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November 2, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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November 2, 1933

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NOVEMBER 6-11 Students Show Importance Departments Comprls- of H~gh School. are a number of stories VOLUME 18, NUMBER 9 ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASH., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1933 ~Natm ~, SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 PER YEAR ? ~= ~I~ =~.~fourtno very esse tin] tn-- ont. | rb ey prset su eduetnts of Issaquah] ....... ........ s to ave on,[. .L_ .. -- Ao . AM The members of the Past "Matrons " reU' The ceN,vS E ,.*.r.*/' [ ooo"'" , , TASS0C,,T,0, i l, .glvmg their redly|dual ERICAN EDUCATIONAL WEEK s the Importance attached to CENTURY PROGRESS Lt of the different branches " is bein observed next week through- WILL MEET THURSDAY ~ng:They are well worth ISBROTTOISSAQUAH Amer,can Educatmn Week g " "re nation in devious ways b the different communities. [t ~,.~" ~'~.Z. =~--~ I out this entl y )Program and Dinner Arranged by[ ~- By ARTHUR BRISBANE -- I SPORTS Reverend Crawford of Renton Gives As we understand the situation, the week this year is to be de- Clubs of North Bend and SnoquaI. I I - ~_ 1 By Fritz Carlson ] ~ end Talk on the Bi~ Sh w voted in general to bringing to the attention of the public, the serious [ ._ ..,t ~__~ c ......... I ~ Mr. Eagan's Half Pint .ll teaches the player quick ,r... l-*Jies Amon V;-;,,,~o condition now confrontmg education. That is not a pleasant ta k, ~ Never Give Up Hope ability to judge, and to re-I ~ nor does it make good r e, ad!ng for the average reader, who will come There will be a meeting of the Sun- All About R~:siH )ay contact Probably the l - . back with the question 'Who is not confronted with a seriOus curia- . . . .... " . . f Klwamans were entertamed at the ............ IsetHighway Association, Novemberl ~ They All Would Convert Us tLuaDle lS quick thinking, I .... 1 .... heon ~,esterda~, h.. v ....... . tion?" And when we all get into that poslhon, most ot us are too [9 on- we~k from toda- at 7 o'clock[ ~. ................ .~ ed in after life to greatlCrawford of the Renton Presbyterian human to consider anyone else ahead of ourselves. I p. m. at the Meadowbrook Inn, in! Mr. Dallas Emzan. sente eed t, h~ ~.. -~ player that cannot[church His subject was the Century Const, quently we are pleased to give space this week to a class [ Meadowbrook. I h .... ~ r ....... A:. ~:. o_,~n._L-~___=: m.t Footballmdeve(o,:~f~+h'~[fPrgress" rreedmg.",'.twe--_',~--c--__~:~'~em~.'epleas',~ turrea.-(rS'an.. I prime object of assocm-lword to Governor Rolph that he "~'~ ~'"~ " " WlllCil webelieve Will ~ ompilSn JUS[as muchI or more, inan I tio " i f wellas the b An mcldent often lost sight of ]n . . . n m the complet on o the pawng would hke" some ~vhisky, to help him" ody. It promotest -. ; .............. discussion by us on the orlgmal theme bemg observed, of the c ..... ~""hwa" throu-k Sno / ............. ldshins,., .