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August 3, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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August 3, 1933

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PAGE TWO THE lggAQUAH Pkg~, ISSAQUAH, KINd CO., WASHINGTON THURSDAY, AUGUST 3, 1939 stile Monday for Mrs John Doxey a THE ISSAQUAH PRESS .... M A Boyden, Publisher former Issaquah resident• The Dox. ....... "~ "' .................. i eye were early pioneers, having lived A UNITED DRIVE I here thirty years ago. Surviving axe Just about every business n, an in t her husband, two sons, William and town has signed the N.ILA. pledge as lElery, a daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth a promise to do their part in the ef-I Patterson, and three grandchildren. fol~ to put men back on payrolls and increase t~eir purchasing power and put them in position to take (!are of themselves and their families. And pretty much everyone has signed pledges to deal only with firm-= POSTPONEMENT IN DATE OF GYMNASIUM CONCERT Owing to part of the numbers ex- pected to take part in the musical to be given by the fire department in that have signed the N.R.A. pledges. It is quite the thing {o do and no urg- ing is needed anywhere. Everyone realizes the condition we are in and all are willing to help try anything that promises relief of any sort. the new gymnasium last evening be- ing unable to participate, the enter- tainment has necessarily been post- poned and will be given at a later date. Meanwhile the hardwood flooring by Arthur Brisbane (Continued from first page) fleet of airships in perfect formatioh. When progress starts it moves rap-I idly. * * * Teachers of dancing are told by Arthur Murray, who knows that theI public has wasted more than $1,000,-I 000 learning dance steps that it never ; can use, because nobody knows howI to dance them, or wants to know how. Dancing is ohl, much older than l PUGET SOUND POWER & LIGHT COMPANY NOT DEPRESSION.PROOF! To our Cuftomers : This company is a public service corporation, a business of the people. It h in no ~ense depression proof. It has no pot of gold into which it can dip to combat the ravages of hard times. The only income it receives is from its customers. Its officers and directors are simply the trustees of the savings of thousands of inciters. Some signers consider this is theI has arrived and is now being laid. men, on this earth. Jungle fowl When industrial plants are closed down or operating on part time schedule, when panacea for which we have been longI '~""M -~SOURI danced to please their females; the the farmer can't sell his crops for what it costs him to raise them, when there are numer- wating and signing stiffens thelrl . '-~'" . . heavy elephant has a sort of court-I ous vacancies in office and store buildings, when there are millions of unemployed and backbone Others are dubmus as to F ve young men flora Sp~mgf,eht, • • " ' . " ' • ship dance it is ~aid. Primitive me,~ I when even those who are employed arc on a reduced income bash, it must follow that the final outcome but sign on the Missouri, are here enjoying a brier d:d -'or d" ..... " ..... i • ." . , w aHccs sLampmg ~ne]r ice,, I the income of the company is greatly reduced. When its customers are having difficulty promptings of their wishbones.All[ rehef from the heat of their home- using up as much physical energy as making both ends meet--so is the company. are hopeful and willing so there is no land. They are Jack Connelly, Bur- ..A,...:~., ..... • , . i • . " I Tv . • T .... ,a* ] pUSblOlU~ ~11(1 re|lglOUS oances, asl room for SUcKers in the picture itCh rmzettme, corm ,,nones, ~vtax]when David danced before the Ark I The kilowan hours sold to our customers during the year 1932 were less than in any Rhodes and Wendell Tarkington ' year since 1927, a loss compared with the peak year of 1930 of over 150,000,000 kilo- ...... ~ .• I " "Ideveloped steps no longer remember-I many people commg nere ~om o~n " " They were a week driving across in a ^.t watt hours. For the twelve months ending May 31, 1933, the gross earnings of the • , ~ , | ,2,~ I er states, afte renjoymg a few uays ~l~ M'~el T Ford car The boys, ~." - .... , . • I-"v .......... o [ uancing is born in the brain to re-I company were approximately $4,000,000, or 24c~,, under the twelve month period oI rugct nouns s glormus summerlare former schoolmates of Miss Phyl-,nresent certainemotionsalso bornJ ending May 31, 1930. The depression not only results in an automatic reduction in weather, can hardly realize that the Ilis I ahar and are guests of the Lahar~ *" "' " • • ' • • • there income, but imposes a further burden in that it makes it impossible for the company same torrid weather eontmues at . ~ ~, .~ • I • 0 ' on ~aKe ~ammamlsn.