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June 8, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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June 8, 1933

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~-By ARTHUR BRISBANE---- Hear Tosuke Yarnasaki Would Canada Trade? Gold Standard Also Gone Why Live So Long? VOLUME 17, NUMBER 40 ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASH., THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1933 SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 PER YEAR UNIDENTIFIED MAN PROBABLE SUICIDE For a change from news not usual- ly too gay, and for the strictly Amel- 'can point of view, it might interest Man Seen on Beach at Ten o'Clock you to read an inside story of some ........... , , _ .._. . _ . . . . I ~aturuay ,~zgnt; awe ~ails for conultlons In America, prlnLe(loy Mr. Tosuke Yamasaki "on the Eng-I Help Heard as He Disappears. lish editorial page of Kashu Mainichi, otherwise The Japan-California News, published in Los Angeles. If it oc- Curs to you ,,hat Mr. Yamasaki's Eng- lish i:~ not absolutely perfect, ask yourself how long it would take you to learn to write Japanese as well as he writes English. Mr. Yamasaki speaks under the heading "On Getting Stung." He says: "I grieve when I look back at the time I saw my steady kissing my boss, [ my best friend, just to hold her job. Stunned and stung, but just to keep on earning my buck, I was forced by sheer politeness to say nothing. I hurried and told an acquaintance of mine; he laughed and said that he would be careful--and now his for- mer mate is the boss's wife. I "Indeed, we live in a world ofI amazement, debauchery, trickery andI broken confidence, in which the mass-I es of the highest, to the lowest o~-~ ders are completely subdued and ex-] ploited by con-men and con-games.' It is astonishing to- know that a third of our great American public has, ih some way or other, suffered fro}n land, oil, mining or stock booms; that the second third is now being boom- ed successfully by means of fraudu- lent literature and advertising, by thousands of quacks, loan sharks,I ~ury-fixers, and 9ounter jumpers, and] that the remaining third is in the i arms of gold diggers." Mr. Yamasaki has found words to express what many have thought since 1929. $ $ * The Hen. Gus Kash, in the Ohio Legislature, has interesting "trades" in mind. He would have Uncle Sam trade all of Alaska for "the islands south of the center of the St. Law- rence," and he would have England cancel her war debt to us and give us CantT~a instead of cash. Last Saturday night at about ten o'clock an unknown man is supposed to have committed suicide by jump- ing into Lake Sammamish at the mouth of Issaquah Creek. lie was seen by T. B. Impy and L. H. Smart, the latter suggesting he go back to town before it got too dark, the man having said he came from Issaquah. He wentup the creek and presently the two heard a shot. Following the sound they found the man sitting~ down resting. Smart again suggested he leave, but he declined and then asked how he could cross the creek. He finally waded it and went toward the lake. Shortly after they heard two calls for help. They rushed to the lake, but due to darkness coming on, could distin- guish nothing in the lake or on the shore. They reported the case to the sheriff's office and deputies came out Sunday morning and searched the premises but found nothing. They. stated they would drag the lake for Oxford Movement Centennary cele- bration to be held in London from July 9 to 16. Reverend Pritchard, ac- companied by his brother, the ReD. E. C. R. Pritchard of Seattle and the latter's wife and daughter, left Se- attle Sunday for Quebec, from where i they will sail for England. They hope to return early in August. GLORIA DAY LEWIS WILL PRESENT PUPILS JUNE 9 The public is cordially invited to l attend a complimentary pianoforte I recital Friday evening, June 9, at 18:00 o'clock, at the high school. A group of interesting numbers will be played by these young tal- ented musicians: Rae