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September 14, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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September 14, 1933

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By ARTHUR BRISBANE . ws oo ova iv~ W S., Somethins to Pronounce 1 11 1 ' , llssaquah Girl Stricken, _. . So=.hi.. ,. Mo.in. :1100 S all J ], ,n I Twenty Years Of Age lty LnCtlOnS At 'q -- .%,,,',,,1 "l x Iher 26t Funerai services were held at Cm'l ? R, 4L~.'~'4~111 T''~*~dP the era of rugged individual- r' ' ' ' [munity Church yesterday, Wedne~-~ --- 17 n" is not compatible with the pol- -- -- r, n. ~ mn--'-~ ~day, afternoon for Miss Charlotte l...'-~ _ .... ? Am [ Dl |reoate ox ~y. oo, paying but ~47 50I fact that this motion carried, the| Piubllc works ro am of,4~e yarn ii nan ?a ilii:t crli??!dv! dTi dd ?I:[:IcW!IIe VaTi:i: : L:v: I L#an :nn lgs Yu2:;Night I MjeL :g'in phr:vP;:::ed t Wesle t LKYdan pe[ uk:che"[ ppOh=: +'hera. JohnsOn whom he chose for ' " I This coming Saturday nlgmhetntSeD-l Charlotte was born onhth3 Adatr~ Issaquah Kiwanians were favored, " ' e head of NRA He believes than Elsewhere in this issue Issaquahltember 16, the Fire Depart willlfarm south of town, Mar th ' lPl3.[yesterday noon by a talk by Con-I At the recessed session of the eit,, another Cromwell, Mirabeau, An- schools ~ive notice of a snecial elec. lgive their second dance in the big|She lived with her grandmo er, l~rs. lgressman Wesley Lloyd Mr. Lloyd[ s ......... . . council Tuesda even[ " drew Jackson or Napoleon should ap- ___nile to vote on .... A *o,.,~il! s~ecL.ln ~ ._x~ Inew Playfleld Gymnasmm, with thelAnme Adan, m Issaquah eight o~ talked on general condltmns as he I .... . y rig all :hV.a pear on the scenes, individualism n tsame orchestra, and they want the'nine years, the balance of her life on'sees them from his experience at theImemners ox tne council were present levy, a operation which, though pain- bu uld again play its part. ful has been foun~ necessar- for[same crowd, as for the Labor Daylthe farm She became ills oup.elcapital. He has perfect confidencel = ...... " we c , t the mayor was absent, Council The "rugged mdwtduahsm" of many years ~ J dance, of months ago and her father toes in the recovery program of the ad-{::n harris oemg auznomzed to act " i n All who attended the first dance'her to Bellingham, where she was'ministration and stressed the im or /a mayor pro gem. Chancellor H~tler causes ag%at o Thxs year the levv ~s bern asked] I [ P "| mroughout Europe England woo for in two calls for-five milf~- each were more than delighted with the|given medical treatment and after- tance of the people of the nation[ ~ petition asking for a license to ties about a possible Nazi attack that The first is to furnish transnortation'lentire set-up. It was an exceptional-lwards taken to the hospital A blood lbacking President Roosevelt to the[Sell beer from G. Y. Baker was laid would be aimed at the Tyrol. The the second to retir .... s~.,~in~ wa~,lY enjoyable party and there is no|transfusion was given her a week be-~fullest possible extent as an impor-}ver, as was the approval of a surecy Allies, determined at Versailles to rants .........Ireason why it can not be duplicates[fore she died, butCwithout results ]tant part of the program. Rightlbond for Marshal Legg. keep the conquered nations forever Notice there is t- h~ ~,,~ ,,~ votin~ISaturday- In fact, the boys are go-] She is survived by her father, lnow the NRA is of prime importance| Changes in the fire protection flat on their backs, are eagerly wait- nlace in the district-tha't~ in theling to keep giving