~Tt ~+^~-~- ~ , .... [connection wl~a ~nls exnlDli~lon lS tne ~u.~ ~z~; s s" -| _fret ,sez, ann leav_e zne o.,uw --~ ~--..,~,- ~..: .....aczxes c.neplay Ifact that the name is taken from the Another thmg, we have heard no remedy offered for the sltua- [qualmie Pass from Spokane to Seat-[ nv Governor Rol,~h *~,~a~- hoo.~.0 nu,~, ix one score m m xavor .... at thi ti e " " ed ~'" ~" ' "~"""-"~""'~" er team, even one . anmversary of Chicago, which wa~ lion the .schl~. are m . s m , and. we see nothmg to be gum ,[tie' to chnch the mterests. . of Eastern| man, said "Certam.a," ~., ,,~'~' .............. h~.~ ,.he. ,ro ...... o, ,.ool / founded ~ne hundred years a~o as by crlticlsm, without offermg somethmg better, and Western Washmgton m the cycle he wants, and the very be r nd " ~t~_me o]scouraged, th.e[the little settlement of Fort Dearborn writers of these articles are assin throu h the highest tel progress ..... st b a ! .... ~ne payers ~earn ~o . . Th .... P g g . . Prc~tests arose Rehgmus people eled energy and try to el[and everythmg m the big show wa~ branches of education avadable m t~s communlty', from experience ~[ For the meetmg next Thursday ev- ~.OUg,t*U--"--L* ~C:" a mistake" ~ " to" ~et .... a man aaa m mm d the score g [an exhibition of progress in each pax they know what they are writing about, each one covering the sub- [ening the Snoqualmie Kiwanis Club|drunk_nn - - " " . , ~ ess ~o muraer, apvearm ~' ~-- ~nds ~- ~-'--" ..... Iticular line In addition to a vivid ;oct taken as they appeal to the writers We know of nothing better / and North Bend Commerieal Club].~..~ ............. ~. g. ~x~x ~u~t,Dall in the lssa- . . " . " . z,~-,,~-~,~ ~zpuy, oezore nzs ~,~erna| ;moo~ school are low. The spor~[descrlptmn roDents' the speaker tld for Educational Week. [ha.De jomtly arranged aprog, am. T~e[dudge. Dr. Geiger, San Francisco lrh,~$|~ help of the public in put-If Sights m ~mcago, outside the fair ~ ............... , ................. . ........................ .. |prm?pal speaker wnl t>eAsane~ ~ur-/health officer, said, "Don't hang Eag- nslipn~er. ~gr01mds, tha~ ne considered tour- ntu. ., Chapter Holds IEIDI~MI?tT |1/|| ]1' ]1'}11' ~V |~ss,'" ms. ~uv~e,c,~ W.~ere ~ur ~lgnwaY[an drunk, hang him sober, so he'll Money ~oes ~ner speakersWlll . does not _ _ Iworth while than the lair itself He -- I[ll lU | WILL rLal ' train in the same .... " . know what he is being hanged for. .t h42 .......... ]else ~escribed his tri- ~oi,,~, h,. hut lnterestmg Momecommg] [be J. W. Bollong, traffic manager of - --~ ~mdy~ v~nez]~s are mmnar. It ]'..." .... r, . "[ ~ ~'. ' -------- [ /~|I It~ll~I/~MOlll~ P U~.~.~.^ r~p. of Seattle an,~ ~ a..~ ..... ~ When anaesthetics were first used, ne t)od most wnlcn ne consmereo very xavoramy . . ~,,~ v ~a , ~ ~.. -~,,~,~-~,~,,, . . hersS~such e~;n'- o: all. Fromlas compared to train transportation,One of the most mterestmg meet-I t, nAl~lrlUfl~lllr ~a[v|raTof the Ellensuburg Chmnber of Com-[preventmg suffermg under surgery, .ule~m ~s as ~asnes, sno~, -~ ~nturv Chapter held this| ~ / _ _ many objected sa in The Lord "~.