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September 28, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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September 28, 1933

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PAGE TWO , ,,, _, ,_ TUE ISSAQUAH PRESS --OFFICIALPAPER FOR THE TOWN OF ISSAQUAH-- Published Every Thursday at ISSAQUAH, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON Subscription Rates : One Year, in advance .................................................... $1.50 Six Months, " . ................................................... 1.00 " 5 Three Months ...................................................... 7 Entered as second-class matter on October 27, 1916: at the post- office at Issaquah, King County, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. M.,. A. BOYDEN .................................................. Editor-Publisher MAY BE PERMANENT The Nai~onal Recovery Act came into being in a time of stress, and it was generally supposed that the Act wouhl not survive the emergen- cy out of which it arose. Its primary purpose was to give work to the un- employed, and it was regarded as a creature of the flay, and soon to be outmoded. There seems, however, to be an undercurrent of opinion that some- how it may be extended to a wider scope of operation than originally planned, and that, perhaps in a re- vised or altered form, it may con- tinue to function for an indefinite period With industries committed to " i J , .. I ]EMSTITCHING I I Mrs. C. I. B0yden Phone lssaquah 385 I THE I$SAQUAH PRESS, ISSAQUAH, KING CO, WASHINGTON TIIURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 28, if they would take but a couple ofrwas the grim score in the mounting unnnnnuunuuunnununnnun days on that one subject and adjourn, lwave of hit-run accidents and crash- but "if I get the d--?*!-*-l's downles caused by reckless and intoxicatedl~ here I could never get them home. tdrivers. Really not a high showin~l= They Would put in a sixty-day se:,-[ for the return of beer I sion at a cost of $125,000." Andi ............... t--I that is about what they would dot EARNS PLEASURE. [ now. But somewhere along the line I President Roosevelt signed wage [ I there seems to be a group of agi-,contract agreements Friday between [1111 tators who don't care a whoop for bituminous coal operators and the[~ such pin money, or any other amounts United Mine Workers, and expressed 1 | they can lay the state open to. great pleasure. If he really has brotI ~m. The apparent nearness of the llq- thost two factions together, and they ll uor law repeals is the present alib~ stay together, he ceraiMy is enitled !! ~ ooooR pAar for the call, but there is no reason why county and municipal govern- ments can not handle that situation until the next regular session. If Governor Martin wishes our ad- vice it is to leave the "d--?*!-*-!'s'" home as long as possible. Forget it, Clarence. their several codes, new problem~ may arise, and their ultimate settle- -- ment may be projected far into the America is frequently called the future, melting pot of the world. If there Those who have seen the N. R. A. is anything in a name this country put into operation may not have wit-should bear out that reputation, as nessed simply the bridging-over of l America was named by a German a presently-confronting gulf. They;l professor in a French school for an may have been in at the very start l Italian navigator in the service of . . i on a far-reaching and endurmg pol- the Kmg of Portugal. , icy which will alter industrial history and work definite and permanent TRYING OUR PLAN. changes in the triangular relation in- Along the plans suggested by The solving the employer, the worker and : Press in a recent issue comes the foi- the federal government, lowing announcement: Braylew, Calif., has built a city OUR BID 100 CENTS hall with labor and supplies furnished ~, . " ]by those unable to pay their taxes The American dollar is w'orth ap ......... . " I In cash. ~o successuIl has ~ne plan proximately sixty-seven cents in Par- . . . ............. t been, that other civic improvements m, Amsteroam ann z~urlcfl, 11: lS. sam 1 - - , . . - j are now oelng mace on a mrge scale Those demrmg to spend their money . "" wi workers and business . " t oy aim ng on a more satisfactory basra can do ......... __ ,0 .... I men~o pay ~nelr zaxes tnrougn m- SO In tne