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June 8, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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June 8, 1933

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THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1933 THE ISSAQUAH PRESS, ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASHINGTON LOCAL AND PERSONAl, r Mc~damcs R. J. Schneider, Dan Mrs. J. H. Schomber is entertain-[A~fi~|AT|fi]~ fi|~T TN ____ __ tDavies, L. Miles and C. S. Beers at-ling the Odao Club this afternoon. [10~V%llglal~lll IJL/l IV The S E A,1 l,T,~On family '~ttend-!tended tile meeting of Kirkland Chap-[ , .~ * *. * ....... [ ~wTl,,~ ~,~, ~w ,~ .... ~ . .' " , i , , -: .... . ~Nornlan i31amono aria l~lSS /~,llnor ed the annual Seattle Ministers ple-'tel :it l,.,kland last fvenmg. The[Fischer left Saturday evening for[ 5~LUK~ I/fit KI~LI~ nic at Lincoln Park, Suuday. They L~on(mctresses ano Associate Con- _' ~ - ~-., -~- ~,r .... ~ / also visited Oht h'onsides that day. iductresses of Kmg County were hen- ~eenaP:d the G:::g:er:nventi:n :t[**'ant All "~ov "'~ "-- "~ "~ "~ OF guest~ * * * /'~ ~ erl~n~enl ~.osts E%e~uced Mrs" John SII.~ ~nd Miss, v Flankie., " ~* .... ' .......... s a 'Yakima' They. returned Monday eve-/, ann......... tax-r.xempt rropertyMane , l1r. an(l Iylr,'. ~1 l~eogn an(l lYtr ..... , e ' Wood spent the wet,k-end at their'. ............ [mng with Miss Genevieve St phenson| ....... ho.~. I~" .....* :~ * ] l%usse ..... 1 wilson were business visitorS[loiS wapato-" ~ WHO'- will visit at the home , | to ~ear snare ot auraen. M~s;~;:e Lindstrom of San Diego,]m Seattle on Tues:lay, - of her uncle, J. R. S:ephenson. / " " ) s i Perhaps the most important busi- Cahf who is in I: re.'ton for a~ Mr. anti Mrs. M. S. Moss and fan- Mrs Melvin Krumbah and infant ] " , ' , I '" ness before the q axpayers' Associa- month's vi/,t wacall ng m f' (nds dy of Seattle spent the week-end A~u..hteranti little MissBernice~ ~' he .. , ' i.( ...... s l,~,. s . .. ~;~. . . |tion at the r regular monthly meet- relwon(my. I n re With relauve" ~ Philps are visiting ~trs r~rumoan's~ .... -- " . ' '. ling last evening was a talk by C w - ' parents in Pullman, Wash. ~.) .... . , , I I'eters on school finances and the II~.l'~ l'~ ~L ~[~l'T~' I~l~ [ Mr. and Mrs. J. H Banfill are,p" pI roos. ed school budget. With the ,IL ~lP-a ilI~P~'I~tPI~AI ~i~i, i~"-A-Iblr-~ [guests this week at the S. E. Ander- assistance of the blackboard he ex- "~ son home * * * plained that the 1932 rates of taxa- Achille Cussac was a business vis- tion were, in the city, 82 mills, out- GREAT MAGAZINE CLUBS Don't wait another minutel Never before end perhept never as*in, ca. these wonderful magazines be obtained wit~ yotu home newt- leaper at such prices. Subscribe hOWl PAGE FIVE i iH i i i ............................................. THE ISSAQUAH THEATRE lO, " 81oO-P. M. ............ THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SA'fURDAY, JUNE 8-9-I0 NEWS "Fast Workers" (John Gilbert) "Penguin Poo Murder" (Edna May Oliver) SUNDAY - MONDAY, JUNE 11-12 itor in Seattle T*uesday. side 68 mills. The 1933 levy, in the * * city 55, outside 40. Mr. and Mrs. Roy ttume were over Regarding an extra 10-mill levy from Kirkland to attend the school ..... . . ~or the SChOOlS, he felt every possible Fair Saturady and celebrate their, . .......... . . ~ elIort snoul(l De maoe to avoid the wedding anniversary. Emm visited ............ Jevy. ne states ne oeneveu with until yesterday with her parents, Mr. .......... l cur*unman* in certain places, the and Mrs. E. Erlckson, up the val ey. ]school could be maintained up to ' Mrs Jessie Klinge is visiting a~,ipresent efficiency without the extra T| the home of her parents, Mr. and 'levy. Mr. Peters said budgets with Ins Mrs. W. H. Jones. Mrs. Frank Dawson of Seattle is spending a few days at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rober~ Watson. * * * Mrs. S. E. Thompson is visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Al- vin Lee, in North Bend. Miss Jean Schneider was hostess e BIG SEVEN CLUB and without the levy would be pre- pared and given public hearing be- fore July 15. A motion prevailed to ask a copy of each for convenience of this association to be reviewed at the next regular meeting or a spcial! meeting if necessary. NEWS -- CttAS. CtlASE COMEDY "King Kong" STROLLER Notices ---, W. W. Pickering asked for the el- --That a capacity crowd attended the ection of an alternate delegate to the council meeting Monday night hop- South End Club and C. W. Peter~]ing to experience a little excitement was elected.President Mitchell an(~ ._~ .~.~y ...... ,. ~: ..... ;....~ to the Club of Hearts Bridge Club I--a,u --~ ~.~-~ u,.-,,~vv,,,,,.e,~. at her home on Wednesday evening W. W. Pickering reported on the last] t ~ of last week. meetingon motmnf thetheSOUthexecuuveEnd ClUb.commlt I--That after about fourteen years Mr and Mr: Karl Bayh came out ' ' . "[the Playfield is gradually being brot tee was askd to prepare a resolution [from" Seattle Saturday evening to " [around to that for which it was to be presentd to the South End As-/originally intended. attend the school fair, remaining on- sociation to put in motion some er- er until Sunday evening at the Dr. fort to have the immense volume or i W. E. Gibson home. |tax-exempt property of the state pu~ i' Communit-------- Churc--------h "~ } back on the tax roll. -()l Messrs. H. J. Hart, Gee. Brown t t t --That a whole handful of feathers should be stuck in the helmets of the fire lads for the impetus they've giv- en the project--and two handsful for and W. W. Pickering were named a Chief Castagno's derby. committee to make a preliminary su~- % ~ ~ ] vey of the need of creek improw- ~... ...', '..- ........ J .... e --xnat, as ulty tJlerK, iVllnnle W. merit m the entire dmtnet that th y ........ I may be able to explain it to engineer~ ~cnom~er has maue a recoru ~or e~-1 who may come out to insnect the ficiency, industriousness and integri-I creeks ~tsa potential welfare~pro'ectj . ty. that ....... many successors may shoot } --~ at, ~ut mos~ win prooamy miss. 1 EILEEN WOODRING MARRIED [ % t ? i That, at the ball games, Umpire Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Woodring ell'-- Children's Day sermon next Sun- day at 11:00. Let all children come, and others be brought. Jesus loves all children, and they love Him when given a chance to know Him. The Prophecy of Daniel will be preached on Sunday evening at 8:00. Daniel was an ideal student, tempe~- ate, courageous and godly. His pure life is our inpiration. Yet he suf- fered for righteousness' sake, as dis Jesus, Job 16:9, 10, Isa. 50:6-10. Sunday school at 10:00; C. E. 7:15. No meeting tonight on account of Commencement, but we resume stu- dies in Romans next Thursday at 8. S. E. ANDERSON, Pastor. YOUR MON May 29. 1933 WOMEN'S CONTRIBUTION TO THE MOTOR CAR e There is some doubt that people care to hear very much about what goes on under the hoods of their cars. The driver knows that "driving qualities" are not accidental; they are put there. How the manufacturer creates or evolves those results may ~ot interest--~m. He judges entirely by the results he gets in driving. -. ........ to talk "shop"; let us talk Reeu~s. well, i% is no% essential Smoothness. Drive the Ford V-8 and you will find that the enEine runs w-~s~ssing smoothness, due to its desiEn and the extra precise methods of its manufacture. Power. There it is, 75 horsepower (we could say 80) at the drive- shaft-- rthe driver's use. With less weight to pull around, the mettle of this car--its life-like response is rather remarkable. Economy. Our V-8 develops more power on a gallon of gasoline than any ca- wehave made. Mileage ts partly a matter of individual driving, but under average conditions the Ford V-8 does 17 to 20 miles a allon. Of course, car economy is not only a matter of fuel. Ford V-8 has that too, but it is also economical in the complete sense---initial