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June 6, 1963     The Issaquah Press
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June 6, 1963

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, SAQU.-. 9 ,u. day, ,, i i TWO Local Folk I NP Freight W=h,. n .- Volunteer Aides by Mr+. Willl+,m Parkas I Investment +.one JO s,32 for Gallery Northern Pacific' * * * Two residents of Issaquah 1963, is spending ~l~ Publlsbml Every Thunmlay at Mrs. August Widen spent the gifts, which were then wrap- are members of the volunteer $11,424,000 for s most of last month in Mount pad for Mrs. Elven to take to program of the PANACA Shop cars. ISIAQUAH, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON Vernon with her son and tam- Mrs. Stenstromwhensheleaves and Gallgry in the Bellevue Freight cars built~ Tellqmhon$ EXbrook 2-~134 fly, the Roy Widens, whose son, for Chicagotowelcome her first Square. Mrs. E. L. Johnson uled to be built Donald 10, was seriously grandchild, and Mrs. Grant Burr are among i pany's shops 1~ JOllN L. FOURNIER, Publisher injured recently. Donald was the 50 Eastside women who Minn., will total .BOB WATKINS, Managing Editor ' struck by a car while riding On Memorial Day the Paul staff the non-profit shop, said a cost of appro~ CHARLES C. KERR, News Editor a bicycle and suffered a frac- McNamees entertained withto be the only one of its kind :: million dollars. 1~ tured leg. dinner outdoors to honor her in the Pacific Northwest. coming off the pr, Member Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, Inc. Mrs. Manne Elven, who will mother, Mrs. Loren Sindt,PANACA is sponsored by there at the rate Member National Editorial Association be leaving, via plane, for a whose birthday it was. Guests members of the Pacific North- i day. , In*King County ................................................................................. $3.50two-month trip to Sweden, June were Mr. and Mrs. Sindt and west Arts and Crafts Associa- At the company Outside King County ................................................................. $4.0012, was honored at a party at son, Robert, of Seattle, Mr. tion which also produces the Laurel, Mont., cat the Vase Hall in Upper Preston and Mrs. Waiter FosterofBryn Arts and Crafts Fair held dur- Entered as second-class matter on January 1, 1900, on Wednesday night. Mrs. Elven Mawr. reconditioned at I At the Post Office at Issaquah, King County, Wash., ing the last weekend in July Under Act of March 3, 1879 and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. three to four perda Charles Elven wentto Portland, Gregory Lundquist, who at- in the Bellevue Square. the entire year, af OFFICIAL PAPER FOR THE CITY OF ISSAQUAH by bus Saturday to attend her tends Yakima Junior College, Mrs. Donald Summons, at South Tacoma, OFFICIAL PAPER OF KING COUNTY grandson, David Cedergreen's came home for the holiday and PANACA director, heads a i heavyare engagedrepairsinfora M E M B E R .~+,~'~r% ; high school graduation excer- stayed over the weekend special educational monthly :!! lecture program for the volun- refrigerators and NATIONAl FD|TORIAL ,~ u~ cises. They returned on Sunday. The Marshall Moore family teers. Local authorities in the cialized equipment. spent Saturday at Whidbey Is-field f art speak n media ~ ! Further additio~ IAS~:)C~TI~N ~,/ ;e Spending aweekwiththeFred land and called on Mrs. Moore's used, and the display of art. + I ~:~ ~ C-. ~.l~lla~ Wickersham family, recently uncle and aunt, the Arvid Lar- Recent speakers were: Alan car fleet are m~ % 1~,~" was Mr. Wickersham'smother, sons at Langley, before coming Gerard, PANACA interior de- lease. The comp~ Mrs. W.A. Wickersham of home. signer and director of store under lease 2,323 ~"'""~ actual support by few/' Yaklma. . reconditioned freigl planning for the John Graham On Saturday night, Mr. and Company and prominent North- In the past ten '. |llL-M. f*-:--| Now comes the in forma- The Einar Lindstroms dined Mrs. Olof Falkenstrom, Mrs. at the Berry Bowl, near Clear- August Widen, Mrs. August jo- west painter, Walter Isaacs WHdl $ ~IllU|TM that the State Associ- Brainerd shops h whose art is displayed in the total of 7700 cars " .... ~ | ation of County Commis-view Saturday night to observe hanson, and Mrs. Pete Iverson current show. 2200 have been a. u,,FaI [ sinners and the State Lindstron1's birthday, were among guests at the wed- The next show of paintings Northern Pacific t~ | ||| | |l~_r~_| [ Association of County Engi- ding of Miss Nancy Johanson will be the art of Max Benjamin, chases from vm v vo Ii "'n 'ointl " in conMrs. Arthur Holmes went and Mr. Kurt Tegman at the lecturers. (Conltnued from Pm4le One) ~ neer.s, acu! g?. _y " to Marysville on Wednesday to Magnolia Lutheran church in well-known Northwest artist, ~~. venuon at wenatcnee on stay with her grandchildren, Seattle. Her father formerly opening next Thursday even- May 25 has adopted a reso- Debra and Jimmy Morris, while lived at High Point. After the ing at 8 p.m. at a prevue. This Mrs. Martin's sisl For those who are seeking l.tian otmn.