~ [ it" is hare"1 to create any real new I to obtain new capital on any sort of reasonable cost basis. home Just as when they left• neI " I jus seras to become imbued that it is ; GARDEN CLUB TUESDAY .dance that is not hopelessly artificial. / Yes, we are victims of the depression and sympathize with our customers who are a change of seasons instead of loca- .Garden Club members and theirI ~ ~ "~ t likewise affected. We have had to search every no6k and cranny to find cash with which tion. fmends are melted to meet with Mrs.] General Balbo's flight with twenty-I ~ ~ Bils next Wednesday, the 9th, for pot I four *, planes from Italy to Chicago imposedt° pay oUrbybillsseriousand meetfinancialPressingproblemsObligations.and theH°wever'necessityn°twithstandingof preserving thethesolvencylimitati°nSof MRS. JOHN DOXEY luck luncheon. You are requested to.and New York shows that Italy un- ..... I ....... the company during this period of distress, our efforts have been to be as helpful as Funeral services were held in Se- or]ng your own rashes, ders~anus ily,ng macnines ssi'l - .............. ..................... po o • to our customers, ano, as a lOt oI IOlgS Know, We nave not Oc~lt COIO-OlOOGCU ............. ' And now Nicaragua has made a or hard boiled lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllll I ..... " " ~x I contract with an Itahan company to Sincerel- ~limlq ~ AI I ~lprovide air mail and air passenger ,--. .I,.. ~] ~ I ~/service to every Nicaraguan flying ~'/l~.~. ~ ~o.~-~. ~ ~ ' ~/ Some American company seems to P.S.--Aboutl6,000ofyour friend, and neighbor, have over ~20,000,000 of thei~ • - ..~"~ I~i ~}~ ' ~ [ aavmgs mvested in this comnanv. ~: ~. [;i~!| ~ii~i~ .~ ~Notice of Hear'ng Final Report And ~- ~. ~ ~ s~ ~ii~ ~ | Petition for Diatribution ;L ~i ~'.. --~}~i ~ • n~ • i b can ~:= Until we learned better, we used to mix wood and steel in our car • * BEST FOODS MAYONNAISE It was the best way to make bodies--then. But the state of the art i PINTS 3 lc QUARTS 53Ci/ has advanced. Of course, it is more expensive to make an all-steel body than to make a wooden frame and nail steel panels on to it. The better way in- BEST FOODS SALAD DRESSING volves an initial expenditure of several millions of dollars for new dies, PINTS QUARTS 3 I~ ~ which renders a change very costly. Cars, especially large expensive cars which are produced in small volume, cannot afford this, because the dies cost as much for one car as for a million. That alone explains why all- Madrona TOILET PAPER, 3 for ............................ 14c [ steel bodies are not used in all cars" JELLATEEN, 4 packages for ................................ 19c~1 But our basic policy from the beginning is to make a good car better, regardless of cost. ' ..... Happy Home JAR RINGS, 4 packages for ........... 19c For example, when we discarded wood-steel body construction, it was Fresh RIPE TOMATOES, per Ib ......................... 4c not because we lacked wood. We still have some thousands of acres of the best hard wood in America. Economy would urge us to use up the wood GREEN PEPPERS, 2 lbs. for ................. ............... 15c first, and then adopt the better all-steel body. But we decided that Jumbo CANTALOUPES, 2 for .............................. 15c quality was more important than expense. We weighed the reasons, for and against, before we made the change. LETTUCE, GREEN PEAS, ONIONS, RADISHES, We could see only one reason for retaining a mixed wood-aFd-steel body CUCUMBERS, CELERY, CAULIFLOWER, , --nailing the metal on, instead of welding an all-steel body into a AND OTHER VEGETABLES AND strong one-piece whole. That reason was, it would be cheaper--for us. FRESH FRUITS Our reasons for adopting an all-steel body were these: A wood-steel ON OUR NEW VAPOR.COOLED COUNTER body is not much stronger structurally than its wooden frame. In all I American climates, wood construction weakens with age. Every used car lot gives evidence of this. Rain seeps in between joints and the wood decays. Free' Free! A carmayhavaametalsurfaoe, and yetnotbeofsteelconstru°ti°n" Under extreme shock or stress the steel body remains intact--dented per- A big bag of samples, Useful household articles and haps, but not crushed. toys for the kiddies, given free with each purhase Steel does not need wood for strength or protection. Wood is fine for of 50c or more, while they last........ furniture, but not for the high speed vehicles of In the Ford body there are no joints to squeak, no seams to crack or leak. The all-steel body is more expensive--to us, but not to you. By all odds, then, eel bodies seem preferable. Wheels also have become all-steel. No one argues that an electrically welded one-piece steel wheel,--'such as the Ford wheel, needs to be "strengthened" by adding wood to it. The one-piece all-steel body is the strongest, safest, quielesto most at the durable body made. That is our only reason for making them. Auguat 7th, 1933 Next to Fischer's Market i . C~