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September 28, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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September 28, 1933

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::9 T t~L By ARTHUR BRI!BANE ----~ VOLUME 18. NUMBER 4 5?:j=A Glad.tone. Que.t,on I ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASH., THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1933 SUBSCRIPTION $I. Great Arab Funeral j ~_ ~ R ,, __. w]re' shw'!'~A~Tt:r'a,I cou;l:'o;s':ngs ' The Issaquah, _- ,_ ____ _ ___..,_ L_^__ .~ ,~ ^i~_ ;^_Fire Departme t Is mlill:o Id r have hnet~allforappearanceSthe 'extra point Still Killing Witches TOO MANY BOOSTERS V0t s D( c as I U,: M 111S,c h o o I I H"s FOOTBALL TEAMs.,I. Will ,. Sa, 00 0 o . NEGLECTED TO BOOST ...... '____________ ........................... STARTS OUT IN HIGH ;:me~:~rdistributingfrm, Muscle[~ Clerk Case Is Charged ], . Reynolds Coal Property -'------- .... ,c power tnac ~ne peo-[Grange Booster Day Speaker Fails VJ;~k ~^--,---.., ^f .... ,l LUll ADUUI 0 IU u.:__. I_ 17^.._ l~_~:l:.._ Held Renton Friday to Single Touch- um Ior and own will sell current.. .- ~ .. -. s .- v, ,us ~.,o,Lc.~laL v~ ~uu,t# a.JH.~ as, xuu~ ~...s,sco .. ... -- . .. ~o-..-.-~-, ' ~ - I to 3now, put 3rnall ~rowo rur- __ ~ -- uown; rw.t t;onrerence ,.Jame to ~;Ucea:tse P:l~es'~P:,r~ap~s,~~earn:l nishe.Own Program. When the last petition of the ls- a n , .... ,.,,_ This week The Press has had re- Be PlayedHere Tomorrow. :ainst four a~-;a~half~centsn'ow ~- saquah mayoralty recall case wasl~S IxeSUll Dusses YVIII J~e ports of more family moving, thi~ ,e ,, ,,handed to R I Case, c~ty clerk, and timemoving rotetown f~om else d by rivate com anies endance at Gr ~e boost r .... " " "_.._.1 .._ T~,..-- D_ " " " '" The Issa .... h hi-~, sc~--1 ~^,~.oU .. P p [ Att aug e s ........ ] Dlscontl,ucu t,, a~,,, ,x=- . _ . . ~-- 6 .............. New York, utility men weep be-lmeeting Monday evening was far be- he notmea the uerenoant, net attov-[ where. Among tnose reported are Mr. team played their first game of the the c ~ neys notffied Mr Case that the re and Mrs uscol ~oskl and daughter ity will tax them to he.B[low what was expected, and the ' . - duced Several Weeks; No - "'" " " " season Friday when their, took the ........ . _ ff expense , straining order enjoining the petl Mermn, who have mo~ed rote the s, including politicians ]speaker failed to put in an appear- "] ....... " short end of a 7-0 score 'at Renton. uses. lance Aside from that it was a sue tioners in the first case had been] Provision for Warrants. Thompson home on Main street. They ............ ~antic toda,, is the value of m.,s /cess" " made permanent and that if he pro-[ came here from Renton. .. 1he inomns Klc~ea ~o Kenyon on J- . ~ me opening play of the game. A~en- as, electricity, yet it was "onIy[ After a short wait for the speaker ceeded .w~th the. case he would be_/ ~ ........ ~.~-~ ..... ; ..... i~*e-~ Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Kosk] of Red ton took the' ball and began a march raay-- that William E. Glad-]a.^..^. ]~oa|..... ll.~] *~. .... .;__ naueu m~o cour~ ~or contemp~ / ,~,, o ....,,, ~,.~.,~ .~ ..... Lodge Montana moved into the W~}- taw.~r,t ls....h'~ ~.~1 l;-o ~ho I. ' En , court a decmwe vote against the vy of , , .glands grand old man audito order and turned it over to the -- " .......... /an-- extrat milla-e for school ~ur- ham Mohse cottage near the Co-Op. diana' defense was very weak in the minister, watched the greath~. ..... Mr R I e~o~o ~ar. ~ase proceeaeo w~m checking] y s _ . ~. Mr. KosKi ~s a cousin of Oscar Kosk:. fi~t ee .... ;-,,e~ ,, ~ ....... ~haaYt'=:dmg,cHs f by the th:d Pwie.t:hi::e ::u:ty :;e:tio~g::::ff./~r::S~o;o'.