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October 19, 1983     The Issaquah Press
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October 19, 1983

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gers hang around: don't stick around knew who decides "have" or "have so I could petition for l'm not talking money; though knows I would be in of "having," rather I'm speaking of ate objects. (Yes, l heard me sound some of them but I'm not finished hangers, for in- ers come in two male and female. And tiny when my back It doesn't matter l start out with, long, they are to take over the to hang them in the closet. Then the me on clothes hanger unit, but asked if ,where she could I checked, enough, they had taking up a of the rod to taking 'hole thing. 1 tried to guest that there that many in there Put them there, but all rny effort was a very tried doubling them hangers for each tried using them Christmas tree orna- and wreaths. I tried SOme and using a decorative metal Let's no use -- they ing ahead of me. I them away, but Wanted them. They r OWn. l have a largc of buttons -- all colors, and s, They don't fit any- far as I can ascer- have never fitted g. This is not to say One ever loses but- the buttons they're buttons I'm On my last trip by mother still had Normo Starks the large coffee can of but- tons I used to play with as a child. She also had three more full cans. My husband keeps wanting to know why I don't sew the button back on his jacket. He wouldn't believe me if I told him. On the other hand, why is it I can't find any safety pins? Every now and then I buy a package of about one hundred pins. Now I allow a five percent loss factor, and maybe another five percent breakage factor. Heck, I'll even give you a further five percent for loss due to rust. That leaves a whopping eighty-five safety pins to ac- count for and I can't do it. My husband doesn't use them -- he is no good at mechanical things. My daughter doesn't use them -- when something of hers is torn, the proper thing to use to repair it is mother. Which brings us, of course, to mother -- yours truly. I can't even tell you what I use them for. I just know I always need them and can never find any. I will never get a "House- wife of the Year" award, but even 1 have been known to repair clothing. Thread, now -- thread I can understand. You use it, it becomes part of the garment, and when the garment leaves, so does the thread. But when I give away clothes, 1 certainly remove any safety pins in them. So 1 know they're not escaping that way. Anyway, it is time to buy another hundred safety pins, to put them away, and watch while they dwindle to nothing, without ever having used any. Pencils -- no pencils. At least once a year, right before school starts, I buy a gross or two of pencils. Some I give to Cindy, some 1 keep. 1 put some in my desk -- they dis- appear. 1 put a few by the phones- they disappear. So do the ones on the bedside tables. 1 hid them in drawers; under the beds; inside old purses -- gone, all of them. I even, as a double bluff, placed a pile of them in plain sight, with a sign saying "take me." Someone did. 1 put one in a frozen package of cauliflower. I wasn't stupid enough to try the box of ice cream, but since every- one in this family hates cauli- flower, I did think that one would be safe. It too is gone. The cauliflower, needless to say, is still there. My husband uses a mechanical pencil (he finally learned to master the twist top), so he doesn't take them. (Someone keeps steal- ing his pencils, too, but that's beside the point.) Every time I look at Cindy, she is using a stub two inches long with no eraser, so she doesn't have them. My pencil sharpener is hungry, as it has hardly been fed since we bought it seven years ago. Come to think of it, I can't even remember whywe bothered to buy it. 1 can find plenty of pens. Of course, they are all either dried up, or leaking, but at least they're here. My