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September 5, 1963     The Issaquah Press
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September 5, 1963

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8 Issaquah Press Thursday, September 5, 1963 CLIP OUT AND USE THESE COUPONS AT SEATTLE CENTER'S You Are Invited To "VALLEY DAYS at SEATTLE CENTER"-- Saturday and Sunday, September 7 and 8, 1963 "Volley Days" at COUPON Saturday&Sunday Seattle Center Sept 7andS, 1963 "Valley Days"atSeotfle Center COUPONSeptSaturday&SundaY7 and 8, 1963 II House of Hollywood i i "The Little Shop of Many Things" has a J COSMETICS (~-~(..--~*~ I ' fantastic "Valley Days" special for you! II 10" Space-Needle I I I ifacesPrevents fogging of All Glass & Plastic Sum-_ Car Windows, Boat Windows, Eye |' I American S II features I _1 Brassware -- Lacquerware -- Korean Dolls I II NU BLUSH --removerofblack-I~;,~ "-~J//I I -- Over 1OO hand-made Korean items, i| Glasses, Bath Mirrors, Ski Goggles, etc. ' heads o.d at.e. plus OIL I I Candle II FOR dll Al o/ WITH ;II $1.00 for lO-year supply. II "3-wayaction" massage ]lfirmingGOLD lotion-- a normalizer and ~w..,~ j/-~\~ .I I ONLY/'lilaC I I VALLEY al g /O THIS VALLEyFOR glib WITHTHISII I relieve daily tension& fatigue [ WITH THIS COUPON I I All I Coup. I I DAYS /'Ikl P COUPON I II DAYS BB -- COUPON j stimulate circulation SHIRLEY JANECKE Seattle's famous P~rtrait I I Limit of 4 to a Customer with I relieve muscle strain 'and Make-Up Art's I i Choice of coupon only, NO DEALERS.i'l ONLY ,li "-- ONLY I 0NLY II VOFF ONLY I Ii (in manycasesassocioted II wilt give you a lesson on how to create a more J : IVORY or The Nick-Nocker Ij OnA.y Item I. Our Stock I arthritis and rheumatism) beaut,u you with makeup ' GREEN Co ' I ..... ........ See Our Fantastic Demonstration! I II This Coupon ~ r~ei m m m iCot.hVolue 1/20thotOneCent m m m m m~ tie m m m mCoJhVolue l/'2Oth of One Cent mm ii~ n ilia ii~ n m i i uCashValue I/2OthofOneCent il i~w nimi iliB iml I Regular s39s LITH0 PRINT I l S : "Pat and Bobby" :I WATER I ! 16x201nches (Ready For Framing) ! Ii\~;~s_~_ On the Purchase ill t/. nlClC O.A.yMa ble I TAFFY I I , t i t MORLEY S WITHTHIS c0uP0. I .......... Of This Hand L0c I for neck shoulder hands feet and all-over body I I ~1 ~/O I1~II Jewelry Supplies I I 1/2 P CE I ', STUDIO AOc " I 'eg.$84.50 COUPON uil l II (WNT?n~HIISaCOUF'OaiNcONeLY'For All Types of Crafts I I with this coupon I IPHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES K~I,~I II ' - ' WITH $ I SO L PHONE MU 2-6734 II I COX CANDY SHOP I ON tD:ivlelmoS'iCaset~iSce IU I AMERICAN MASSA( "VALLEY DAYS" L__ on.c ....... J L ..... Ju stc o0 ffo Th,/~:o~bleea, t,J ~..