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October 26, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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October 26, 1933

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By ARTHUR BRISBANE- |ur Own Devil's Island. ;errnany's Big Plan 'he Country Is Rich Children in Three Years United States will have a lit- )evil's Island" of its own, much secure than the Fresh "Devil's whence criminals escape oft- ~e Department of Justice will [y of 'devils' for the island in the of bad men, prison-breakers, and other bad characters make life unbearable. te new "Devil's Island" is now a ary prison on Alcatraz Island in S~I IX) ~le RIdlT VOLUME 18, NUMBER 8 ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASH., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1933 SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 PER YEAR HIGH SCHOOL ELEVEN KICK OVER DOPE POT Defeat Foster, F,remen Won the Southern Division Championship of Seattle League. The Issaquah Indians did their part in upsetting the dope bucket last Florence Trigg Bride At Pretty Home Marriage One of the highlights of the social events of Isaquah this week was the marriage of Miss Florence Trigg, eht- est daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Trigg, to Mr. Robert Fergason of Se- attle. The young couple were married Saturday, Oct. 21, at 8:00 o'clock at been designated as Education Week, AMERICAN EDUCATION ]Special Invitation To Boys Twelve And Over WEEK NOVEMBER 6-111 The next meetin-----g of Boy Scout Troop No. 426 will be held in the City A NahonWtde Movement Des,gned~Hall' Tuesday, October 31. The To Focus Attention On Condition purpose of this meeting is to get Of Schools At Present Time. some new members so that the troop's ' charter, which expires November 1, The week of November 6-11 has may be renewed. There are a lot of boys in this com- BRASS BAND WILL BE FORMED IN ISSAQUAH Mr Bloom Offers Instruction Free To Beginners Who Will Join with the High School Band. Arrangements to start a beginner's band, in connection with the Issaquah !ii1 .ii i week end when they trounced a sup- posedly strong team 18 to 7 on the local Playfield. The Indians received and began a the home of the bride. They were at-l in which all citizens, churches, frater- tended by Mr. and Mrs. H. Hol~h of nal organizations, etc., are invited to Seattle, friends of long standing of join with the schools in some sort of the groom. The ceremony was per-Iobservation. Under the above head- munity, 12 years of age, or over, that could use some of their spare time these winter evenings learning some- thing that will prove useful to them high school and grade school, are be- ing made by Mr. Bloom, director of muisc at the high school Students with no knowledge of Francisco Bay The 12 acres march toward the Foster goal line, formed by Joseph Hoskins, great- ing, education sends out the follow- later on. The Boy Scouts, a world-!music are being urged to join. Les- land space are located on a high which they succeeded in crossing in uncle of the bride, ing challenge: wide organization which has thous- sons on all band instruments will be with currents running swiftly the first few minutes of play. The Later in the evening lunch w~-I "We celebrate Christmas because ands of youths signed up, is the ideal given free of charge in an endeavor round. Nobody has ever escap- first two plays, a pass and a running served, after which Mr. and Mrs. it gave us a great religion We ob- club to join in order to elevate the to build up a large and successful or- /~torney General Cummings play, placed the ball on the FosteI Fergason left for Seattle. Mondaylserve the Fourth of July because ~t morale and make better citizens of ganization. kidnappers and other sentenced thirty-yard line. A series of running they continued on to Portland for a~gave us a free nation. We magnify the future generationThe Renton high school band, one ife, wilt really stay in prison if plays advanced the ball deeper into four days' visit with relatives, when]the schools during one week each The local troop, with the able lead- of the best organizations in the state, onenterAlcatrazne of the 600 ve r y safe Fosterried it territorY,over for theand flrstStnebridge' touchdown.Cm" theirthey willhom :eturn. to Seattle to make i Y;a(hbf~:::e~h:::ght ' :hu:miW~izda~V:~l-. -" ~:::yll~a:fra~;Y ....... B[[d'e h:~t YP:':rg'res;hde'- ql)luaa~ii~ dhb hf~':h:~~ g :~s;m~:aYd: fs::::Ig sea in eft- voys nave smrteu DUlIUln a caoln m ~ ~ The try for extra point failed The invited guests were Mr. and lLove of childhood expres ' g " Bloom gave a short talk to the as- ~rmany demands from the League~. .