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August 24, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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August 24, 1933

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nd ~h inflict it were Seattle visitors on Tuesaay s w s h were lks rn remlums vrrerea Lou~ r~rau ana Iamny, a. oI tssa 9 Jewish Theatre for Berlin |. LETS GO STANDARD - -- ti, t .tHARRIS IS WORKING Ne t ' ' " " .fKIWANIANS CANCEL , worr a out SEPTEMBER SECOND,., R.. I ON THREE PROJECTSI ollo ,,o I~ . _ s ] Kent~aturaaYBlackmgnt,Dlamond~eptemOeravm ~'wlthregarothe I cover premiums and awards dxstriII , ,I Mrs ~omsaKCANALana ZONE oo ~o VlSIT v r ][][~! ~- By ARTHUR BRISBANE --- at present Tat creamery, Ior m Vote for chtldren s protection I A~tenaance yes~eraayWa oo mmwmm'~as not Look at Poor China VOLUME 17 NUMBER 51 ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASH., THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 1933 SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 PER YEAR l. , I and family, Mr and Mrs Andrew Cnrious Sugar Deal Vote Against Repeal Paul Houser Explains , At I lec on txex luesaay x tuesday s patio. ~i country, which is not necessary, turn ....... ~ ..... We have received the following ..... ~ ..... [amendment repeal election next Tues- . _ ~ . . . ._ .~.. ~ ~, ~ ~. ottterent flours~ause L.onrilct or ~ .... ~ It.oal ann t.tay Aettvttles rlelpmg tol~_ .~ , ...... [An hxeurslon lhere Looks Less In- to poor ota ~mna. ine Iellow l~lV- [from ~everena Anderson, IroN ~ea-I [uay is the slml)les~ an(l easleS~ to voteI e lar bed el ht BuRNeRs Interests and AllSeem CreatePay Rolls andReduce the that has ever been [Rented ex lalns vttmg After a Talk on Condltmns I! or, having left its r gu "g Y " side, Oregon, with a request for its / "~ P '~ , P " ] .... years ago, is trying to break its way Ready for the Change. !publication: J List of Unemployed. [Senator Paul W. tIouser, author of There by C. E. Kinnune. l~~back to that old, comfortable bed -- ! Vote dry Tuesday because alco- " ~ /the bill providing for the special el- ~. again. How do you feel about this day- hol has not reformed. There is considerable activity over~ ection, who was in Issaquah, yester-I Issaquah Kiwanians were given a f' It has swept away dikes and inun- light saving time, anyway? Alcohol is not economical to use. around the L. J. Harris properties] day. }pretty good insight into the condi- dated more than 2000 villages, in its Last week we suggested Issaquah' Alcohol is not healthful, right now, accounting for about 30/ Every voter by making two crosse~Itions of life in the Canal Zone at the effort to flow as it used to flow. wait on Seattle, at that time thinking Alcohol is not helpful. It is habit- men on a good pay roll. [not only expresses his opinion of pro- noon luncheon yesterday by ChaR. E. Man's "dominion over the earth" is the-- were to chan-eback a the end formin . and the drink habit is hsrd] In addition to the coal mining at|hibition but also votes for the elec IKinnune, who has just returned from J ~ ~ t g .... " ~. still" lmper" fect. of thm" month.It seems the origa'nal to break. I the old mine, Lawrence is. now getting I tion of the two delegates, to which I a three, months' stay. there. r with all its None and ut ver drlnkm erson out a thlee hundred ton lot of clay the 31st dlstilct is entitled The Judging from pictures of that re This count y " " Y 151an there was to run until abo E y " " g p ought to[ " " - [ '~ '" " " I '~. all its engineerm' g skill", has not yet September 20. But school interests vote nearest" repeal m' order to protect for the Denny-Renton company. The ] dlrectlons" " on the ballot will" tell the [ gmn' and the allurmg" reports of the learned to control the Mississippi. are petitioning the council to pass an himself against alcohol, quality of this clay seems to have voter in the fewest possible words ex-lide~l weather .