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August 24, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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August 24, 1933

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THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 1933 THE ISSAQUAH pIRI~SS, ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASHINGTON PAGE THREE i I ..... I I I ,i.illl I I I I I I i I ! f~"h! AND P~'.R.~ONA|. They visited in Issaquah Monday. ] ~ I picture from where it Stootl on ms~a~- , .......... '} .................... * * * [ HIGH POINT I reau and brin It to her room for a [i TMW IQQAf I Th -I TI--II 'ATPl ' I ...... . t~. :s ~" .... "* Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Burdick and I~ ~ ~ [ minute, so that she might get a look f I ~t A.J a~aJz-~~4~'~Jt m=~4~-aa&~L" I ivlr. ant tvlrs, o o. ~cw,., ,,~,. ..*u . . r h } Mrs. F. E. Nix, Florence, Myrtle and family and..Miss. Flolence Vander-[ Rlgnhold Peterson of Racine, Wis-I ~trlt-mLO:ut~en:a;itdh a: thu:z~::t::;raP~ il lOc *:00 P. M. ,,, I Edwin Lewis spent Wednesday at Mr. poo, ale viszt,n.g ,n vancou, er, t~ w. eonsl.n, zs visiting with fr,ends and sl~nS~s If she were trying to remem- [ ..... ..... ] t relaxlves here ~nls week tie iorm-t ' . ................ ,.- 11 IHURSDAY - t'RIL)AY . 3AIUIKDA~ AUtU~I Z4-15-ZU ~aln]er. ~ ~ " ber something ~or gas next Lwu WeeK~ , * Mrs G. S Maness, now of Gresh-i vi is ]am Ore ............................ [she did nothing but haunt print shops t l I , , j erly hved here ~ th h parents about -- NEWS -- Mr. and Mrs. J. R Stephenson and ............. i s,x years ag . [ and places where photographs of eele- [[ BLACK REALITY | . ,,~~te;day. In company w~Ln a s,s ?:::/ ~tuhbei:;a~tl;l~:t?:ui:iraii ] .............. I :Pte~nto~ ~,d : h ::e:Vversift~:: el iv Mary Brian, Lew ads, "Skeets" Gal. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lynn and Mrs. L. C. Lundberg was a Seattle After a stay here of about nine[ front parlor, looked in to see Louise )1 .... I Mrs. JaN. Clark went to Centraha" on v]s" itor Tuesday afternoon, months, Missionary GuN Bostrom and[ sitting there alone. [ " ----"------' ..... --- --'-" I Sunday to visit Oscar Shobert and Mr and Mrs*Fo;re; E Nix visited family are leaving this week for] As he entered with a cheery greet- I THE KING, OF JAZZ [ report him much improved. Jin Eliensbur "i st week ' South America They intend to stop] lag Louise gave a start and a little [[ (vaui wmteman) | * * * I g a" . [in Chica'-o fo; a short sta- before{ scream; and made its if to conceal a II Newt ---- A Day in tho Life of a Chorus Girl --- Motorcycle Mama 1 rT . " * * * l ~ . a hoto ra h which slte had been con- --- Rockabye Cowboy --- Mr and Mrs Roy tIu brat (Efleen Mr a-'] ~*r-A L Nordre of .... [ p g p I .... , nu m s n isaidng soutn / " n Arthur s brow sudde lv ) | ..... I Woodrm of Tacoma are reioicin . tempiatl g n ~ . g) " . glSeattle were vimtors at. the M A.] ............ [ .................. : ]l Aug. 31-Sept 1-2--Phantom Express and Midmght Mary. | aa hter zur ann ~urs AI ~anuqmst ant uarKenea AII Sal~ ae won[emplat over the birth of a d ~' August Boyden home Sunday [ . : ' . .. " . . . : ] Sept 2-3--If I Iladda Million. Sept. 4-5--You Said a Mouthful | ... " family journeyed to Enumclaw Sun-[ lag the zea[ures oz the neloveo ant I Se,,t 7-8 q--Gold Di,~,-ers of 193'~ Sc,)t 10 11 12--Tugboat Annie I "w" * * * Mr and Mr: A*L *Beiscl of LaKe]day and spent the day with the Art[ lost one, ,here In the twilight? How I Sept. 14-15-16--Hol(l~our Man. 17-]'8-19---She Done~-Iim Wrong. I "" t ..... " " fa il romantic.' - I Sept l-22-23--Bedtime Story Sept 24 25 Big Broadcast Mr and Mrs. Grant M Gibson and Forest Park, called on hlends her~ Almqmst m y. { ......... I ~ " " i ..... ~ - -- l _ ........ ~ ! me nan meant te speag Ilgll[ly ant f l ~ept. 28-29-30--Horse Feathers. Oct. 1-2-3~-Over the Hill. I children of Sultan ann o. ri. Gloson]yesterday afternoon. I The Young Peoples Society of [ airily" but he had spoken churlishh, 11 Oct 5-6-7--State Fair Oct. 8-9-10--Sign of the Cross. | attended the Gladiola Show at Weep-I Mrs Ira Sm~'th an; daughter Lie J High Point held its annual picnic at / and bitterly 'I~ land Park Sunday afternoon ' - la o ' , . * * anor of Seattle visited with friends the Emil Lovegren p ee. n Lake ~ 'Oh,".repl(Ied Lomse, "I don't know | " " *enks and M~ s ~ "" [here on Tuesda" I Sammamish Monday evening. Swim-i why I snoul I not tell you. It does not I ................................................. mrs. ~ary d " . 's. o ~t[ .~" . . truing and refreshments were enjoyed { matter now. lie never could have been { __ ~ __ ~ ID', With 1,000,000 college men here, of Everett, aun~ anu cousin Coolidge ...... [ C. E Kinnune, who ~ourneyed l~o,by all. [mine. llere you may look at it If you ]i ~ltl~N~ ~--~a ~ ~] against 50,000 in Britain, we ought of W C JenKs, spen~ ~a~ ~(~ in~ insist' 1 ..... ': "~' the Canal Zone last May, in the in ..... | " I | I||_~ |~ff/~lto be more learned and capable than lssaquah Mr. and Mrs. Jenks taking .... ~. : . . Mr. and Mrs ~.evi ~ovegren and tArthur almost ~rabbed the ~hoto I ~ ~J~L~m m #iw ~ ~ , ~ . ' ~ . t~eres~ oi l~ortnwes~ prooucts, return-l fatal1. missionaries of China con - ~ v " I | ~w i II E J ~t~fthe british. But are we: them home ~unaay. . . ' ~.. . [ Y, , -I graph which Louise extended to him. { F " ~~ [ a ~ , , , leo home ~acuroay. ~ ~ducted a meeting and program at thel It was the portrait of a fine looking I a ~'~e'- - [ ........ Howard Peake and brother arrived Miss Ferol '~bbetts; who is conval- High Point church Sunday evening, young man, and It was not so dark In byArthur Brisbane Through the President's secretary, last week from Minot, North Dakota, escing nicely from an appendix op- They are visiting with relatives here l the room but that he could read print- I I Colrmel How, e,, General Johnson an- f ....~-:* a the D W Ilumes home I ~ . ......... and in Seattle I ed at the bottom of the picture, ! ...... Inounces a ' modified NRA Eagle" i::;;iii iiiiel / l l ;! ii Blaine Boyden was out from Seat-Itraction Picnic supper was served heard the stor- with a little "an- of | ..... r ....... / .... sa .. '~ " does not mean that NRA will be taken , . . .. - I " a t, ~ ! 'un, m . warrmgton, gaspeo|Dut wlaere is Lne liussoilnl'! [*----r I SS seriousl'" "Ui-el^-s " o= tie for a vm~t S:no.ay a, nu lvtoncmy, to forty. Jealousy. Her thoughts went straying .~ Louise ~ ~ ~ ~ [~.) ,e ..... ~ .......... Mrs E L Lahar is viisting M~ andl ~ about that picture she would Just like [ "Mr Warrington nothing,' cried ] IGenecal Johnson calls them, delibex- Mrs C D Woodring in Tacoma. "Installment Education" to get. a look .at.it.... l he Arthur!" And the next moment M?;:k fdri:~inE:i:hPd' Yu~rgeWoinll, l~y~: ;trC:l_Y is?i~ki:g dutY.l~a~d d:cTnGbYn:rhal ' * * * """ at[on on the installnlent -lan' l~oulse ant Arthur nat oecome very ! sne was scruggllng to tree herself ..... I : ( , 1 ay sti xp ~- o-~ Mrs James Canle .... ]. ~ouc' . ........... v ., good friends, very good friends In- I from hls embrace but she didn't strug- ]"children should be sophisticated.'l Johnson's metaphorical "sock in the ~*~. ~*--~ "'* " " a *'--"~t IS a plan [iv WIIIClltile SCllOOl ullu CO|- " small son of Bryn Mawr called on lege expenses are collected monthly d.ed. But their Intimacy had been one gle very hard. ~,ne more they kno~:the bette.