~in~ the Tax ther-in-law, Mr. there is no dearth of op ..... -- :-.-.~ ..... o -,,- --,,their parents, the StephenMor- reception for the couple, the show will continue until after . Commlsslonsrecent order, rises, were on a fishing trip friends from Upper Preston the Pacific Northwest Arts don Trch and chil, pol~unlty. Again, we say, the tax to Horse Lake in British Col- were guests at the home of and Crafts Fair is over. and Beverly, all o * ~ * muddle and inequities of umbia. Holmes Joined his wife bride's parents, who told them PANACA is open daily from rey, B.C. TheWorld LosesA the various counties of this on Friday and they returned of their plans for a trip to 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with the ex- Mr. and Mrs. B Man of Great Faith--- state need more than a home on Sunday evening after Sweden this summer, ception of Sunday when it is Stubbs and daugh! With the death of Pope thorough airing; it is calling on the Anion Stillwells closed and on Friday from noon and Elizabeth, of John the 23rd, the Christian obvious that with almost no in Everett. The Robert Hoialmens and to~9 p.m. theB'C"homeWereofweekeher ] Rodney enjoyed a camping trip night. Theymade severalover- and Mrs. Page Bal world bemoans the loss of a official agency in agree- On Monday afternoon Mrs. to Salmon La Sac on Memorial night stops including Port Mr. and Mrs. spiritual leader whose faith ment, the taxpayer will Harold Davis, Mrs. ArthurHol- Day and the weekend. Townsend and Fort Flagler on spent May 29 and and devotion has had a continue to suffer, and the rues, Mrs. Harold Nygren and profound effect upon the various taxing agenciesMrs. Algot Nygren of Mercer On Tuesday Mrs. John Hub- the Penninsula. dale visiting Dr. entire world. In the short will continue to play games Island went to Silverdale to bard entertained with a lunch- The Donald Girards enjoyed J. Pidvesan. five years in which this rel- with tax ratios and assess- attend graduation exercises at eon for Mrs. Glenn Carlson a barbecue dinner on Memorial atively little-known prelate ments. Central Kitsap High School that of Montrose, Calif. Other Day. Their guests were his Michael. Anita celebrated her IN HONOR OF FORD'S WINNING STREAK IN TESTS OF TOTAL PERFORMANCE... came into office, he has evening. Mary Dillon, daughter guests were Mrs. Carlson's brother and family, the James sixth birthdayMay 30. emerged as a leader of his School R e c e lye s of the Stuart Dillons of Silver- mother, Mrs. Philip Nelson, Girards of Seattle. Mr. and Mrs. BobTalaska and dale and niece of the Mesdames Mrs. Randal Nelson, Mrs. Dean children, Karen, Steven and faith. His personal gentili- ~ r , ~ Nygren, was in the graduating Bergstrom, Mrs. Ronald John- Overnight guests of the Ray Tummy moved to Lind last ty, coupled with an ec-~a'~e'ry ~"rocjrarn class, son, Mrs. Leonard Davidson, DeBoers on May 27 were Mr. weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Jack clesiastical nobility, and a "- -- . . Mrs. Manne Bergstrom, Mrs. and Mrs. J. E. Reiland of Evans entertained at a family warm regard for humanity Re co nltlon Miss Anna Larson of Seattle A~hur Holmes, Mrs. Everett Estes Park, Colo. The Rei- farewell dinner in their honor has earned Pope John a NEA 9 spent Sunday in Preston with Risen, Mrs. Harold Davis and lands were on their way home Sunday. Guests were the Bob rightful place in the hearts Traffic safety activities car~ relatives and on Monday, took Mrs. Ivar Larson. after visiting her mother, Mrs. Tanska family, Mr. and Mrs. of men in all eternity Iried during the Avoz-o~ SChOOl her sister, Mrs. Peter Lund- On Wednesday Mrs. ManneFlossie Sullivan of Seattle. Dan Triosti and daughter, Porto John will for~ver year brought recognition to Is- qnist, to Seattle to spend the Bergstrom entertained Mrs. Linda, Mrs. MamieTanska, and , ---'-~ ~ - "" . " ~ sanuah Senior High School from day with another sister, ~rs. Carlson, the Philip Nelsons and Mr. and Mrs. Ole PearsonPete Daverso, all of Pine Lake De rememoerea as a man ot -~ . . ..... the Commzsmon on Safety Edu- Albin Sundholm, at the Baptist Mrs. Eric Frykman at lunch, came from ThorneBay, Alaska, and Mr. and Mrs. John Price peace a man ot leith a man ', . , cation of the National Educe- nursing home where she lives. Mrs. Carlson and baby daugh- on Ma y 26, and she entered and daughter, Cheryl, of