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November 2, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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November 2, 1933

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1 PAGE FOUR THE ISSAQUAH PRESS, ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASHINGTON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2 " i i llll ~~ sive investigation be made of the More Educational Week i(,ur knowledge undonbtedly becomes!complete ignorance is greatly to his:this book they must naturally r:-.~u~-~.k 1.;a ...... ;~. I Lthat much greater and we have ~ disadvantage Applied sciences such supporters A sum of money ...... I t'' l~g' ~ better chance to attain great heights :as Engineering Chemistry, Physic~ ing froln tbree hundred to five l~lKnappets present anu to come ~ i e , t " " ' "" ' . . '[ -- , n th futu'e yea's. ~and Mathematics are those whmh dred dollars must be raised to would be influenced, beneficially, bylifairs This hody consists of p,'esin-I In English IAte,'atu,'e alone, youlsohuld be first considered. It hap-:~the Annual a possibility. The conviction of the Lindoergn criminals ent vice-m'eMdt/nt secret'~ry t 'ea~- oltcn run across pm'ases written in,pens frequently that the knowledge lpose of an Annual is to give in even at this late date it "e'r bo:~' "lth etlc" nam~gi',:, gil~i~" ~OnlC fol'ei~'n language. If you are'offered by these various branches ol years a reference to former brArthur Brisbane ', - -, ~ .... .... I,dhh',tic ~l;'ln~ge, and :a i'e.ilcsentl ahh to un(terst'tnd them you ~iq.lhat one courte can be used in little mates i 2~n able police OIIlClal oI ~nlcago, i, ,, / * - " ' ' rive from each class. This meetinc fret the full benefit of the reading ms- things that occur daily, and whic~ai Class rings and pins are 1 who worked on the horrible Loeb-.is Sul)erviscd by a nlemher of the f~i- teHal. All this comes under the ed- one has heretofore felt too rumple to each year by the graduating class (Continued from first page) Leopoht murder, believes that Col- cull,:. The class rel)v(se~ltatives ~lve ucational vnhle of studying some for- deserve explanation, matter of pride, to use as an 'onel Lindbelgh's chiht was abducted elec'tcd by each ('hiss, tile treasurer elfin language yet. We are s]naI)le capitalistic bour-t " . , . ~ In the average househld today, we lasting proof of school attended geois, pushing up the price of gold.and murdereo oy one or more deprav- is appointed by the supcrinkemh:laLI in this day of increasing interns-l find automobiles, electric lights, ra. lthe year of graduation. Each . , , ........ . .. ,,~qnd ill(! (,main ng n c nhevs are e:- t!onalisnl, the c olnl?lercial and poll- dips, vacuum cleaners and other such cessiv.e class tries to choose a with silly international bidding, push- eu stuucnt~, as a stun~ c~une. ~c- e, bv the st ents T is group t]('al value of a torelgu language can- patented inventions. Perhaps one'slartl.stlc emblem than the 1 e~ in~ down the val,,e of +h~ ,I no, I Mr. Capone toh th:s wrttr wh:all.mge~ and (tis~usses sth(.l l(tiv n)t b ve. enphasized. They are ~, ..... o .... , ..... ....... '- ~ . : . , happiness or ability to use these semors. ~,,a.; ..... ~.. ~., . r ~. k [visited him m the Chicago prlson, lties, ioi utmost mq)oltanc~. . things are not affected by ignorancel The senior annual ball is the touSa~,~N talJ ~,~. LO,~ ~,~ tlVln/~ oy In-},,. .. ,L ~ t...u.......... . _LI.... , I H S I l"or these reasons onecan re'tdlly creased prices, and with problems the Llnaoergn oauy was ......... c~-I FOREIGN LkNG~AGES !st'(' of what im ,ortance the study of of science but one who knows will gest. social event of the year. t be the one who has first choice when student looks forward from year ahead, ed by any regular mob. They would] ..... ]langnage is in school, and more stu-it comes to advancement year to this happening with ~nticl ~ ~ I not be so foolish. That was the work] By lhn retersen dents should take adwmtage of th;s ! ....... L..