omce ox ~ne newspaper m , . "' e ~e~ b ~ c'" our ano suppnes n eo o y the l~y. wherein these comments appear. [ Governor Martin is taking his time Ever and anon we see a sort of lin naming a new Director of Efficien- weather, balloon sent aloft to get the Icy. If that office means anything at soundings, or spread propoganda for!all' a real man is need there. Robert a .special session of the legIslature I Montgomery' editor of the Puyallup thin winter. Frankly we see no reason lValley Tribune, is being mentioned for it. I for the position. Bob has proven his The wrlter was once interested[efficiency as a regent of the Univee- with a group that asked Governor ' . . [sity, a pretty big job in itself, and Hartley for a special session He felt ]would make an excellent Director friendly and said it would be all right I of Efficiency SPECIALS THIS WEEK PURE HOME MADE LB. POUND Fresh Side Pork ,ou.. 10c 12c 10c 10c 25c LITTLE PIG POUND LBS. From Reynolds Coal Mine the New We are now prepared to furnish all domestic sizes. Our Lump is ideal for furnace or heater. Try a load. to feel pleased. IBM 0--- -- 0 [ Community Church t0 - m Home-Coming Day is next Sunday tf at our church. At this time a new se- I ries, "The Twelve I)egree Efficiency Order Through Your Dealer iiilllllillllliillillllilllnmlililmiiilnlllliiiiiiill HANDLED BY C. MILLARD Phone 53-F-I 3 mmiHBHBiH|Oi|BBHH||H|Um|U|BUEHHHHHil SOFT PEDALING. Saturday's dispatches told us that in the case of the Federal Nations! Bank of Boston, investigation dis- Drill," begins. Plan to attend the next twelve Sundays, it will be help- ful to you. bm ,nals rocery l-lb. Can GOLDEN WEST TEA ALL One TEA STRAINER FOR CONCORD GRAPES, basket ............................ 1, POWDERED SUGAR, 3 pounds for ................ 11 The Go-to-Church Band for young BACON, nice and lean, sliced or piece, pound. I' people beg ns next Sunday; those " " ~I ; " ..... GOLDEN WEST COFFEE, 3-1b tan 89c 1-1b tm wno naven t tickets may secure ~nem ........ , ........ then. NALLEY 5 SYRUP, quart jug .......................... 2: The new quarter's lessons, are on WHITE KING SOAP POWDER, package ...... 21 the great Apostle Paul; ten o clock Is o~n ~ ,~, o .. -- ~ r the hour ,.3ul~.r', rormula ~ oanlmry, q pars ror ............ I! Christian Endeaver Society meets VANILLA, Big Value, 8-ounce bottle ................ at 6'45; we need a good topic I'~ ~ o-- ..... H NEY, 5-po-nd c..,, ........................................ llI'. u. u. VlOl'Se, a town anti coun- try church specialist, will be the ANNIIAP ila~aphAamll,,,imlaa P NAAII guest speaker both morning and eve- ning. UKANU~ M~flUANIIL~ A~N. Constructive, community-wide ser-; vice is our constant aim. unINNNIINIINNINNINNnNIIImmINmmINImINNInNNIINNUUl S. E. ANDERSON, Pastor. I ~ for the same has been appointed. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT. I H.E. Foster, Attorney for Plainti~. ..... G C ........... A~H ...... ,~TI P.O. Address 209 Lippy Building, . Seattle King County Washington. ~ [Ir~'~ The City Mortgage Company, a Date of first publication: Augusx~ i'~| ~-| f| [ Corporation, etc., Plaintiff, vs. Hansl31 1933. 8-31 10-5 r~ ~ ,, , Ule~og and Samuel Inch, Defendants. ] ~ SUMMONS. No. 264951 ]0TAIDO UAOC UCD ~INI[O~ The State of Washington to the]O/Mlno lUMU~ nKn said Hans Ulevog, defendant: You] ............. are hereby summoned to appear with-I ~_~ ~[IR ~-[~ ~'[ll'h'l~JL~ in sixty (60) days after the date of[ ~1'~| |~|1 ~I|m-i,~||l the first publication of this summons, -- to wit: within sixty (60) days after P,.~=hv ,~f l;'.v,-,=== P'~t~kT~ai~ the thirty-first day of August, 1933, ....... ~ ........... ~. ~t~ ~z * and defend the above entitled action .. -- is the time to buy tires. Px in the above entitled court, and Although she has lost but 7bs. ~ohigher. lftheydo, ltwIE answer the complaint of the _plaintiff.. of her overweight, this woman finds coat you money to use up and serve a copy of your answer up- that 7 lbs. has made a remarkable And with fall and wlnte$ on the undersigned attorney for difference to her and wet and slippery plaintiff, at his office below stated; Her letter reads "I am 53 years around the corner, It's and in case of your failure so to do, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint, which has been filed with Salts, making no change in my die. ! the clerk of said court. In this ac-Now I am less round the hips, and closed the "abstraction and misap- tion the plaintiff seeks to recover a only weigh 147 lbs. dressed. But I propriation" of $1,700,000 In Port- judgment against the defendant in ~ee3 righter ana can now run up- . .......... " _- ~ the sum of $275.00, with interest m~istaIrs, wmcn oeiore used ~o make me Lane a ~no,uuu snormge m tne ten ....... - same at 8/c from February 2nd I gasp for breath. Everyone says how insma .