~there~no snow, no ~'i Mr Hitler---, s~ ~'overnment ~ ~-- "~ oermits therdinanCeopeningmakingof school.the change before dryEVerYln ..... orderSberto malntampersn oughthm mtet gVtel beenrity. [ gun ranteeSUfficientlYsome heavydemnstratedsh ipm e nts a~t lact/y] emphamzeshW" .t do it, Senator Houser I ice,i, w~th" etC.,a desnOne'. "e into" occasionallYsee "'~t f~rst" imbued' hanct. | "an all-Jewish t~heatre for I~erlin." Influenced doubtless by tills pros- To vote dry is to vote against mob[son as the demand for clay.produc~[ "Candidates are grouped under thelHowever, after hearing Charlie's first Everybody connected with it must be sure, suggestions have been made to action. The Chicago convention appears. They are now dr~vmg up tO[two headings," said Senator Houser. hand information on the subject we | a Jew and it may offer no tickets at make the change, first onSeptember mobbed the Honorable Cordell Hull, the surface for a permanent air shaft],,One group appears under the head-Ifailed to hear of anyone expecting | public sale. 2, then on September 4. The time when he had a right to speak for thelabut 400 feet back in the tunnel, ling of "for repeal of the 18th amend-[to make a pleasure tr~p that way There will be no difficulty in as- will probably be decided this evening, dry side. [ In addition to this work, Mr. Har-lment,,' and the others are listed as]son. While the scenery, streams, sembhng a good cast, and the d~m- too late for an announcement by ue. The nation's booze interests, pack- rib has charge of the work at New "against repeal." If, for examvle. Jand_ . so on looked inviting,, the country t inishing visitors to Berlin will try to Under these conditions, we are go- ed the Chicago convention with wet Castle, where he and Andy Reynolds]one favors repeal, he simply votes]is so thoroughly infested with trou- et ickets to that theatre ing to suggest that Issaquah change fanatics, whose boos brought booze are developing a coal property. They for two candidates in the reuea)[blesome insects, ants lizards, poison- g t " mg ume ~errt~ory, pu~ung ,near m~ik Even ff ou drmk vote dr for ' ' " - nero ann a good attendance ts oes~rea J If two of the greatest actresse~ at midnigh~~ Saturday, September 2. into the political platform. Vote are. dr~wng a slope of. 450 feet wherelcolumn, and thus not only choose~tOUS reptiles of many kinds, aligators, l who ever lived, Rachel and Bernhardt That would give all an extra hour to against the brewers' booers, or you'll lthey expect to make a permanent/his delegates but also directs them andman yot herenemie sofhumancom. ~ were ahve, the.y would both be oh- "lie in" Sunday. .mrning'~ again for regret, it as soon as the present hys- level.. They are working a double how to vote in the con~ention. They~ fo~t, together With a ~emperature [ gible for the cast, under Nazi rules, the followmg holiday Monday and bylterla is over. sh~t there now and are down about[are sworn to carry out these instrue- that never goes below 80 degrees; .| ~t .~ ~ Tuesday we can all be in line for I will vote dry Tuesday even if no]z~U iee~. iney snoulo nave another/tions" lwhere it is necessary to keep electric I ~ ..... ~ ......li~,~a .... ~,~ work Tuesday morning. So let's all!one else does (though many will)!shipping property operating by the! "A ~'eat many T, eonle have asked lheated closets to prevent clothes Nil- ~"~ .... ur *N'av "~bu~Ts ~su~ar for set our timepieces back one hour at and my vote will show that I haven't time the winter demand for coal is me why- WashingS, on votes b le isla dewing--well, what's wrong with the , with us and a continued m~ rovemem I mstance, o y y g . . . . Y g - . wn,~h~ in the Pacific and has ~ust midnight, or earher ff you retire earl- been fooled by the wets propaganda;[ , P tive d stricts instead of choosin~ del Puget Sound chmate, anyway. Th~s | ~'ve'n'ahu~e order to Jananese sugar ier, Saturday