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August 14, 1941     The Issaquah Press
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August 14, 1941

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PAGE FOUR THE ISSAQUAH PRESS, ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASHINGTON THURSDAY, AUGUST 14,, I !! ' 'I! , . u , i, .,. llllMilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I   I I " "   I SQUAK VALLEY I j Th h The " e Issaqua atre i sp,ial CoSespondent I .. ISSAQUAH'S LARGEST COMPLETE FOOD MARKET.. CHILDREN OCCUPYING SEATS 10c II 1 Phyllis and Sonny Schultz of  Jl i lit----= = =' __  Seattle ar,, spending a week with Pa i d I  " I I" h A l " i!i:: Wednesdays and Thursdays, Adults or Students 16c B Children Occupying Seats 10c i -------- their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. i,lnl&  l|nlmnll l 2:/ M Shows start 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. Sundays, Wednesdays, July 4th, ] O Summon your per.sonal"brain L. P, Campbell. IPlVW" SS P  ql IP i ibvlm ] I Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day. [ trust" /or a ten minute session Mrs Tom Paterson and Sandy I Shows start other days at 7:30. Dark on Tuesdays. i i end riddle out these "problems Paterson of Stunner called on Mr. ...... ] lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ] o/ the day." Indicate choice o/ and Mrs. John BonneT Wednesday ___| _ |   --  - - Ji. ! TONIGHT, THURSDAY, AUGUST 14 If answer to each question in space Mrs Fred Dron of eattle I,.AA / D.:II. lm..-I.. Regular a m =! provided, check ]or correctness, ,t, ent "the ,,'eek--e'nd at th/home I&JlilLg l ]pllll [[ 10e Size ..... l, for  II "BLONDE INSPIRATION" |i tally score/or rating. "'o, ,,,, ,.o00,ok .I PINEAPPLE / nlllnl NEWS -- INTERNATIONAL'Jhn Shehon, VirginiaFORUMGrey)__ CARTOON = [rioi,.h,(:n)d/f" uYTa?a'" d "V:a)asevP:U:;tLe;f'v' " cluldren'Mr" ........ andattendedMrS. Freda theatreMattsnm [] "o-"-'. "U P,,.,,aper- _ Plates. LargeSize ..... 2 for Rmlllllllallllnlllnllmlilliliilillllnlnlnllllllmllll n i t ...... fmen_s, (b) too man. of the . = =l wrong 00ind, ,c, ,e,v friends, F-m 00.lo 00r.tay e,'e,m00 [] Large Tins / Mill PIRlflG Firm . QUART JAR i! N FRIDAY and SATURDAY, AUGUST 15-16 =: (d) girl friends galore. L__J Frank Prospek has returned 1  i-- " I ............ " " " --q "REBECCA" m_ (2) Of course you know that her- to work is, Seattle after a two- [] fill q _l D....1 ..I.a-'-- ticulture is the science of: (a) bee- week vacation visiting homef>lks. 1 I for   i Ugl V][aUl or Pudding .... PKG. I (Laurence Oiivier, Joan FontsBe) =1 keeping, (b) cattle ranching, (c) M ..... n .o a,--i Morrion ! [r   I .. ice-cutting, (d) .  ...... . ...... ? ............ I  V  ' 1 OUR GANG COMEDY =] ardenin [--'] V|slted friends Ill Hobart Saturday [] | _tlmkq[IF  qWtPl 21" --i . = mlllilllmllllllm'lNilllllllllllNllllllllll" =t g g. I I afrl;'nie Adai, is ta in ill F Ilkl[ulL; * UTJl. lll P "Fs lm ........ = SUNDAY and MONDAY, AUGUST 17-18 =i x: -- .... 1"" n . " . y g : ii::. Sumner wlth her brother, Sandy  ___ _9_ _ _    , | "BLOOD AND SAND" |l ' ........ ;:: .... Paterson for .,, 00o.o00o00,o .too wee[neart oan A Real Value  bars (Tyrone Power, Linda Darneil) i:'.'t[:i:  r .... -- i, NEWS 1]  Mr and Mrs E Nordtsrom of __ = __ " I " : ..:; Ku'kland were luncheon guests at [ _ .... i = IllnnmiinilimliRlmmainnlillilllnillnmnnuilmninm' :l iiM .... the home of Mr. and Mrs. Erie i,t,....v allSi_ *.ew sudsy Anti Snee=e- ...... LGE PACKAGE 1[, :' = WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, AUGUST 20-21 =I 'l Erickson Sunday. --_  ..... ,, ,, = Mr. and Mrs. Archie Morrison 'lE mars w00o,. w,.., o, w,,,... 7- 11! SO ENDS OUR NIGHT -=1 N'! visited Miss Jean MorTson of ' -- --" a i :,i:S u:";2::. . (Frederick March, Margaret Sullivan, Frances Dee) i [ Benton Saturday evening. Ra , ; = NEWS  =1 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mattson and Jai i Vacuum Packed. Lb. Tin 25c . . . -lb. can (3) Because she is a barber the family and Miss Phylhs Blakey of ----- : |mmmmmmmmmlllmmmmmmmmlllmmmmmmmmmmmmmuummmHmmm-m|txady Is a: (a) tonsorial artist, (b) Issaquah attended a picnic at '--|---I " g A dtUpl in..