~tion of having a good time It is - . .... bclence has progresseu Step uy t~aditional exert " ....... of some crazy fool wokin~ by him- hi nmklng a r(,ply t(, |hat qucstmn ,,lq)ovtumty otfeved them. step and although many people have'.i~e .... " .... !. t ,when the class Yres~tlent }~ooseveit anu ms De-] ,-,, - "~ - [frequently asked by students, "Why -- I H. S ~ . ..... t ~V]L *~ a~ ~Lb trlen(ls LO De l~S gue., at flleveu success and reacnea tne}~ . . selI ' * ' " r " partment of Justme deserves thanks shouht I ial~e a lovtq~rl language m VALUE OF HOME ECONOMICS ' ' ' " ...... I The semor play is tne last sh . ,, . --- - t individual goals in this tie this sup- which" A" , . for their energ., in diseoura,-ing ki(t-I ~ ]s('h( ol .' (ne lnt,zht say, "Because ..... . ' I tne class puts on to prove ~ ' ~ . ' '~ I ~y ouamta marker .... ". . . . oramatw talent lvluch timeanal "~'~"in~' qen,Hn,- -i,,ht or nine ki,~ I .. ~ .~ H [~t~erw's as a stelqml~Z .'tone to ai . . I ject continues to reveal unusual po,~-~ .... " 27 : ~, -,,vv ~ .... ~ e g ,~-, Drieny tom b~tter 'in( hi,,ht'r ,~" tl n in life '~ Miracle of ms'soles!Our modernImbflitles Science is creditedwtth "" ' ' ' 'i ....... ' , s t s ~. . . , - , . ,- --[SO much tlard WOrK areexpenuea nappers to jail for hieisefleet~ve] Troubles come al ke to evervllodV .... ).. "m(i 1 n u t e nlautens can bo 1 water in a doubte navmg overcome the pestilence wmCnrit and i" s .... " " " * * 1 ~10 V~IlUeS ~ I a i ' ? gl] a g ~ g ' " . . ~ bollel w ihout sto, chlng it Thele discouragement. I l.ife wouhln't be natural without al ..... t~r,,ef(d,I the tduc'ttion'd the ' ~.: .. . .~_ipreventd constructing the Panamai . t u. ua.y is a huge succes~ ............ -- .... "s " i Canal Countless numbers of huma~ Announcements . of Comn,s~ - I o hl or" o ~ ", . ...... fore what 1," the necessity of teach- Now the President orders an mttn- ' u etw . conlnlerc "u an( the mte'natlonm ov . ". " ,, - ,'~ x . !lives are saved annually by applying ment, and individual p~ctares , ---~-~---~ ' ~ ~.. ~ ' i lnlr ~lllnlc ILconl)lnlCSr t;annot such . ,~ sent to many Irlends ot the grad' !IImillllllllilnllqpuuilllllllqlllIIII.IjjjIlI.|IIIIIIl.|.......lll of:(':i!!~!~::(t~'ai:~;!Finglish Colnposi, ionlcear;lc~/(~:~II::'t::es necessary ~ iltth~i/2lr~)in i}i! (li!i!'i~:ls~i~a~u]yhT!ii' , ' ' i~lTn~iit)~h~lcideb~i~aIdw2"l~the2~~ i!~ t~d~pic~T)2e ~!gn~'~u!n~ia We Do All Kmds of Hauhng Busmess Every Bnslness Day ..; ' ,. ., ' nl thers are good cooks, not all the endeavor were fruitless, as well as rt . div- "* 11f1(* nlol'e [)el'IeCl.lV a person can ex-. ~ " ' . Iln uual. , . ". ~(-ooKs are perfect is being paid to those whose work has: Th .......... I between I lpress h~s thonght m a te luate verbal ". ' . " e snea~ marks tne enu o~ added to the materml wealth ol na ......... -- -- "-- I md wr ten fo "u the hi,~her is his The suhjcct of ttome Economics ~s. . [class social activities; ]t ]s their m [] " ' " " " ' " " " " " " "' . .Ip~emc while ]n high school It [] Seattle and Coalfield, lssaquah, High Point, Preston, Monohon,_Ilac~nlphshme, n,t" l'hls study,then,ll~eu;eh ~/~;)~l~l(; t~nne J(~;te anfoiteldo oI tmns and then" peoples ..... We might also pause to review past "'eref .... ~--- .... I Iservcs a UOHDIe nurpose---1L ~eacae~ ~ ~" ~ '"~ ~ . . . ,. Its ore a prlval:e anti secret ai I EUiott and Cedar Grove, and all way places --II~n~lish :n addit{onto the foreignlearn how properly to prepare foods history. . It. was the. scientific. . skill, lanu ........... the class is let~ alone to enjoy " ' ~ " " and mvent]ons which le(~ to xurtnerlmemorable occasion [] _}language ,but also the correct foods from a d]- discoveries of importance on thisI .c .~" -- I_ . -- "-- s -- i l A complete mastery of any lan-'etic standpoint. | |t nnnllnh Tr n n r n snn =[guage can only he through contact, Included under the course comes planet, which has encouraged a high- ,.-~--,~ n.! "-~.~ [] Ihhtllll[0tlll //l?llJhllllll#lllllll Idl._ Illl:_ ]with the people themselves. The aim]the very essential art of serving the er civilization. ~,n~o A*n~..,~.~ [] iVV~;,H|I liUlIV~VIIHIIVII VVI] lll~l lof the teaching in school, then, can be ! meals and doing it correctly. This Today many things formerly be-I By Bertha Eriekson Ii []]to fm'nish the student with a reading!mav seem a matter of light mention lieved to be impossible are very cam-I Modern high school ~irls } I " AUTO FREIGHT AND TRANSFER iknowledge of the language and an:but in reality, it is one of which all man, for example, calculating the!have some outlet for their sur I _ appreciation of its arts and litera~lgirls should boast a knowledge, ing it; weather predictions; preven-'appropriate than girls' Z Seattle Depot--Railroad Ave., Dearborn St. and