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November 7, 1963     The Issaquah Press
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November 7, 1963

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JAMES QUANDT These are five of entered / CLAIRE in the POLLOM Issaquah Press STEVE MOORE LARRY MEYEi S Subscription Contest. (See Column One) Ba n agent and formerChamberpre- findings to the general mem- R~ F sident, portrayed the present bership. ~I frustration of the organiza- No Business Voice I tion's few ctive members. Lack of a united business pC,~Io ou cn acnt'~nndsividua~nhisqualifi~``~ut~f52businesseswithinav~icet~speakbe~ret~e~ity Iseaqoah, High hint, Preahm, Upper Preahm, Hobart, Cealfleld, Pine lake, Beaver lake, Lake Sammamlsh, Newusfle, Will~Wtdge to:h~hIS~a2a~ahte nC~ay three-block radius in Issa-council was cited by Powers -- No. 45~ Single Copy l{k luaquah, King County, Washington Thursday, Nov. 7, 1963 removing the positions of city Salaries quah, only 10 are represented as an important function of a , , attorney and city clerk from the The council passed a second here. Frankly, I'm finished, Chamber. "For instance, we ballot and making the positions ordinance providing for the and it's obvious to see that not were told three years ago that a appointive, salaries of the two positions many businessmen are inter- the crossings would be light- Ordinance 818, which will plus raising the salaries forthe ested in having a Chamber of ed, and they're still not. We not affect the two positions un- mayor and councilmen The Commerce," Powers exclaimed, should be able to go to the "It's a shame that in a grow- group and point out that this pIl--JL'on til the present term expires in salaries will become effective ing area such as this, we can't creates a dangerous hazard April, allows the Mayor to fill April6, 1964. the positions by appointment The city attorney will recei#e even get our own business- forourcustomers. subject to confirmation by a a salary of $350 a month, up men interested. Why should a "We need a businessman on few continue to knock them. the city council, and we should of the Issaquah area the contestants were unable to majority vote of the City Coun- from $70, and the city clerk $500 selves out?" set about getting one on there bring in their collections and cil. a month. :ion rates ineffect reported by telephone, so at The positions will not be Mayor William Flintoft point- Labor DayParade next March. I've never heard bscriptioneontest the timethisstorywenttopress ~ Marvin Mohl and Harold filled for a definite period of ed out that the clerk's salary in Speaking of the Labor Day of a city council before with- in progress. A one-year an accurate listofcomparative ~ Straub appeared before the Is- time, but rather they "shall 1964 will average out to $465 a parade, of which he was chair- out at least one businessman man, Powers pointed out that on it," Powers exclaimed. ~il tion now is$3.00which standings were not available, i:~!~: saquah City Council Monday serve at the pleasure of the month, the same as city street three of the businessmen who " One spectator said the Charo- n saving of fifty cents to With the contest just swing- ~ night to determine the bonn. mayor." employes, protested the loudest when ten- ber was in pretty sad shape ~scriber. A two-year sub- ing into action last week, we ~ daries for an annexation pert. E.V. Watkins asked the coun- For the Mayor, a position to tative plans were announced to when it mopes around and tion is $5.50 which will were able to snatch pictures of ~ tion of property at the south- cil why the clerk's position was be filled in the spring election, cancel it were out of town dur- shakes its head." First thing, the subscriber $1.50 and a some of the young salesmen, ~ east corner of the city. being removed from the ballot? the ordinance raises the salary ing the holiday, he said, is to get everybody to- Year subscription at$8.00 and hope some of the others ~ After confering withthe The council replied that if to$100a month. will stop by long enough sothat ~ Jerry Malone, owner of Jerry gerber by personal contact vmgof$2 50erthecntest we may present their pictures ~ council, it was determined to the position is appointive, they ledlatelyaft _ -_ include all the property in can adjust the salary as neces- Each councilmanwill receive Malone Ford, Inc., saw selec-between members and non- $20 for each meeting they at- tion of a "strong person" to members, with those not be- ~lay, November 23, rates nextweek. :~-~'~ section 34 not presently in the gary. If the position is elective, tend, but not more than $40 a tke on the "tough" job of the longing being encouraged to eturn to the regular sub- The commission active con- city, continue est along South- the salary must be fixed before month. The increase will be organization's presidency as join and participate. Because ionrate. . testants are receiving is bring- ~" est 96th Street to state proper- the person tkes office, and as effective only for councilmen the most immediate goal. A of its rapid growth, Issaquah Scriptions may be pid to ing grins of pleasure to young ~estant, may be mailed in faces Some of them confided :~ ty boundary, and north to ap- in the case of the city attorney proximately