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September 7, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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September 7, 1933

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cotton growers are using Guy- money to fertilize the small- the P~By ARTHUR BRISBANE all ----- of ,~ Correction ~: T~'~e~-~t Wills and John L. mdnl p~: g Gets the Brain Trust I bul s-. Cost, ;tin~, it was stated here on mat~ty of a gent.leman from ~sentpabal~ that many-cot"ton farmers, ......... _ .... I tice to appear in Seattle this coming money from the Govern- k.ounc|s tow Attorney J~e[ore Peters He old --" I for plowing cotton under, had - yn s wllne .Saturday for the final contest, on the Proceeewltb Further Business; . . ed part of that money in fertil-: ] Now ProducmH Coal[stage of the Fifth Avenue theatre. to get, if possible, as big a crop! Mayor , Ordinance First. ~ -- ] Four shows daily will be held Sat. the remaining 75 per cent of acre- ~ . .~ ....... ] The Peters-Reynolds coal property}urday and Sunday eliminating all but uw~ng :he sac; .tnat ~ne Ilrst] being developed over Vaughan's Hill[ten acts, which will be heard there ~ie.aS they would have got on the Monday leptember fell upon a is now in shape to produce coal. Dur-[all the rest of the week. From these A number of gentlemen in the cot- holiday, nuncil meeting was held ing the summer they have developed[ten, five acts will be retained for region, including Mr. H. W. HaT- that eve. Mayor Alexander the mine and now have six feet of placeemnt in positions. Albert's of Sumter, South Carolina, deny called a nhg for Tusday evening, coal in a seven-foot vein. many friends are pulling for him to to which esponded except Coun- cilman Atton. " crop. They couldn't do it if they wanted says Mr. Harby, because the Go~. hasn't yet given them their ency. Helen Jacobs defeats Helen Wills .... , :~MM VOLI 18, NUMBER 1 - " ..... ISSAQUA~I, KII~G CO., WASH., THURSDAY, SEPiEMBER 7, 1933 SUBSCRIPTION $I. PER YEAR . , [BLACK BALL FERRY IN u:,[ P Ls i] [ FINAL TESTS SATURDAY e ommlttees Iful contestant in the Black Ball For- ~e [ry contests recently, has received no- They have recently acquired acces~ to the Columbia Lumber company gravel bunkers at the foot of the hill They are hauling coal from the mine and dumping it in the bunkers where it is washed, screened and sorted, giv- win. lssaquah Flower Show To Be On Thursday, 14th The Issaquah Garden Club will at tennis, a feat comparing with that of Joshua stop- the The ma named the following committeelact for ensuing term: 1. Fins--Carlson, Auguston, Engberg. 2. Stre~nd Water--Auguston, Engberg, ton. 3. Firend Light--- Engberg, Harris,, Mtde. 4. Parl~d Cemetcry-- tIarris, sun in its supposed trlp McQuade, berg. tY~i said Albert Brisbane. "I shall legally usectr no other purposes, back of the construction program, to r~ a wee , all who contmbuted maternal, and to h-" . bly and say some things A tentati!l~udget was then pas~- " " , u~ neea to be said." The wise ed and is p~shed elsewhere in this all who in any way participated in rreetey replied, "Don't do that, Bris- issue, after Mch tadjournment was the success of the opening party. ane. It will cost you a lot of mon- taken. The next dance will be given Sat- }Y You w ' . on t get the circulation CouncilmEHarris asked if the re-lurday night, September 23. It is the -- will sell you a column on the signation c Henry Au~uston asI intention now to give a dance every :rent page of the Tribune every day councilman s not in the~hands of Saturday night. The same orehes- ?ayou pay me advertising rates, the clerk, thnayor replying she did tra will continue to furnish music. w|tt cost you less than the weekly, not know. : md YOU can say anything you please, Mrs. Al~der announced Leo Thomas Glhson~ Pioneer, tong as I am not responsible." Gleason wol soon be tarring thei rt|m~l |,~ gm~tt|~ ~mh,.]av ~.vA:t~ Moley and Harriman might tYhts motto? ~'e will do it if the peo- erating th, store tow twn:, by Le- .