=,. "Voile ,ys"0t /'/~IIDtIM Saturdt~y & Sunday I ~ J ralF~ 0ay~r ~t ~1~1I O~ ~Li S~turday [ Sund~y Staff enter qlmVU|Vlll Sept 7 and 8, 1963 ii -- ~,,p~-- -' -- ,at ~PC~nt~r~llUUr ~1~ I1 ~P~t 7andS, *~3 | L Seattle C ..... .uuru Sept ~and~, 1963 j Something Special for Everybody, j ARTS6 CRAFTS ' I I mportedgnesGerman JJ J J I I I SCANDINAVIAN IAt Carolyn "Sis" Thomsen's you can get I jthis extra-special "Valley Days" gift .... i Cola IMPORTS I SEATTLE rE.TEA 11 FLUFF Lady.Bug 111 , L J Delightful Imports from the North Coun" C-21 Lapel P!sn , Pii 'iiDin Ceramic III J~ forthe 1 I~ I /~'~ 20~//o~ II tries. Pewter, Woodenware and Gifts. priceof I Iii I II Valley ~1~ ~ O/ Valley This decorative souvenir lapel pin ' neatly I illiBBIB Pin I II I I designed and made of nickel silver and baked I , I Anonym -- Patrician -- Lavender I I I I Days ~ /I1~ Days enamel. Upon presenting this coupon I it S charmin I cute! I : very attractively packaged in Old World I I I I Only '~ V I ~ Only AT ANY I g y I style . . . wonderful for Christmas gifts. I I I I . . I II I! ON ALASKAN JEWELRY I I OFF Of The 5 Souvenir Stands I .~ o~~,~'~ ~ ~o,~ o~ I , I II (Nugget Gold, Jade & Ivory) '1 II On Any Item In Stock Located in Seattle Center I - III Many Other ' Valley Days" I Presented an Valley Days Only by I I Specials I I TOTEM POLES I II CENTURY SOUVENIR CO. II & Cra Is I II GERMAN SHOP So.m II I FUR NOVELTIES I! j (With This Coupon Only) j J WITH THIS COUPON ONLY CashValuel/2OthofOneCent i im m m m Ilmiii~ m m n Ca~hValuel/2OthofOneCentnnrm~ n ~ia m ~ m m m m Ca~hVoluel/2Oth~fOneCentl~ m i i~idB I~ i muuli m~Ca~hVoluel/2OthotOneCent i m imi m-~11 J ~ CothVoluel/2OthofOneCent Saturday & Sunday "VafleyOays"OtSeo,fle Center COUPON Sept Tond81963 "Valley Days~ at Saturday & Sunday Seatt~ Center COUPON 1963 Sept 7 and 8, "Valley Days" at COUPON Saturday&Sunday Seattle Center Sept 7and8,1963 vo,,.,oo,, o, COUPON Saturday & Sunday Seattle Center Sepl 7 and 8. 1963 ' Valley Days' at COUPON Salurday & Sunday Sept 7 and 8, 1963 SeaHle Center "Valley Days" at COUPON Saturday&Sunday Seattle Center Sept 7and8,1963 'rValley 0ays-at COUPON Saturday&Sunday Sept 7andS, 1963 Seattle Center Valley Days" at COUPON Saturday & Sunday SeatlleCenter Sept 7andS, 1963 "Valley Day' at COUPON Saturday&Sunday SeotfleCenter Sept 7andS, 1963 , New EditionEncyclopediaBritannica ' ' ' "J ' ' ,NTERNATIONALARTISTS | I 'Scott Trophy' I RI!E I)RAVIflN( l'j Special forour"ValleyOays"guests j~' Or,ental I ! C ...... D;$i;On:saltks:ra::t~n~lhSot:~tt:ifer~SCHOOLNOWlNPROGRESS Fashion | l ~! I for O : CANDY DISH ; ' " I 11 t l tpfI''',,, ,-..- i THIS , GIFTLAND , ~111 I I $1.50Value I I COUPON ! Parisienne Iii ~./"~.t' at Seattle Center I -Volume Britannica Jr.I i--w "IVEN I I i i Entitl,Vo.T, I SCflOOL i I Wall Art In W00d j I Jewelry Gifts ' 'I I ii11 OFF ,, I i ,, ,, JaUd" uAWAYw~R~EuZame-, , )n ,kny Purdias "; " II- With This 1, ' I/1 OT ' ~ 1 O % OFF I our booth:ssn it-- in the special box at ! : 1000 and 1 Exciting ill q Coupon ill FREE ! % I I I Name ................. I I Gift Items All I I I I Lesson J /1 I tI On All Merchandise J Address .............. J I Imported from India I II Tobo-Orientol I I o..n, ..... For [ - - - I I On Display 