- ,_~ k.. ,~-~: " " ...... I- Mrs Fergason and daughter May and~ucation is a mighty force for unity the city park which will make a verYlsembly in which he laid down his 'atio-- ~- . . . ~os~er, ,~u oy ~.c~r gian~ iutLoac~, . I fittin club -~ ~ne mgnt, m spite of the T---~+--m came back ~+ron~, and I son James, Messrs. and Mesdames iWhat greater contribution could Am-l_" g room when completed, plans for starting a band here He ailles Treaty, to spend in gold .... ~-~'~--~^r^ tt. ..... ~.u-*~--~, IJack Hoskins, Hough and Mrs Gibbslerica make to the world than the]The work has progressed to a pomtIurged all students to try to obtain a armaments the considerable .......... verted +h~ ~..+ .... ;..+ until of Seattle, Morton Hoskins, Jack tldeal-a fmr start in hfe for every]where it will take more boys to corn-Iband instrument and take advantage of one billi . ru~ ...... ~ ......v ......I be and irl 'prate it than have been workin on ". '. " on two hundred roll- .~ ~..~ ended with ~+~r on the,Trigg and daughter Betty Jean, Jas.] Y g ] . g tof thin free musical education. Re- d~rsinthe next eight years ~otng'eldofa76scorZ .... Miles, and Mrs. Fern Kramer and During the week it is,propsed t it Th:h:P:t~ nextT sponse by show of hands, showed a n intelligence is shown in .... ia ' i " .. _ . e_]Miss Carmella Philippi. ]observe ' Back To School Day at theI " g uesday will belgrea, majority of the students to be [act that expenditures would in- 'lne ,no rn:h pas:~ng.a3~ac~ g.:tth:] A number of friends came in later]high school, when parents will beldevoted eat,relyto getting newlin favor of the plan araage Io e sts~en~ y - three hundred military air- y ......... ]to extend congratulations and wlsh]asked to visit the school and attend. Scouts started. It will be an open{ es and three hundred i~h|n~ first halt anu neiped to scatter ros~- .~_ ~..a. ond o--oom hanniness, the actual class work in the differ-lnight so that all boys the least bit in- #-~t t ~t .. m__t ....J j s. - ........ er's defense. The scattered defenselt[( .......... " ............. lent rooms. Next week The Presslterested should plan to be there and]~'lUO.,~leC~l~On .l-o.stpo~u .... , here will the ~ made Foster an easy target for Is will devot et thew a iicatmn blanks ~O IS 12,ast ~lle r'avlng money be found' , "l~,~Aet|~ tqrt i'&id'slrs |O I " e considerable space to.g ' PP' " I ~ ~tmns can1 saquah s running plays and w~th thts . a ways get money for " " attack th "" "x ns scored[133AQUAH hllal lbr, school features, in observance of CO-I I versatile e ~nu'a .............. ucation Week rt~tt~m t~tt|Iltlrt I'~|l~llg ~ The Issaquah Kiwanis club found ~ ~ two more touchdowns, one by Castag-[ trap flVI;i PlIMnNA] ...... _ I 'UhPd UU[qV rl ln [themselves in the predicament yester- ?ltlVtl UVbtt [vivnnvv,' n enty of money is h .......... , no and another by Stonebmdge, whileI 1" * ** * * * * * * * ~1 ~tvt~, ,,, a~ff ll~#~tIN/~ll~lrtO,, {day of having too many good men e,- And, a.~aren~tl-- ~',~-~' ":,.vv7 .... " they held the visitors scoreless in the[ .. " ..... [* *[ Nl|l l~t IHlllh~.K~ ligible for for the position of pres~- vv y, ~nose ~na~ po~- n Readinessror MeetinglO ssva mamm~ ~v-~-..~-.*-.-~ . ~t mean to kee ........... [second half. JAilI [* HALLOWE'EN DANCE .] [dent, and all raring to go, only they v ,~ muuen where Come Here Next Month, Notes Of , ~11 be safe and not too active The Indians will face the hardest " ~ With Child~lit- We Arelull felt that the opportune t'me had dent Roosevelt offe-ed five h, ~']asSignment of their schedule on Sat- Monday Evening Meeting. * This coming Saturday night, * ,. . ,. " .. - ~ . _ I not yet arrived for them to take over millions in bonds and is offer~turday mornirig at Bothell, when theyI -- ]* October 28, the Issaquah Fire "I [aY|ng.z2Y ~.ents Out ot ~.verY/the leadership. So the final election y two thousand million dollar-s-- meet "Po)" Keeney's speedy Bothelll Issaquah Valley Grange is all ex- . Department is giving their first *] i~onar we ~arn rot taxes. /of officers was postponed to a future ready more t~o.. + .... *. ,~^..