~a~ionaz ~anz was termed 1933, and $100.00 attorney's feesl well and fit I look.'.' (Miss) J. H. "embezzlement." The bigger the theft upon a promissory note and the fore- Kruschen m an. ~deal blend, of 6 tha solfter the lan~mc, e used in de- closure of a chattel mortgage given separate stats wmcn neip nosy or- -'cri~i-- i* An~ they roll some swee~It secure the same, and that the sa~d gans to function properly and main- ~ u ,,~ ~. ~ ~ [chattel nronertv be sold to satisfy]thin a splendid degree of health--it ones under the tongue for a hau! such jud'gm'ent-and that a receive~ builds up energy and strength while that reaches seven figures. ~ you're reducing to normal weight. ~~ ........ I t, et Kruscnen Salts at Brendel Three more unsolvedhi~run crash-I Sea ,:a;:r a~n'iTl =e;;h =:u;one and ]aDryLCr l~vSSea~uahg~a~dnR~l~:wnor~ es on ~eat~le szree~s ~unaay, urine a half pounds more per cubic foot than r - ---a jar lasts 4 weeks and costs not ing the total for a week to eight, l fresh water at the same temperature I more than 85 cents. --Adv. PUGET SOUND POWER & LIGHT COMPANY OF COURSE WE ARE ON TRIAL To our Cu~omers : "Utility Regulation on Trial." You have heard and read a lot about this in the lact few months,--so have I, but it's nothing new. You bet regulation is on trial-- always has been and always will be--the same goes for us, for those who regulate and for those who legislate. Regardless of what may be our task or place in the scheme of things, are we not always more or less on trial--trying to measure up to our upper. tunides and responsibilities? As has been said, there is nothing as constant s change, and how true it is at present--we take nothing for granted--each dy we tackle something new with the wholesome objective ever in mind of overcoming our difficulties and making this court. try a better place to live in. Any time we kid ourselves into believing we are not on trial --look out--for then we will sure enough be in bad fix. We are all for regulation and legislation which will properly protect the rights of customers, investors and employees. We are giving and will give such efforts our corn- plete cooperation. We have opposed and will continue to oppose openly and vigorously hgishtiun and regulation which we feel in harmful to our customers who are dependent upon us for electricity t honest-to.goodne~ low rtes and to those folks, investors and employees llke, who are dependent on this company for their daily bread. This is only naturl. You would too, if you were in our phce. You hve gel to fight for just cause on behlf of those whose faith and welfare rests with you. Even though we have ball and chain around out ankle and are hog.tied by unjust legislation, we are in no sense gangsters or highwy robbers. Neither ie we bunch of naughty children who need to be whipped into doing what is right. We are going to do ' right because it is the sound, honorable, commowsense thing to do. We realize that in the interests of preservln~ and extending our field of usefulness, we must impose honest self.regulation. We know ful~ well that a business must be run to benefit the people served or it will not last. Sincerely, PRIISI DI~NT P. S.--We do not want a black eye just beotuse it may be the fashion for the moment. If we deserve it, O. K. ON TRIAL IqlSu J to have the protection ttre~ all around. And this--tire wear is slower in buy now will give you full tlon all winter and you have good t'res for next Sl aummer ~J withstand the of hot summer road~. complete line of Speedway, Path~ Weather. At the pay we have a GO not come In toda~ Goodyear AU-W~or 440-21 $s.ss 4.50-20 $6.oo 4.50-21 $6.30 4.75-19 $6.70 4.75-20 $7.00 30x3 $4.95 Hephr Motor Ford Sales and Service ISSAQUAH, Greenwood Cemetery Greenwood Cemetery has graves as low at $10 to not perpetual care, but care. Perpetual care $25 to $50. Concrete furnished with each grave, Telephone Retnon $~ RENTON, WASH. Including MACHINE WORK E. Ced, FRONT STREET One-half block south Highway Isaac