night and again become that the wet millionaires can't fool in the unemployed situation, legates in a'staie wide election ~ The district has the reputation of being a / ;faders because they can undersell "standard." . .... lall of the people all of the time; and[~t e. ~ Idry forces were in a majority in the[''ramy'' countly, but there is mor~ All commercmt enzerprmes we nave that I haven t for otten the awful r'la field ~ rn ~ enm ra~r ~nere m one mon~n man we get l growers that produce sugar in the ...... [ g [ Y Y P g [Senate and the bill had to be drawn | American Phillinnines Jananese contacteo approve oi ~ne move. r or~conditions before prohiibtion. I li/;tk 1,k,,,- rto,, rt .... [to conform to their wishes no ma~ [here in a year. So we have decided / buy sugar from Jaffa, sell it ata pro-some of t.hem2t is very inconvenientI Vote for hxghway, safety.. I ............ 3 ...... t ter what repealists may have wanted:lt stay right "in our own back yard." | fit, for half the cost price in Manlia,.." ...... "[ ' " t As announced last week, the big/As it was, the first bill offered only . stance t'ar~ ox mexr customers are Vote for health , t good Next week the Puyallup club and Ray no United States tariff. La- [ I gymnasium on the Community Play-/polled 16 votes, eight short of ma..~r-~ " . bor i'n :lava is paid very little. There ~.n standard and part in. day!~ght sa.v-I Vote for economy. Ifield has been completed and will belity. We then had to make further/~s expected to put on the. progra.m is no NRA there. Why could no~! ........ [ " Y " , Y l opened with a grand ball, sponsored[concessions to satisfy still more Sen-I l "~- "~---- bu'" su'--r from southernlgamerers up agamst ~. 'me same ]a your own welfare Ib- the Fire Department Labor Da,- [ators and finally worked out a plan~_ ~:eo~-V~vers#or bS:et su~,ar ~'rowers[true with the feed stores, and others Vote with the National Grange and Sentember 4 .... lwhich 26 members, or two more thanISpak-Krall Marriage Is / near ~alt Lake City? A~i very puz-fh:::gotlk:.dmg:elTh::~ w~h out-or- with the teachers of the National Ed-! Between now and that date, go up]a majority, were willing to support./ Celebrated Here Sunday I zlin- J o as xpects totucation a~ociation . land take a look at the building and[Inasmuch as the legislative districts[ t~.. ~ ~ ~ is,art school on standard and all thel Vote againts repeal Tuesday Isatisfy yourself as to just what has[are now of equal population, I do nott M~ss Mildred Spak, daughter of Mr rk school patrons should be changed be ...... , h " " ~ ~ " 1 Governor Lehman of New Yo ] .... I [been done there and what the setuplbeheve t e drys were unfmr m de-land Mrs. Joseph Spak, became the ,, " ent xore tnat. m says professmnal gang elem s[ .... . - . I~AO~,~D~ ~A~ ~I~T I may mean for the town in the future, [ anding election by legislative dis-lbride of Steve Krall of Kelso last so, we all cnange oack to normalcy ,, ,, i-. preying upon lawful industry have[~ , ......... Irrmm no ~] ~UIIr'| [then decide to do your part withltricts though the other system wouldlSunday" The ceremony took place ':[ grown to such proportions that dra - . .... "[ lr~FltPlUlllTIll g~,l ||/~#~t~ the boys for this big opening dance [have been easier to understand, at St J-~e~h s ~.~h-llc church Fath- txc measure Y "1. I rr~ulu UI~I [~]~]If you a e a dancer, save the datej Senator Houser ~s a repeal cand~-Ier ~[ead offxcmtmg.~ ' 1 f " ri ..... v ............ : " s are immediatelneed ess o xhe actmn ox any o~ner ~er - r ..... ed " zory to dance m Issaquah If you do not date m thm dmtrzct ' . . .. I " I ~ I " " I .... " [ Wedding droner was served at 2 iormerl ollce ~ J Mr. Mulroon y. Y P [ ]Government To Pay I~-ztra Cash fox,dance, well, maybe you still like tol ~ o'clock to the followin~ ~uesto" " ]' commissioner of New Yo?, .wan. [Road Bulletin For Week Pip under lO0 Pound, and Broillk on at such festive occasions, soI r| | V[JOI)|I][)~ n/~l~V/~t . ] Messrs. and Mesdam:s~. G.'Alex- No terrified witnesses under h~s] .......... ~ .......... ':|means of maintaining a better fireJ D y w' h P " " g g am. ]-sansk-" Mr and Mrs Steve Somsak n~u bu 1~ 1 -J *- -rove an-'*kin-- It,.no new pavemenz as olgcnes arto ~neluuu pigs, welgnlng between zo anat~ ....... ! iv ~, " plan, no v ~ t~. . uepartmen~. ~uppor~ ~.nem. , --'----- ' ........ a ....... ~"* ...... ]shoulders of the road have not been]100 pounds and bred sows, we~ghing[ ^~.:~ ~ ............... ~ .... , ~ "- ! ~ ~ ' ~onlsaK and Iamlly, mr. anu ~r~. completed notless than 275 pounds Purchase f s swer ouestions and prove that he had[ | ~-_ m__ ._ ___ ~te t Ion the Labor Day week end or thou -] .............. i~ been earning a living otherwise thaN]., Thee Kent-Maple Valley road (Mid-l will be completed by October 1, at-} _. ~.. .... J ands of residents of the state of J _ " | l., ~;..,~ ,~ ;rill as the alternative- lto ,toad) is closed for paving. This[cording to present plans. [ me western wasnmgton Fair As- Washin~on and the Paci~fic North-[quan" 1 "'A'~and iurv official tells Senator[rad starts at. the intersection.of the[ Purchase of the pigs will remove]scmt~on a.pproprmted $25,ooo tOlwest, the Eenensbu g Rodeo, winl..M s: B. Tomco and sons, .Sea le! Copeland that witnesses against gang-!~ " P g labout 2,000,000,000 pounds of po-I ......... -Ipresent its 11th annual pioneer days I.. " ..... r - faN'" ~'l " stern "stand before us terrified, pox- yenson pavmg, runnmg thence easz[tential pork from the market this] ~u~ea aurmg rmr weeK, ~eptember show on Saturday, Sunday and Labor/~rs" t#ua ~lae ann l.ly, , aCK spiration standing out upon them, zowaras ~apte valley. [winter and next spring according to[ l~ .[o zd. There are over I0, 000 Day, September 2, 3 and 4. [t~lamona, mr. ann .mrs: voazranm ...... ,, ~ A portion of the Old Military Roadl-o,imat^s Th- -~-- :~ -:---~ .lexnm~s en~ere~ in competition thist ~ tans son, ~numclaw; t~ouxs t~rmt ann axrala ~o speak ou~. ,=~ = * ~ Vli~tll |~ gtlII|eU nO~ Fully the equal o~ any previous . i a " Racketeers, ~t seems, keep spies t en ...... Des MorneR tI~ghway at t els~mply to rame hog prxces but to pro I " Rodeo, the 1933 show will -resent/ " ~iI I] around the grand jury rOOm, and]be we " ' h , year family and M ke Lazor and f tufty, R:yN: lO~clt~Is:b ;ond:t:t: ~l~gh. vent prices from toboganning stilli M ~NIC Ithe champions in every event~bronclH:dba;:~!s M~ica~7~doMm:[ MS:dl~IC:kalcMek: 1 whoever talks is quickly punished. [ _. "_. lower under distress conditions and i " " iriding, bulldogging, calf roping i " " " ~i: ............ I The West Snoqualmie Valley road ~--r~e ..~ | Members of the Methodist church . . .~-'lof Renton; Mr. and Mrs. King and : , en~s ot tne unites ~a~es gov- . .... uu u nsome surplus,tne programl o .. . " ,comnetin~ xor national honors on cnel ........ !|~ .Ag . . , ......... :-- [is closed for graain~ This roan jobl:~ ~^~:--^~ ....... ~._ :.__~:~,^/O~ tceamond and neighboring townsl. ~ ~ o ...... laaugh~er, Auvurn; Mr. ann mrs. ha- i| ernmen~ are snowmg regumr pu.~=- .~ -- , :o'o ..... i,~ u~,~,,vu ~ .,wv ~,,~ ,...~u,~|~o~o~~ .... ; .... n ~ ,~; . ~ . ~/tougnes~ stoc~ ever garnered m a~sa-sk~ Ladvsmith B C ~| men" how to catch criminals and how ~ar~s..on.e m~e west ox ~uvauon ~neiemergency and is not to be confused is~rin~Ts, onJ~:ke =:n~:mc .a~ t~rys~a, iRodeo arena Combined with these/v : =' ... : . ' .'." . ^ 'i ..... r -n~ murderer~wooamvitte-vuvan paving ann run~,with the -ermanent control s--stem ~ p g, ~ mamxsn, rrom-l. . . : .... ! o. m. ularicn ann iami~y, t~astle to make zlanappe s a o .... .. . , . . , v # " linen" Non -" e - .. ~eatures ill tne al~ernoon snow are, . . _ .. .. . o .. . north to the 5nonomisn county line .... ~ a g tne sp aKers were ttev. . . . rOCK; ~onn Ikrall ann iamliy, Joe I, unsafe. The most important captureI ,~ ........ ] Spring plgs wall be purchased atlpi_r .................. Ispecxal events of ropmg and tr~ckl ............. ~| .......... ai'- accused of' ~onstructlon work has started onl ............ j ~ .vn ox r~eomonu, ~r. ,uc~ee, pa~-I _ - hisf tyh:;;:: /lkrai, and xam~ty, mr. and mrs. ~oe I ~hii~e~r:?e~Sn~dl:o~n~eY~ri:?:~r f::rK?nl=:l~:a:~l~L:~ R:dpBea:g.CrTksrroaaddlp~iii:~P:P:Cd?~rgelea~'ng:2f::::~ ta~l:f Gh:rFgerSj" l~t~reClhU:;h:fat~:,lbTe;dhgeh:nmea:!:igPn:gm'::mt [Pilat J~gS:;::edP:lnatpa::h~) Lazor, .... [is a connection between Redmond and[ ......... IRev. Pemberton, district superlntend-[ ....... I] ~II, Ul~y. I~. .~. . .......... j per Iuu pounds xor eden live pound lent and Mr oR:__._^__ I presn~ as evenmg en~er~ammen~ ~wo! ~ _ ... ~ me wooalrtvllle-l)tlvall roan at Co~ ...... , ~""'~"~"" anlersl'tlneral rleil :! Mr. Barley had nard: ]. _ _ ]jump m weight down to a ram[mum] [mammoth Rodeo Smokers, on Satur-, , iI "I shall never be taken alive." [cage ~aKe. i of $6.00 per 100 pounds for pigsI O~A ]day and Monday, under the directionI At Preston Wednesday J But when, waking from a sound] ~ weighing from 95 to 100 pounds. I Silivo Monti and Jim Marion leftIf Lonnie Austin, veteran Seattle~ -------- sleep, he looked into the barrel of al BACK.FROM .Y.ELI:OWgTONE : Piggy sows will be purchased at daily ~a~lv q~-~ ...... ~,~ , a~,,o ~ promoter. They will be headlined/ Funeral services were held at the : . Mr. ana ~ars. ~lcnarason of Enum- - -- -'" ..... - ........ - .......... ~ machme gun, he stud. I ........... market prices for packer sows plus aimi .... 1, M~. ..... rih M;ect .Tar. IbY bouts matching some of the best-~Pres~on church, Wednesday after- "Well, it looks just too bad, does-~ciaw, l~ms ~,ucne mattna ann ~van premium of $4 per head without[~"ue~_'_"k~'~'=~."='_"_' _~"~'~. =:.~_ ~.~=_'~known boxers of the Pacific Coast. ~ noon for Gust Sanders, who was kill, ~:r n't it?'" ]Sft::bridg: =toUn~:d mh:~: tTu;,sd:: dockage. Sows must appear ready]grand'claug~te?o~irs M"ZVM~rion:]The Sunday evening entertainment]ed in an automobile accident near ls- :~/~ And offered his wrists for the[ " for farrow within three weeks and] ...... " - " " -- .will consist of a state-wide American,saquah last Tuesday. Roy C. J. eluding a two weeks' visit in Yellow WhO nan spent ~ne past two montns ~:: handcuffs. [ ....... " weigh not less than 275 pounds tOlhere as her ..... t ILegion drum and bugle corps com-IBloomquist of Seattle officated while it ma be much too bad ' stone Park as we~t as m ~aano, Non t ~ " ~!~ For him y ,I " qual'fy. ~ --~ ..... -- I petition. ]the singing was furnished by Mrs. ~[; as he is wanted for murder, eonnect.Jtana and Oregon. _ _ The hog~ will be handled and pro-I LEG AMPUTATION ] Prices have been reduced to the]Bloomquist and a ladies' trio from ed with kind m in Missouri There Mrs. W L Garner, Miss Esther cessed b local aekers P~ over Clement Stefam who pP" g . ] ... . " ....... y p , "Ks ] ", has been in I lowest point in the show s history,[ Redmond. The church was filled ~u the penalty for either crime is death,[t~arner ann ~ams ~manor zmcner 80 pounds and the better parts of the] Swedish hospital for the past ten!and room' and meal prices in propor-[ overflowing with people and a rich ,][ It t ey . j . o s will be protested for food ue J, u derwent the serious opera-[tion, [floral tribute witnessed to the pop- I Mr. Lawes, warden of Sing Slni~I ~ as salt sides and cured pork and soldltion of having his leg amputated ye~-I ~ ]ularity and friendship of the deccan. Prkon, mtlm of crime conditions, that] Openini~ dance Playfleld gymna~ to the federal relief administration~terday. His many friends here areI Attend the opening dance at tholed. Interment was made in the Pres. THEII!(CntinuedFEA~sn page 8) ]ium, Laborow~O~e,~Day evening. Comet (Continued on lut page) ~hoping for his speedy recovery. ] Playfield gym on LabOr(s)HRxDDay eveningl,tOnTreatment Icemetery" , [ our 1! ~J,