--]~custhrow ~ ....... !which he had previously used across rags o~ ,~. ,... I |merce. [ ~ . ' ~o y .g' . . ~O~l, , .uru~ers, pole s the Gnnual~iomecomlng Cham sonshl wan~s us to suzzer, iz zs a sin to '*~J~ ~-:-~ ..... Ithe continent year, wR ] p' "p Game In Seattle onl You are invited to join this bunch[ ' l quic~ "g" ~umpmg and broad[ " x~-ht held last Wednesday. | ~ ---~ ......... |^~ xxr_.u:.~.~^~ ~oosters A fift~-|thwart Him." Some feel that way y otl~ you can readily see tha~[ In closing the speaker dwelt upon ""~-h~oon Past Matrons and five~ ,,or .... a~, tree,co ~amo nere[w ,,~. ...... ~v.~, ~ ..... "~ L.. ,'~.. ,_~_'[about Mr. Eagan's farewell whisky. T these act'v,ties the bde:lthe wonderful progress mademthis "~*" .... t~e Pa~:Mt:d:w!( guest~/ Sunday; High School Lost ,cen. a,nnerwmve ........ y .......... 1 hgDhSF~:i :I~i~lit:! i~n~::~;un~ii~i '::s~.~i:~e:~:~y:d t:dddiToh:Yt :i!;t~!s~a~l~go:tk~::ptale:tw~t~'tbh:[ !as:h:d~P,: hl:oPi;: The Firemen received another rest Books Being Loaned w lode yp andwl~] ' gr , which is an/P gr " P" " Y" ~^ivin~, sewing kits as additional fa-/from football activities last Sunday,} To The Reading Room,half-pint made the greatest differ- very man ~ ~ ---pu~ When the team l Rev. Crawford told of an annual vors I when the game to be played w~thl ~ |ence m the world to Eagan. school gets credit ' Re n K~wan n and Lakemde was ost oned een plng~_.. ", and a]Hallowe en party the n to ' " Piano duets by Mrs. A. Wilso [ " p p . The Fire-I Over a hundred books have b l Jailers said it was a pleasure to see tr$ no~n!P means a cup, which ev- [ians gave for the kiddies of that town. ~.~ E J Lindman and a "Rural men resume battle next Sunday, how. I loaned or g~ven to the Reading Room! him, sitting in his death cell, playing , d~. e teams efforts, leent. As visitors, Mesdames Miles, Mr and Mrs. J. E. Powell, Mrs. C.[outfit and is composed entirely of[The American" Boy, American" C-4rl, lat least thirty-two ounces of water to ~r~one reason why some boyslHepler, Forster, and. Miss Gearhart, McGuire and Mrs. L. H. Harrington!Jananese nlavers. The Ni-pons held!American Magazine, Good House- t eight ounces of whisky. ~ turn ou~ zor football l ] ~ a ~ wn member~ ~" ~ " ~ ~keepmg, and The Saturda Evenln "*-- --]~-~ ...... " .... " of Se - " '1 the Fireme a 7- ~ ~.. and one vm tag K w n an were wel attle were out of to n to 0 s re the lastt Y g ~ ~ IIMM~=.~up~ra.c~. . Iemed" who attended. Additional guestsltime the two teams met, and are fig-[rs~" [ A prisoner in the death cell hopes .,e~,~-~ zn.at m good m foot-I The Snoqualmie Kiwanis Club is from North Bend, Fall City, Renton, lured to ~,ive Issaouah nlentv of ac-I The following magazines are order-luntil the last minute. Even as he goe~ r'~ ~'Jr~..K rece?es a purple and lexpected to visit Issaquah in an inter- Des Me|net and Seattle, were pres-it|on in Sunday's tilt - - I ed for the Reading Room: Time, I through the little door, with the back --~- 0~,,,:,~n moxs very. attractive loinb meeting, either this coming, Wed ent ] " " .. . I National Geographic, American Boy, of his head shaved for the electrode, ~i~t~=or" Inesday or Wednesday week. " Lunch was served to 75 members. ~ The F~.remen. meet ~ne .w~.nner OZtAmerican Girl, Parent's Magazine,/he still hopes. Frightened, weak, dis- oeen very successful m t ~ the North Enu ~zass ~ ~VZSlOn on , o ....