Issa- of humihty, and a man of tion Association, Washington, tar, Susan, left for Montrose St. Cabrini hospital in Seattle. quah. Tanska has taken over the people. D.C. Principal C.M. Fall- After attending confirmation on Thursday. She will be there for treatment the Union Oil distributorship at ~t ~t ~" strom reports that the cite- services at the Congregational for a short time and then will Lind. When an Order tion is in the form of a certi- Chruch in Bellevue, at which Mrs. Gordon Sparks gave astay with her daughter and faro- Mrs. Meindert Pillie of East ...... ficate for meritorious activities the twin daughters of the Le- party for her daughter, Leslie, fly, the Henty Melvilles at High IS No, an urner ~d .-- . to improve school and corn- Roy Olsens, Lane and Lynnwho waseight years old onMay Point. The Melvilles were Request In the continuing story munity traffic safety. Olsen were confirmed, Mr. and 17. Guests were six of Les- guests of the Bill Rooneys of relating to taxes and tax Certificates and plaque Mrs. james Edwins and family lie's classmates. The Sparks Snoquaimie on Memorial Day. Reappraisal assessments here in King awards were earned by patti- were dinner guestsoftheOlsens family spent the holiday at County and throughout the clpants in the Commission's Sunday. Whidbey Island. The Vincent Nelsons of mon- IS Opposed roe visited his sister and bro- Robert E. Korn, Renton, state, we find some rather National Student Traffic Safety astonishing conflictions in Program. Supported by grants john Skoglund, who spent a from the Firestone Tire and month at the Veteran's hos- action and statements bY Rubber Company and the Ford pital in Seattle, came home various county and state Fund, the program completed on Tuesday and is much im- officials. Recently we corn- five years of operation in1962- proved. mented upon the so-called 63. Spending this week with the Randal Nelson family is Mrs. Nelson's mother, Mrs. William Meikle, of Vancouver, B.C. "order" by the tax commis- Examples of activities con- sion requesting a list of ducted this year include con- properties assessed and trol of driving and parking around school, safety checks of student and faculty cars, sur- veys of traffic hazards and congestion, dramatizations for student assemblies, and bul- letin board displays. Schools enrolled in the pro- gram have submitted summary reports of their activities. In each state a team of educators reviewed the reports and made recommendations for the awarding of certificates and plaques. Robert White, the teacher in charge, commended the student body for its concern and work on traffic safety. showing the full value of those properties as found by the assessor's appraisal by January 1, 1965. We sug- gested that this might fore- cast the beginning of another round of personal and property tax increases within the county. Since that time we have had a letter and a state- ment from the Tax Commis- sion stating that the "memo" of April 24 to county asses- sors was not an "order" but merely to serve notice that a change of procedure was anticipated... In a memo of May 3 the Tax Commission further states: "Considerable comment and some misunderstanding has been occassioned by a bulletin from the Tax Com- mission to all county asses- sors advising them that it is the Tax Commission's in- tention to require each assessor to have in his office a list of properties assessed showing the full value of those properties as .~'ound by his appraisal by January 1, 1965. If an assessor is using the same ratio of assessment on all properties in his jurisdic- tion he can accomplish this by a mere multiplication of the assessment by a proper factor We are sure that in most counties the assessed value is deter- mined by a division of the full value, as determined by the assessor, by a pre- determined factor to get. the county's~ tax base." "The Commissiofi i( not convinced that the re~u_est is unjust or unwarranted... the Commission feels that each taxpayer is entitled to know what the assessor con- siders the Pull value of his property and further that the same ratio of assess- ment is used on his property BIBLE SCHOOL SET The Daily Vacation Bible School of the Roadside Chapel will begin June 10 at 9 a.m. The school will be for two full weeks, Monday through Friday until noon each day, for children and young people from age four through high school. A demon- stration program will be held at the chapel on June 21 at 7:30 p.m. !i ii :i!