these populaa.IThomas McLean, of Bellingham, and !in his estimation and should receive/abut the furnace at Town Hall and ~cn:And" permitting Austria to in- school cafeteria at Issaquah There ~ dances, .... just as long as they can keep aKentnumber of relatives here and m 100 per cent cooperation from all. certained m aelectriCcommunlcatmnWiring werefromSUg~es~the in u:., the size of her army to fight Will be no voting at Monohon, Pres.lthem popular. [ " I President Wold, Secretary Steph-/ ...... " a~ler, if" necessary, ton or elsewhere in the dits rlc' t--at[ With' the people of thm community' I Funeral services" were conducted I enson, Ray Schne'del r,+John Fischer,/ surface., ...... unaerv~rl~ers, t~eIerred to Stalin i, R,,=,o*~o.*;,,,;t~a hi~ .,- Issaquah only Notice also the polls|they should continue to increase inlby Rev. S. E. Anderson, with singing[Dr, and Mrs Wm. Holland attendedJCmml~cee.n,lign~s" " ; -^- - .............. ::,''~",-'~.+~'" o~en from 8 a m until 8 ~ mIpopularity as they are helping to paylby Mrs Galbraith Interment was Kiwanis Pacific Northwest Distric *ne xmmwmg calms were read, : ~-roxa ~-. .......... + *, ~; ~r,~ ~ ..... hem .............. _ ...... ] gym I Y. ]convent on at Seamde, Oregon, Sun-/ ~r enemy, Marshal PilsuasK1, nead ~,~ .... ~;o~:~, ~, T~:,~'~ P~ for the and the playfield, /hue made in Hillside Cemeter . beside her i . . . t approved and warrants ordered paid: ; n_ ~ e ............ , ............ . . v adding to their own property inter mother o a ~ P S P & L, street li his 103 25 cow as Rna~in'n o+.+nt nnd ~i* ....[ton m to ote on a ten-mall levy forI -[ ]day M nd y and Tuesday and the,_" _" g .... $ .... s ............. ~ , Y S P " Red Army wl:h-r.i ..... m+vo:h::[general school purposes, with thelests. I ]speakers time next week will be de-lp' ~:,.+&L., hal! hght bi]l .... 1.+Z + ............................ in to dance atu ........ ~, -v nrs. aep. saran... ~.10 + 7, and Stalin sends Pilsudski a ..... |polls open from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m J If you are go g S rdaylO1~| |~ ~D~ |I~I [voted to reports by them of the con-[p. Henry, 3 days' service 9 0~ :: " ~'"='" een t h mght, dance m Issaquah Get the lU~Lli~I YIL-i~IU.+U vention De t. Labor & Ind m ] ent. [ Betw he ours of 1 and 8 p.l " I I " I P ., suranee'" 3:90 ~: U-*~ ...., Im the same day, the-" Will vote onIhabit and let your friends know] ~s~r ms~r ~aqrlll.t~ql~l ..... uesda'" September ~, .~lDave Hailstone, dep. marsh.2880 ~i ,,~- nt~ter s rugged individualism " ~ what's going on there ~ex~ ~ ~,. v . = ....... Wm. Lindsay, cemetery labor[ 3~60 {! rose tO the surface in Germany, Rus-lthe.propmt~n^ of bonding the d,s.~} l IJ A l'AIIESf411Issaquah Club will f urmsh the pro.lStella Alexander, phone calla...bO ++I ma and Poland had been openly hos-Izrict ior +i'#ou lor tne purpose oil ..... ,.. I ,gram for the Norcn t~en+rai t~luD atl ouis Lortle, labor cemtery .... 2.2b +i tile [paying off the present indebtednese./Palrway Will J~e |FivePer C~nt Reduction If Paid Be-] 78th and Greenwo6d Avenue, Seattle JR. I. Case, salary ................ 10 00 ,+!~! H" . . ' " Frank Day, salar .... 10" 0 '' :'~ ttler, revetewmg 150,000 men, l These elections are of paramounI Great Fun Cent rl +o,e December I; Interest May BeI ~ la ............. Y .................. . .0! + ~ . -- ---- -*-+,.+ ~-mmlm, salar ................ 1O.O0 ~+ well tramed, making a long speecDllmPrtance' Be sure you understand[ l Saved By Maklna Part Payments.| School Board Seetmg tSunset Garage, gas ............. 3.