Castagno, Le- land Shobert, Jimmie Gregory, Char- lotte Willis, Carol Newinger, Ethel Johnson, Gladys Adams, Helen Han- son, Evelyn Lewis, Lucille Buhl and Lela Davies. Can you imagine the enthusiasm in Canada when that news spreads, considering that Canada has in the ground more than enough gold ~o pay that debt, to say nothing of sil- ver, nickel, iron and the Lord knows what. As for Alaska, there is no know- ing how much wealth is hidden aw~ there. It would, however, be a good idea if Canada would annex the United States, and then let Mexico annex them both, and run the whole thing on a "majority vote" basis. Twenty-eight Republicans joined Democrats in a vote, 283 to 57, in favor of the theory that this coun- try can get along without the gold standard. We have some billions of gold in the treasury so that we are not quite "off the gold basis." No other country has as much, and if some sloppy, sentimental congress,on- al or other authority does not hand Assisting will be two violin selec- over our gold to Europe, we shall tions by Rhodie Olson and Albert keep that "gold rabbit's foot" to Kuhn, pupils of Albert Miller. prove our "gold respectability." ------------~------ At least 122,000,000 out of 123,- BIRTH AT NORTH BEND 000,000 Americans have got along A baby boy was born to Mr. and without gold thus far. Our kind of Mrs Alvin Lee of North Bend on dollar will buy anything for sale in June let Mrs I~ee was formerly (Continued on Page 4) Miss Frances Thompson. C Op B B " By o- . ousts uslness Retirement of 1.929 Bonds money~ ror" ..... D;vid---m-enus =.,--J Stock Re- Participation in this district will. . . amount to 6,183 shares of common called Reaches Producers ane as ........... SOCK alia ;~,136 snares ox prexerrea, Much Appreemted bringing in $872.76 in dividends, or $9,691.76 stock and dividend. This The Waghington Co-0perative Egg money comes at a time when it will & Poultry Association has announced be appreciated and will add to that extent to the purchasing power of the community. For a good many years it has been the policy of the Association to retire a block of its stock on each July for in this way stockholders are kept current and in the hands of active producer members. The Association has always paid an annual 8% div- idend and the fact that they are now retiring in July of 1933 stock issued in 1929 which is still worth one hun- dred cents on the dollar is a real tribute to the soundness of the poul- try industry of this state and illus- trates the security of the producer's investment in his own marketing as- sociation. i a call for retirement Of all common and preferred stock issued during the year 1929, effective July 1, 1933. This stock will be called at par plus the usual dividend of 4% for the six- month period from January let to June 80th. The common stock certificates, coming in as called, total 12,444 certificates amounting to $388,255, and the preferred totals 7,588 shares, or an amount of $269,847, or a total of 20,032 certificates called amount- ing to $608,072. Adding the 4% die. idend of $24,322.88 for the six- months' period makes a grand total of $632,39A.88, which will be dis- t~tbuted to stockholders of the Am. social,on at this time. Community Playfield Will Soon Have A Gymnasium One of the most active spots in Issaquah this week is the Playfield, where work has now actively start- ed on the building of a gymnasium. The main floor of the building will be 60x80 feet. Cement has been pour- ed for the entire foundation walls and pillars through the center and the sills are being laid. Lumber taken from the grand- stands and fences removed from the grounds is to be used in the build- ing, with the top flooring about the ISSAQUAH CRAFT IS SAILING OPEN SEAS AS CREW MUTINIES Three New Councilors Fail to Qualify; Claims Un- paid; Case Gets Appoint- ment as City Clerk. King County 4-H Clubs Will Attend State Camp The boys and girls 4-H Club mem- bers of King County will be repre- sented at the State 4-H Club Camp to be held at the State College of Washington June 12 to 17 by forty- eight delegates. These members wiil leave for club camp on Sunday, June 11, on special trains. Gardening, canning and the home curing of meats will head the edu- cational part of tl~e program. Com- petent instructors from the college grounds, and accepted, t During the reading of the bills, iFALL CITY IS LOSER WELFARE WORKINGS Mayor Alexander interrupted to GIVEN TO KIWANIANSquestin tbo right of the city to payI |]~ "1~ ~|!