~tion,~tt:' ;~':;sO;:e Mr. and Mrs l~lmer Kopra Renton was to n COUlO maKe u~rec~ ann "" ce a letter " the state "/ ..... . ~ ~_, ~.. moveo ~rom rAocKmson, Wasn., and score an easy victory. Renton lost the ~ss electricity on a tiny scale taulen ' ~rom Since then the action threatenied by]~or ~ransportatmn, was oe~ea~eo vy ........... :__ .~_ x~:...~; u ............... , ~ - " - - " "master was read by Earl Paulsen, and .~ , o ~. ,. .. .~ ~ _ .,^+. ,~,e oQ~ v .... ,~ q~o o,~o;.~S* a~ ~uupyHt~ ~l~ ~HH nomc on Dall OU a IumDle ano ~ne ~eams oaz- .~- ~ ,. . raday had writ :Frank Klein told of the activities of , ....... ~^_ ~..... +.~ ....n ~,_ The second ,~ro-osition a levy of five East Hill-street, recently vacated by tled on even terms for the remander ~,- ousy jus~ now again on elec- . .... t ~ . ~ ,. ~~r.~y~, ,~ ,~,, ~,, .,,u ,,~r.} '" ~" ' . " . Mr. and Mrs. Joe Audette. - +he h~l~ ~h~ l~oo,,,*h ~;,, ~gnetism, and I think I have go1~ ~ne~range a~ me s~a~e ~a~r. ne sam Case is summonedto appear tomor-[nulls for bond redemptmn, received . . . _ . "~ " .. ""~:*" -:\~ ]~'-"":"" "-'~ of a ........... "lKing County Pomona won $135.00 row Frida- the 29th when as we a vote of 266 for and 377 against Mr. ann ~virs Justus Juniper l~ave s~ren~;~nenea consmerao~y a~er ~ne ! KuoO ~nlng, DUt can ~ say. , ~, , , , " " ay be ......... []n prizes, taking fi,rst for Grange ex- understand it decision will be ma- ] The action will doubtless result tn moved into the Ivor Sah) home, fo~- first few plays and held their oppon. a weed lns~ea~ oi a nab . , ~e " " ' " e :foro n v " after aH .~,, ~.~,~ ~ .....tlhibits and for dmplay. He also stated as to whether the enjoining has been[either abandoning the school busse~ merly the La~de residence, on White nts d wns o se eral occamona "" ~ ' : the lar eat a le at the falr street Mr Jura er ~s a brother ot when Renton had pushed the ball m Dull up." [that g PP made permanent; also as to whetherlor shortening the term of school, or _ ~. .., P : ..... " ~ ~: ]was grown on the Lewis farm down he is in contempt of court [possibly both Mrs. ~scar Aliia. ~o scoring pomtmn. tdstone ^,.:' __ ..~:# .... ,,. /the valley, weighing one pound and " [ Wednesday morning, after the el- Two men, Fred Knuttfla of Ren- Renton scored the only touchdow~ lOur.].g un ,nut.~t~.y ~ noes " W araa... ~ ...... iseven ou . r,. w~ ..... ~ l~'__~t_|| ]ection the school board decided to ton and Gust Maklof Canada, are hen they intercepted a pass and ,,~: uemonstrazeu a mscov rlre uepanment rootOall ' . , hat was to mean billions of dol Mr. Klein also told of the advan- m o ..~ v ]eliminate bus transportation. How- rooming at the Kopra home and tak-ran the ball deep Into Issaquah ter- arne~ ....... "lta~,es of the Grangers organizing for, learn in Deazue '-eaguelever cards are being sent to the pc-ing their meals at the Oscar Koski ritory. They scored after a series of ~, ITlllllOnS OI men employ- ~ ' " . nd li~rht th~ ~h.~ ~,.~ o~b.,~ the co-operative handling of gasoline. -- [trons of the district asking an ex- home. runmng plays and hit the Indians' lay.-Of Mr. Case then gave a short tal pressio, as to whether they w u All of these men have places on t eI" " ....... ~ ..... now sponsoring a football team and " ' c raday made O-~ ~'--~* -~--~-- f-rIon the objects of Grange booster day ........ Iprefer contmuatmn of the busses and force at the Reynohls coal mine nearI C(a h Morgan was well pleased ..... ~"~ "~P': " f has entered the ~xass ~ mague ]n ~e months w~th th sh w~ tisher. "Why o; ...... .,,;11 ..... land the place he though~ the Grangei ~. ," . ,, -Ishorten the term two or three town. " ~ ] " e o "ng theIndians made ,le to tax it;~ New'York"talkie, could, and should, occupy in the]attle, playing ~unuay va|i. ,or discontinue the transportation, r , f,. n, , ]agaih~t Renton and he will send a come tru~ " Icommunity. He wondered if too much[ A condition of the League is that]Further action depends upon the ha- LOCal I..l~ess l-layers I much stronger and experienced team -~" r " ~t ~ attention was not being given to out-]no team may ave age h~gher than 150 ture of these rephes, which must be Tournament Completed/against Tolt tomorrow when the two ~n Fesial Ki-.