+0 could hardly be for e-er--an ....... IBoys ,. -H clubs was an ......... : ............../ 2. As a further inducement, lflmen and other taxpayers due to the| An application was rceived trom horrible --( ..... "~ :~" { ~. ...... | outstanamg success. ] ou~ now ,nu ~ncn upu, ~,,~ ~, Isuchdelinquent taxes are paid prior I-rolon+ed de.~ression and i- --~---- ^~/H C Brad~ for a -i-e line to furn;'~ intelli,o.:'~am~y man the as~ wa,.[ Approximately 640 visitors andI beauty and grandeur. ]to December 1, 1933, a rebate of five]t~he fact tha~ due to +he ~**';~-~|water to his homeun~'d-r c-no*-~,~H,,': their ~?-^ ~ermans, anxmus ~o see1850 boys and girls attended. There ] The "Fairway", as it will stand[per cent of the original tax will be al-/financial conditi-n - lo~::~..:::?~*?~'and this matter =~. refe~e~'~'~::.~'-' will regr"et~ it g.~ ??eaa aria recover, [were 671 individual exhibits, includ~I complete the opening day of the fair,~lowed' /of taxes have rema'ined*un;;;3:'an~S~ mittee on waterwor"-'ks, as wLt~h;~-:: drag them into :*~mT";:rh]s'~3v~ling..entries in livestock, poultry and|~", re presen an mves~mem oil If advantage of this opportunity[in view of the fact that this district|quest of the fire department for a glut raooir~, sewing CooKing ann canning, nearly Szuu,uuu, lar er Y" I ...... I lie not taken before March 1, 1934,!now carries a debt in excess o~1 g pipe line into the Playfield O-- . . ]room improvement ana_mna proauc~s,[ ....... ~ ^~, [the interest will revert back to th~[$93,000.00, the 1933-34 budget be|Gymnasium. In both cases the com. ur new a ~all represenm~ive of the type oz ~ ~ ++ 11 I+ ~ m~" S~ a ~ ] " " " " " " L first +- mbassador to Poland, .... + ...................... |re u r rate of ten per cent per an- revised so that a special levy will not|mlttee was ~nven power to act. throu~r:Ig~p envoy to enter Poland worm. wn:: i:the~:7o::a roC+.;::ts?rel r-xL,ur.. A-, I"K.i~,.. ol+l+,~l~[num from the original date of delin-lhave to be called, and that not less[ A communication fro. the unem. lish .hi- , rolls.it port, aboard a Po-lca~n.g ............ P_?_!__ ., ..... |qu,ncy. The great saving that canlthan $6000 of the $9936.00 net war.[ployed protesting the reduction of . ,-, ~s~naed on the liner Koseiu- 'xne oeauuzu~ m,ver cup g~ven uy! we nave rece~vu a~ mm ozziee com-|be made under this nlan is urobably Irant debt be uaid out of the 1983-34]sala~'Y of Marshal Leg~ was prasente~ ,we, much touched to hear Polish the Redmond Civic Club was won bylplete schedule of the shooting season|beller shown by the'following illu~-Ibudget Thismotion failed for lack|bY S. Welch and filed for future in- school children of Gdvnia sinwin~lthe Carnation clubs for having won land bag limits, closed counties nnd|,~o.;.~ I.~..:~,,~ I vestig~tion ........... he Star Spangled Banner" in En~ lthe largest number of points. The/all information needed by the hunter[ ..... I ..... '-. .- . [ Recess was then taken until Men fish ,e,-n . ~uppose you are ~ne owner ot he- An amenomen~ ~o ~. w ~'e~ers" " ~Redmond clubs won first place forum any part of the state. It would] .... [ . " ~day evening, September 18 at ei~t Mr Cud-~ - I ..... ~ea-~if-" e' ~ e- -- ni"-[ ........ /lmquent properties and the tax wa~,lmotmn was made by J W Gregory/ , .. ~" . , *- ,, any saia', lone mos~ o u~ ut mo ommu cylreqmre, ~oo mucn space xor puoAlea-i ~ ........... i e l ....... ". '." .. Io clock, at which tlm" e, i.* was a..-m My firs ' e i e car .... say #ou.uu. rne n~eres~ az zne r ~- ann seconaea by KonaL~1 donnson ~nat ... t 3ob v~ll be to learn thelplaque r present ng th work -[tmn but we will keep ~t on file for| .............. ~ ............ [nounced, a new beer selling ordin- ' /ular ra~e on ~nls ~ax woula De z~.