~ .... . ~ ..... ~Country Gentleman, Better Homes/eouraged men, thinking of suicide, ~enool and we want it to staY[ex"ected~, of him.. After the ~"is*'# has!of the ~,-'ast, because the best. .thughts~ November 12, in the Clyde Aud~tormm I and Gardens, Reader's Digest, Satur- should also hope to the very last, and _ _- ~ Iuaquah has always haalbeen acted, thm self-confidence re-!and sayings are found..~nhterature..lfor Seattle s Class B league foothaIl[ day Evening Post, Pathfinder andttherefore never commit suicide. or v:e team and many times mains, at least in part. I This study brin.g~, zo i:~n~ om ann|championship. The winner of the[Ladies, Home Journall Unfortunate Harr- Br ..... v'^- ervlcer~:heTmp~artih? taken the!tioAn~O?u~tbhet?n:~:~, sp~kh::; ma;; v~yy tP:oV;h~enter~e~?eSwW.n'?h::g.~7~elNm?:teh E::tti:lcrh:SwnnHtillbt::md;:e:~/ Tweuty-fi, e new books are orderedlPoft, Long Islaud, ;ave uph:;: ;u:t _J~----- I. H. $. ~ the ones which will show up to thulstudy of Literature may notbe as - land should be here soon. Books,|one hour "too soon. He had turned INGT4~ SPORTs laudience with the most effect Aft-[practical as the study of the ~ngfis.~ top and will undoubtedly face the~ ........ ~on the "as in his little flat and killed ' - " "" ' r a ' new ancl olo, are cleslreo zrom people By ~ ~ - J er these have been drilled mto the I language m the sense of eve yd y Firemen in the ehampion.~hip strug / ..... 1 ..... eau ~player, it is quite hard to stop using~use, it gives us a broader p oat oll~,le Iwho are wflhng to loan them to the~mmse~~ ~ust as ~rs. Carohne Lock- ~ar more pupils engaged in[them. As. these have to be perfect- view and increased intelhgence. ~ . .. /Reading Room, where everyone has[wooo KnocKea on ms ooor, eageny, zo |.~i ~n through baskethal~ th~.[lY correct, it is a good thing to re-~ILiterature gives us pleasure addea High School Loses To Bothell access to them ' I give him the good news that she had a |~er sport. Includi-n-g" c~imember them: ........ Iknowledge and. the. appreciation ofI The Issaquah High School footballl Twelve people have volunteered~job for him. [~ tra ~no~ner mmg ~na~ zne s~uaenz un- s~yle, in reaamg n~eramre we ge~l ' er i e e ~tra-mural games and theleonsoiouslv ado~ts in dramotico ~o +he[ .... h-se elements that will make i team took a severe drubbmg at the!as L~brarmns for afternoon and eve-[ Nee g v up, wh ther you hav~ ~gh school teams, at least 481school spirit. He is naturally hen-!us educated men and women, hands of the Bothell high school team ning service; six more are needed. |lost fifty mllhon dollars, or an elght- ~bal~played the game. This is~ ~ng that the play ~s a success and that Thus we can see why Enghsh ~s the|last Saturday, the final score beingI ~ | een dollar a week job. Thre are al- .... ~se it is an easier game to[~ne o~ner members of the class and I very backbone of our education. ]32-0 The ~ame was played in a drl-[ ,r~ ..... , ~ -__1__.. ~:..