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October 13, 1927     The Issaquah Press
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October 13, 1927

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PAGE FOUR A . r i OCTOBER I CROP REPORT utum I me IS o The October 1 crop report for C-ld T,me Washin00o. indicates spring wheat, ....... oats and barley crops to be above - average. The report states that the By quality of much spring wheat was A. E. STUHT, M.D., materially lowered by the heavy State Director of Health. September rainfall. -- Spring wheat harvest was eonsid- . Chilly days with ventilation diffi- drably delayed by unfavorable wed- cult and colthing hard to&apos;adjust, (her in September and some grain brings up annually tbe matter of still remains to be threshed. colds and ow to avoid them. Potatoes, due to the increased 1. Sponge the chest and rub well acreage this season, promises a lar- with a crash towel every morning on ger crop than in 1926. Washing- arising, ton, although having a smaller apple 2. Take regular exercises daily by crop than last year, is expected to walking, .or the daily dozen setting- produce 29 per cent of the nation's up exercises." commercial apples. 3. Regular hours of sleep, at least A eight hours. Sleep restores spent _ u energy and builds up bodily resist- Don't work a slow and a fast ance. horse together. There will be fric- 4. Keel) the feet dry. If they be- tion and loss of power, in addition come ",vet, change .to dry shoes and to irritation to both the driver and stockings as soon as possible, horses. 5. When colds are prevalent, avoid ..... crowds and pocrly ventiled places. [ ' | 6. Avoid direct breath from per- __. -L ]A'--|.,- I son having coi'ds ,,! Issaqu00n l1al'KCt I I 7. Wash hands frequently and [ W ^ L ...... v .... o avoid putting the fingers into the , = uvv. x. uuL x_,uo | mouth or nose. ] OI Living | 8. Keep nose, mouth and throat][ QUALITY THE BEST I clean. A teaspoonful of salt to all PRICE THE LOWEST ! pint of water makes an excellent [ -- . | mouth and throat wash. ] J. W. FINNEY, PROPRIETOR [. 9. When colds are severe with[ J high temperature and pains in the] '- chest, consult your physician at f "hi " once. He may save you a siege of I  p lout pneumonia, o ,I Milk-Cream. Eggs ROOF FOR CEMENT FLOOR I to HOW about that roof for the ce- [ T ! g' I men( 00oor. Give us some su00es-[llssaquan 00reamery tions. ] , , '" ..... " ten them with Decoret Enamel Who minds leaden skies when all is colorful withinl Use DECORET ENAMELS for that cheery touch o brightness hero and there--refinish thilgs your- self I With Decoret you can paint all sorts of art objects and fur- niture with assurance of su.ccess --it's so easy to" applyl Your Fuller Dealer stocks ten rlch colors and black and white. Many other shades can be made by mixing the regular colors. It ish't work--it's play to paint with Iecoret. Just try it t W. P FULLER & CO., 2nd Ave. So. and Jackson St., SEATTLE Bt#mchi tn I)7 Pacl Coast Cltle$; Factorfl.s in San Francisco, I. l and Portland. Distributors of alspas on the ai Coast You c.n buy Fuller Products om your Dealer lited belo,t" A, L, Wold Co, FOYER I III I F. A. FISHER, FUNERAL DIRECTOR Full line of Undertaking Supplies Our most considerate attention is at your disposal at all times Calls answered day or night ISSAQUAH, WASH. I ] i CROLINI COAL COt4PAN'b LU00IP COAL It.- .........  .  __ ..........  A _A_ per ton $7.50 delivered $7,25 in four-ton lots llne run $6.oo team coal $4.50 Phone G.E.Stonebridge ........ I __._l_ . L. TttE ISSAQUAH PRESS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 192q T-; C- . -  tic BIG FIGHT CAUSES RIOT NEW RECORDS ARE SET - -- h.s tret nscmD IN LOCAL GROCERY STORE FOR RAINIER TRAVEL I    . Very C]everly Designed -- , New travel recei'ds to Mount Rain- I tea! St :2 <.:::...,, A Press reporter comin in after ier National Park were established'if  ::/3:: )::: making the rounds of the town the durinff the fiscal year ending Sep- I g'00ff00r00nei00 i{::;:) other day, handed in the following tembtr 30, 1927, when 20,1,051 peo-II =&1L[lO) :i: reporL of a riot in one ef our stores- pie and 48,275 'ears entered the ][ -- .;;: i ' , : I went into an l.saquah grocery  ,.'