- ]team B~,thell beat Snoqualmie 31-!pectation over the session of Pomona], special ball in the new gymnas- * ] _ -- !date, one, two or three weeks hence. ..... ~ .... u~ I r November 16 The , . In a talk before the Monroe Kt ~llhons are locked up=in govern 0 last Frlday and displayed a strong~ to come he e [ ium, a Hallowe en dance. Spe- [ ....... r .... - President Wold reported on accom- itbondrS dollar off the gold basts,]::?~;g:=l~ad:lf:ngs:ttack' as well bat:?tn=Om?!oi!:piPnn~ikfto~rdthi~ieanj i :t;~ di~:;l:wtieO,:: a;:v:i:ngwi..mlad: ! ]~aatn]!eOd~!O'Ps~aW~i~! L!gcn~t~!O~onnnf;ao~nu~i p::y:;L:C~iott::st:;tth:~h=tchee h whatever Bothell hnes bles and be c g~ven to everyone at ending as of arm on the east ~lde of Lake Europe chooses to] The Imaquah and " --, " [ " ]taxation ~roblem -f ,.a.. .~..~: .... P" " g "" .with the same dollar scarcerlweigh approximately the same and shining with new veneer tops..alms]* a head decoration for the eve- :]follows. e ..... " ........ ~ "~" Sammamish, stated that there seemed tt used to be, and all the note'both are supplemented by a speedy work had been done gratis anu tne i. ning. I ...." ...... to be no possible chance this year, le. . xou may I;fllnK because you an rs n under Frank Klein, we r 1 et u of excel elli~d::h~r:esth:tn:e,a~2 =o:; baa;hrf~lledr aha:a=p:r~::ts~:t~ib; ~.i.::knm: rising vote of thanks Monday, lenTth;loog;?:~h=tra Pand crowds" [not dehver to the county treasurer or ::yd tth::h:;:::Oq:it:e::At:n r meetln of the , ] to the income tax collector or other something unpleasant factor as to the 1933 Snoqualmie Val- evening at the regals " g that are helping to pay for th's _ ,." ...... cheauer grade of paving is to be used , * tax eollee~;or in your Clty anct county happen Icy chamnionshin Grange. community-owned pro~ect are , on all secondary roads. The money at at at " " ByrD.fault Mrs. Brooks, chairman of "eats". too well known to require fur-:]4~uee::;nlth:tSh::ta: :ve:Yvd:ll:d budgeted for the east side this year, [terestin6 news for mothers, Mrs. The Issaquah town team won its committee, is busy lining up contribu- . ther mention. The good times l Y . .. Y . . P g !together with the money for other Put~ck ~ttons for food and selecting her help , this m a ,tcnarac~er xou must not overloo~ i ' of Little Hamnton. Sus- o~, v~etnrv nf the season last Sun-~ ' are there for you and " " , ' "" small'jobs, has been put into west. !England, aged 27, hasa d'augh- ~::*:,'m-'the -Atlantic Street Mer-!Her committee is expected to serve . special party. The rest is up " the fact that someone pays these tax- side Sammamish paving, a project ~o !wo years and seven months old, chants~-"The Firemen won on a for- two meals, one at 12 o'clock, noon, to you. ,!es.and that in the. end.the 40 cents be rushed to completion as soon as '~ sons, thirteen months and also - - : ......i ~treet Mer and again at 6 p m These meals , ~]out oi eacn uoltar ]s pare oy you ano -ossible , Ieltwnen tne 2~l:lanL c ~ "1 ' " , P .... sons born reeentl f~ve children will be seived for 25 cents for the ,, , , , , , , , , , .lyour fellow citizens as a pint of the . Y, " " I chants failed to appear upon the " .... h" . A~mouncement was made that Kt- ~ss than three years ~, L_..,_ I two. Those attending but one meal j purcnase price OI every~ mg you Day. ~s r~+;n~ ~f No~ember 22 would ~e .... " l scene ox vu~e. I ,,, . . - _ . m. an "efea~ ~he ................ ~' ~ " snoulct have a enslon but It IS l wilt oe enarge{1 the same price inert m noway we c u ~ 'm ....... , p " ' " " I This victory gives the Firemen the ....... ". All Voters In The City ........ f ,~x~s be an evening meeting, in Commuity ,~.