__ |ways better days ahead and unlimited /senool Will cooperate and o e 1 H S ----- ~ . ~..trmnny .-zgsua~ty ~zv~-- ..... kecause more people like ~t. can to ~ro,~-o ,I- ..... d all they ___ :..". 7_ .........ving rain on the muddy Bothell field .... ~ ~ ~ t ,. |posssbfllt~es m every hour. "st psl~l has fewer bumps thanlthis he "is "pull~n~'w~h~'Yevern o~sg! WHY H~V~I~I~U~h~f~.~A~'|DI~ land these conditions prevented theI l~lrul~ay ~,menrauon| ~ ~ .-~-~_ ~]~nore team work than track[mate. - ...... [ ~" ~"" -'~"'~'~le: lind|ant from using their strongest of-[ . . .~ .... | The world discusses President eraU a f ! H S Th~r~ zour remuves gaznerea ar , [~:;~lnera y aster game than] ..... ..-'~-f..._'_" "'~- ] ~..~.w s~eakin~ and debate are!fens|De weapon, the passing attack. [__ . Y" . ....... ~. ~ . ~Roosevelts message to Russia, tug- ; ~-~-~ ! ~n= VALVe. OF AN ANN~a~ ! ~.%~"-'~ '~ ~ ..... I_ _~_ | line nome oz wmmm ~.msay vunaay,~,,estin~ reeoo~iti~~ nn~ ho++.~ h-si- i .......... I " B- vi ....... ""~" [certamly.oz real vame m_~ne scno_v~.~ The Indians received and showed a[i~ observance of the 83rd birthday l-~ ~ 0"" ~:~'" " ": .~-~.~. ~.- ~, ~ ---~,,~ ,,a~son " rmn~ is ~ne ser- - - nest ~erman noes no~ like 11; J=l.ll;- w~m me s~ate compul- , First and mos~ ~mpo . . . Y .. . Ina stu shght spark of offensive power In geles ~:w in effect here, I believe/hi,,h ..x.^ dent~s journey through his[vice these activities render to the pu-! .......................... [anmversa.ry of ha mother, Mrs. MarYtler,s ~ttacks on Russian Communism =~, +h~more -----"----',, ~ -/ ~ ~,,~oz ,ze, mere are many oc-lnil By practicing speaKxng oezorel~-e ~sr~ zew mmu~ u~. ~xs~ ~am~,/(Granny) ~inusay. r~er anniversary|~.~..~ ........ ~ ,~^ ~ .... ~ ~ ..... on ~. -~ ~,Ul~-~ wm ve cnarm- cations and " - ~ " - ~ tuden~ . ,,,~v,,,~ ,~u~:u ~..= .~o~ ,,. .~r.,-. ?n ~;3~ame .......... [ ........ events whmh are signS-[large bodms of people, the So [but Bothetl soon pushed them backlfelI on the 24th but Sunday bemg the ltrad~ wih ~.ss~o Hitler lik .... e stomer~ ~--~ ~ IS cazlea line Klng[ ~cam; ~O film. | .o.,,;.~o ~se and loses nit so[I-con- i -.~ I~... +h..., ~. +h~;~ ~..,~ +~.~;+~.~.I - - - ~ ~ ~'" ~" " ~ ...... - .,,u .~p~ "~ om da convenient zor many ro ac ,, , land it truly is for no matter] .An annual is an illustrated book / sci~usness~ when .talking in public, i,_ u-h :"~':" ......... =":~:: ....| Y Y ..... ': ~ of our best minds ~ thought that he )uld b~ the school, or how serious~Wnxcn cents, ms pictures and accounts[ Of more importance yet is the fac~l~nr~ g our_me ga..me..?o~nen scor-|tend, the cezeora~mn was pos~ponea[should be allowed to decide Russia's ~ v~ ~ne varlous cla reed ~Oor u ~w,~e ~n ~ne ~u-~b nalI ann con I ~+~.~of matert~! .L ..... | . . sses, sports, dram-[that he becomes accusto - "|till the 29th. ~f~r,~ ~f ~er~ment .