~1~1~ /~AMI~ for gasoline for hauling gravel onI 11| VIIL'OlVl~V ~J.PS|||J.J streets and alleys which abe called/ predate property She also questmned Round-Table Talk Enjoyed with Dis- . ........ ~ ...... [Outplayed By Issaquah In Every De- .... ``~~~ ~ . ~ne Dill OI the r. ~. 1~. ~ i,. L~O. Ior/ tr,ct Uhalrman wl,,tam ~tram at ............... ] partment; Team to Play Out of .... ~.~ ~or c2~y nail l~gn[s. ! Luncheon zesteraay. The Finance Committee, however,| Town Next Sunday. eked all the bills presented and a me- ------ William Strain, district chairman tion carried that they be paid. Last Sunday found the opposition of welfare work in District No. 16, Councilor Harris, who was reelec- for the Issaquah ball team all too was speaker at Kiwanis luncheon yes- ted for a two-year term, then in- light to produce an interesting game, formed the Mayor that he was resign- the locals being superior to their op- ing and would not qualify for the ponents, Fall City, in every depart- new term. Mayor Alexander asked ment of the game. if he would hand in a written resig- Lewis pitched the first half of the SCHOOL BOARD HAS LAST MEET OF TERM I Gas Tank Filled; Wood Purchased; Undesirable Publicity Aired to Audience; Superintendent Upheld. /~t the ,regular meeting of the sch 01 directors Thursday evening, Superintendent Thomas announced that hexad taken it upon himself to buy gasoline l'om the Union Oil Cor~pany, notwithstanding that they sho,Jd buy from the Standard Corn- pan:,, the Union having made a rate two and one-half cents per gallon be- low ~hat of the Standard. His action wa~ approved by tl~e board with the uncicrstanding that the Standard was to have preference when the prices were the same. By this time a crowd had assembled and the meeting was transferred to a larger room, where visitors were in- vited to bring up any desired subject. Mr. Holt of Preston offered to sell the board fifteen cords of wood, cut i by the unemployed on their own time, and the board accepted the lot at $2.90 per cord. This wood will be used at the Preston school, ReD. S. E Anderson was then giv- en the floor and asked for the remov- al c Superintendent Thomas because of ,is endorsement of certain act,v- ,tie of the school fair, for which dancing was advertised, 3.2% beer of "root content" over the bar, bowl- ing alley, "housie" game, etc. Mr. nation and Mr Harris gladly corn- game, Koss finishing, and through The ass said he heartily endorsed the plied with her request. ~ very good support the visitors are!enti-e program as advertised and ask- A motion prevailed that the out- credited with but seven scattered led the board for action on the mat. going council adjourn sine die.hits, while IssacL~]ah collected just [ter. He was upheld by the board. Mayor Alexander then asked that double that number. Errors piled up O~her matters were discussed re- Councilmen-elect F. Castagno and in a similar proportion. The final~'lati~g to previous discussions between Andrew Thompson file their certifi-l seere reached the count of 19 3 i bzr. Anderson, Mr. Thomas and Mr. cute of election with the clerk The ......... ". ' Johnson, president of the board, on . ...... ~ ~all ~91~y go~ ~ne~r nrs~ counter an they rexused ~o ao anu as ou~ ~wo ....... Ithe fourth on a couple of infield er- certain condition~ in connection with councilmen were left, Augus~on anUlrors and a si le .... the school and the school ground, in . ng . ~ney scores ~wo Carlson, oath no quorum, the meet-I r ........ which a number *of spectators took leo e In ~ne siXth on two errors, zwo ing was adjourned. |mnem ......... outs ann ~wo singles, par. they having r~ceived the word Mayor Alexandex appointed R. I. Case as city clerk. Issaquah started early, getting that something of the kind was to three runs in the opening canto on come'up at the meeting. We do nor two hits, a sacrifice, three steals and care to print news of that nature and" ISSAOUAH OBSERVES three errors. The second was their lCn~ider it all avery unfortunate af: big spree when fi~e came in on fourfair of which the least said the bet- ll ! IFlU/ltlSllO l~||ftilqP sin~, a walk and two errors, And ter. ~. ~[ regular g~st of bills were read united front. A thorough round- mm]l mum so it went through eight innings. . ;:~.. . m.~i " . - table talk was had and Mr. Strain ex- ,-. .......... ann a~mweo, lney appear elsewhere pressed his pleasure in his acqualn. " -- ~urmg ~ne la~er par~ o~ ~ne game i ~-i " ~" - tance of the group and asked their Evening Meeting to be Held on June substitutions were frequent, with n ~n s ~ssue. three high school players being called cooperation which was freely prom- 26th, SimultaneouslyW~th Alll .... I_J'--__ ~t]D"~.L ~--t---- d"__ , on. we give oelow the score as near- lll~il~li~ VV lug t.~4k~gg[! bglr ised.Attendance yesterday was one Other Clubs; Lad'as Night. ly correct as we could record ~t" in Pmked" Up Here Fmday" -- limited space at command: " -- aShrtformerf perfect,memberWithvisiting.C.W.APeters,large The Issaquah Kiwanis Club isI (Continued on page four) ] Last Friday Highway Patrolman delegation is expected to attend the planning to observe "All Kiwanis ................................... 1Grant picked up two Indian youths Seattle meeting Monday evening to Night on Monday evening, June 26, EXTENSIVE IMPROVEMENTS I who had stolen a car in Oregon bed meet the International President, ~ and will join with the ON CASTAGNO RESIDENCE run out of gas here and were con,- Carl E. Endicott. ~ other 1872 clubs in ]pelled to stop. They were parked i ~ United States and T h i s week we have another near the White Swan, where they had POPULAR TWO UNITED ~ll~ .~ ad ~o . . real town improvement to report and]aroused suspicion. After close ques- ~an a x r a slmu~-. . It is authentically reported that ~ .... that right in the vicinity of last tmnmg of the boys, together and s~- Vern Bradley, popular Master of the - W ~aneous meetl.ng. ~rom week's report. Remo Castaguo has parately, they confessed to the theft. coas~ ~o coas~, znis special meeting changed the entire map of his real- The car had been stripped of all local Grange, has forsaken the ranks " will be held du.rmg the seventeenth dence, movable accessories, probably traded of single blessedness and is buying annual convention ox l,~iwanis Inter- A new roof has been put on, a for supplies. Through Seattle it was the cigars this morning The other national to be held in Los Angeles, new porch along the entire west side learned that the car had been stolen contracting party is an equally pop- June 25 to 29. The ladies are invitect and the upper half of the building from a Mr. EUiott in Salem about ular young lady of the district, MIs~ "We are joining with over 80,000 shingled over the sheeting All ~'~ofs a week before. Hew as notified and TheVilapressKerla'to ViolaTheandbeStvern.wishes of Kiwanians in this meeting for a have been painted green, the shing- Came here Sunday and took his ear united expression of the accomplish- led half of the building brown and home. YOUNG PEOPLES' CAKE SALE ment and good fellowship through- the lower half cream. The job adds T.e boys, said to be residents of e earance ofth t s e Qm~ault, were taken to Salem The Young People's Society of the out.our organizat!on," declared Andy much to th appa e ~- "" ........... ak- worn, clue presiaent, today Dux-- tion of the city. .... t~ommuni~y cnurcn wt~ nee a c ze fn the F .................... {" g ellowship Hour, there will sale in xront oz ~ne wota s~ore tam b -- -- FINNISH CLUB WILL MEET ...... ~__ I a moment of silent fellowship, coming ~a~uraay, oune ~v. rro-~ ..... UNDERGOING OPERATION 1 The meeting of th Finnish Na- smgmg and the readmg of a special eeeds from the sale will be devotee " C.E. Stefani fell and injured hisltioral Club will be held at the resi- ...... ~__, ......... ~.