~. The nose." , ~rlenus" .... here yesterda"y a-f'eL rupert i troml...... tn~ paren's~ b-y a fundin-g c~or- or gra(mai growth not a .u nem~n~ er nap tl ------ ------------- om .secreuve metnoo 1s xalse anol, ever seriously contemplated the other I harmful "thenew eneration can * _* * . [ poration, which turns the sums over to .... I---ntal -'an~--in .... I Blind Muezzint ' g . [ ST JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC cHURCH Mr. and Mrs. Howard Langley, the the colleges In this way the pay-[rom a matr mo ~t .UpO t. ~Vezl [ In ~nofont P,r~|n th*~ rllll~:?|ne wgPa teach the old generahon a great[ of Seattle s tennis ex erts " the boarding house gosmps, WhO nat ,, latter one - P ~, meats are distributed throughout the , ml I deal l - oo~a .~ ~,~t ' it l,~l*~ a- ff it ~-~ I u ally se ected from among the blind [ Rev. Father C,~.rey, Pastor spent the week end at Beaver Lake l school year ~^~,,. ,^ ~ .... ~,~, ~,a t ...... [ in order that the n Ight not see w tat The old generatmn adlmts It. [ was occurring In tlle pr~x tte lives of Doctm Ma o says Amemcan col Sorwces the fires Sunda ef each given up the idea But somehow that I _ . ''~ .... Y ~ " -r y the ~althfulA nnna~etgavemore ] a el one m lhon picture, Louise could not get It out of~. . " " leges total approx'm t y i " ImpaLA at 8"30 a m All other Sun- her head And Arthur, having by his [ than "a turn's-eye view." students at a' time, while there are days at 1O:00 a.m. Catechism every shameful deception of Mrs Pettigrew i~---~-~-.-~-~ pal- "50 000 students in British in ............ ~ ~ , ,' "~atu,'aay a~ternoon a~ x:au tor the got his thoughts to running on the [ [ PEOPLE S EXCHANGE I stitutions of higher learning." children subject of matrimony, found himself ]~ comparing the photographic counter-L ...................................... felt of Queen Wllhelmlna with Louise, I MONEY LOST--In Issaquah last and, considered th~at on the whole, her ]Thursday evening, August 17. Four EBA'S MUTUAL GROCERIES ARE SOLIDLY BEHIND THE NRA PROGRAM AND ARE OPER- ATING UNDER THE TERMS OF THE FOOD CODE. WE DO OUR PART ........ We are alto doing our part in holding prices down. Here is a great Blue Eagle Sale, demonstrating that it pays to see Eba-Mutual first for real values! wa ooonltPAitr II ,,n==,== Eba s Btg Val IIp.S w , " ~V ~;~,~ ~" ~ii~ BLACK OR GREEN 27e 4. HALF POUND l LB CAN "-LB. CAN ................... 49c Blue Ribbon LB. CAN i, PURE CANE LB. BAG 26-OZ. Vermont BOTTLE Maid 12-OZ. BOTTLE i .Diplomat Broken Sliced ii, LARGE Silverdole NO. 2 ~i Muscat CAN i FEDERAL Tall Cans CANS $1.00 SIZE $0c SIZE Eba'a The Green Pkg. 1-LB. Special A good blond BAG Dutch QT. Maid JAR CRYSTAL WHITE SLICED I-LB. LOAF WHOLE WHEAT, WHITE FINE MEATY QUALITY 18-LB. Tomatoes I I I LARGE JUMBOS Fine Meated Cantaloupes I I Illll I BURDEN'S PROCESS ~I-LB. PKG PIMENTO, AMERICAN, BRICK, CHATEAU majesty was a trifle Inferior to Miss greenbacks. Finder leave at this of- Maplet. Then Louise did a very disgraceful lice for .... liberal reward .-~ t -- between --- 1 and utterly reprehensible thing, she --~-~-~--~;*-,--- ~ ,~-- -~" [ ......... Ill Seattle and Coalfield, lssaquah, High .Point, Preston, Monohon, E ~ur~ ~2x~c~--~omen Dan~am corn, | bribed the chambermaid, when Arthur ,,.1____ .... I~ Elhott and Cedar Grove, and all way places J caooage, spring iryers, anu o~ner Ill 'Y"" ut_.t_._t_a~_'_t~ll~___l~ILk_'~Itl~_~_'-d~--f- things. Mrs. Gee. Webster, Issaquah]~ g . o.ox 9 !iIssaquah Transportation Co Inc ! Notice To Creditors, in Probate No. $7476 FOR,RENT-~Lower siorY-0f ;dd | ~ | In the Superior Court of the State of Washington, for King County. Fellows hall. A large mercantile AUTO FREIGHT AND TRANSFER [[ In the matter of the estate of John room in choice location. See Dr.[l I A.NoticeRitchie,is Deceased.hereby given that the un- Gibson, Issaquah. [~ Seattle Depot--Railroad Ave., Dearborn St. and Railroad Way dersigned has been appointed and .......................... 