____ money buying a page m the pie of our Clmunity want it. But onard Mile ~ He ~wn~ l ~o~ dderable -@ Issaquah Wins Second Gains Are Distributed Throughout Game From A-ex Nine Different D~partmants, Preston 1~ Included; All Down To Work. The Issaquah baseball team took ------- the Apex Dairy team in their second The opening of the schools of Is- contest Monday by a 5-4 score, thus saquah district Tuesday morning evo closing th~ season with a winning of idenced an increase of just thirty two consecutive games, pupils. The high school enrollment The Apex boys started strong, get- shows an increase of five, the grade ting a lead of 4-0 at the end of the school eighteen, and Preston a gain fourth inning, which they held until of seven. the seventh, when Issaquah began to Fnrollment is just about complet~ solve the slants of Daly, the visitors' next, also organization of all departs big southpaw, and had tied it up 4- ments. The students and faculty all at the end of the ninth. In the have gotten down to work in good eleventh Issaquah crowded over the earnest to'day. We give below the full enrollment and a comparison with the differen~ departments last year: High School This Last Y.mr Year the earth. 5. Buih and Sanitation--Mc- Freshman Boys ................ 27 34 John L. Sullivan's defeat by Cor- Quade, Emg, Auguston. Frcuhman Girls ................ 39 32 tt at New Orleans was like the de- While tbayor was making these ~ "-" at of NapoleOn by Wellington appointme~Councilman McQuade Total 66 66 The real Napoleon was not present stated thatwas not acting on any Sophomore Boys .............. 34 32 Waterloo, and the real Sullivan committee yhich he was being ap- Sophomore Girls ............ 32 39 m not in the ring with Corbett Had pointed as' believed the selection been there Corbett would not'have of commit( should be left to the Total 66 71 mained, council. Junior Boys .................... 27 25 S~llivan said: Counciln~ Harris asked if the Junior Girls .................... 35 28 e~am,, glad I was beaten by an Am- mayor had~ured legal advice for ~3 ~I~:'" the couneild suggested it be done Total 62 Ideal, lncludin Music by Local 13. Flowering Shrubs---1 variety East Side of Lake, But Distance Senior Be s 27 eten Wills, specializing a little before hol~ meetings as matters ~ . " Y ..................... 27 ..... a .... 14. Mmiature Bouquets--5~inch~ Cut Over One-Half Mile Senior Girls 31 ~re, may say: i requiring 1{ opinions were contin- ~rcnes~ra; nonce on ~ p~. ,or ......... " .................... 31 tO. unusual lowers. .[ * am glad that I was beaten by al ually comitl- ^ ...~_~ ~-'~-~-~_:__ ,~^ o,_.. ] 16 Lunch Table Decoration At the regular meeting of the Tax-Total 58 |~alifornia elrl " ] . 7~" Th~ ~,,,,,~, .~,, upcst.tg v.c z~=y-, ~." .... , 58 |IR "" ' l ~ayor Stmder replied she had ............. Anyone w~sning a copy oz this pro- payers Association at Grange Hall Post Graduate Boys 6 ""] ~ ]made no s~gements and could not ziem ~ynasmm ~aonaay mgnc w~s ~n ......... 6 ......... gram, please call Mrs. C. W. Peters, last evening, C W Peters reported Post Graduate Girls 6 The latest news is that the "Brain I legally do ~nless so authorized by unqua4mea success. The weacne~, or Mrs Bliss .' . . ....... 5 that a delegatmn had been assured ~rust" ha~ exploded, and Professor}ordinance. ..the building and the floor were per-" " ----- /eel, anu not;rang DUC gooa wor(~l .. 9 _ _ ~.. . ~ -- .. ~.. _ . ........ [loiey leaving the State DepartmentI The tremor's report was read .......... that the county commissioners had Total 12 11 4 ~iUD enaorsea me pawng 3oo scneamea ~, run a weekly paper with Vincent[showing ba~es as follows: were heard for the music furnished ~oy| And ~lrls -l'l . " " ----- for the east rode of Lake SammammhH~ h School Total 264 ~stor and W. A. Harriman. The I Current Fu ...................... $ 429.88 by the local orchestra of seven pieces Yaw At g-t.I " "g ~ss ......... ~ ~-- this season and were now waiting on Grade School Th~s ~ekly will support Franklin D.]Waterwork~ ....................... 