Railroad Way ture I As another subdivision of the top- height of a mountain without climb-l energies and nothing could be tion of certain diseases by serum in- i Leave Seattle I:00 P. M. Only Leave Issaquah 6:00 A. M. We read literature to find out what lie, etiquette may be mentioned, and the world calls good, and to set for !greatly stressed. There is alway~ ourselves a higher goal by learning Ir0om for expansion in such a field and profiting by the thoughts and jof learning. experiences of others. If we, theL, Sewing, which is taught in the see- have the ability to read literature end semester, is an interesting and written in some foreign language, in I beneficial study There again more addition to that written in English, i than the bare necessities of learning SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD AND 4TH Your Neiqhbor Ju f rruit and Veqetablea Sweet Potatoes i iii DOZ. SWEET AND JUICY--MEDIUM SIZE LBS. III I LARGE TOKAYS PER GAL FRESH LOCAL ~- BRING CONTAINER PKG. NEW CROP --- SEEDLES y's antake FLOUR LARGE PKG. FOR PANCAKES OR WAFFLES---It's Unexcelled BOX CARTON FIRE CHIEF BRAND ::: 2 8c t ,i NALLEY'S SALAD TIME --- "IT'S ALWAYS GOOD" MONEY SAVERS' LB. VACUUM PACKED CAN "QUALITY GUARANTEED TO PLEASE" PURE CANE --- FINE 38C DURKEE'S~ FAMOUS ASSORTED KINDS I TALL CANS---FEDERAL PER CAN : 2-OZ. CAN BARS "THE POPULAR WHITE NAPHTHA LAUNDRY BAR" iii i, LARGE CAN MADE IN MILWAUKEE BY THE MAKERS OF BLUE RIBBON BREW , , i ii Baker's Cocoa 1-LB.CAN -LB. CAF 19c 10c iiii Post Bran Flks 80 Satina 1 I I IT3 lOTS OF FUN TO SHOOT THIS FAEEFOR2PKG.TOP$OF 2PKGS. SENT TO MFGRS. 20c to sew a straight seam is gained. A general problem of the girl now is, "What shall I wear", "What can I wear to tbe best advantage", and the purpose of sewing is to help over- come such obstacles. By what has been mentioned yea can readily see that a course in Home Economics is not a waste of time, bu~ is quite beneficial to all that are in- terested. --~- I, H. S. ~ MANUAL TRAINING By Bronson Wold Manual Training is the most in-, teresting subject in the high school to e ,, per lb. . . . the average high school boy. It does not really seem like work but seems merely something the student wants to do As proof of its being inter- esting, in the recent vote to see which subjct was most liked, manual train- ing won by a large majority. It is not only interesting and fun, but also is very educational and it something a student will remember jections. The great civilization of such na- tions as Germany and the United States is due principally to the scien- tific approach made. Science is now taught in public schools in order to prepare pupils more, when he is out of high school, than most subjects taken up. Educa- tionally, manual training is almost invaluable. It is worth much to student to know how to make some- important subjects taught in high schools as well as in grade schools, to a certain extent. Knowledge o~ these two subjects is really a vital factor in the making of a good cit- izen. History is a study of the past. Ev-i cry person ought to have a desire to know facts about what bus happen- ed in the years gone by, not only in his own country, but in the world as l well. History is also a guide to the~ present. It really should be appre- ciated more than it is. Social science is closely related to History. It is the study of man activities in relation to bis past, pres- ent, and future. Every well-educated person has a knowledge of these two important subjects. Every good citizen knows at least what has happened in his own country and what is happening at present, because history is in the thing with his own hands. I making all the time. This is what Mnual training is also differenlwe are taught in our History and So- from other subjects and is a rest to[cial Science classes at schools. the student who has been studying We really should take a receptive all day. Although manual training ~s attitude toward these subjects. They easy and about every boy passes in rt, lwill really prove valuable to us in it is by no means a snap and you later life. cannot loaf around. [ -- -- 1. H. S. -- Manual training may cost a little, SENIOR ACTIVITIES but it is really economical because furniture desired at home can he l By Lister Cooper -- The senior year in high school ~ made and bought by a student at l .... nl crowded w~th activities---each stu- much