1| While at our booth be sure to see"TEMAC" ill' INDIA SHOP ,f-- IIII IMPORTS I | Which You May Re- I ..... ~ gzster. -- ,. I Plus Special Orders I -- the new teachmg machme being used m| | DON'T FORGET to visit the "Little Chapel' | I x,~ From Catalog public schools. I I . ~ SeattJeCellter Seattle Center ~ I I Depicting the Life of Christ in Colored I I Encyclopedia Britannica Booth -- Seattle Center . I | ! -' ' J l l Tableaux- NEXT DOOR l ~ WITH THIS COUPON oblL~ el Ii I i i i Cosh Value 1/20~h ot One Cent i m m i m"-II IIU~' I "Valley Days" at t~t~ iOt~lkl Saturday& Sunday i F "Vuiley Days" at f'~S II I1~~ ~to,da~ & Soada~~ !1~1! i~! i SeattleCenter ~.VU'V'" Sept ~a.d~,~963 j ' I I, NERVE DEAFNESS i i PACIFIC ! ' SEATTLE CENTER , Artcraft ! ~ ~ Absolutelyl, ' Giftwares--HmeDecrFrmManyLands |8 ' FREE!" :: I/II INORAI! : * "A" * * * , : t : , AMaiorCouseForPeopleWho ' SCIENCE : i Hear But Do Not Understand I I J I A visit to Artcraft is a charming expe- J I / ' J ~k, j t GET YOUR FREE BOOKLET ON I I rience for those who like unusually nice I things fr Gifts" J J '~~Z~/~-:~~ J J' '" " ' *HE INSIDE'STORY OF NERVE DEAFNES5" *I ', CENTER,,i ' " -I I than the average, because we use the NEWEST I I I " I FOR HOME DECOR OR PERSONAL ADORNMENT ii ~~~~~,,_, i I Our method of FREETESTS' is much different I method of Sound Pressure as well as Tone Testingl I J Find Also Many of the Better Souvenirs of ! | Our AIDS are then custom fitted to your individual J type of loss. W.e give a 2-year Guarantee with I IJ BrowsersSeattleand the Pacific NorthwestArEWelcome !' : ~ ~ : ' all Aids" Yu D Not BuY Batteries'" because I I~" *. * * * III Jl Ill Nice Gift For You! I ' our Aids have the "REX" Power Unmt that enables , I NOT COST MORE -- In Fact, You will SAVE $50.00 I Ir~: i yao to,barge your own batteries. ALL THIS DOES I I Th,s Coupon II THIS COUPON I Entitles Bearer To Receive I First Quality /~e'~A~p~'~ J or ~ore. t J ENTITLES BEARER TO I I ; ' I PRICES At Seafle Center Only: : & SAUCERS 11/ "INSULT CARDS" J l, 2 Admissions 11 2 Fares J J FREE With This Coupon II I NEW AUDIPHONE CO. I I ....., ! t Iii For Price of ! , pRr c ..... 11 I ,NTERNATIoNALBATJ R-SEATTLEcENTER ! ! For Price of 1 : I s, 00 m I , W,T. OUPO. ,l"Pers0nally Yours" I' 'I * * * * * * * * * * I Seattle, Washington 98109 I I "VALLEY DAYS at SEATTLE CENTER" I I I SEATTLE CENTER I NEXT TO NICK NACKER GIFT SHOP I I "VALLEY DAYS at SEATTLE CENTER I I Saturday and Sunday J Artcraft ! j Umstuffy stationery printed toy ..... der w~,,.I : Th s Coupon Worth $50 to $100 I I Saturday and Sunday I , , .... it. Greeting Cords. PI ..... is, " i In Hearing Aid Discount ! j September 7and8, 1963 I I September 7 and 8, 1963 J SEATTLE CENTER ! I etc. in matching sets. | IL ...... Co~.hVcdue ~/20~hofOneC ...... t.. ..... ..... ....... ..J L ..... c ..... ....... --.I , ..... ........ J I_ ..... ........ j I .. "ValleyDoys"ot COUPON So,ordo,&Sando, Seattle Center Sept 7 and 8, 1963