.tore one day this week. It was one park, A.ugust was the ,nonth of[)i[ Rich five-acre tracts w heav:est reflux witb 65,:,25 in(livid-] [][ over 300 feet frontage '54,.-:"!,.,:,.,.:,.,.-,r:. of those .toi'es wiwre everything on ua]s an(] 15,759 automobiles. TbeIl[I the )aved highwa" for$( ::v!:::::'! ...... : , .he shevles sort el In ,red around and la:'gest ,ravel day was August II, i ............. ::?!:&::: " , .... :': , ' : s I ,:,,,,::::.:, .tall(t.. to Oil(} anotller. In fact when 6J;77 people and 1,(;16 ('m-sill[ louao. n an.,wmonuug.. :::: : . " " :::ia ,.  . ' ""i> there was a fight started m the groc- weye registered, l Ill Thirty acres, considerable  try store. The 1927 mark shatters the pre- till clearing, old building, splen-  l When I first stepped in I noticed vious record, made in 1925, by 27,- llll did sDring 100 feet good :" a bunch of hams hanging around 047 individuals and 7,081 machines.] [I , ,- ;',  " -'.. < [ trying to make a date with a couple --o [ l)eaen on taKe ammammn, [ [of peaches. The beans that just A SERIOUS THREAT TO 11 rot" $7,000. Nearly all good 751: . . .'..' [rollcd ,n f, om Boston got mixed up "RAIN STICK' HO'.DER III I [with the bacon, natm-ally (be bacon' During the first five clays of Oeto- i H 3 rich corner acres and a [t.ook sides with the hams. Then a'ber when weather was inclement, [11 good house for $2200. Assi, [bunch of greens sprouted up and seven Northwest residents were in- II Be': [said, "let us cauliflower into the gar- jured due to having their vision ob-Ill 12 acres and 4-room house Y" [den." The celery left the sonp, and " " * Girls structed by umbrellas Ill mostl good soft: about half ... [of course that made the pepper hot. i  " i ' . " . trim' Pedestrians shouht be particularly [1[ tile elearlug done; fruit Glee /Then the salt got shaking aroundl careful with "rain sticks" when treea; s ring water i ed to , ' land said, "it nmde the democratic i . * " . Ill , p p p %p crossing streets, department officmls [I the house" big frontae rm [party but it took salt to melt ice." point out, because an obscured vision 11[., ' "'" ""': ^ " St  [Then the eggs got fresh. The eggs tne pavement or ;ooo ou. lnav mean a S21'IOUS accident or pos- Ul '  Last ":.. [got fresh because a bunch of chick- sibl'y death []] $500 down; an excellent bUYlresen" i lens had just quit them told. The [prunes caine up from the cellar bu, t ---o !Ill 24 aere. x,.itb bigfrontaetCompa :;iiii:ih:#i /they were pretty well ste@ed. Of ALL READY FOR AIR SUITS Ill on the pavement, and quiteltte ga, iii:!iiiii:}!!iiiii [course.the potatoes had their eyes on There never ,has been any litiga- Ill a lot of wood for $1200 00 t aniline ...'..'!ii::::i) [the fight all the time .and the cab- tion in this stale over aviation, con-Ill r ....__. ' lean ea [bage butted in and lost its head. The troversies, so far as State Law Li-Ill =e,.,,. [This. - ;:i : " : [butter was feeling pretty strong and brarian W. J; Millard has found, but Ill The very best summercs, et( he recently bought the only legal [][ home sites on Lake Sam-| Th . |slid off the shelf and called the text book available on that subject mamish " ' co A smart street ensemble, eonsistln,z l .... . ...... and he is all set :for the attorneys to Ill Noth,nff else hkel ntes, ....... 1 "l'I  -i ....... fee  drs /pumpKin a pe-zace, uz course the pumpkin am nor nave enough crust with a veh-et jacket trimmed In chin- [ . ............  III them Biff shade trees a] sebscri oegm nnganng, zooouy nows as Ill ," .' , ' |Gentle chtlla fur, worn hy Marian Dixon, Unl-/to take ts own part. Pretty soon yet just what claim a property owner [[I ffoo(l water supply, longn d'" versal star. With the ensemble Is /the ivory soap floated in and said it has on the air above him. [[1 sloping, sandy bathinglThe s( worn a smart felt hat of gray to [could clean the bunch. The wash match the chinchilla fur. [board bored in and put the soap into -I ]H beach. $650 up. tel eac " [suds. Just then the grocery man or- [ [[[ Lake Sammamish for $500 tentl; cveu00l00Iei00 )rived, the clock struck time, the W. t. o u t n I lll ,oo00 o.50:00; lliUlhli 0 15AII/111UIi [maca:oni said cheesit and I went ou Barber I III 10 acres Issaqunh Creokl2The l land leaned up against the Saturday FoR SALE--2 saddle poni?,[Evening Post to catch my breath. I Ill alder bottom for $1500.00.o.r on used to mountain work, will work[ Cleanliness, Civility I lll Splendid soil. $100 down t:nding tlI ... or 00ou00le. wi.. o00ck 00ew. .oa I lll moo0000'y saddle, bridle, nose bag and blanket| I  '  with each horse. See George Ek at[ [[' [:,.1 Good Workmanship I H[ !0 acres on good highway, L The once for a bargain. , Issaquah. |'/ ][  I Ill scnoot pus and r x o, ouu. teams. .... ]i ||[.b! A man semom goes Assured All Patrons [ HI $50 down and 5 monthly ingui AGENT WANTED--In Issiquah['.