oost, operation, maintenance. Appearance. This is woman's contribution. The motor oar must not only be useful, but also good-looking. Vew the Ford V-8 and you will not need our comment on its fine app?aranoe. Comfort. This also" is woman s concern. In 30 years she changed the motor car from a wagon to a coach. Comfort is a quality made up of numerous ingredients~ There is no comfort without a quiet, smooth- running engine. We have all the other ingredients too,----color, Eood taste, quality, ease, safety, roominess aad convenience. I . ~blcei)s like the Carniverous Carnera. t t t --Tiiat Steve better lay off this new war',robe stuff or his frat brothers will be drafting him for eampun service, t ~" ~" !--That Nate Dru,ximan or Biddy Bishop missed a promotional prospect by not being in town" Thursday night. t t t --Tint tonight's big fight could be made a real grudge bout if the pro- meters could but pound into Baer's dumb dome the story of the Jews" ~ersc'cution in Germany. t t t --That our prognostication is Baer will be punch drunk and busted flat within the next five years. "t t t --That Madam Queen's face was red. HIGH POINT KILN COLLAPSES The tIigh Point dry-kiln, which has stood unused for so many years, gave way last Saturday evening and came down with a loud roar which could be heard all over the town. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII t t t --That the steadiest toilet" in the business district is Val Vines at the Hepler Motor Company. t t t --That Issaquah lost three good coun- cilmen when the trio stole one from Coolidge by saying they "did not choose to run." FRIDAY and SATURDAY SPECIALS DILL PICKLES __!2-oz. glass jars.. SWEET GHERKINS' 8-oz. glass jars .... SWEET MIXED 8-oz. glass jars .... SWEET RELISH 8-oz. glass jars .... SWEET MUSTARD 8-oz. glass jars .... DILL PICKLES ....... Quart bottles .... --That Lew Lundberg will soon re- lease for publication a new song he! SWEET PICKLES has just written, entitled "NeverIQuart bottles .. Again, My Dear." I CI-DER--VI NEGAR t , t --That the Stroller will probably ll Pure compose the nmsical score. ]25-oz. bottles ...... t t t --That the weather man should learn the words to "It Ain't Goin' to Rain No More." --That what this country needs m more raido wise-crackers like Ed Wynn, Ben Bernie, Jack Benny and Tom Howard, and less would-be masters of ceremonies who steal the other guys' stuff. t # t --That Peterson, Pedigan, Nelson and Thomas have a chance to go places in baseball if they'll only re- member to always keep their feet on the ground. See display of these goods in our north window. GOLD SHIELD COFFEE 3-po_und ca____ns..__._: .... 79c GOLD SHIELD TEA putting up signs for the Firemen'a dance this Saturday night than an A Quality Product armless man trying to scratch a flea 1/-~30und CST]S ........2~C bite. t. Po md cans .......... 49c --That Issaquah's Monday night dsl-iFresh Shipment Vegetables ~' egation to CleElum is going to sug- gest that a real Barbershop Quartet AtVery Low Prices I be engaged for their next jaunt and thereby escape the more (~). or less (!) melodious melodies mumbled so JflHNs ~Rfl~FRY mournfully by meandering member~.: 1,, ,. v,,wvm,, e t t t -- Home- Owned Store--- I-That Monte Clark, after lifting aIl [the feed he does, should have bulginl [ ~ i" ~"~ " *'"~" ~"~' i | ii II I I II I , i , -- PRESENT CONDITIONS -- ,i i,i Demand Thr|ftl Wo Give Qualltyl Why Pay More? High prices do not necessarily mean qual- ity. Examinations and consultation ree. i BIG SPECIALS THIS WEEK | No. I--A $25.00 plate value, made of [ One Extraction vulcanite; will last a lifetime; light as a With Novecaln feather and strong as possible to produce, or One X-Ray 50e Now only ............................................ $7.00 No. 2--Genuine German Hecolite Plate: $40. value now only $12.O0 Remember---Dental work sold on credi~ must be good, for you try it while you pay. LINCOLN E LNTISTS 504-12 Eitel Building Corner 2nd A,:nue & Pike Street, Seattle I I I III Illll I I II Ill %