- ram---- =. .... gastropod, (e) sartorial Gateway Grove Sunday an an-' - - =I[ pkgs .f i'nlb i:Itfl Illllll I FOR SALE--Ice cold water- [-'-1 ' ;ltaleV S 6t00ffOlt . . . .. -v ...... :: Inm m#ns=is=ni melon, 1cents a pound. Grange expert, (d) rug-cutter. I I nual reunion, m ......... ': IGLA551PItUI Mercantile. mouth antiseptic, (b)figure of Mr. andMrs. PaulSunderhaufen- J(, ....I Newhtock.. 0 pkgs. 11  ill.RlV  , (4) A hyperbole is a: Ca) new Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Shain and V,-- t,=------  IAb Hi A---i. speech, (e) bubble in crude [-'-] joyed a picnic lunch at Pine Lake  /  ...... iit '=iiVVtiittf i i size 12, $25. Cabin 4, Mickeys oi15)(I hY?:aei: :7:di:.or][ae. Su7:.Gile s of JuanIs called on reanut nutter.... Z ,-. ,G 49.rb Sack I ADVERTISING i Lightesmetalknwnr-' MrandMrs. Jack Tyree Sunday. tA.== 'AT d ks d= 11 III  is pure aluminum. L_J Mr and Mrs Archie Adair Jr. F Jl| For Jan or Jelly.. O p g" &g I i and New Hampshire Red pullets. (6) This fellow set an all-time " " - n C'rosb attended a Illlllllll Illl I I , Chas. Tucker, Pine Lake. Tele- record in number of g. S. patents ana bozao - Y , . I[I[ _ [ ..... A A$ IIB. a proved (a) Ben Frankhn (b) theatxe m Seattle Saturoay rb cloth If Iltl AUCTION SALE--At Moreys phone 51-R-12. P : "" . " " U  1 DugI a . =, JLU OL new auction house. Sewing roach- ine, separator, dining room .set piano, combination desk and chi- na closet, sinks, good pressure cooker, tools, good library table, new dishes and many other arti- cles. Morey's Auction House, one mile east of Redmond, Saturday, at 1 p.m. Dial 247. FOR SALE--Piano, with bench and home made scarf. $35.00. Mrs. E. Cedarholm. FOR SALE--30-06 Savage bolt LIME FOR YOUR FARM--At lowest prices you ever have had. Come and get it from Consume Lime Co. at Goldbar, on Steve, Pass Highway. FOR SALE--Issaquah city lots, highway No. 10, residence, bus- ness or auto cabins. Low price for cash. Inquire Issaquah Press. WANTED--Cascara bark. We pay 9 cents a pound at Grange. F O R RENT Musical Instru- action sporting rifle, good condi- ments. $1.50 per month, applied l tion, $30. Reed Case. on purchase price.. Teachers sup-] plied. We feature electric guitars. I FOR RENT--6-room house, 2 "Joe P ets ch e's Orchestra for miles nort of Monohon. Mary Hailstone, Box 814. Dances." Renton Music Store, 214 Wells, St., Reton, Wash. FOR SALE-- Small enameled kitchen range in A-1 condition. Inquire Signal Gas Station. WANTED  Girls between the ages of 18 and 22, high school graduates, for restaurant work ctrb service and inside; expert- ence not necessary. Lighthouse Drive In, ll3-]rd avenue, Reton. FOR SALE--18 month old pure bred Guernsey bull, Valley Gem siren, eligible. W. H. Stansbury, i 1 mil, e north Kenmore blinker, I north end Lake Washington. FOR SALE--Used stoves and washing machines. A. L. Wold Co. FOR SALE Golden Cocker Spaniel puppies and singing can- aries, reasonable. Clyde Darst, Issaquah, RFD, Washington. DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO RENT.  WOULD YOU LIKE TO RENT SOMETHING? AUCTION SALE -- Farmers' Auction Market, midway betwec:, Auburn and Kent, every Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. Sell it via Classifieds! Darlene Lynch of Black Dia- mond visited her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Laine, last week. J. Spa, Joe and L. Krall visited friends in Kelso over the week- end. 9 Miss Susie Krall visited her sis- ter, Mrs. Sam Perry, in Seattle Wednesday. Catherine Krall of Seattle and Daryle Kerr of Kirkland called HAVE YOU SOMETHING TO SELL? DO YOU WANT TO BUY SOMETHING? Henry Ford, (c) Thomas Edison, (d) William Tell LJ (7) Guessing at this last question would you say a vicuna was a: (a) wild duck, (b) tropical fruit, (c) South American camel, (d) type of California wine? L_.J "GUESS AGAIN" z., ANSWERS sore Here I. re} is worth 15 pts ..... 2. For (d) add 10 pts ..... 3. Shave and halrcut20 pts. (a) . (b) 15 pts. 5. False. 15 pts. It's lithium . 6. (c) 5 pts. 7. (c) repeats for 20 pta ..... YOUR RATING: 90- Mr. and Mrs. Eric Erickson spent Saturday in Seattle on busi- ness. Louis Widmann of the U.S.S. Tennesee arrived Thursday for a week's visit with his mother, Mrs. Fred Matton. Jan Bosworth of Port Orchard is spending a week with the R. B. Hume boys. Mr and Mrs. Albin Hedberg of High Point visited the Carl Pear- sons Saturday evening. Mr, and Mrs. Carl Pearson en- tertained with dinner Sunday for Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Chappel of Seattle. 