-- ^* T~... ~r~[side activities when our attention pounds per man and the heaviest man[returned by Monday morning at 9:0o ------- teams clash on the local Playfeld. -f *'--- '~'- :'~ ~'..'*'~.' "-'f[mi~,ht better serve our community lnot over 160 pounds, o'clock. Some of the chess players of. Issa- Following is Issa uah's schedule for iaJe"~:e=g~nei'zYedC?:Ze~eTt~::lbyendeavoring in every way to make! Issaquah played their first game[ Sixteen districts in the county re- quah, Preston and Fall City have re- this season: q in hi .... "-'~of Issaquah and Issaquah Valley be~-Sunday and got off to a good starLIted on the levy of additional millage cently completed a tournament to de- m grave, one nunarea l tribesmen wailed bitterl,, I ter places in whmh to live. Along their breas ~ ,...~ ~.~.n~'lthis line he thougl~t that the Grange women wailed moaned tore [might well co-operate w, th other o~ hair, threw their veils'aside ganizations in any enterprises that -^~- ..... ~,~;~,h be of an uplift nature; which v~eu mournfully towar~ ned- w~l"t at the same time make of th~ touch Feisal's coffin meant "telhe of the best Granges in existence. e nterit," and it was necessary[ Miss Florence Paulsen followed the brad e w~th a couple of songs, accompany ~. " g across the Tigrml. " .... " he funeral m herself on the prone V~s~tmg procession has pas~-[ g . " Reep back and cards entertained until luncheon, i the dangerously b~g after which dancing was enjoyed un- man beings crave leaders and[til twelve. r get them. You can count the] great ones, from Genghis Khan [ University Instruction 33 on y ur :ng rs and toes. ] Will Start Next Monday an isolated African village, sev-[ ........ f Urashin on students one savages have been sentenced] t~n]vers~y ~ ,, gt ~prisonment for hormb" ly br',~o,*~" i of~ Issaquah will be leaving. this week-!. ment to end for Seattle as mstructmn begans two women, mother and[ ~ter, accused of "witchcraft." next Monday. October 2. First year another ~art of Africa last[students will be attending the Fresh- lly, sixty natives were sentenced[man Week activities this Friday and ~sth. They killed an old woman[Saturday on the campus, all entrans '~ asti] ~g a spell over a man's [.being asked to meet Friday morning " The sentences were commutea, m the offices of their respective col- is not so long sin'ce tens of leges. Freshman week is intended to de- were tortured and burne~ in Euopre, in the name Aimee Scruple McPherson who lives to save souls, is In York, where many souls need quaint the newcomers with Univer- sity life. Lectures, libraray instruc- ties, a mixer and other activities are on the program. Special attention is being given to Freshman girls this year. Under the new plan, fret year women under "Ben Hur" was revived In[twenty-ne must live in organized P Yo~k "ear ....... [houses. This week it was announced .v ~ ago, Dilly~unaay, lug about it, said. ]that the dormitories would be in ?here are more 1~: ..... n...n.]charge of trained leaders in person- that thereever wer:*~='~';:l",,Inel work.. These social directors will " - ........ "ihave charge of the social life in the Scruple McPhers0n Hutton is ldrmitries and will supervise the for those lepers, and wiII[schlastic activities as well. .., them, spiritualb, whi,e. ,hasI Students from Issaquan WhO wm #' ~" ~ . attend institutions of higher educa- requested, and obtained, two ]tin are: .. . rove b~rds to decorate her hotel l Einar Nygren, Jack Neumrcnen, Mr. Hutton, who is Tom Wold and Warren Hobbs, Unl- will think about that, versity of Washington; Harry Prus- in his eyes, let us hope sing, Jean Schneider and Oscar So- ~t ~ ~ derstrom, Washington State College; Texan Guinan, who has fol- Relen Peters and Agnes Duffy, Bum- other paths, is now prepar- hess College in Seattle. a "farewell tour in the sticks." intends to start saving souls al- as soon as she can afford it. when she stops ~aving souls, she cultivate a little back garden show people how to be happy, simple way. should be a good revivalist, she could tell a wicked audi- Just what it had been doing, near hell is to bright ligts. is a lot in the old saying: "The the sinner, the greater the Smith of New York, baez o~ trip through various cons- Europe, gives you this in- of about the new telephoning in Germany. German enters a telephone his convarsation. "Hell Hail Hitler," and after his remarlm to the man at the again: "Heft Hilter," and way. the young especially, are as wildly, enthusiastic abou~ more so even that the It~l- w~e after their dictator's firm to lmww. JONES - HAMMERSTROM Francis Hammerstrom~ of Bellevue and Miss Gladys Jones of Upper Pres- ton were united in marriage by Rev. S. E. Anderson at the local parsonage Tuesday afternoon. The question is, will Hitler turn out to be another Mussolini, or an- other Rienzi, who also rose to su- preme power, and come to an abrupt end, Look him up in your hiatory for the facts, not in Wagner's opera about him. ~ ~t ~t Postmaster General James A. Far- ley, as busy a man as every workad for this country, announces tha~ $500,000,000 have been cut from' the ]nation's expenses since January 1, in comparison with the same figure s yearago This is' an Interesting figure, when you remember that not very lom ago, when Tom Reed was Speak- er of the House, the Government of the United States spent only $500,- 000,000 in a year for its Army, Na. vy and werything else. Now New York City spends more than that. , Sept. 29~-Tolt at Issaquah. winning" from Capitol Hill, 13-0, on ] with only Issaquah and Lake Buxien. termine the standing of their playe~. Oct. 13---K,rkland" ..-" , ..... ..... I. efeatm the lev The result was as follows E Lov~ the Broadway ttigh field d ' g Y- " - * : '- nct ~a.__lv,,.,~ ,e ! ...... k I I .............. ''=~"--~ Those playing fo~ Issa(: lUah Sunday Commenting on the .situation, , gren, Paul Benson, A. J. Naas. Pete ,.,~,.'~-" ...__.....~.~.~-~ , ...... I. ,,-" o..~.=,.,,~.a ...... ,_.*_ were Bill" Cast,gnu,''. qb," George' Rem~ICounty" Superintendent Hulse. said Is- Johnson, C. J. Sween, C. J. Larson, Nov. 18-- Snoqualmle_ _ta issaqua_.h. and Ivan Darst, hb; Merl Pedigan, saquah would probably "get by" with John Skoglund, Algot Berg, Carl .......... ...... tn}s scneoule is noz complete as a hb; Ole Peterson and Dave Watkins, drastic curtailment of bus transpo~- Johnson, Frank Morgan, ~lmora ~en- -ame f^- Arm:stic^ r~a- --~ ~m-a"Z'- ends; Paul Knoernschild and Martin tation, but will labor under a heavy son ano ~r. w. ~neney. ~n a smg~e . :_~ ~ ...... , ..^, ~. ......... Yourglich, tackles; Frank Dire and burden of floating warrant mdebt- game match the first place was won Mervin Castagno, guards, Art Bar,- edness, by Pete Johnson. P O a ~CUVlues ~J~n fill, center. George Parrott was the~ This is the first time in many yearsI At the Seattle Chess Club the a~,- om na ~'~c 1 1 S only sub. with the boys and he went lthat Issaquah has refused to vote the nual tournament for the champion-l Issues Before People ten mill lev ah~p has also been played The htle into tackle position when Yourglicn extra " y. " " [ . moved into halfback after Reini wa~ iwas captured by J. L. Sheets of Se-[ Ki~ County Pomona Grange No. injured. I REBEKAH ANNIVERSARY iattle. The former champion, O. Ulve-113 met with Meridian Grange last Next Sunday Issaquah will play theI Gilman Rebekah lodge celebratedI stad, went down to fourth place. I Thursday. Rainier Valley team lastyear's the anniversary of the Order after -- DvAng the morning session ntne champions, in Seattle its rcgular meeting last Wednesday! ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED resolutions were read, dealing with " ~ night. A short program was follow-! Mrs. Martin announces the engage-luP-to-the minute problems. Seven of Miss Myrtle Lewis, who has been~ed by Military Whist, with six tables ment of her daughler Mary to Mr. the nine were then adopted. Tho~m seriously ill for the past week, m in play. The members of Gilman lodge Michael Kacir of Enumc]aw No drawing forth the most dicsussion slowly improving I were the guests of the evening, date has been set for the wedding. 'were: .... County Agent necessary, against a m =, ,= m budget cut; " ( ~ ~ Action commending the four Judges who who sustained the vote of the people on the Income Tax Bib; Against some contractors on the highvray for working their men more than thirty hours and requiring a r~- fund. Most of the afternoon session wa~ a discussion on gasoline. Mesars Reis( and Dickinson presented an ex- plan-~.tiot~ and outline of the Code and its effect on Grange gas. The evening program was very In- teresting and instructive. An illus- trated lecture on the work of the Whir,.~ Cross; we clever skits; a ree~- tation, anda talk on Grange powder as it is now handled, was given by Mr. Jenson. Styles I~t bcdrotm f~ralenimira ehaose Mmo~t from Y@~ year. JUst now there ie, I, ncrea.knlr Interevt In Ens*/ bedrooms. Thl~ one, aeeordlng to DeI-Teet bf S~" ao~J~es~. 11th Century lSaslleh feudal 0e.tle eays. LBLIA WnlGHT.. edttor ef Washeoegg amd eapJtble home eeonem. le4 adviser, direeted tho elrlr diephty ~nd research at the Western Waehtnlrton ~alro Multiplylag the rises for eslr. le order to broade~ the marker for the Pou|try rt~J.er J~ her Stb~erbtnS interest, 5~Jde seene, .howlnK hvJndredN of mea om th9 8noqualmJe I?m~8 ueetlea of 8unest ]H[Ighway building seat go,crete highway, is ~m~-~:e of the employmeat re,nit|he from hblle Work. exDendltares on md , making, whe~'e labor reee~ves ~ ef the eonstruetlon-eo~t, appropriation. u.}[[@u~e o;le ~,ls]rJ .e~ St Wt)~'k ~,r UI~ ; - . " st~c- ed|tor aJ~J tbo .rest Dr~ ~'all. over whleh the C:::m::~ ; ..,. :' r. tit. the Ors |a pruhlstorl'e tlme~, The Ol.~c:v;',thn ::.;~., ~ , . ":'t, the .~tate ]?ark Depart~,ent ,~ .l !a th~'e L.': ,~ "r " :, ~o inlr (JIt. eJte et Che huge I~r:=a:~..~ ; - :.. r'~:' ~*" ~ ..' "';Y*t~l M S eb~l' Huvinen-Barker Nuptial Celebration Saturday An important affair in the soda! life of Pine Lake last week was th~ wedding entertainment given by Mr. and Mrs. Axel Huvinen for their son, Leonard, and Miss Ivona Barker. Leonard, who has just returned from Alaska, and Miss Barker, were merried in Seattle, Tuesday. Follow- ing the ceremony they chartered an airplane and flew out and circled the home district low enough to make their presence known. Miss Ivona is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Barker of the Pine Lake district. The groom's parents leued the Beaver Lake pavilion for the recep- tion Saturday night. An abundance of refreshments were served, and about two hundred people enjoyed dancing until a late hour. It was one of the most successful parties yet held in the district. 1SSAQUAH CREAMERY IS MANUFACTURING BUTTER The Issaquah Creamery h~ addad butter-making equipment to the plane and started making .butter Tuesday. About $3,000.00 has 'been inve~ted in this new ma~him~ry and adda much to the ability of the Creamery to serve the c~mmunity. Mr. and H..C. Brady moved into their new home Monday. The John Nelsons are occupying the house they moved from on Main street. L