~ as that used on other property in the county... On Saturday, the John Furstnows drove to Portland, Ore., to get her sister, Miss Pearl McNamee who has com- pleted a year at Mulmomah College. Miss McNamee re- turned to her former work with Puget Sound Title Insurance Co. in Seattle Monday morning. Mrs. Ted Burnham enter- rained the Craft Club in her new home on Friday night. Members at the party were the Mesdames Everett Risen, Har- old Davis, Algot Berg, Lawrence Fredeen, Marshall Moore, Charles Elven, Nels Risen, Robert Hoialmen, Geo- rge Hammond of Monroe and Gordon Howe of Fall City. Guests were Mrs. Burnham's mother and daughter, Mrs. Ed- ward Hogback and Mrs. Ershal Adcox of Snoqualmie, and Mrs. Marme Elven. A baby shower was held for Mrs. Paul Sten- strom of Chic ago whose mother, Mrs. Charles Elven, displayed Comparisons of full values is meaningful to anyone and such a listing would be a very strong force toward SUNDAY SCHOOL PICNIC - - This Commun|ty equalization of property taxes. Equalization Is given Bapfisf Church Sunday School picnic group of lip service by everyone and the early 1930's posed for a photographer af The Preston Elementary School annual picnic was at the school on Wednesday. Guest of the lvar Larsons for dinner on Memorial Day were their two sons and their families, the Lennart Larsons of Eastgate and the Lloyd Lar- sons of Seattle, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Boucher, Mr. and Mrs. james Negro, Mrs. Walter Har- rison, Mrs. Alice Wold, all of Seattle, and Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Runbert and two children of Bellevue. Mr. and Mrs. RayMoreau and two daughters, Beverly and Marilyn, of Port Orchard, spent Saturday here with his mother, Mrs. Alice Morean. On Sunday, Mrs. Moreau was a guest of a daughter, Mrs. Robert Elledge, who entertained with a birthday dinner for her husband. Other guests were another daughter and family, the Buford Ambroses. ther - in - taw, the Charles Elvens, on Wednesday before going to Upper Preston for the party honoring Mrs. Manna Elven. Overnight with the Elvens on Wednesday was her father, Nels Nelson of Monroe. Memorial Day guests were Mrs. Don Cedergreen of Wenatchee, daughter, Miss Susan and son, Kevin, the Douglas Torell family of Edmonds, Miss Christine Torell of Seattle, and Mrs. Manne Elven. Mr. and Mrs. William Parsons spent the holiday and weekend camping in the moun- tains near Mazama in Okanogan County. The Harley Smith family of Spokane spent the holiday and weekend here with her parents, the Manne Bergstroms. Jack Bergstrom of Rapid City, South Dakota, came home on Friday night for a two-week stay. On Saturday the Dean Bergstroms joined them for afamllydinner. Calling on the Olof Falken- Other guests were the Pete stroms on Memorial Day were Bjorklunds andAnnetteofMaple Mrs. Andrew Myhr of High Valley. Point and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Callers at the Bergstroms Komstadius of Seattle. on Memorial Day were theNor- man Stimsons and Mrs. Oscar Forslund of Hoquiam, the Carl Mr. and Mrs. Ben Thomas Olso~ of LakeSammamish, the went on a camping trip from Robert ~dl~l$ of Seattle, the Thursday mornlag until ~nday AI Mi~ ~ Tscoma. chairman of the taxpayers leg- islative committee, stated that the committee is currently protesting to Governor RoseUini and Charles Hodde of the Wash- ington State Tax Commission against his intent of notifica- tion to King County Tony Steen requiring the county assessor to reappraise all county pro- perties at 100% of their valua- tion - to accomplish this would cost the taxpayers $500,000. The result of this proposed action would cost each taxpay- er from $100 to $300 - plus raising the bonding authority of the district by valuation (the 40 mill limit could double or triple) Korn stated that the legis- lature voted this action down in the last session in a number of bills that came out of the Joint Urban Government Com- mittee of which Representa- tive Garrett from the 47th District was a member. Senate Bill 223, the worst of these Urban Government Bills, was introduced by Senator Dur- ken of the 47th District. The people spoke through the legis- lature against this proposed taxation and Governor Rose- llini should realize this instead of trying to circumvent the states local legislative pro- \ i+++>' `" l ,+ i are the Rev. and Mrs. Sta,ley A,derson. Back row at middle right is Paul Benson, local barber, who was Sunday School superintendeet. The FORD COUNTRY SEDAN WINNING WAGON DEALS ! Choose from 15 great wagons in 4 different sizes from America's wagon specialist' FORD GALAXIE 500/XL sPOR1SI WINNING HARDTOP DEALS ! Take your pick of 14 smart, sporty hardtops--including the one that swept the DaytOos~ Alexander's Beach north of Issaquah. Even the front row includes a number of prominent Issa- quah residents. In the back row. left of center, Issaquah, Wash. ! photograph was found ;n the old Dar opposite the post office when the demolished.