~.e ~nts ctont happen always, lcham,,ionshi,~ of the South End div-I At the luonoay evening meeting, =z , n , -rL-_ V__-- Va#m~,~ v ~a v " Cburch. A Fathers and Sons meeting urn, this planet would be over-{., v .. v ..... Ruben Paulsen and Frank Klein r,- MUSt egm er ares =ear "We pay our taxes with child-like [with members of the high school foot- de talon oi tne wlass ~ ~eague ann en-, . ' " r " . . . ,, o d, althoughnot for a long/ ............. t ported hawng attended the firstThts year the new method of eg~s- doclhty, feeling we have performed I~all b-,,s bo., ~atrols and Bo- Scouts T tl~les tnem ~ a game wtzn ~ne win- . . " f etive and all . . . ~ ~, a v , - . hose that worry about excess] ............... ]travelmg gavelmeeting, at North tratmn becomes ef e a great c~vtc duty. We sit idly andl~s ~,,e~ts Matthew Hill of Seattle l " ners ox the ~or~n ~na L~lVlSlOn. 'Lne ....... . . . - e~, ~ atton should remember that the~ .......... IStde with Meridian g~wng the pro-lvoters must register before they can permit the mume~pahty to acqulrelwilI be the sneaker of game wait raze place in tne ~ivic Ar-~ " n election within the cit ~ " Texas could feed the seven-] ena Novem ......... t gram which scored 810 points out of]vote at a y , Y pubhc property, take the same off the , oer 1~,an~ V7211 De play i or eighteen hundred million peo-[e~ at -i-u" -la possible 900, a record to" shoot at. ]limits. This may be the last time tax rolls, use such property in eom-i~l~ I~ll#~qIWIhl, ~||n|lff )n earth now, if intensively culv-[ u.... ,,~.~. - .. . I Secretary Nettle Olson reported]you will be called upon to register petition with private enterprise, such]rKl~a I'lLIUlil MIUW ed, ndthefl ,gin machine willlshi :iLb m:zt ?~ d:e :::htP::= the receipt of a check of $20 from]for some years as this is to be a per- competition without regulation or eofamountainYand hilltops, de-]___i_i a ..... p ty m. Grange News as first prize in the ad-[ ,~! manent registration. Clerk R. 1. taxation, and thus permit the addi- CRANC~. HAI.L FRIDAY fie " aga n n practice scneaule. Tney . . . ~au~a,v~ .==~u=~ ==~.=u.== residences for hundreds of m=,, th~ ~.-,~i*-~ ~;u . ..... ,~./verttsmg contest. The News asked]Case now has a supply of blanks on tmrtaI burden to be saddled upon us[ ns. " -" ~la--fiel ......... [this Grange to secure ads from local]hand and you had better attend to ~t to take care of the mumctpal enter-] ........... .. total r y u next ~unuay. xnel ..... "" " "~e~ - "or e~ itand .... /~emonscratton ~n ~etecttonv~ "~ @ ~ 1~iromon won IA n ho lo~t *;,~ +ho[firms zor tne ~ews, on wnlcn zn [at once or you may i g ~ prlse carried on by inexperienced op-I . ~, ,, ~. ._ )u .......... " ........................ Chicks Accoramg so =ex ~o be wall want to know that the teams clashed ]Grange would recewe extra contest]find yourself mehgtble to vote at erators. / " -man, his wife covered with red points. ]some election in which you may be"Now, you may ask, what taxes lOffered for Poultrymen. and the ba Mr and Mrs Walter Jensen, long very much interested Remember, b by similarly adorned, ' " does P. S. 'P. & L. Co. pay--a very " y no means your oldest ancest-~aAnB.ILDINr. H~I.Pg ,Continued on Page 3) [everyone must register this year. fair-uestion In the hast electionPoultrymen who want to save t~e ~\ They o bac , , bother and expense of raising coc~ g _ k only ab,out 500,- ~w'rlVtVvll'~'ll"vh awl~ ll~tt~ ~I ..... there was initiated and passed by the] ..... i ~ "" " years Ice o erel cmcZS nex~ spr ng can ge~ pulie . . c ruing down from WlNl.K Aw FKllBI.P.IW m III voters of this state, the State Income] th drove them m chicks only,according to L C .. . " to the caves. . llll , e o t lift Tax Bill. This bill was declared vy ....... m na er of" " ~re t~at they lived in the open .......... eh ...... [[H | ~Jr|N~.~ | ~t, rIc,~t~ o~ [~,~" | |||| the supreme court to be unconstitu. ( Shor~y ) ~oggs, a g the xor at le--" " "^.... mortnwe|t otat~ = =nn In o~ursng liH - -~ - .... " lili x,vvv,vuu years. II IIItional. hundred-acre Master Breeding Farnn owned by the Washington Cooperu. before the regular cave Appliat;on of Road Funds As An "However, had the act been up- tire Chick Association. Unemployment Relief. , held, it would have provided funds to tho extent of $1,500,000, afte~l A new discovery made by Japanese taking care of the cost of 0peratimt[Pultrymen makes it possible for the of "the income tax department. This[pullets to be separated from the they tried to hide at night, for human race "ate other crea. in the day time and was eaten creatures at