rough draft is, at the moment, be- ing written with crayon -- white, because all the other colors are gone. , Copyright 1983 by Norma Starks UNIQUE SEASONAL SHOP FILLED WITH THANKSGIVING & ,- CHRISTMAS SUPPLIES TO HELP YOU CREATE ELEGANT 'n' IASy HOLIDAY GIFTS &,,,DECORATIONS FOR YOUR HOME! CLASSES TO0! , i I| you care @ about your community . . . KING COUNTY NEEDS YOU! Boon, 40 people repressnting the dlveraie Interests of the Snoqualmlo and Blair Creek communities will be appointed by the King County Executive and the King County Council to Nrvs on the Snoquailmle aind Besr Creek Community Plain Advisory Commlttees. Beginning in December through the Iollowlng two yeairs, catch 20 member committee will work closely with County Plainning itailf to develop their respective community planet. When adopted, the Community Plains will direct County decisions on Iocail dsvelopment for the next six to ten yeirai. They will be used in making zoning doclslonai, In evailuaiting maijor deciaiions, in evaluating major development proposals (rszones, subdivisions, plainned unit developments), in guiding the expansion of sewer ind wster aisrvice, aind in developing caipitail Creek /=.,i ,m  Improvement prograims lot psrks lad roaids. Committee noqualm]e member,, mull be willing to mike It substaintiil y commitment 0 ,me ,he energy over th, next two y.,,,. Community For more informaition caill ths King County Pkmnlng Division st 344-700. Planning Area es, I would like to be considered for a committee of citizens who will par- Clpate In developing the Snoqualmie or Bear Creek Community Plan. I nderstand this may involve a number of evening meetings beginning in acember, 1983. Name. Address. eCupatlon Phone (Home) .(Business). Please Indicate on which Community Plan Committee you wish to serve: i noqualmie [] or Bear Creek [] I eturn to King County Planning Division, 700 Alaska Building, 618 Second '.e,.? S.eattle Washington 98104 ......... Please Mall by October 31,1983 by the King County Planning Division, King County Executive Revelle, and the King County Council, The Issaquah Press, Wednesday, October 19, 1983 - Page 3 Two burglaries in one week--and a career down the drain by Terry McLafferty "I don't know," Janis Whitcomb said quietly over the phone. "!1 looks like I can stay at home and have my things, or go to work and having nothing. "1 did feel safe here in Is- saquah," she continued. "But not anymore." Janis Whitcomb has good reason for her feelings. Twice in the last 20 days, her home in the north end of the city has been burglarized. On September 24, some- one entered her small home by breaking down a door. in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon. They stole more than $2170 worth of items in- cluding two cameras, a color television, and jewelry. Wednesday it happened again. In the daylight hours someone opened a side win- dow -- "the only one not locked" -- and stole another camera, lens, silverware and a bud coffee table. Left un- touched, to Whitcomb's sur- prise, were other saleable items. "l didn't even have time since the last burglary to get insured," she adds. Both thefts are total losses. The se- cond is estimated at nearly $1000. Whitcomb is a former pro- fessional photographer who was gathering up gear to re- enter the field to make a liv- ing. "l am an artist and a photographer -- that's what 1 enjoy and what 1 make my living at," she says. "Now, all my tools are gone." The cameras stolen the first time "took me three years to pay for," she ex- plains. "I couldn't afford Nikons (the more expensive, professional grade camera) so 1 bought a $1200 Canon." According to the police report, the thieves stole enough gear to outfit her as a working photographer. Whitcomb was once mar- ried to a policeman, and so she knows what the odds are of getting back her gear. "I don't have any complaints about the local police. They seem to know what they are doing," she says. They have also