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September 21, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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September 21, 1933

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By ARTHUR BRISBANE The U. S. and Cuba Not Me, Said the Boy VOLUME 18, NUMBER 3 ISSAQUAH, KING CO, WASH., THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1933 fall removals, several families hay-schools. ing changed their residences in the A literary program of merit is be- ing arranged with Rabbi Sami Koch Good News for Gold Me. A I Rare Entertainment St,; Problem l-/' kS a ! For Wed____ nesday Next Iecognition of the new Cuban Gov- I ] The Community Church is sponsor- nent by the United States will de-/ ing a Fellowship Dinner in the church t on that Government's backing] @ I parlors next Wednesday evening at Lhe Cuban people. IC. W. Peters Proposes Plan To Carry Family Moving Fever 6:30 o'clock, announced as an "old here is some indication of a aI All Present Activitleb Of School Strikes In Issaquah fashioned chicken droner." . e to change from President Grau~ Without Making Extra Levy __ --- A ~eature of the program will be Martin back to his predecessor I ~ This seems to be the season of to welcome the teachers of the public whofor a few days suc- Tbe School Board of this district ed president Maehado. has voted two to one to ask the vet- !he desire of the United States, ers to approve two special levies of t and people, is to see five mills each at the election Sap- Cubans happily settled under a tember 26th, next Tuesday. of their own choosing, Before going to the polls on that way back to full prosperity, date the voters should know that if ~ ~ they feel that they cannot bear this war talk is, unfortunate-tax burden of about $11,500.00 at ~mM SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 PER YEAR All members were in attendance at the recessed meeting of the city council Monday. After calling to or- der and roll call, Mayor Alexander announced the unfinished business of the last meeting would be taken care of first. Councilman Harris stated the council had engaged Attorney John Coach Morgan Has Practice Game Arranged With Renton Tomorrow As Tryout for All Prosp~ts. The Issaquah high school football team will open the 1933 season in a practice game with Renton at Ren. ton tomorrow afternoon. Renton has "just tall, .......... " ~i~ i, German ,ithese times of low prices that are pre-sell Wilson" house, the McGarvey - a " Dobson of Renton for that evening, always been a .strong contender for their symnathizers in Austria are I vailing now and have prevailed for ............ , ..... meeting t noon and will attend the Mr. Dobson was present the championship in its conference ~ . . Iamll llVln in me IYJLIIeS co~age on ....... . rmxned that a,,qt~;~ ~,a Germanvlover three years, school actswt~es can Y g droner m a body An mvstatmn is The mayor asked what the council and will robabl enter the encoun - - - "~" . -"lnast martin in tne ~mos nouse on Hill This program and dinner willbe over fro,~ ]oo* ,~eti-~ i,~,-,,o~;-~ enced t~,~ *ho. ~,o r~a;o..~ P ............ nd Mr * P Y " , . MacFarlane avenue, a . and Mrs. ed .... l extend to all who care to attend combine in ~ o~eater Germany 1be carried on very much as m the ........... intended to do w~th the bills laid ter wxth a heavier and more ex erl- enry Berenger, president of thel" ~: ........ street Mrs Martin is a daughter of ........~ ^ne a^~l~- ~ ....... ' ....... [ _ .. .........,, .......... ~ ........................ ~ehoeau~e's form .... ~nans'- ~JUIII-D"-- ,I ine r~]ng. Bounty Boars, appoint- _" " !"" ........ U JenKs ~r a ~''~ .... ...... ~" ~" ""Y'"= ~ "'~"=~ltne council to either pay them or re- The Indians' line whpo.~ h. ...... .. ...,o gn Mr. anu ~rs. W na but it m being offered for onl thlrt - ' ~ ~' mn ,, ed to rewew school budgets, has Y Y fuse them and she would have them , writes: It is useless to . I Mrs Ho-,ard Bloom are to live in ........... [ almost wholly unexperienced. The I -- nve eenr~ llcKe~s are oelng SOlU in e urne ~orize or uuibble; Austria must made enough money available so that,+ho'T.h. ~rom house on Mill street - ........ II" t d lm the makers and they reverse is true of the first string - " di tric ..... "~ ........ auvance ann wnen tne taotes nave ~ . . ~ln outrode of Germany_ or there 1. This. s t can .furnish ..... trans-ITho ~-|-;- .......... ,qmiths and F. .......... C ~mith~, ........... could sue the mty .... for payment, back,~eld which, although hghter, m be a ~ ........... a;~ o~a portatmn for all pupils outside of l ......... been mteu, sam wm close, so ge~I Marshal Legg sa~d if h~s claxm wa~ comnosed entirely of orm~ l~t,o,.. .