1 has qualified as administratrix at State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance _~ ........... Ii Leave ~eattle I:uU r. m~. ~nty the estate of John A. Ritchie, decea.,,- State Farm Life Insurance 1II Leave lssaquah 6 O0 A M 1 ed; that all persons having claim~ m : Legal Reserve Insurance againStquired tosaidservedeceasedthe same,are herebYduly verure" A~'ailable to any one at Low Cost I~ Telephone Main 394 Washed Sand and Graveli fied, on said administratrix or her " " " ' I lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllld attorney of record at the address be- Phone 6 F 2 C W Peters, Agent/ low stated, and file the same with ...................................... ...... i the Clerk of said Court, together with i proof of such service within six months after the date of first publi- cation of this notice or the same will !be barred. Date of first publication, August 24th, 1933. Nellie B. Ritchie, Administratrix of said Estate, address 209 Lippy Building, Seattle. Stanhery Foster, Attorney for Es- tate, 209 Lippy Building, Seattle, Washington. 8-24 9-7 FRATERNAL ORDERS ISSAQUAH VALLEY GRANGE No. 581. Meets second and fourth Mon- day of each month, 8 p.m., Grange Hall. W.V. Bradley, Master, Mrs. C. L. Olson, Secy. GILMAN ENCAMPMENT No. 43, I. O. O. F.Meets every second Sat- urday at Issaquah and every fourth Thursday at Redmond. Visiting Pa. ! triarchs welcome. R. G. McKee, C. P.; E. J. Lindman, Scribe. MYRTLE LODGE No. 108, F. & A. M. Meets first Saturday in each month. Ernest J. Lindman, W. M.; Thus. F. Drylie, Secy. CENTURY CHAPTER No. 66. O. E. S. Meets second and fourth Wed- nesday in Masonic hall. Hate1 Ek W. M., Minnie Schomber, Secy. GILMAN LODGE No. 69, I. O. O. F. IIIK1Meet~nnu: every Friday evening. Theo. ][I" ne, N. G.; L, H. Smart, Secy.. IllI II1I.o.o. Meets and thirdI I!1 Wednesday of each moath, at I. 0.] LUG III o. F. Hall. Mary Kinnune, N. G.;] I|]Ruby Lindman, Secy. ] BEAUTY -SHOPPE SPECIALS- Shampoo and Marcel ........ Shampoo and F!ngerwave ... 75c FacmI ..........' Wet Wave ........ Henna Pack ...... 1.00 HOME ------- - BEAUTY SHOPPE - PUGET SOUND POWER & LIGHT COMPANY' THE TAXES YOU PAY To our Cu omers : "TAXES" is a big subject; we can talk about it lots. Today I want to get down to and tell you about the taxes which ~ company pays, ~ ~ something foe you to think about when you pay your electric bill and something for you to be concerned about when you are wondering about lower rates. From the best information available at this time the company's tax bill for 1953 will be about ~I,600,000, and for 1934 it will be close to ~2,000,000, or almost double what it war in 19~2. Just think of that---ca increase of around ~gl,000,000 in two years ---an amount almost equivalent to a 10% reduction in all rates for electric service end ebout equal to our loc~ preferred dividend requirements, It is ~mply staggering. This is not tax dodging---thls is tax catching. We now have to pay over thirty different kindt of taxes. In the aggregate they amount to about 50Io of our operating pay roll. That is to say, for every #2.00 we spend foe pay roll we pay out #I.00 in taxes. Th* more tax-exempt property kept off the tax roll, and the more private property taken off the tax rolls and made non4axable, the greater must be the burden of those who are left to pay the taxes. Of course, when we have to pay heavy taxes our rates for service must o~ neceu/ty be higher dum it we were tax exempt. This company should not be called upon to subsidize municipal or other governmental opersdons. P|BSlnSNT P. S.--Th amount of taxes dds company is beln~ c~led upon to pay mmmdly average, about t;10.00 per emton~. AXSS 0S7 L,~vatffV x