Darst Street where position the past year, Council- elected in the spring, new president's success, how- soon will be facing great prob- ~Ught directly to the Press that they are buying Morn, Dad ~ it would abut state property, man Coyle sid, "Pying inade- The ordinance also provided ever, will depend upon the sup- lems, including sanitation, he . Subscribers may credit and the rest of the family want- ( ~ subscriptions to a boy or ed Christmas presents. ~ ~ The Council also decided, quite salaries before has for reimbursing the city attar- port that the Chamber's mere- said, and the Chamber should that since the property ownersresulted in getting us into ney, cityclerk, mayor andcoun- berg will give him, he added, be active in preparing to meet f their choice. Subscrip- School clothes are an impor- ~ in the proposed annexed area trouble." cilmen for any actual expense Gil Abbott, sales manager of them, he continued. so credited will mean taut item on their list. Bicycles will receive equal benefit of A second reason expressed incurred in the discharge of Stonebridge Chevrolet, Inc., The organization's next gen- toward winning a prize,need repmrs" and some areRECEIVES GIRL SCOUT HANDBOOKS - Gerald Lider, the city's fire protection equip- was that by election the eity their official duties, seconded Malaria's recommen- eral meeting will be Thurs. darien for obtaining a strong day, December 5. t week vote values of sub- looking forward to tucking principal of Issaquah Sunset Elementary School, accepts the merit and library, that they may get an unqualified clerk, leader. At the same time, he ions will be reduced. Atmoney away. tot. college. Bmwnl'e and Junior Girl Scout handbooks from Christy Frank- would be subject to the 1.7 but by making the position ap-p F lls was quite skeptical of the ataone-yearsubscriptionThere ~s still, room for. more Im',Brown,'eScout, Shannon Adams, Jun'mrScout, andMrs, E.A. mill levy to pay off bonds pointive, the council can select urse a Chamber's ability to pull it- Grange To Elect Officers ~h 3,000 votes, a two-yearboys and gtrls to get rote the Brown, Eastgate Neighborhood Chairman for the Girl Scouts. indebtedness for the library I ription 8,000 votes and a .cnteStls large' andfr themanyISSaqUahnew peoplearea Thearea two girls represent newly formed troops in the school's and fire t~ek Ilid causeSelf OUter ofthethelackdOldrumSof interestbe willTbe lssaquahelect local officersValley Grangeat the Year subscription 13,500 ..... . -lssaquah Press Photo The area to be annexed en- Two Area Requests ors o e it evoked from the city's bust meeting Monday evening, No- After Saturday night vote will be grad to sunscrine ann ~ compasses approximately 150 ~will drop to 2,000 for one many of the present subscrib- areas, according to Mohl. 0e CMIm Adj~lst~nt When Patricia Ann auckland, nessmen, vemher 11, in the Grange hall ers are due for a renewal. Cam- ~/. a / I ~_=.I ~.--.,.L, D .... --~ 15252 S.E. 142 PI., Renton, UlllJbUUl} rll~}elll __-- 6,000 for two years and mission and awards are waiting ~KI cnool VlanningCommission ari ! A[ for three years, looked up from picking her : week Claire Pollom and for the boys and girls who will __ o= -- "" u----JL--k- T-t-L--I The Mayor directed City At- i Quandt ~.br0ught in the be active inthecontest. AIIotmantF,,ll nanuueo s e :~mm~ torney Robert Hkll to draw up hbllc He, n.ends purse off the floorboard of an ordinance ,~ffecting ap- T,v,, reques s, one fo- v,r:- her car it was too late to avoid stlbscl'iptl~lm. Some of Conte'~tafits, are Claire Pal- ,w =,w== rn observance of National pointments to the Planning ance and one for conditional the ear coming toward her in Drive lom, Mountain Park; James Registration for Valley Pub- Education Week, November Commission and to allow for use permit, from this area are her lane oftraffie. "~ Quandt, Rt. 2, Box 5338C; Claud- lishing company's 10th annual 10-18, Mrs. E. A. Brown, East- proper compensation to the included on the public hearing October 31, Halloween night, Per Cent Target ia Reynolds, 13016, 156th Ave. ski school closed this week as/gate Neighborhood chairman members of that body. agenda before the King County the car driven by Miss Oak- "We want a new fire station, Regardless of who builds the uah's United Good S.E.; Sheryl Boyd, 2679 169th the 40th registration was re- for the Girl Scouts, and Christy Garnishment Board of Adjustment Novem- land and a car drivenbyCheryl regardless of who builds one, station, both the city and the bar campaign was near- S.E.; Larry Meyers, Rt. 1, Box ceived, filling the allotted Franklin, Brownie Scout, and Attorney Hall reported to ber14. Marie Klingele, Route 1, Box as long as we get it," was one district's fire fighting equip- $6,733 goal last week 5753; Joe Coyle, Rt. 2, Box 4952; transportation. Shannon Adams, Junior Scout, the Council that the garnish-Twelve variances concern- 3670K, Issaquah, collided in expression by an Issaquah Vol- sent would be housed in the 90.4 per cent or $6,088 Brown, 2645, 17Oth Ave. S.E.; While not likely, a slight peg- presented a Brownie and ment against the City is still ing frontage requirements are front of the Grange Serve-U unteer Fireman at the City same building, according to |collected. Steve Moore, Mountain Park; sibility