~l we ask a o-mill lev a~ Erie e|ee~ion " .~onsh language, to get in touch With ried on m the commumty. They also the benefit of anyone ~ho cares to ............ ~ '! ....... Y ........ ~ance would be intrnduced t cne peon]e ,, [wo~ first, nl~o~ in th~ llvo~t~ole indw In~ i* ~ th~i~ ~ffitr~ i~q~,~*i,~,~ ~lgurea ~o ~ovemDer ~u, ~, or a|oz ~ep~emoer ~o, ~o raise ~o,~'~'~.uu] -- " It is "Wail k .... +~'"+" 'in~-contos~--In"th'e'seni:r'ho'me-ec'l .................................. ]total of $76.31 to clear the 1927 tax/for transportation and a 5-mill levy| ..... ~ . ,, "'~'+" ~"++~" I ~ " - -- I+ Hope for a -+-s^n ~a~+ +~ ....... ones[ca judo~n~, contest the Ta.dor| RECALL OF MAYOR [on that date. |to raise $5,877.00 for warrant in-/ arm-To-Market Roads. farewell ................ clubs placed~'fir~st. The Carnat~ion [ A number are asking as to the eta-I If you take advantage of this re-[debtedness. Motion carried, Mr. ] Part Of New Deal And Freedom shrieked as Kosciusko [clubs placed first in the Junior cook-|tub of the recall of Mayor Alexander [!ief measure and pay the. tax on or|Gregory and Mr. Johnson voting yes,~ fell" '-- -'--~-: ................ ~ eog-Iw~ .~ ~,d.vi~d th............. /mDe~ore that da~e, you will receive a|and C. W Peters no OWing to the[ Declaring that the $3.800000000 [ +l~[X~t; JUUlt;,l~+li~ I.;vl~bc~b ~I~IU Jll bn .... . ................ tl, b Url~ p~r+lb|Ull 1~ I _ ,,A.-,. ,..A . ....... ' . ~ ." . . -- --' ' bassador Cuao~ ~.~u -~-ha~l~ tune selection contest and the bestlbein~ legally advanced on its eours~,l' " [ IP " p gr . {go - sl~i,'ek several times'~>ef'ore ~l~e~con~- home economics demonstration. The leach-step being handled by Attorneys I.t clear the tax, thusmaking a say-]original motion of C.W. Peters was ~ment should be 1~ t~fl~d ~or the quers the Polish language For in+lEnumclaw Garden club took firs~Shorett and Taylor. The statutes m]mg o~ z~.~ to you. |lost. ~building of farm.to-mark~troads, Ed. stanc ~ [ Your payment v~ll also place the w d ' e, Kosciusko was born in Mere+ [honors in the land products judging. ]such cases require waits along the ........... ~ ~ ] ar A. O Neal, pr~sid~nt ~ the Am- ezowsze county zlnances in oe1:~er ~analng . zyno. How soon Will the am-|. The North Bend junior girls won |line and the case seems to be in one I ........... "/Examinations Announced let[can Farm Bur~m~ Fe~n, said: Das~ado ,, ,, There are approximately ~1,uuu, ,, r learn to uronounce that7 If[rat in the clothing judging; whi]e~of those waits right now. Thel ........ "| ~'n~. l~O~.,~&h-v P~.a;414,~a | The money spe~.~ on a ~le mile It - uuu uu unpaxd axes in ~tmg county ........ J ......'- .... ' ~nu~kes Welsh seem simple ]the Meridian Heights clubs won first,next move will be made as soon as~ :." ........... "| ~ Iof concrete pavmg ~s~t~at h~ld many Smce th I ~enex is amo ozzered to me mx miles of w cos se s ~. . great Koseiusko is men~lin the agricultural denionstrations, the law will permit. I ........ "| Civil service examinations for both~ " lo - t 0nd~ road. uoned, it seems a--rm~;o .... I , ~payer wno is uname to make zu.|..._:^. ~ ......... ~ ;.._: .......... [ "Construction of lo~t farm-to+ ~:,,~ hila ev payment of all delinquent taxes and mark run s woul ,, Yesterda ,, d d greatly rel,eve sc Y economizing onI ". aminer in the U. S. forest service are " : heels t must be taken advantage of prior to the unem lo eat sit at~ o , o mention the fact that be- to be held this fall. p ym u "on+ Ia no ~(~ tr. he died, Koseiulko, emancipa,- VS+ee IN ISSAOUAH o.o.-+- ......... ,,.o. o, ,.+,o do.. +++ mg his ~s +--+ ............. I or ~ 11982 taxes mua~ ve pare m xu~, and/ ~ppnca~mns xor 'cnes e examma-|much of the invested dollar go.