~,..,.,g,~o.. ~.,,,~ -- -,,. .... , .... , I wno nave IlVeU nere xor some ~xme, ,--,,-= oorl,, If o-|;~;-,'~ ,.1,, .,-,~- ~o~,t .. - ,. . " " "~ "" ..... a eonfli~ --~-i-a sho,~ the ~wo-mne l]m~ as usual. I . , ....,.._ f,~..__:_ _,._ ~ ......~ ................. --" not pare ne woula sue the city ~or men The ~ame should serve t~ ~ive ,, ~..~ w,~.. *~ ^ ,~.. ~ ....... i movea lasl~ weett ~tt vttympta, where on -,ou tickets are on sale by Walterr ....... " .............. o--- :. ..z. ,rim ms.~.rm~, can ~u.~,sn SUl~lthey are now employed. - , Contin,,ea ...... , ttneamoun~ ox ~ne cm,.m, the linemen experience and give ae French ~tatesman says some-plies ann ~ex~oozs ,or ~ne grace/ x - " ~" v'~- [ ~ounc~lman mc~uade stated the Coach Morgan a chance to view his r will have to-take action' "the school children as usual. I -- __ [bills had been laid over until the nex~ prospects under fire of actual com- ber measures" o-~coke"Who 3. Th's district can pay salariesir~ ~___.~ ![~ ...... ~ ~ | regular meeting and the council in- bat, whatever the results in score take them~ Who willaunlyfor all teachers, 3caters and mechan-I~'~res[o I1rarenl[ leachers tended to leave them there, may be. ;?,, " -- -lC" ranging" from $1000.00 to $2700.001 _ _ __ _ _ _ The council then took up .the. bust-. The Indians he" la .... a s~;n scrimmage a year. hess for which the meeting nan neen ' w~th the town team Tuesday evening 'hen "~ ~ "~ ~. In case both fivemill levies areI Indorse Extra School Levy the passing of a newiin which they took the small end of d, in~=th~un~avYer:Ct::leste,a~: voted down, this district will have to] ~ @ ibeer selling license. Ordinance NO. an 1S0 score Coach Mor an ve . . .- g ira d Abel?', a timid boy raised his carry an nte~st^charge amounting Fall Garden and Flower Show in Con. I Petitions In Recall Of i547, repealing No. 546, was mtro- his first, second and third stringers land and said ,,,,_, ___ ,,, to less than :~ooo.ov, or about 1% of necti-- xui'L P T A Brin-s ,~...I ...... duceo, ann ~rainance ~o. oa~ zo cow, _,, ........ . : ....... o ......... . -.-., SaBer Have Been Filed' ........ [.. a chance re get action m an this Euro-ea-r ...... ...... ~ # the yearly cost oi operating the scnom Kecord~" Attenaance .... ! 7 ,'er zne issuing oz licenses. ~otn were ~ enueavor~-~............... to ue~ermlne me starting le Sam it ;-':-~" ~'-':~' ::~" system, and with the new school " I ~ iread and passed an first reading. Onl~; .... ~^~ ~ ............ The recall pattens recentl cxrcu e the same ...... m~ __ laws in effect ~t s very likely that the ................ _ .....~,__ [. . Y " asking for a second reading the mayor ........ icemen .....: .......... ~. ~*" state will assume a greater part ofi :me x~sz ,a, .xee~ng o~, ~e r~r-]latea in the effort to remov~e Mayor stated it could not be done legally, I lne procaine starting lineup for ~,a~ trance expects ~o " " st after thi _. . erie-Teachers associauon a~ t*res~onlAlexander were checked against the ........................ :a ../the ,ndians Friday will be as gel- 'the Uni SChOOl co s year. Tne last . at~nougn ~,urney ~uumun ~tttu t~ . ted States I0 per cent of .t.~,o le~dslature has nrnr~i~-~d this last evemng drew one of the largest[registration roll Tuesday and at the ~.,,]a ,qh~ ;.o~,,~t~a he ~lo.l~ +. n lows: ; 1~ OWe " .,.~...~.- ~- ........ , ~ ..... ~, .......................... e - [end =st~efyllset~ement~ that able to take care of the large debt crowds yet to attend one .of thoselclose City Clerk Case certified to ter her objection on the minutes, Carlson, center; Cooper and SIs- country :~ ....... ~. ..... u~.~ this district then should be better meeungs, largexy oecause ~ w as.a,-l174 names, of .eti~ble voters having which was done. tar guards; Soash and DeSalvo, tack- -,, m responsmte quarters, so their garuen ann xmwer exams [s~gnea This m scout fifty five per lea Darst and Marmokos ~s of aecenti..~. ~= ........ .11 500.00 in taxes above the provisions " " - Second and third readings were ; " , ends; mat. ,~_ ~- ..s *~, pt ~=.~, w,, accumulated during the last three Numerous prizes were awarded to then given both ordinances. On No. Stonebridge, quarter; Kartsonis,and "~ -- average American an-! both adults and children's exhibits. 