional | radltion." Twenty(our hours later the dl~- ~hampionxJi~ dable 5park _ • ,. - The Based lruck Is the useful Truck on the farm, cn the road, anywhere Come in a,~d let us demonstrate ntra arage Permalife and Gould Battery Service Station _ promised on the honor of a lover tO ; _ ~\iI be seen only and not heard. | ~~PSrI=DI ^lti [~;1 Aren't you a bit late for that. ! O~r~'~'rHL~ll~ [ii! asked Harry, unperturbed. "They seem --" - -~I to be rmming before the wind already and with a fair lead." He ]it a ciga- rette and snapped the dead match through the open doorway. "You think so, do you?" said the magnate, his eyes snapping malignant- ly. "You've probably never heard of the shipping ring, but I'll tell you this --the line tlmt takes these two---tw(~-- two whatchumay-eallums as passen-' gets is ruined. They'll stay in Africa till they rot." Andrea stifled a yawn. "Robert," she said in her coolest and best society voice, "if Sir Hammar is going to force us to wait here for one of your own steamers to put in--I think vou'd bet- ter collect' that thousand pounds re- ward." It was the end. The magnate gasped, sprang up and fled, pursued by a smoke arrow propelled from Harry's rounded mouth, Aunty Gwen pursed her lips but kept on knitting; she could not, however, altogether hide the laugh that was in her snapping eyes, Andrea dropped on bet knees beside her. "Oh. Aunty Gwen," she begg~l "won't you please let me iutrodnce Ro~ert? He's the dearest, mo~ thoughtful, strongest and weakest man that a lucky girl ever loved." United Stated Senator Ga~ That night when all the was berlain, democrat, renominated in in darkness add silence reigned Andrea Oregon primaries. and Trevor stood together by ~he cap- , _~ Ing at the edge of the cliff and Icoked across the moonlit bay to the far-away War Nurses' Bodies Arrive, line of the sea. Behind them was tlze New York.--The bodies of dark, massed shadow of the BougMn- women wa:' nurses who died vllle trellis; at their feet and before on duty at army base hospitals them stretched an el}ca ,world, bathed the first to be brought home, arrlv~i In kindly and opalescent light, here on tim transport Princess ~ii Andrea's eyes started at the to,h of toika. ()~ board also were the bod~i the zigzag path and followed it delib- of 418 soldiers who los.t t'heir llves[ erately down the cliff-side until they reached and swept the gleaming eros- accidents or succumbed to woumis a~i cent of the beach: tllen they rose 'and disease. stared at the placid moon. Nine weeks, no more. had passed since last House Passes Hawaiian La this scene had held her. yet into them Washiugton.--The house pa~taed was packed the germ of all her life bill settia;; aside 200.000 almost to the exclusion of preceding memories. Size felt a welling within in the Hawaiian islands for homest~ purposes a~, ailablo to native Haw~lI~ only, The :erritorial le~lslaturd, urn! the s~%), '~B;eh was expected to habilitate ,~ ttawaiian race, said be fas~ (iy:L~ out, Physic If He's Sick. One day the new DAys|ca Instruct, .'ame into our assemb, ly room and sa! "All zhose who expect to take a " "Why," exclaimed ~,-" ". q "Isl it mend IzlT';:',qt,'~, perennially flll,~hcd phYs cs tills year may come m "l2'mn he wonfhwed wily we ~: really the beach---0ar beach? How it" to face :,';~d l, eavy' of paunch made'b F, oys" f.ife. chrunk 1" impressive arrival. "It ha~," said Trevor solemnlv. "T Wlmn he had washed and othetwi e~,~.