~to la+ :: tenanca of schi:l:'?~n.f.n.e,^m~.n~[ |an installment of one-twentieth of|tions must be on file with the U. S.~bor' Statistics of the U. S. ~{mwau had bean set fr~" .................. I Important among industrial enter-~ed by friends at a birthday surpriss.~ the total amount of the delinquent| civil service commission at Wuhing~[ of Public Reade show that in the east .... ,'", . Iprtses twenty-four years ago, was thelA feature was a peanut race, won byltaxes of 19~1 and prior years, with|ton, D.'C., not later than September~of rbads costing $21,700 a mile, 16.7 ~auroad fi e 26, 1958 Applicants v~ll be noti .... gures indicate that some-[building of a railroad spur to Super-lBi/l Holland. I a like installment being due ev rYl " "~per cent of the total cost is ~ald dir. m~n~ m moving in the United States. lior Coal Mine. Permission had beenl Mention was made of "Suporinten-~six months thereafter until all of thelfled of the exact date of the exam[n-|early to labor. In the case of farm- ~eneral " atlons Atterbury, of the Pennsyl-[granted for a crossing ot the countyldent Parker of the Pacific Coast delinquent taxes are paid, inter st b -I ' [to-market roads, with an-weather va.n.ia, has already paid back all of thelroad near the Piekering residence|Coal Co. A coinc/dence---Johnnyling added at the rate of six per canal The entrance salary for each of|surfaces costing from $1200 to ~000 ml~ons that he borrowed from theland the bul|ders were in town makinglParker, entertainer with the orches.[per annum from June 1, 1938; thalthese positions is $2000 per year, |es~/a mile, labor receives'about 40 oar .~:. c. to finance the electrification I final preparations to start work onltra of the Labor Day dance, is a he-[taxpayer thus saving the interest that/a deduction not to exceed 1~ per c~n~ ~cent of the cost. To build essential ox ~ls railroad from Nw York to PhiL|the spur and mine bunkers. Iphew of the superintendent~ and lived Iwould have accrued under the reg~flar]for the fiscal year 1934, and the age~roads at a time whe~ they may ba adelphia a~d the "first 58" railroads[ Mr. and Mre. Burnette Mu]larkey[here. rates on account of the delin~ueney.]limit is 21 to 34 years. A eoUeg.etsecured at the lowest poe~tble eel, o~al~lng July reports, show inereases~and Irene Adams had left for Skag-[ There was still a string of resid-[A~yona interested in this mode of/aducation in forestry, or its equival-|and as a means of absorbing unem- v net operating income for the|way, Alaska. |eats going in to the big fair, some|payment should call at the office of~ent in education and practical exper-~ployment and maintaining jobs for month of July to 420 per cent or| J. W. Wilfong had moved hmletaying two or three days at a time.|the county treasurer for full details.|ience, is s requirement for admission/the unemployed seems to be a sound ~ $9,423,000 to $59,454,000.[watch repair business into his newlVietoria Ek wa~ a guest of the Inde-] Ito the examinations. |pubic policy." ~n tha rallro fo k's eta havl Clarence Palm was out from Seat Intending a hcants should secure t-- ad prosper, thaeoun.lbuilding, well equipped for photog:]pendent r a wee y, alll "/ :PP' 'T pro?er~, for then goods are mov-[raphy. |won in a contest promoted by the]tle for a home visit Sunday. He was~applicatione from local civil service~vice district manager, Federal Office (~ontinued on last p~t~a) [ Miss Olive Gib~bn had been honor|paper. [accompanied by Mrs. Ida Holmes. tsecretary or from the U. S. civil serdBui]ding, Seattle, Washington. .... | --. THE FEK THERHEADS Sheql Cut Down Hi. Rations I I