less than the market price _dent has much responsibility which the article. ----- I. H. S. ---- he must uphold. Besides having SCIENCE something to do with extra curricular By Ragnhild Zingmark We are not at present living in an age of steel, copper or electricity, but an age of Science. The citizen of today should be quite familiar with science if he ~ to understand more fully the intri- cate mechanisms that surround him. Even if he does not understand these mechanisms as fully as necessary, activities of every other class, the seniors must do most of the work for an Annual, purchase class rings and pins, present a play, give a formal i ball, issue announcements, have gra- duation pictures made, and arrange for their picnic or "sneak." The first activity, the Annual, ~s probably the most important function undertake~ in the school year. Since the seniors are most benefited by school. Athletics are the most bern recreation in existence at more ways than one. They not only physically but Any correct kind of exercise will in forming healthy habits, so an of gymnastics each day should very much toward making a girl. When one's brain begins to groggy and it becomes difficult concentrate properly, exercise comes to the rescue. To play and forget about worries for is essential. There are, of different games for different but give her games and sports ed to her age and physical and the result is a happy, girl who can take care of herself ter as a result. Some girls cannot stand quite strenuous an exercise as can but most schools employ good teachers and under their pervision there is little danger playing too hard. Everyone agrees that a sp~ personality is something very sought after by girls. Good is the first and most important quirement. Bright lips and teeth add much but none of can be had without the rig]~t kim foods. To be able to seat that is good for her, she must an appetite, and in order for her have that, she must do things arouse it. Everything with the slightest connection with health up somehow t~ exercise. The thing to do is to begin early train your muscles and lungs. I. H. S. ---- LIBRARY By Ethel Johflson The entire high school is around the library. Every must use the library. Those who are not interested in reading pleasure find it necessary to use library for reference work. the teachers in charge of the are also in charge of the study it is necesary that someone serve librarian. There are ten girls do this during the day. These do their part in keeping the li neat. Each has certain shelves read, or check, for order, and to straightened out during the day. books are read according to the ifieation number, then aceordin author, and then according to The fiction books, however, are shelved' according to author and and the biographies are shelved phabetically according to the graphee. The method used in the books is the method used standard libraries. Cards are out for each book, including the Ject heading card, the author and the title card. These are re ed in the card catalogue. Then someone wishes to find a book does not know the author or the he asks the librarian for a i aeronautics or whatever type of book he wants. The librarian goes I the card catalogue, and looks subject "Aeronautics." finds the author and the title of book and can go to the shelvee find it. The books, of which there are 1500, are checked out for a two weeks. The encyelo not leave the library. If desires to have the book for clas~ erence, it ie then put on the shelf and can only go out for night.. If a teacher wishes, he have certain books checked out for week only. When the books are due the person to whom the book chec~ :ed out is required to pay ~ehn: a day until the book is 'e~ books are mended by the ers in charge of the library. The non-fiction books have classification number, the author title on the back of the books. is --ut on with a stylus. School begins ordinarily at a. m. but in the library school at 8:20 a.m. This is two teachers. The purpose of is to give those students who Ire study before class in the a quiet place in which to do so. The duty of the librarian ts check in and check out books, lng fines and keep the ltbrary orde [ly, file books and be at the se~vtce [ the students. [ The training that a librarian ]cetves is very educational b [one comes In contaet with ao lbooke, learns of the writers, and of the eubJoet matter, _..