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October 13, 1927     The Issaquah Press
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October 13, 1927

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PAE TWO ]:E iSSAQUAH PRESS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, i92/ T_ cr TAH URacil ever known, accused of sin, "taken VERY TtIURSDAY Th:hsc:C:'es ::dh:h[Tdarbi::sS All oapers are continued unti! an explicit I that the' party should be stoned. The m'der is recMve] for discontinuance, and/good judge suggested that the one until all nrrearag, s are oaid. l without sin cast the first stone. The $1.50 per year, in advance narrative goes on to say that there ................................................ were no stones thrown that day. M. A. Boyden, Editor-Publisher The race has changed since that Eeeding Funct]on of Government There is no business or industry in the c(mntry hich gives so un- selfishly of its time and money in support of the government, as do the publish'.'rs. And there is no industry in the counL,y which 'feels so heav- ily the hand of ;overnment compe- tition a:; do tl,e p,d)li:&ers. Under its plan of havin; return addresses printed on stamped envelopes, the government has built up a commer- cial printin), business which exclude., competition. T!:e p,:inLers and publist, ers do not object to the government selling ste, n:ped e:,.velop(, .s this is a func- tion of government the same as the making of roney. But they can see no rea:;on for t.he government ex- tending its activity into printing in- dividual return addresses on such envelopes. This is an entirely sepa- rate operation, a:d a function which should be performed by local print- ing offices. The hanks, the grocery stores, the departrae.t sLerer-; and manufactur- ing plants would object strenuously time, and one is led to believe that it is trying to make up for lost time A person doesn't have to misstep in these days; just let the appearance of evil show, and the rock pile be- gins to move. The question of guilt or innocence is an after considera- tion. Throw the stone first seems to be the order, and consider later on. Too many of us are not busy enough attendingto our business and there- fore have time to throw stones at our neighbors, who may be just as guiltless as we. It would be well for us to know that our neighbor is at ing of these has done a big thing in the world. A garden of flowers, a beautiful picture, a good book--all help to make life worthwhile. The Home Newspaper The newspaper is not an inven- tion, nor is it a fad or a fancy. It is a growth--a development made pos- sible by the cooperative and recep- tive spirit of the people themselves because of the need for the pro(tucks of the community and of the world. .But the home newspaper is even more than this. It is the echo o; the community's voice, a spokesman of the community's mind, a cham- pion of the community's rights, and a direct avenue for the community's progress. A Drunk was pried out of a fast- drying cement sidewalk,, at Pitts- burg, the other day. Too bad--he fault before we begin i throwing should have been left to harden in stones--and even then it is much as a monument to the wet cause. better to let the stones alone. Down in Mexico they have to be guarded against plots, while around here protection is more needed against solicitors and canvassers. A monument to a hen will be erected in Rhode Island and will robably be placed in the middle of the road. Speaking of keynotes, the political scale also seems to begin and end with dough. MARRIED IN SEATTLE Miss Elsie Turner, of Redmond, and Mr. John VanderWal of Shelton, were united in marriage, Sunday, October9, at 1 p.m., by Rev. Lem The Fall Purchases About now people are buying many things to fit their children out for school, also no end of merchan- dise for fall and winter needs for themselves. It will make some difference to the development and prosperity of Issa- quah whether most of that money i spent here, or whether it goes else- where. Our people do well to re- member that when they spent it here they give a general boost to the com- munity, and they help our local en- terprises and enable them to employ more help, pay more taxes, add new facilities, and provide the commun- ity with still better service than ever before. Carter, pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church of Seattle. Miss Lilia Eddy was bridesmaid, and Mr. Floyd Eddy was best man. A few close friends were present. After spending a few days with the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Turner of Redmond, the young couple will make their home at Shelton, Washington, where the groom has a nice home prepared. if the govermnenL suF.gested produc- ing or selling the particular corn-[Making Life Worthwhile modities or services which they now I The important things in our live len, e, and :(t tkey see nothng   " ]are not the spectacular, the material wrong in tbe government mvadmg - ' ." .'. . " ' /accomplishments of which We make i the field el: the prmtmg mdustry ' " ' Imueh. These are but the vehicle / by! ! ]which humanity advances, the road! Who Threw That Brick? lover which civilization advances In the long ago in the Jordeant The important things are beauty, counlry, a party was brought to the and joy and hope. And the one wbo only perfect judge the world has contributes even a little to the mak- Ain't It the Truth We think about the limit in wifely affection is the one who can lis- ten to all the old chestnuts that her hubby tells every time there is company, and laugh as if she was hearing them for the first ttme and thought they were the funniest stories She ever listened to. Personally, we know a fellow in this town who has told us the same story eleven times, and the novelty is decidedly wearing off, and we wonder if you folks ever get bored with us for talking so much about these Nurse Brand goods that we have here at the store. We are going to keep right on whether you do or not, until we have you all converted. L{oral---Constant dripping water wears away the stone.. MANSFIELD'S "The Drug Store" ,IIililIlllIIIIIIIII|IIIIlHilIIIIIIII J lllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllillllllllllllllllll'lllll,l = -- WAIT === for the - - NEW in TE'LL soon be able to --= show you the beautiful _--= new Ford car. It's better than you ever hoped it- m would be- the