^^v. message from the International pre~- back recently on account of which|dense of Mrs. John Huovar in Imm- tu ptt~uuttetgttf ~tew e~tqt uvvm,.m. A[.. . good place to secure a Sunday eake.[menc" -- he is undergoing an operation a~{quah, Friday evening,, ~une 9th. All -- [ HOLD CONJOINT SESSION Swedish Hospital todajL are welcome to attend. HORNER-TANSKA [ A group of young people from Seat,leA_marr,Katu day "a~e ir LcenSeto.MyMlssWaS issuedar Min.l I NrthRev MBendR Gallaher,and Snoqualmie,met with withthe Sunset Higntway sociatio n Horner of Redmond and to Leonardllcai Christian Endeavor Society and . at CIEl-'e--um ms orner is~Pastr at Pine Lake last Sunday a~ ternoon They are planning a Sum a former resident and is well known l ' here -- liner Assembly for some time in Aus- Governo~ Gives Committee Impt-es-~ition~- ---~ ---- ~--- ATTENDING GRAND LODGE ~]ust. over the Sunset. slon that Sunsot Hill{Way May Yet lIt ~:as pointed Mrs. Mabel Miles is attending Re-] FUND QUOTA REACHED It v'a~ pointed out at this meeting bekah grand lodge at Tacoma this| Mrs. L. R. Hepler, chairman of the Get E~ght" M,hls" of Pawng"l that iris but little more than 8,000 week and E. J. Lindman is attending]local Red Cross drive, reports Issa- . " feet elevation, over 1,000 lower than the same sessions of the Odd Fellows| quah as the first town to secure the I the next lowest pass through the and Encampment orders at the same~allotted quota. Issaquah is now . About seventy-five boosters of thetran~e. And on this fact the delegates lowest route Over the Cascades gath- were united as a man that the corn- city. Meetings are being held on]more than 100 per cent over the ered at CleElum Monday evening for pletion of this piece of paving was Tuesday, Wednesday and today. |quota. the fourth meetinl~ of the Sunset the major objective for the asses,a- GOLD MINING BEING DONE IN THIS DISTRICT H hway Association. tion to work for at this time, as the The meeting was held at Hotel mos~ important work in sight for the ~ ~t ~t at ~ ~ ~ ~ Traveler where a seven o'clock din- state. PAY DIRT LOCATED IN TIGER MT. LOCALITY ner was served. Interesting accounts ~ae by-laws as drawn up at the of the visit of the special committee beginning required the election of Work now under way only four utes before going to press, is that a to Olympia and their audience with officers at this meeting and the pre~- and a half miles from town, may de- e~ew of eight men is at work there Governor Martin left the impression ,dent and secretary,. Jae.k MeGrlth velop into a gold rush into this dis- now and they have sunk a shaft six- that there is a strong probability of of North Bend and Harry C. Egl~e~r~ trier, teen feet deep on the creek bed, with an additional eight-mile stretch of of ;~aston, present eneumbents, w~re Seattle parties have leased ground pay dirt all the way and have ndt ye~ the Sunset Highway being paved this unanimously reelected. on Tiger Mountain creek, a tributary struck bedrock, [year, on the east side coming out of The Washington Motor Coach of Iuaguah Creek, and having done D.W. Hume has been trying to get[ CleElum, the delegates from this side, with sufficient prospecting to convince a lease on this ground the past few[ It will be remembered that this or- Line furnished transportation ~or themselves the project will pay, have months but had it located on the lg~nizatlon was formed as the Sue- thirty-five making the trip. Issaqualt plank on hand for extensive sluicing wrong township and during his eo~-Zqualmie Pass Association. However, was represented by A. J. Peters, ~. and expect to install a steam shovelrespondence w~th" the Weyerhaeuserla "pass" appendage to any num. L. Wold and M, A. Boyden, to handle the dirt. Lumber company, the Seattle parties seems to convey to the average tour- The next meeting will be subjec~ The report reaching us a few rain- secured the lease. ,st some heavy grade climbing which to the call of the chairman. ,x