1143.98 and entertainer. 1 " Last [e~oosevelt, the NRA and this admin-[Water Bomedemption ..... 343.75 " The doors of th ..... ~the state highway department and Year Year And the managemen~ was every- e ~mg woun~Y~that ac"o a -"' ~tration, Professor Moley will edit~City Hall l~mption .......... 22.50 thing that could be desired. With ~ Boys' and Girls' 4-H Club Fair will[ u n w s expecteo soon. IEighth Grade ................ 50 43 ............... ^-^n to the -ublie a" 1 O" - m S-t Chairman Mitchell stated tha the ~ Seventh Grade 47 46 te~ and Vincent Astor will be publish-[Local Imprtnents ........... 691.07 majority oz me resmenus oz ~ne corn- ,,~=~ ~ : v p. ., ~ - , ................ mumty feeling a personal mterest urday, September 9, after a . I_._ . ................... 47 s, lr. [ " " 11 of the original schedule called for two miles Sixth Grade 47 anu oon~muon in tne enterprme, ~ J s - . ] ..................... 40 .s L Somebody might say to Professor[ $2631.18 ......... i" exhibits have been ~ud-ed and rib oz pavement there but that it had Fffih Grade 47 ~* ~gol~_y and Vincent Astor what Hor-~ On motic~f Councilman Harris, . ............. , .... ~....~.~ z-~__, since oeen cut to one and four-tenthslFourth Grade 46 woula seem there wut never De neea oun~ p,uccu u# ~.~ j~,~co. | .................. 44 |ee Greeley said in the eighteen for- all busines~ the council was sus- r .... miles He also stated that there was Thi d Grade 31 41 ~es. Albert Brisbane, returning pended exc, passing a budget for ~: :hY:Pagl~ie~%yre~w~le ~an::r fillTehe ~ey~rinultp=gra~d~to:: as yet no evidence of closing the gapsIThird Grade, second ........ 26 30 - - - " ........ in the west side paving. Second Grade, second 40 80 Fom Europe as a young man, helped the next y~nd the council authox- sucres, w.eonomxcs 3uag~ng ann aemons~ra- ~ ..... """ ~reeley with the ~4ri~ne -financially, ized to ~merviees o~ an attorney. Receipts at the door and ticket~ tion eontest~ by the boys and girls Report was made on the proposedlr~*rst uraae .................... 44 40 cured for Charles A Dana a job The mayqad the recorder read a sold .amounted to $160, insuring a net The evening's program Will b-e full welfare work in cleaning creek chan. in the Tribune as exchange editor letter from ~ state highway depart- earnmg of the party of over $100 of entertainment from start to finish nels in the district, and it seems none Total 879 361 The management wishes to ex ........ " too favorable. It is not likely this[Pre; ton Grade ................ 48 41 md was disappointed in the Tribune*s ment stativthat funds from the o ~s a concmumg numoer on ~ne pro- ....... " - I ~l~cY" state road fl for work on the high- press their appreciation and thanks ~.. +h~ h ..... ~ ~o ..~. ~o.o wut ~e none. tn the premmes aoovel ....... You are too conservative, Green way within e city limits could be to the business men who have stood a'n'o'utd%'or 4~- C'impf~r;S:r~ic;~r~~" the Issaquah Lumber company saw- ~raae ~cn'l. Total 427 40, mill, it was decided to endeavor to High School Total 264 ~S9 ~resanting the "Spirit of Service." get some action from the county ano ..... Messrs. H. Hart and Jack Mason Grand Total 691 661 Road Bulletin For Week were named as a committee, they to In our school write-up last week, Ending September Tenth select a third member, to contact the the name of Harold Byrd was unin- commissioners. The same con~mtt- tentionally omitted from the faculty By Thomas D. Hunt, Co. E~ineer tee was asked to make an effort to members. Mr. Byrd will teach c0m- East 125th Street paving between get the full two miles paving done mercial and social science. 