smartest, _ UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE SHOWS SALES RECORD The University of Washington Bookstore estimated last week's bus- iness to exceed $78,000, the largest amount recorded during the 18 years of the store's existence. Between 5,000 and" 6,000 students passed through the Bookstore on the open- ing day of the fall quarter, accord- ing to Earl Campbell, assistant man- ager. About 80 students were em- ployed as clerks during the first week. SHE PUT IT OVER A salesman was showing an elec- tric iron to a fastidious old lady. "How much?" she asked. "$7.50, complete," replied the salesman. "What would it be without the cord?" "Well--I, the cord is supposed to go with the iron, so I'd have to ask you $7.45 anyway." "What?" Only a nickel for the eod." "Yes- Just a nickel." "Good, it was only the cord I wanted " she said as she deposited a five-cent piece on the counter, and tripped timidly out of the store with the covered cord. Men's Club Meet Monday Evening The next meeting of the Church Men's Club, next Monday evening, October 17, has been designated as Fathers-Sons night. Every man at- tending that evening is expected to bring a :on to dinner, either his own or a borrowed son. Mr. AI lJlbrickson, crew coach at the University of Washington, has been secured as speaker and his talk will be inspirational to boys, and it is desired to have as many boys as possible at the meeting. Ldies Not Expected Because of the large crowd ex- pected to be present it has been de- cided to make this a Fathrs-Sons night only. This is an exception to the general rule as it was decided at the beginning of the season to ex- tend an invitation to the ladies to at- tend all meetings. Music will he furnished this meet- ing by Miss Bechaud, performing on the marimba, an instrument some- what similar to the xylophone, ac- companied by the piano. A general invitation is extended to all men folks and they are re- quested to advise some of the com- mittee, or Mr. Maness, that full pre- paration may be made. 0 I Upper Squak News I J Mr. and Mrs. Sockwell, of Charles- ton, spent from Thursday to Sun- day with homefolks. Mr. and Mrs. Lamberries spent the week-end in town. They are guests of John Marinokos. The farmers up this way are ex- pecting electricity in the homes in the near future. Mr. and Hallworth entertained at Sunday dinner the following guests: The Misses Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hayward and two sons, of Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Sockwell, of Charleston, Mr. and Mrs. McGuire, of Seattle, and W. A. Hayward, of Issaquah. It was the first family reunion in ten years and was also Mrs. Hallworth's birthday. A Chevrolet tourin/gearran into Mr. E. Hogan's hor Mond_a night. The horse had to e shot ]ter on. The car was badly Iamagd but no- M  one was hurt. .- INSTALLING STEAM HEAT The Hepler Mot stalling a Rober Safety boiler for heatin their including sales shops. The capacity of the boiler is 175 pounds, but 100 pounds will prob- ably be ample for all requirements of the plant. The heater is equipped for either wood, coal or oi lfuel. -o ODD FELLOW HAPPENINGS Owing to District No. 18 conven- tion happening at Tolt October 22, encampment meeting will be post- poned till October 29, when meeting will be held in Snoqualmie Hall and the Golden Rule degree conferred. The local lodge is planning on a Fathers-Sons meeting for October 28. An officer of the grand lodge is expected as speaker. 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See antee goes with every Dr, ad. on page 3, this issue. LeGear product, A. L. Wold Company Grand Central Hotel and Care Choice Roasts Savory and flavory, cut from the choicest fat steers, these roasts are tender enough to melt in your mouth. It's a treat to eat them. They possess the full.flavored deliciousness that means they're chos- en fro mthe best there is. No matter how particular and finicky about food the family is--a glad chorus of delight will rmg out at mght of one of these savory roasts. Fischer's Meat Market Superior Fountain Service Board and Room Good Eats and Sleeps at All Hours I I. H. S. EXHAUST Your Suit [ ,.d By [CLEANED, PRESSED MRY JARVI and ESTIIER GARNER and ' ' REPAIRED Five-Weeks' Exams The five-weeks' exams were given b y last week in the high school. These exams are given to determine whether poor-work slips should he sent to parents of pupils wire have fallen back in their work. A poor- work slip does not mean that tht, pupil will fail, but it is sent to re mind him that he must study a little harder. *Friday morning and noon the study hall was quite crowded. Most of the studious ones were freshmen who were preparing for their first high schoo lexams. Home Management The Home Management class v?: ited Friday afternoon at the W. i[. Shain place. The girls are studying different types of landscape gardening. Girls' Athletics The girls are training out for base- ball when the weather permits the to do so. Football Issaquah will play its first sched- uled game this Friday with Foster at Issaquah. The tickets for the game have been on sale at the school for the school pupils during the latter ' part of the week. Tickets will also be sold at the ball field. i lssaquah Indians Win Over Seattle College J The Indians defeated their oppo- i nents last Friday at Issaquah. Th, teams were quite evenly matched. Issaquah's line and backfield worked smoothly, while Kinnune carried the ball 40 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter. This gave the In- dians a 6- 0 lead. Lotto broke through the College's line in the third quarter, but he was overtaken before he could lay the ball over the line. In the last part of the third quarter Kinnune again broke through for 30 yards, putting the ball on the 20-yard line, but the Col- lege line tightened and the Indians ere forced to punt. F. Erickson, the Indian fullback, made constant gains through the line. The College line had the advan- tage in weight, but the Indians were the faster of the two teams. Cap- tain John Kramer broke through the College line and repeatedly inter fered with the College's runs and passing. The College boys were unable to score. When the whistle blew the Score was 6-0 in favor of the Indians. The turnout for this game was very good. The rooters surely made themselves heard. DR. J. C. 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