exists that more stu- Junior Girl Scout Handbook to unresolved. AAAA Collection being asked for property in on 10th Avenue North. Council meeting Monday, No- present proposals. One would drive, led by Carol Davis, Issaquah; Rhonda dent skiers will be taken be-" Gerald Lider, principal of Issa- Agency secured a garnishment the Hi Valley Ranchettes Plat Miss Oakland, southbound on vember 4. rent space to the other. When an earnest plea for a cluding specific goals, selec- Bill Lawrence, who was ill, Andy Wold, former Issaquah large turnout for Tuesday tion of an energetic president was Vice-President Bud Coch- merchant, attracted a lot of night's Chamber of Commerce to guide it through an attempt- rane. support in suggesting that a meeting at Gibson hall pro- ed rejuvenation, and personal 'CommonGoar committee be appointed which duced only 16 participants, contacts by interested mem- Bill Evans, proprietor of Hi- would st,~dy possible programs those assembled agreed that berg with uninterested mem- Ten Bowling Lanes and Evans' and specific goals. Only the the organization's only silva- berg. Beauty Salon, set the theme for existence of such goals would tion appeared to depend upon Presiding over the meeting the meeting by proclaiming maintain members' interest, preparation of a program in- in the absence of President that the Chamber was in a such as the issue of road im- "sick" situation. "We need provement in the Chamber's to develop a common goal to early days in the 1930's. He sug- motivate the people to come gested creation of several out." standing committees to investi- Chuck Powers, insurance gate problems and report their Marilyn Anderson, has Barnett, Issaquah; Robert An- cause of possible availability quah Sunset Elementary against the City two weeks ago located at the northeast corner 10th Avenue, reported to the The question of who is to There are several questions of 196th Av hue So st and ponce tha~ net purse ~eH on o~d the 96 per cent mark, derson, Issaquah; Steve Rug- pf another bus, according to School. in an attempt to collect money e uthea " build a fire station for Fire Pro- to be considered by the city fthe$429quota, sell, 15415 263rd Ave. S.E.; Bob Schalkle, co-ordinator. The handbooks will be nlac- from a contractor who did some the Issaquah-Coalfield Road, to .the floor and .when she tection District 10, was discuss- and the district before mak- John M Te carts re stm mozeu up the vemcm omven drive is to wind up this Henry Melville, Rt. 1, Rex 580, Meanwhile, persons wishing ed in the school library along- workfor.thecity. . m " que " g ...... ed by the Council with mere ing the final decision. Among a se rm f by Miss KhngeLe was m ~rom with an awards dinnerPreston; Merle Peters, Issa- to be included in a stand-by s~de" the Boy Scout handbook. ~lgnal.......... Lign~ conditional u pe it or berg of the volunteer firemen these are: As the city grows will ~,Thursday. quah. list in case of last-minute can- ~ne uouncH rmsea me ques- construction of a temporary of her. . . . . to determine the city's course the city need additional space real es t me at Both cars receives aamage to cellations by those alreadyIn presenting the books, Mrs. tion about asking the state to ta e off the south- " . . of action, not available in a district-built m"la;ntr,,- Bri II~'1fin~ registered or acquisition of Brown said they represent the install traffic signal lights at east cornerofIssaquah-Hobart the left front. No mjumes The fire district notified the station, and as the rural area another bus, are welcome to do "positive attitude of volunteers the intersection of Sunset Way Road and Mirrormont En- were reportea, city October 21 that the district becomes more populated will toward the total education of and 10th Avenue The last time truce Road to handle Mirror- is prepared to proceed with the fire district find a location so. girls and the partnership be- traffic flow at the intersection merit tracts and housing pre- ~ister$ Visit ~r$. Oerfln0eflu 'the construction of a central in the city unsuitable for the ','" '- "yroun"",- , =,romm ss:oner 10-week school starts tween Girl Scouting and the was checked the state declared gently under development. Mrs. Leonard Deranleau fire station in lssaquah across district Saturday, January 4, at Sue- schools." there was not enough traffic _ Evans St., was visited last Sun: from the city building. The Council decided to invite qualmie Summit. A bus will . . ,: at the intersection to justify i~r~ Prnt,,eti^n day by her two sisters, Mrs. One course of action open to the Fire District Commission- Lake/IueTr'L-- Waits leave from Hi-Lo Shop-Rite i ~" [ signallights. .iU~k suvu~suvlm Irving HaugenofChehalisand the Council is to go to the peo- ers and the firemen to their aver market, lssaquah ShoppingI ~.om~ng Ad I Center, each Saturday morn- ar " - Mrs. Willie Slinker of Centra- pie with a bond issue request- November 18 meeting to dis- itOr's Note: The road in question in the following article is ing andreturn that evening. . ents Inwted equate n lia ing authority to build a station, cuss the matter further. Advanced students will beI Events 1To Visit Schools M P k Punt, Pass n" Kick Contest West side of Beaver Lake. According to Ed Stocklin, the eligible for a special rac-