1st Avenue N. E. and Victory High- on the east side of the lake. way is opened for travel. E.E. Piekering reported on the LIGHTC" v The Kent-Maple Valley Road (mid- principal business handled by the die road) is opened for travel. This Associated Clubs of the South End ~RE FED road starts at the intersection of the at their last meeting. E~ TAX Kent-Black Diamond paving With the A speaker expected from Seattle Benson paving, running thence east did not show up and considerable Beginning Septomber !, the Puget towards Maple Valley. Motorists time ~was given to the discussion of S-.,nd Power & Light Will Pay Taa are cautioned to drive carefully over the coming ten-mill school tax elec- N~w Paid by Consumer the new pavement as ditches and the tion, and it was decided to have the directors formulate a circular show- Puget Sound Power & Light come shoulderScompleted.of the .rad have not been ing the views of the association in the pa~y began September 1 to pay ~S The new paved portion of the Old matter. new tax bill that will amoui~t to aho~t Military Road between Des Moinee . . $21'%000 annually, and its custom~ Highway at Rainier Golf Club and K wams Arranging Social will save a like sum in the next y~m~-;:. The federal tax on electricitY,~ State Highway No. 1 is opened for For Wednesday Evening heretofore paid by customers and travel. Motori~ are cautioned to drive carefully over the new pave- An expected speaker failed to ar~ which appeared on each monthly ment as ditches and the shoulders o~ tend Kiwanis meeting yesterday noon sta~ ,ment in re~ent months, Will be ed merchandizing several yea~, op- erating the store now owned by Le- For Wednesday Evening onard Miles. He owned ~onsiderable }real estate here. kn e~ ,ected speaker ~ died to at- I Thomas Gibson was born October d Ki~ ~nis meeting ye~ erday noon ~ Love work it is practical. Level8, 1847, in Wigham, England. Whe~ the road have not been completed. and the time was devoted to general Paid by the co~npanies from now on. The NRA, ra idl dove" works; it isot idle. Love works#[twenty-tw years of age he came to The West Snoqualmie Valley Road discussion of club affairsIThis is in accordance with a chang~ .... ,, . P y toping, now ;+ ~,~,~,~ se~o~+~o;-~-+ o~,, [America and remained a couple of is closed for grading. This road job It was decided to arrange an on-]in the tax law made by the lut con. ~ salute" Just like Fascism, Hit ................................... e t h as eris-- - . " Love thrives~ work. [years during whi h ime came starts one mile west of Duvall on the tertainment at the Playfield Gymna~[gre~ ~'. " evemn O Munlct al S stems ,~tmaa~un:e o:h~r :eTeralB;:htntstoSntihle What beth place to see love at Ifar. west as. Wyoming. He after- Woodinville-Duvall paving and rune ium next Wednesday "g f allt " 'p y . such as Seattle and Tacoma listr-- " " ' ..... i ........ ,warns re~urnea to ~ngtana ann came north to the Snohomish county line. local talent, to be followdd by dane-I City Light ~tnd their a~es it You hold -our ri-ht work ~nan q church# ~mce ~oa, ............ ,_ in customers we and - - " ~ K . ...... , . t oacz ZO America m x~'~, worxmg m Construction work has started o~ tng. The affair was I ft the han~s , re exempted from the nigh u- in th- -i ...... u "a- m love, ano enurcn Is t~ou s nouse, ] .......... "each .... .~ .... = .... then a chur, ~- - ~ ...... ~ ~ .... lee coat proaucing sates oz cne ease. the paving of Redmond-Bear Creek of the entertainment committee, A.ttax by congress. - . ~el/e~e'.,m smite as though you really .... s -eo-le '~" ~""~"~ y" Y~.~'[ In 1880 he was married to Su~n Road. Road is clued for paving. This J. Peters and R. Castagno. I This and other, additional taxes a that pros-erR- has alr~d-- ~-vu p p ~us~ aft unite m ze P-I ........ come ~ - ~ # ,-- ~, .^ ' I~. nes~on. ~even years racer ne came road is a connection between Red- FOR SALE~Good family cow, jwi]l increase the ta~ burd~of P. S. Dae~,. auk ~v ~,u If any man holds hm o o e iffer arm o " " t Washingt n and work d in d" - nly half way un as n sign ~hat Sunday SChl meets at ten; le~onlo~ ~.,+o ^~ ~ .~o+~ o~ .~. ~^;,o~ mond and the Woodinvflle-Duvall fresh Rich milk.A. L. Wold Co. P. & L. Co. in 1934 to $1,8~2,275, pros ............ ~ ..................... ~ ...... road at Cottage Lake. Ithe company estimates. Other large P Hty is only half way back,'he's on Johnathan Sermon at 11 '00 of, b ~" " a BORN IN ALASKA [items on the" local company's bill for a traitor ,, ........ ,, " ] y h s wife when he came to I~ - Contract has been let for paving wnero JL~V~/OrKS l ' , " ~quah. Mrs. Gibson preceded him to Renton avenue (Goodwin road) from Born~-In Anchorage, Alaska, Aug.[the support of government Will be 'Old Ocear My Teacher for Onelher final reward just ten years, lack- the south city limits of Seattie to ust 19, 1933, to Mr. and Mrs. Gustav $1,023,000 on real estate ~ Per- Week," is thgheme of the message~ r SO ~ ~ ~ :e~ ~me boards of health are distress- ing one day, she having passed on Renton. Road closed for traffic. Engberg, a daughter. Gustav is re- sonal property and $860,00ff %nder u, oecanse milk drinking has dim- Sop emb r 3, L92~. To avoid detour, use State Road or ported working some distance from the new state occupational tax law tnished considerably, since beer came ~ ~mm ,, a h~ was familfl fly Rainier avenue. Anchorage and was not expected pa~sed by the last legislature which back. kno zn ~ :re, ~ine I the C id Fell ws Contract has been let for pavinglhome till sometime next week. is now before the state supreme This is bad for health, whe::dit ::; six ,ear, befe 'e h tying E tgland adla portion of the Lake Sammamish] iN-APnB-~-~w~:;~~ court. plies to ehfldren, at least, i ""'~"'"~'"J' .... was a m mbe; in t ~is coul trv for )v-[West-shore road. Road s closed furl~ ............ Company officials poet out that ., ..-. ann ~rs. vern ~raatey w~sn . fOrHowever,farmera, good light beer, .in mud- er ~ fty years B ~ w~ s so a m ,m'ltr~ffic' __Signs mark detour, ]to ex-ressp me~r ........ mos~ smcere man~s the. tax will appear on the bills issue. ~.:~ t~valuea foOd,ofalthougnmilk it has The other ~a,tl nothing, ber of ;he teb~ mhs a d them-I UL land. -,-,- ...... .......................... ~,H^. ~. ,~.~ ~.~., +;, ,~ wilm September the l~t time, but it K~ p es n~ ~nem OF tne t~range rent use u ~y 'ood can:, ,me, t I UNEMPLOYED TO HA I .... r--e .......... I COY. only that portion of cur ~e~tinly better to have the A, abe ; I same ti He is survived by a daughter, Mrs.I PEACHES FROM YAKIMA[and their friends a+ l-s+ Mao+er's d p to August 81. .. ~lOn of milk reduced by be~, ho~ ,, Cla de~livar, 28 Mary E. Mile% and a son, Thomas H.I ]Council. Nothing could" l~ave ~een I J .... t~mson. ~'unera! services at Corn-{ Special business to be considered]selected that is ~.o ..... ~, ; o.~ ~o[ L.D.S. PICNIC ~nave it reduced by whiskey phe~ ', Gee gahiver, 18 .................. B .... mumty church were eonduc~'d by,at the U P W meeting tomorrow,].~.- ................... { etw~n two ~md ~hr~ hundred -'~ ~ ' for murderin_~laude Oliver's young ' ' ~,-,ut~ ~u~n un~ounoea pressure,m~be e Rev. S, E. Anderson yesterday after- I Friday evening, will be the matter o~[ ~ - I , r of the L, D. S. ehu.reh o.~ ~k~'i" I[ bride, to eol~t a $5000 Insurance noon a.t 2 o'clock, followed by inter-]sendin~ trucks to Yakima for peach-[ NRA AND THE BARBERS i Seattle enjoyed a !t4enio at ~ Wile ,eetric chair sends souls on policy. : ment ;n Hill,/de cemetery, the Odd as for the unemployed. Memb0rs] In compliance with the require-[d.ed,eu_ Day. Mr. ~--'~_. qm-g Journey, by palm. In Sing How fast qi far, and how long Fellows conducting semde~ st thelof the Workers' Congr~m will ad-~ments of the I~RA, the ba~ber~shopsl.~." A. ~oyaen were ~uuts of:~r,~ ~t~o Puerto Rieans, Alexander must those S~s, suddenly released, grave. F. A. Fisher, funeral direo-I dress the meeting. All members are~ in Issaquah have decided to elope on t~m" A. L. Nordren, of ~mttle, ~ ~an, d Frank Negron, ~0 an~ travel to reaqthe nearest place of tOT. lurked to attend. ~Saturday nights at 8 o'clock instead]the ~ecasion, ~21~ W~re eonduet~d to death rew~d or P~ishment? The fixed - , "-'..'7-~ ] - [of 9. Hair cutting for children Will[ ,Issaqm~h 0"~ Club~-----~o~r ~dw -v mu ~everen ro Contin ]n .... : d Father MeCaf F, ( M on st page) ooz uver me ] xeha column, J Bu ..aad .ave, in Immqtuds. ]bo rsind from 86 cents to 50 eenta, fat Odd FeHow ' Hall, Sept.i