547 Councilor Auguston declined to Castagno, halls and Nelson fullback. about financing or help-years. Europe's next war . I personally feel that the school A literary program was given, Prof. ~t @ ~t district can better afford to pay the Thomas giving a short talk. All the by law. the others to make it unanimous on lineup, Coach Morgan will give every Government recognizes the slump, officially, by fixing the of gold at $29.62 in our The idea is to let American [ producers get for their metal "world Pt~oe" in dollars, less the of handling, exporting~ etc. news for the gold mine men. content with driving out Pro- Einstein, who did so much glory of German science, cer- followers seemed inclined to Swastika emblem by about Professor Einstein's an alleged cash reward murder, Belgian police a .guard around his suburban Now it is reported "Nasis have concentrating near the Einstein and Einstein will flee from Bel- goi~/g to Sounth America on a yacht. way to obtain honor, hy one of the world's great- Whalen, who runs New NRA, with a smile that never two garment workers' which is as near to parlor[s- miracle as he can ever expec~ above mentioned interest charge than the tax payers can afford to be sub- Sect to an additional burden of $11,- 500.00 in taxes above the provisionh of the forty-mill law. I am further opposed to both spe- cial levies because the expenses of our school have not been reduced so as to bring them in line with the very much reduced ability of the tax payer to pay in these times of financial dis- tress. With many of the school children living a long distance from the school, it is, in my opinion, always necessary, and I have always been in favor of furnishing transportation to them, especially since the outlying districts have been encouraged to come to Issaquah. The attendance in the grade school being compulsory, these children should have supplies and textbooks i free so, as to give an equal chance to all The above named functions of the school can be carried out w~thout (Continued on Page $) KIWANIS DISTRICT MEETING REPORTED Two Former Memhere of issaquah School Faeulty, Mise Ge~-h~ ~nd Mr. Shobort~ Reported Ill. As announced last week, the pro- gram was in the hands of five mem- bers who attended the district con- vention at Seaside, Oregon. Ray Schneider took over the assignment of ducribing the trip down, and one invident that would be of interest to our readers was their visit with Miss Gee[hart, a former teacher here, at Astoria, and her mother, now eighty- thru years of age. Miss Gearhart ac- companied them to the famous Astor monument at Astoria. Ross Stephen- s~n repoz~ted on the meetings and sazd [ that, while there was considerable fuu scattered through the program, the keynote of the entire convention was of a serious nature. To John Fischer was giyen the task of pre- senting the principal nominating speech of the convention. John made a good talk but reported more on his winning of contests than on nomin- ating /~osehes. 'Bill Holland stated he was impressed with the activity manifest in child vocational guidance and ex~ress~ the hope that the f~l. lowship meeting with the churoh, schools and Grange next week would result in some work along those lines. Speaking of Oscar Shobert, a former member of the club, Dec said he was cFitically ill in the Veteran's Hos- pltal at Portland and that through a (O0ntlnued 0n Im4 ) new members of the schools faculties were introduced. The following resolutions were unanimously adopted: BE IT RESOI.VED: That this organization, the Preston Under the supervision of Attorney! Shorett the petitions and required papers were forwarded to County Auditor Grant, who has announced September 30 as the time for setting date of the special election. reside, be it in Preston, Issaquah or Seattle: That in order to secure this equal- ity in education we desire our schools to be maintained at their present standard and efficiency: That we are convinced that in or- der to do this our schools must have (Continued on page 2) events in the Salvation Army pro- gram for the coming year. ELECTED TO LEGION POST Dr. William Holland was elected a member of the executive committee of Edward B. Rhodes Post of the American Legion at Tacoma Mon- day evening. BIRTHDAY DINNER Blaine Boyden was out from Seat, tie over Sunday for a birthday di~, ner. Mr. and Mrs. LesSer Niebholos were guest~ also. Mr. Nieholos a~ elated the orchestra Saturday nlgirc, and they remained over for the din. her, Blaine aoc0mpanylrq~ them home Sunday nl~ht. ATTENDS CONVENTION J. H. Gibson is attending the ggth annual convention of the National League of District Postmasters heldI in Seattle thl~ week. The Washington State branch of the League held its annual ~lsotion and Mr. Gibson was elected sixth vice-president for an- other y~a~. vote on the first reading but joined While this is the probable starting the second and third. After the vote squad member a chance to see action. on the second reading of No. 548, Harris moved that an emergency be iPerfect Attendance For declared and the ordinance placed on l -- -- . mn car I A Permd Of Nme Years its third reading. The mot" -~ ried, the ordinance was read and pass-~ .... -- - - ~ ~,'t0gutos ~rom thirtyofive states e~;e~:rnyl~tUoSt~48 was placed on ~tslattended the opening in Seattle Tues- - day of the twenty e~ghth annual con final readingAttorney Dobson stated[ -" = time could be saved by reading the vention of the National League of title only. Mrs. Alexander asked any- one in the audience unfavorable to the ordinance to make objection to its passage in that way. The objection was promptly made and the ordinance was read in full. The mayor then stated she would get legal advice be- fore signing the two ordinances. The floor was then given to S. Welch who offered an ordinance for the council to pass, from the Work- ers' Congress in Seattle, endorsing measures to give security to the working classes, as explained by Mr, Welch. The document was tabled without reading, and the meeting adjourned. GRANGERS PLANNING BIG BOOSTER NIGHT Members, Former Members and the Frimads of Both Are Urged 1'o Attwad! Will Hold No Clas~i M~et. Next Monday evening the local G~angers will celebrate the National Grange "Booster Day," with enter- tainment for all members, formoe members and their friends. There is ~o be no closed meeting, so all are ahked to be present at 8 o'clock sharp. The Master will call the meeting to order, in the presence of all, and turn it over to the lectur- er, who will take charge of the pro- gram. Talks will be heard on the object of the "booster" idea, with the principal talk by the advertising man- ager of the Grange News. After the program, luncheon will be served, followed by three hours of dancing. A special invitation is ex- tended to members and those who hava been members but have allowed their membership 'to lapse, and ali l these are urged to invite friends. It ie intended to make of this booster" event a meeting to be remembered. NINETY:FIRST REUNION Members of the 91st Division of World War troop~, will hold their an- nual reunion in Seattle on Saturday, September 23, at the Olympic Hotel. Dinner will be served at 8:00 p. m. Registrar/on will be taking pl~e during the afternoon. All fo~mer members of that division are /nvited to sttend, District Postmasters. In the election of officers by the state branch of the League, Walter Eckert of Grapeview was elected president and J. H. Gibson of Issa- quah a vice-president. Messrs. Eckert and Gibson took 'luncheon with the North Central Kiwanis club, where Issaquah was presenting the pro- gram. Mr. Eckert joined Kiwan~: nine years ago and is a 100% me'tu- ber, having attended every week dur- ing that time And he drives twenty- two ~iles to attend his home club. He certainly has earned the title of 100% membership. Unemployed To Benefit From Saturday's Dance The dance given at the Playfleld gymnasium Saturday evening, the second for the season, like the La- bor Day party, was a succ~s, social- ly and financially. While tim crowd was not as large, the bi~ hall was comfortably filled, to the enjoyment of all part/cipating. As announced before, these parties will' be continued every Saturday night. For the dance this Satudray, all proceeds over expenses will be give~, to the local unemployed. They are expecting to truck fruit and veg- etables over from Eastern Washing- ton and will need some money fo gas and other expenses. On this ac- count the Fire Department has ten- dares them this opportunity of help- ing in that direction. So your dancing; at home this com- ing baturday night will tend to htl~ where help will be appreciated. Issaquah Kiwanis Club Gives Seattle Program President Andy, Secretary Steve, George Clark, Walter Btles, John Gibson, John Fischer, Dad Boyden and Albert Jansen attended the meet- ing of the North Central Kiwanis clu~ in Seattle Tuesday noon and put on the program. Th~ talk was fflveu by Mr. Cla-k on I.~ ideal plan for state legisla. tur~ George has an idea there that won't down. The thinkers In the North Central club sat up and took notice. Music was furnished by Al- fred with h/s piano accordion. North Central recently gave, a pro- gram in Iuaquah and thls was Issa. quah'S returrl, making is a seasonal with months of idleness each plenty of leisure for workers, earnest and excitable men to think up new plans off their chains" and better pay. in a st rant on the a former colonel of knows where $8,000,000 of geld and gems are hidden. was taken to Turkey by of the Russian Church and taken from the priest. It in- English gold coins worth $8,- The tale may i)e one of "Spanish treasure" stories so to police, and there may be treasure. ~ 4t the excitement of revolution the fear of confiscation, any ~ble things were hidden in Rus- will come to light some day, magniflcient works of art, the Imperial family for back, and by the Russian Dukes and nobles. is the Voltaire library that the Second bought when That would be worth more the six hundred thounmnd End- $ $ $ Sherman of Columbia says a scientific, properly diet will enable wise human to live 10 per osnt lonpr, and '" that tbominabla pediod of onttnued on lut pa )