night." The human eye, unable to see dark, feared the animals that well at night. That, science you, is why children instinctiw. the dark. should help them gradually get over it, not make r fear greater by bullying or rid- e. Never compel a timid child leep alone in a dark room. You That road building will go a long way toward solving unemployment problem this winter, is indicated by President Roosevelt's request for governors of all states to speed up their applications for federal funds ~o construct highways. An analysis by the Asphalt Institute reveals that th~ four Pacific Northwest states are[ far behind in securing approval of l sums for public works apportioned to them. condemn the ehild to a lifetime Of the $6,115,867 a11otted to idity. Washington, only $3,127,000 has . at at at been approved; Oregon has had $4,- teoouy, surely, will ask ~u 239,000 apvroved of $6,106,896 al- "Iitywybad', and you might~-astlotted; Ida-h-o, $2,628,000 of $4,486,- znow about it now 249 and Mo ta 5 00 of 7 . " . This sign[ , n na, $3, 20, 0 $ ,- already displayed in Pittsburg~ 439,748. The President's request for re beer m sold and tt rum actmn is an that . " " will spread. I P pt " taken to me | ask the gentleman who sells the lhe believes roadbuilding is one of r: "What does Iitywybad m~an?"lthe quickest ways to put men to ],he.replies: "If I tell you, willlwork. DUy a drink?" You say "yes", Much labor can be used this win- he points out that the letters tn I ter, it is pointed out, not only in pre- bs~ [" are letters that begin the paring road but in producing aggre- in "If I tell you, will you buy gate materials for bituminous mlx- turns on secondary highways. at at Proud government, once ab- out of busineu, believing all told about the government governs least governs best, is in bua~e~ with a vengeance. the pork business, among oth- aud it ~oeently purehItd on Isst lm ) That this ~ought is likewise in the minds of road engineers is shown by the fact t~at at the national con- ference of highways officials held at MflW~Uk~ last week, the majority of discussions on roadbuilding dealt with low-oo~ lpavin~ mixtures on rosds wh,r, tho tr d55o ave sg, is l*n time t,l O0 0m dally. figure was the hope of the endorsers cockerels as soon as the chicks com~ of the bill, and the greatest amount that was over claimed could be raised by the income tax law. "Shocking as it may ~eem, the Pu- get Sound Power & Light Company will pay in taxes this year an amount In excess of the amount which would have be~n paid by all of the people of the state under operation of the income tax bill. Certainly, then, P. S. L. & P Co does not merit the term 'tax dodger', which has been ap-I ! plied to it by certain factions,, some of whom are in the public life of thls state" "Smear The Cards" SEATTLE, October 24---(Special) ---"Smear the Cards" is ~he slogan of the University of Washington foot- ball team this week. The result of last Saturday'e games, when all over the country the under-dogs made sen- sational showing, has given a new lease on life to gridiron interest. While Husky boosters have been at bit dejected since their 0 to 0 defeal~ at the hands of Oregon, a renew~ from the incubator. How this is accomplished will be shown in moving pictures exhibited by Boggs during the free motion pic- ture show to ff~ held in Issaquah Grav.ge Hall on Friday, November ~, at 8 p. m. In an interview with The Press. Bogks said the actual work of select- ing ~he chicks according to sex re- quires a technical expert with de~t (Continued on page four) The Reading Room Issaquah Community now has a Reading Room that is open for use each morning, and afternoons ana even'ngs as much as volunteers will take charge. Fiction is much in demand and those having suitable books will ~o a great public service by loaning them to the Reading Room. Your coopera- io~" is essential to its success. l~Books are for everyone without ~zl~e and may be kept two weeks. Great care should be taken by ~l~r Ipirit has overtaken them. R~ltles to keep books and magazines in good [and pep meetings held during ~e condition. ~ n the Iweek arg putting a real inspiration Volunteer k ~.pers betwee ]into the hope of "smearin~the]hours of 6:SO and 9:00 o'clock p. m, lure deeired. [ Curdle"