%~li~ h~u~h~ ~ " '~ =::;:~1 teams " Y nave|aries, clubs...and organizations, and]ganizing his thoughts and expressmglverted one try for pomt, makmg the| Among those attending were Wm.[~,t merm~.~]~:f_. ...... |o~ner. aeuwues. ~ach .class is .red,them in the best manner, he}earns!score 13-0 at the end of that canto. | ~cholson Tommy Richardson. Mrs ]"~:: .......... trante~,-~,~,~ner, ~aszet~all is the[ ~ponmme ~or ~s par~ and material m! to bring out the bes~ arguments m aI ...............| *2". ~. ., .. - ...... ' , "] ~nma ~nmzs we approach ~ussm e of ~a~nere{l b st resent ~o~nell maQe ~ne Des~ O~ ~ne DreaKB ~onn l~orlcn~ Mary ~ean l~orlcn~ doan . [me ~ the sports ~lavea ~-| - y udents who form the lucca[ way and so is able to p ' [ ]to protect ourselves against Japan- ltv. q~_ ~ .... " - - :"| editorial staff To be able to refer his|dens convincingly When this is in the second half, scoring once on an[ Porich, of Tone | ......... ;. ~ho ~,~ ~.~st." we ~.. ~. a.v uo nls DeB~ W / " ' ' ' " /'~'" "'~"~'~ "" "~ ........ - --" ?y., of ~u,,~ ........ ve ame ~o run a~ or~,x t tis zrea record of your hs~h school day~l accomplished the boy. or g~rl r~atural- lintercepteds pass and once on a block-] Joe Anderson Jr,. Jim Anderson, aware of no' such menace. There wilt to N ' . . . ed pu t.The Indmns were put ~n Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ande son and Rob- "f_^'~-~il f'~Y m, nutes at least. , The annual i's not published to[any kind of act,vzt.ies,.for the on~l.~. ~.~, .... ,.--.~.^ ~..,...~--~._| .... ,.~ .. ^.~ ....... rain.drill quently a great satisfaction ly becomes the leader of the class nI n " r e~~ p a a " line tint1 al ~,,- "*~'" u~ .e.'i~ p-][a g~ me to watch, for me ~t| make money. The sum the individ-[who m chosen to ve ... P . P I ~, . ~=-,~ ,-. ~? ...... ?-~.-,~| e~_~ .... ~...~" ~-~; ...... |our own busmess, and Japan amos titan ~eight of re-^:---, .... ]uai pays for the subscrintion eovers[ speaker or airec~or oz a~zasrs m an~luname co WOrK ~nmr way,am mm-[ Marger]e ~co~L ~rs. wm. uonerty,[ u~,o t is th4~n-'excitin:,'~:~_~_~' .'~ re[about one-fourth of the'entire eos~]meeting or gathering will b~the .one.[field at any time. Bothe~l did no~|Annie M. Scott, Hubert R. ._o., ...... , .... v.^ -I- ~ -,- "'. u,~pmys ~eam-lthe rest has to be raised through the[who can bring, forth the mos~ mg~Cm[outpunt the Indians but the Bothell|Phvilis Scott,Mr and Mrs John[- "~" ~--~'~ ."; ....... ? ~'.~s'.~". ~'~" f, ,~ pmyea right, exhihtt~,initinttv~ ,,~' th~ ~nd~nt h~d~ l~.~|l|xqe of reasonm~ ann speak ~ne mostl .......... / ~ " .~ - !zessor Donasason, oi ~xevmana, ex- ---- of s " " ......................... " .......... " :After leavin saze~y men rerurnea ~ne ha, deep Lindsay, Mr. and Mrs. ~ave ~utton --- t of ~kill. It also gains po~-[value cannot be expressed in terms lfluently and easily. .KI ............... | ....... , ..... ~pert of Soviet mdustry, says recog- ecause o *~-- -- . -- .