told her what she already knew: everything taken is classic swap meet merchan- dise, and was probably sold the same day it was stolen. The final insult is that Whitcomb has two dogs, and "one of them is considered mean by most people." But the dogs will quiet down if someone speaks their names, she says. And so, she thinks she knows who might have done the jobs, or had them done, not out of vengeance, but just because they knew the goods were there for the tak- ing. "If it is the person I think, he feels that he is beyond danger," she says. "He lives a long way away, and he is probably not worried. "And he is probably right." Issaquah police are in- vestigating. East Channel Bridge closed Oct. 22 The East Channel Bridge on Interstate 90 between Mercer Island and South Bellevue will be closed to all traffic on Saturday night, October 22 for construction work. Closure will begin at 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, and the bridge will remain closed un- til about 9:30 a.m. on Sun- day. The bridge will be closed to permit the contractor to remove and haul away the ex- isting pedestrian crossing at Shorewood he said. On the east side of Mercer Island, 1-90 will be closed at the East Channel Bridge. On the west side, traffic will be allowed as far as W. Mercer Way. Metro transit will not be using the East Channel Bridge during those hours and will provide alternate routes to its passengers. ROUND STEAK USDA CHOICE BEEF, BONE IN OPEN 9 AM to 9 PM DALLY RUMP ROAST BONELESS, USDA CHOICE 80 FRONT STREET SO. - ISSAQUAH COUNTRY-STYLE PORK SPARERIBS 001.39 FLANK STEAK BONELESS, USDA CHOICE tl.59 tl.79 MEAT BEEF BO'ITOM ROUND ROA !!!!!!,: ...... .q.79 JENNIE-O TURKEY WIENERS,,o, ...................... ..$9  LEG-0-LAMB ROAST..!!!!:!!;77 ..................... .'1.99 GENERIC BACON ,,o, ........................................ .*2..rdl JENNIE-O TURKEY HAM !v!? .................... .'1.49 OSCAR MAYER BOLOGNA ,o, ..................... .'1.39 FRESH HALIBUT STEAK .............................. .*2.49 ARMOUR CANNED HAM , .............. ..15.98 BEER & WINE LOUIS DUPRE TABLEWINE %:ooo, .............. *3.9 ' GALLO 3 LTR. WINES i!i,,.!tt, .... '4.99 ANDRE ALMADEN VARIETALS v,;:,,s ............. *3.99 CHAMPAGNE ,,o.,, WHITE, PINK OR COLD DUCK U.S. NO. 1 PRODUC BANANAS300,I RED EMPEROR GRAPES PB00E00$ .59 o,'I VALENCIA ORANGES .................. 3 =,...'1 DANISH SQUASH ............................... 4 r. 't FRESH GREEN CABBAGE ...................... . 3  RUTABAGAS & TURNIPS ...................... ,.39 ' , ( SERVICEDELI ) 320Z.,7FLAVORS '1.69 OCEAN SPRAY GRAPEFRUff JUICE ,0z... 11.!;9 HI-C FRUff DRINKS  ,vo,s, 0z ............. 79 t NALLEY DILL PICKLES , oz ................. '1.S9 TIDY CAT 3 BOX FILLER/LS F,I o ........... '11.99 DENNISON CHILl W/BEANS RG o. ,OT. ,. 69 SPAM LUNCHEON MEAT ,oz .................. 97' QUAKER LIFE CEREAL ,oz .................. q.49 c0tu.,,s ................. .,.,, 004.49 KRAKAUER BOLOGNA ....................... *4.49 ORANGEw,s,,.. JUICEc.,..,o HARD SALAMLo,,,.,,,, '4.59 '1.49 BAVARIAN CREAM,,,,w,,,,0,o,, ................... ..99' . oz. OHEE$ OF THE IfEEl( ..... ,, ? 9' .,o coo,,,00 49* HALVAH *2 S9 BUTTERMILK, 12 OZ ............... CHOCOLATE, MARBLE, VANILLA, MARBLE-NUT ............... Ul. Ad prices effective Oct. 19 through Oct, 25. We reserve the right to limit, I I m I I I '1.59 KRISPY SALTINE CRACKERS ,.0z ............ 119  RAGU PlZZ CRUST MXla.,0z ............. '1.79 3 750Z JELLO INSTANT PUDDING vb,s 4|1* ORVILLE REDENBACH POPCORNoo .... '.19 MJB INSTANT RICE,,oz ............. 't.19 CHEER POWDERED DETERGENLgoz '2.19 JOY LIQUID DETERGENLoz .......... *:1.09. REG OR MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE oc,  ...... *5.99  FROZEN FOODS ) APPLE JUICE MINUTE MAID, ALSO FRUIT PUNCH = KRAFT STACK PAC' *2.39 AMERICAN SINGLES,, oz..., KRAFT MEDIUM 2 iS WESTERN FAMILY W$ CHEDDAR CHEESE ........... ,,. , =oN,,n. oRoRuss, I"T'Y'rfY" .... SReUTS,OOZ ....... ,I , ,,, r ,, ,