100, superior; 80-90, paw good; "/0-15, average; .,.. __ .... V .... 65 and below: You missed the boat. Bombing by Airplanes MEASURED By Carveth When you hark to the voice of the knocker, As you list to his hammer fall, Remember the fact That the knocking act Requires no brains at all. When you list to the growl of the growler, As you hark to his ceaseless growl You will please recall i That a dog is all [ It takes for an endless howl. As you watch for the kick of the kicker, As you notice his strenuous kick, You'll observe the rule That a stubborn mule Is great at the same old trick. on Mrs. Louie Krall Sunday eve. The DO YOU NEED HELP OF ANY KIND? DO YOU WANT WORK? Do it With a Classified Ad in Stops Flow of Lava Bombing by airplanes is a suc- cessful method of stopping the flow of molten lava during the volcanic eruptions, a recent expedition found in inspecting shell holes left lay 20 bombs dropped along the edge of the flow from erupting Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii by United States army planes in 1935. Volcanologists estimate that Mauna Lea at present erupts on the average about every four years. The lssaquah Press The range between longest and shortest intervals, however, has been from half a year to 10 years. According to Dr. T. A Jagger, Na- tional Park volcanologist, by aver- age intervals, the next Mauna Lea eruption should now be ready for an outburst at any time. The bombs fell with remarkable accuracy and were doubtlessly the agent that stopped the flow of hot Telephone 33-w, lssaquah knocker, the growler, the kicker, Fault-finder, large and small, What do they need For each daily deed? No brains, no sense--just gall. WHAT! NO KISSES? Because they might possibly be used as code words, the tradition- al little crosses which every sail- orman has used in his love letters must now be eliminated by Bri- t{sh seamen, according to Admir- alty orders. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed bids will be received by the Undersigned at the High School Building a t Issaquah, Washington, until September 5, 1941, at 7:30 p.m. o'clock, for the General Contract and for the Heating and Plumbing contract for the completion of the Music Department in the Gymnasium building at Issaquah, Washington. for Issaquah School District No. 221, King County, Washington. Bids must be accompanied by a certified check or bid bond made payable to School District No. 221 King County, Washington, for at least 5 per cent of the amount of the bid, and all bidders must com- ply with the plans and specifica- tions prepared by William Mallis Architect, Seattle, Washington. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any informalities in bid- ding. Application for pIans and spec- ifications may be made to William Malls, Architect, 330 Lyon Build- ing, Seattle, Washington. MRS, ADDIE BRUCE, Clerl of School District No, 221, King County, Isaquah, Washington, lava, thus preserving the town of Rile. where lives and property lay in its destructive path. Shortly before MaRne Lea erupted Dr. Jagger predicted in a report to the Carnegie Institution of Wash- lngton the eruption and declared that instead of flowing toward the south away from the towns near the mountain, as the rock %ected vio- lently from the crater had done in previous eruptions, the lava would break over the northern side. Kilauea first erupted on Novem- ber 21, 1935. The actual eruption of its twin, MaRne Lea, took place December 3. 