-- , of dollars and cents Its service ~ I school, ~ne young man or woman wno [ m~o ~ssaqu~n ~err~r.ory a~er e~cn| ann mrs. Agnes ~ml~n, o~ ~ea~zle. | ~i~w x,H|| ,~,~x~ ~,~ ~~ .qA~/~n .... ,,~d-w ...... tlone that -roy|des a lifetime of satm-[has taken public speakmg Will have[punt, whereas the Bothell ends| Mr, and Mrs. Masterson and Mar-ts_~,~ ...... ~ .... ' easy, nile watching It r he one , .,.. ~,~. ~,a~.~. ea]svY'~oo ........ . [faction and enjoyment, la much better chance .than t. Ismeared the Indians backs in thelr|garet Irene Muterson, of Rochester.|- ~,=:: ........... " ........ ~ .... O111y ~ m,f. I uaBeDall also is vi-[ -- | H ~. -- |who nab no~, ~o Sell nlmsell~ ~o era-|+...[,, t)_,~,.l~ --.I--,A .....~. ^# it.I ~r_ __..1 t~__ n_~.-..~ t)^.,.t. -.,AI oz'~oa~ like ~ae ~,oosevel~ mov~h axes l~se if a youngster really ha-| E~IGLISH ]ployers or to the public. His lateg.[ "~.~" .~. ~ _ .~] .... ~r~. ~uv~r~ ~w .. "y [ believing that it will help Euf'opean " " undoubtedl yaraage on mm uneven returnor son Teaay, ~ar an(l Mrs wm LmG~ he co0~sbflity and likes the game ' By Florence Johnson I I ire wt!l for this reason ..... Y l . ~ ! .. . _.. - M. - ", . ", peace. At least, Britain says that. on StS~iim a -I- .... "-. '1 An ~a,o~ -~.,,^~ ~- ^~ e^-r-e a/be mane more successzuz ~nan o~ner-tpun~s. Isay, uernlce, ~:arl, ~oD~. 4r, ann dunel~rt,~ l~;+~h ~I^ ,~^~ ,I~,~.,. ,~ .~ .- ~" evemp nmldream' Yet It is not at all an un-/Wis_e. ........ I Cooper and Carlson, guard andlLindsay, and Charles Ellis, of Issa-tcallin,. ,,erha,~s the sa,,i.,- ..~" *~... With B Y' h u first strmg end, wh n gr gr ~t more ssm l McK~tl .w" . lack Diamond for I of today, or ~erha,,o i- "I'- ~, ~o*~^= | during debates, both std s of t e s b- ~ ........ ~ .... " "~" , " p y, For what I m think. Pmnshi s a " " " ~'~ ~ hi me on an ln3ury in ~ne IlrS~ quar- clalleren ,, be. ~p~r. p s L nnually. - ]al institutio~ of tomo~ow En~'lis~|Ject are brought to view.and t.'s al'iga ..... ' .... | " ling, you could have me put in jail. __.__..~.,=-~u SChOOl has two legs on lwill be one of th. ~^.,.... '~..,'..~| so broadens ~ne views oz the auaiencvfter. zne tnumns ~axe a rest ~omor-| ~ , at ~ 08, F q es three for per-" always be taul~ht " T't."~ ~'~'~,,~,~'~|and gives them a clearer conceptiont~nw with nn ~ame scheduled [INDUCEMENTS OFFERED I .... 0:; ~l~!ssio,. lin many diff*ent ~a~s"~=~.=~.~.:=|of the question. High school debate] .................... | ...................... , ~erl,n plans an active program a lnln B - , - .,, ~ /V Dr'UK |AX I"ATMJ~NI:~ " " "-f~vml~ g eaton Issaquah will I different books, a,d ~,o..*~.~.~'~.. '.."-'~ | ouestions are practically always top- I ............. | I to Hitlerize the whole world, all on ~an,v~a team in the race beeaus, lious titles, yet ~t is'-always'essenti'a~v[fcs.of general discussion and interest, lCENTURY CHAPTER MF.MUEK~ ~ The state tax commission at Olym-la peaceful basis, Foreign correspon- ~u Shortening of the school[English. " ...... " Isomething that the people would like[ VISITED AT MASONIC HOME|pin asks us to state that:Payments ~ dents are taken through German , In the Issaquah hi h scho to know more about, for instance, ' ' ~hope that hereaft~- -~- ....In* ~...v.x. ........ ag . el, a yearl,~.~ +.