~ion on this bit of coast is a a, ailemi)ted to freshen Iris l:)ers~iri~ ----~ =--'= =,-- =~ f ............. , for every hundred years. We'd beti, person I~e sent out a (.all for a ~:3~ il Imrry zt we want to make a lantE'~v, conteri,nee. It to,fit 01ace in the Tr I[ U~der new Management He clmrtered two saltin~: boars *;r~r, cots' s~tting room. Harry was 'h',' I The : ~~ek fisherman and in an hour r~" resentative of the hou-'o or ,~ I r .a,'h b'ld broadened, the cliff i~' vor and his brlde. Th, .... 1: .... I'1 I a'ua""es'auran*;: ', ,', , s :z " ' to flhnest llnposing he~:', prc.~clltfltive ot the IIOU>" ',. ~ ' ,.i;, i,,,ey were still well off the qv opt}rod ,he proccod'n~s i,h ~ ~. ~* ,(~ ibev ::h:~,t into its shadow. The bo:,¢ Iowmg svceeh: "r~a~,ua,'." ,~' ,.:,. II YOUNG & POwELL :nn;, ch,)se a landing a! the foot Of th "on tile ~,art of mv sister ~o~;1: h t,; "" :, road, a quarter eta mile •awa.~ o~fe," ~'ou ",n unqnailfled aV i :•:y. i It Proprietors ~;! Board native study al~d engine test~, our By exl"~_ • oh~ determined the correct ix~d m::de her descent. As the safari ried away by an impulse in cou]uetion Lubrication l~ngmeer ..... -e of automobil~ d " for ourma Short Orders menaations a~v turned to Andrea. "We're going to glqd to know that Trevor here has-- Ira reeorn~ - ,--:--~tion Charts. Get o~e for , your Did hotel, you know. It's really er has played the man all th'ron::h Zerolene uorrect,l~,u_~_r,~ourneareat station. Use the dUly one. If you prefer, I can send and you are pertnanen~ly relieved [ at our (lea~cz ~,.- yourc~ar . Y .... ~ r ubri~ation of your autO- for a motor-ear for you and myse!f; from any further responsibility In ~l~e ~erO]ene Ior the ~orre~.~ ~- but we'd have to wait half an hour." matter. I don't think there's another It,r41~DAI~D ozI, ¢Ot~A~ realized that it was only minutes the apology due you from my entire (california) before she would be in collision with '1 " farm y. ! of their marching cohmm already on p:mnt of a wlfipper-snar)per V' thunder- [ ~he ecl~:e of an lncongru,ms setting, but ed ~he red-faced magnate. "Do you i still impressing with that subtle diTai- think I c:~me dmvn het~ to listen to ~~?~Ag~fir_...__ " i : ;::::~i,f;= ty which tim free and half-naked black your malden speech, accept a dlrty ! " ; i takes with him everywhere and which apology and get out with my tall be- i is born of his absolute indifference to tween my legs? Well, I didn't, I came ~ ~/~ , atandards not his own,. down here to show tlfis interioping I ~V• I It IWJ I~t~kL~ , "Let uS go down at the head of our va~aboad of a scavenger where he men. she answered, and bi~,--wlfe---dola't got of U' "You are right," said Trevor, A gI(,am crept into Trew}r's eyes, Withoui Bath, $1.00 and $1.~0 pleased at her shrewd judgment. "We the snme ~:loam that lind ~h~ne 1here Wilh Bath : $130 and : $~.oo mortals," he added, "don't always roe, when no' had sho~ Ma('(~h),'ter.~ lint it ] ognize thelmportance of fighting an turned tn, o t;is slow ~,;~surin~ sm~/e Special Family Rates atmosphere- wit, h an atmosphere, To as hls ff~7.e met tbnt -f ,~ ~ :~ "~':r~ " ~ ~ ~ r/ go In as cock of o11r OWll walk tl a '~,,~':'u~" ~,,i ;.-: a;.~v,~,:. If,-' . r~[t llUb thou.,and t!~eg better than a, motor- ,.=, ,:, :., :, .,..,: , nnd the back door." ; "- !:-) ~ .:A;.LLK¥ & TIIURSTON, .t ,Co., Iamquah, W~h. car