1935, but the lava did not reach the critical stage of flow- ing unimpeded toward Hilo until December 9. The first .flow of lava formed a crust as it cooled in con- tact with the air, but a second stream of hot lava uhderneath re- tained its temperature and its liquidity and continued to flow under the crusty "roof." By December 18 this moving lake had spread beyond Humuula observatory station and on December 20 there was a sudden advance. This burned the grass and forest before it. The lava lake un- expectedly drained down the divide eastward ward Hilo. From a slow rate of one.fourth mile per day as the flowing flood poured down the incline its speed changed to one mile per day east- ward and continued for six days on a downgrade c 157 feet to the mile, with the steepness of the slope steadily increasing. Prominent citi- zens of Itilo called an emergency meeting and made hasty plans for a swift evacuation of the town. The expediency of bombing saved the population and evacuation became unnecessary, Draining BoUed Velretsblu Drain all boiled vegetables as soon as tender. They become sogg ff they are allowed to stand un- strained after cooking. The water drained off may be saved for soup stock. Sweet Gzapes s..,... 15 Local Celery Stalks. 2 Tomatoes c.o 55 Now. Crate . Watermelon Pound 1 Bacon so,.. co,00 ..... lb Ham5 lb urger Lard Pure VY']llte ...... 2 IS. Sirloin Steak ..... lb Largo Picnic Style . . . Frankfurters .... 2 ELLENSBURG RODEO LABOR DAY WEEK-END Ellensburg invites the people of the Northwest to the 19th an- nual Ellenburg Rodeo to be held :Saturday, Sunday and Labor Day, August 30, 31 and September 1. The Rodeo starts at 1:30 each afternoon, with Indian dances in the arena for a half hour before that time. Down town parades will be held Saturday and Labor Day mornings. There will be an historical pageant each night at 8:00 o'clock. .... v .... Spending Vacation Here Miss Florence Vanderpole is spending her vacation with rela- tives and friends in Tolt and Issa- quah. She will return to Steven- son, Washington, this week-end. Mrs. H. C. Brady and John re- turned home Sunday, after spend- ing a week visiting friends in Cen- trala, also camping at Ohanape- cosh Hot Springs in Rainier Na- tional Park. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hufford and children of Cedonia, Wash- ington, are the guests of the let-: ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. ! I I By Special Correspondent .I I JOHN S. NOTT SHOT BY MINE HILL ]ALEXANDER SHOTT IN Mrs. Gordon Crosby left Sat- urday with friends for a weeks vacation at Yellowstone Park. Bethel Earlywine of Kirkland returned home Tuesday after spending two ,eeks here with relatives Mr. and Mrs. J. Yates and fam- ily attended the carnival parade at Snoqualmie Saturday. -Mrs. Yates and girls Sunday school class motored to Mirror Lake Saurday evening to attena the camp meeting. .... v .... Mr. and Mrs. James Read have moved to Seattle. o Mrs. Ed Laine and children spent Tuesday to Thursday visit- ing her mother, Mrs. A. R. Botts, in Black Diamond. Susie Hircko and Hazel Wyatt of Seattle visited Mr. and Mrs. John Hircko over the week-end. , , Mr. and Mrs. Dick Stern and i A duel was tately 2exas by Alexander Shots John S. NeSt. NotS was shot ShotS was not. In this case better to be ShotS than NotS- There was a rumor that was not shot, and ShotS that he shot NotS, which either that the shot ShotS Nott was not shot, or that was shot notwithstanding. It be made to appear on trial the shot Shott shot shot as accidents with firearms quent, it may be possible shot Shott shot shot Shot self, when the whole affair resolve itself into its origir l mens, and Shott would be and Nott would not. We think, however, shot Shott shot shot not but Nott. Anyway, it is tell who was shot. RELY ON 4-LEAF Hiibner. [children of Seattle visited Mrs. * * * ]Stern's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. an8 Mrs. Win. H. Seaman [John Laine, here Tuesday. and June McQuade accompanied I * * Chris Rowiands of Seattle to Big t Mike Rusnik returned Sunday Lake Sunday, enjoying the day lafter spending a month with his there. |mother, Mrs. J. Krall, in Kelso. NEW SEATTLE BUS SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE AUG. 1, 1941 WEEK - DAY SCHEDULE Leave ISSAQUAH for Seattle--- 8:10 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 11:35 a.m. 4:20 p.m. Leave SEATTLE for lssaquah 7:15 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 2:1S p.m. 5:10 p.m. SUNDAY and HOLIDAY SCHEDULE Leave ISSAQUAH for Seattl--- 9:10 a.m. 12:10 p.m. 4:20 p.m. 6:40 p.m. 9:20 p.m. Leave SEATTLE for lssaquah 8:15 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. S:10 p.m. 10:00 p.m. "EVERGREEN Issaquah Bus Depot: Honeysucble Confoct|onery TRAILWAYS " Seattle Bus Depot: Third Avenu and Virginia Street %