~; ..... eerie- aebated las ] ----- made prxor to November 80, not onlY!chemical factories to prove that n~ eourt~.~' .... e d in t'he'sprl~;l;em*~ut';r"to" ;~e~'~u~aof structure;.!y'ear~y";he v~arious-schools in the| ............ '[ "o .... ' . .. 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I .......................... ~eninism, or Marxism, or waa~ever --~ ~ roxny Miles "1 1 two years t ;_"_'~"~Iics ~ .... |and enlarging of the knowledge we people, good, unprejudiced notions oz |Sarah Hunt, former residents of Is-[ tit is, :" hart, ~_"_J~" an a~ivity in which~rece~ved in grade school It is ~lae. [many im|)ortant topics, ~if the inter-| ...... h =,h^ -ow reside at the home I ~aAmv~-m-~-~T-~a I Mu~ Kema]. in far away Tur- _____==.~;pan~s are benefited rather ling into actual experience that w~icn] est tn this activity were more gen-i '~"'"' ...... ." 1.., -'~-='---- ="'::''-'."" ="| ~.a, ~,-" .... ~,o .,;.~ ..~o.. ,~',~o~,. VuJ~ ~'_~_~,..for a student who] we have already learned, W~ .r. l eral. | The afternoon was spent in a viss~I ~sss ~srmm ~_OSKI, assls~an~ violm l~, ~F-.,,,-:~ ...... , ~ .......... ---~ ~t and~svu~u~ or .self.conscious, I|taught public speakiuz and ~o-w~t~l These activities are tn some degree~ about the Home and with the Rut-i teacher of A. A. Mll|er, has a card in the ~a auopt his modified theories th, al lay. " : n itve: IneePat : th rt Sunacl de n aa This learn|n, of[v,luable to the school likewise. ,As|,elis' Mrs Hunt and Mr. Sellers, also[this issue announcing teaching terms. Ofhammed, combined with guy- o aa s .o: our very eom rouen as zoo azz or in erscno - ' i :~ mental theories of Kemal une, ]~h~n he Cues on the -+a-e ~.- I "-l-- ~ ........ ~... , ....... "[ ..,. ~.~.., ..... a. ,_ ~.?. ..... ~ .... ~ s former resident, who is now living I Miss Koski is also des rous of start- e~nI . .. xnowl "" " -~ ,--s--s- .--=~- ,~ ~umr xor US ""~ u=u-~,.a ~..u~ ~ ..,,, .~.u...o : Ano ~ussolini head of all dicta " ::_,l.td,e_that he knowsl~; Wl~tte, speak and read, ]~n.|ish Itoirether in a friendly re|attonshtp. I;}at the Home. ling a elms of children from four tO ::! ..... , ...... " o sala ~o1~ orlglnal, ~nlr KS znat what every ~A~-A'~e~-- i. With each speeeh l ThUs, this' 1)hate of Ens~ish "Wll~[helps to preserve the honor and spirttl ~.- ...----------- [six yea~s of age on the violin. For ' ' ~"~ ~_~. y." mou~rht of every ~ p~epare us tO ~e of benefit to soc|et~ I of the school. Some questions de-[ ~:.. ~.~. w.~,~,,.~ ,,~ Seattle ~s! members of this a~e, she ~ives ~wo body ueeds is Fascism. fourtlt~,=. ., ,Dnoe. Unconsciou~ and will be a ffrest aid to on1" prl~'a~J~ t bated touch on, or at| intimately re-t .... "'." - ....................~. ~ '~,,,. ": ~.. , He~ ~. we haven't started any ' ism -..," ~!-'k"_'" '~" Tam, but he Ill sa~- ]~t~r4~. ll~ted to, ...................... aehaol life And s~ee tha~a. :a ~e~ ~nm weez oz ~.~ss m.~rmm[~essons a weea. ....... - - .,m,,.-. .... he knows what is Literature is the stud7 of the miad[ ( o tinued on Page ]Koskt. [See her at her home On V #at M dn (Continued on last ' I .... ' .............. 5,