|.l to a friend for a Fr.rtF 1 I,,,,,,,, h | [[[ Lies level and very liLt'it[subs, c, r territory. Make $75.00 per week.[ [lk"] loan If he really ..v,,. J...oouuu I Ill ........ loots needs the money $1.10 an hour for spare time, In-] [ ! III gravel. pienam (or pom-h_ .. (reducing Finest Guaranteed Hos-  III try farm ' ...... iery. 96 styles and colors. Low )rices. Auto furnished. No capital or experience necessary. ]etterknit Textile Co,, Desk 2724, Greenfield, Ohio, .50 AUTOMOBILES 50 Wanted good used ears, late models. Highest .cash prices paid. We have buyers waiting. We also take ears on consignment. No storage charges, See us befgre you sell. PACIFIC AUTO SALES CO, 1720-22 Broadway, Seattle. East 6460. Open evenings and Sundays. FOR RENT 5-room cottage. Mrs. S.W. Hobbs, phone 523. WANTED Hear from owner Ranch for sale. State cash price, particulars. D. F. Bush, Minneapolis, Minn. Will saw your wood with portable power saw at reasonable price. Wesley Spoor, Rt A, Bx 156. RAGS WANTED Hepler Motor Co. will pay 10c a pound for clean white rags. HART'S DAIRY Pure Raw Milk and Cream Morning Deliveries. Call F328 LU00IBER and MIILL WOOD Get Our Prices on Speclalties Delivered Anywbere ,i HI@H POINT 00IF_L CO. 1 We Do All Kinds of Hauling Business Every Business Day between Seattle and Coalfield Issaquah, High Point, Preston, Monohon, El- llott and Cedar Grove, and all way places Iss[00quah Transporlation Co,, Inc, AUTO FREIGHT AND TRANSFER Seattle Depot Railroad Ave., Dearborn St. and Railroad Way Leave Seattle 1:00 P.M. Only Leave Issaquah 6 A.M. Telephone Main 123 Washed Sand and Gravel CAROLINE LUMP-NUT COAL, $7.50 PER TON adiator hxle vTlres Expert Workmanship- Genuine Parts When we recondition a used ear, the work isdone by experts--to the regu- lax factory standards of precision and excellence --ung genuine part. Then we attach a red "0. K." tag to the radia- tor -- showing exactly what parts of the car have been.put in first cla condition. This system take all the "guess-work" out of used car buying. You know the .quality of our recondi- tioned cars--just a sure- ly em you know the qual- ity of our new cam. If you are going to buy a used car, come to our saleroora. You will find the car you want--at the price you want to pay. MOTOR SALES CO. ISSAQUAH, WASH, 35 acres n ood highway for $700. $50 down and $5 monthly Nearly all level Rich five acres close in for $1500. 100 down Two splendid all-cleared garden tracts that are fenc- ed and'cross fenced, $1100. Nearly an acre. mostly cleared and fenced for $300 This is a real bargain Three rich cleared acres on pavement for $1650.00: Small creek. This is an ex- cellent property 2 houses and 4 very rich sub-irrigated garden lots for $2000. 200 down and 15 per month Nearly new 3 room house, dandy big garage and large garden tract for $1300 Nearly six acres on pave- ment, with small creek, for $125 per acre. $50 down Three residence lots,part- ly cleared and with over 120 feet frontage on McClosky's Creek for $400. 50 down and 10 monthly 25 acres near Auburn to trade for Issaquah property. All good soil, half rich bot- tom; about 6 acres cleared; on good road, near neigh- bors and wonderful creek. Can be made into an extra- ordinary small fruit or poul- try farm Five acres of best Issa- quah Valley land for $400 per acre. All cleared and big frontage on main high- way. Electric lights, etc. Easy trms Five acres on good road, 4-room house, all in pasture $650, 100 down, 10 month- ly, 6 percent interest. Near neighbors 70 acres, big house, or- chard, creek, springs, falls, good road, school bus, most- ly gool soil, for $5500.00 Very easy terms can be ar- ranged Splendid close-in tract on the pavement with beauti- ful firs and cedars for $1100 House and 50 foot lot for $800. Will take a small esr em first payment. C. R, Berry Issaquah, Washington