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November 7, 1963     The Issaquah Press
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November 7, 1963

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2 Issaquah Press Thursday, Nov. 7, 1963 Publlahed Every Thursday at ISSAQUAH, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON Telephone EXbrook 2-6434 JOHN L. FOURNIER, Publisher BOB WATKINS, Managing Editor JERRY GILMER, News Editor Member Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, Inc. Member National Editorial Association May Valley- Briarwood News AAU Women to Her • Grades Discussed Dr. Robert G. Waldo, direc- hiP tor of planning and develop- Pl ment for the University of Wash- ington, and Louis Kaha, co- ordinator of extension service for the Bellevue School Dis- trict will discuss two phasesof An unusual residential "open modern education at the No- house," complete with free vember 13 meeting of the Lake door prizes, will be held in A Toy Party is planned by Washington Branch of the Am- Kent Sunday, November 10, Briarwood Pre-School PTA for eriean Association of Univer- when a new custom-built Herr In King County .................................................................................. $3.50 the evening of November 12. A sityWomen. Home is opened to the public Outside King County ................................................................. $4.00 selection of toys including 56 Dr. Waldo will speak on for a gala day-long inspection. Entered as second-class matter on January 1, 1900, $1.00 toys will be shown for whether the competition for The new home is at 717 S. Ma- At the Post Office at Issaquah, King County, Wash., possible early Christmas gift grades is compatible with lhe plewood, a block East of Reiten Under Act of March 3, 1879 ~: buying. Briarwood Pre-Sehool development of the creative Road on picturesque Scenic PTA is a new group this year individual. Kaha will talk on Hillin Kent. OFFICIAL PAPER FOR THE CITY OF ISSAQUAH established when the new the post high school needs of The public showing of the OFFICIAL PAPER OF KING COUNTY Briarwood School opened. This future vocational and techni- deluxe home i~ being sponsor- M E M B E R | ' is their first money-raising pro- cal graduates• ed by McKenzie Realty, 12647 NATIONAL EDITORIAL MEMBER ject, profits of which will es- The program will follow a Des Moines Way S., sales agents iAr~C~TI~N WASHINGTON . ~ tablish them with a treasury dessert to be served at 12:30 in the South End for Herr U.--~;,~,,~ l I "~ "~ -U J NEWSPAPER l .... ~-~"~ ~ PUBLISHERS :~d~ H and enable them to aid in sup- p.m. at the East Side Unitar- Homes• The residence is a .... ASSOCIATION : ~ ~:~ plying the needs of the kinder- inn Church in Factoria. three-bedroom home featuring NEXT YEAR TIIEY WILL BE AT YOUR DOOB -= A Halloween party was part of the lssaquah garten classes at Briarwood Child care will be provided two fireplaces, large slate Cooperative Pre-School day last week as the witches, clowns and even a little bashful girl School. An invitation is ex- at the church for members and entry, custom-made birch cabi- tended to everyone in the com- guests, nets and other striking features, versity, Pullman. Her I • r • I I • / ~ • • I gathered to enjoy decorating and eating cookies at the former kindergarten building near the ~ is the son of Mr. and Junior, ~enlor rllon rrlnclDalS ju.ior high school. From left they are Kathy Pergerby, Michael Warner, Gerry Noelke, Cindy munity to help himself by early Wolf Badge were won by Dan- To publicize the open houseHow.,m:l Pepke of | Durand, Mrs. John Billington, Charles Billington, Chuckle Sapp, Beree Uht, Mrs. John Mag- Christmas shopping and help ny D~y, Mike Timmons, Mikethroughout the Pugelland area, was graduated from JP~ a|• dm. • a r | | I ||• nuson (teaching them how to decorate cookies) Dawn Green, Karen Kalnoski, Scott Kalnoski, the Pre-School PTA by selecting Mu~:nYnJimmy Munro, Keith all five newspapers of Valley High School, attended UUlllne...... ~ruaem runa rlanallng Mrs. Arvid Kalnoski, Brian Hess, Derek Zion, Bonnie Herrington and Lucy Mohl._issaquah Press Photo toys at their party.~ 4r "k HOlGreg Alexander,a' Lee Summers, and carryPUblishing Co. were selected lethe. Herr Homes invita- nowingt°nemployedState Universi!by e.rnest ~euman, junior nigh money will purchase. In a spectacular crash onBear Badges were given totional advestisement, appear- Oil Company. No date principal, and Chuck Falls- HighS•heel Pine Lak~ Cemetery Road (S.E. 128th) Bob Baldwin, Danny Collins, ing this week. TheseI include beensetforthewedding. near the Renton Hill Communi- Larry Donlan, and Mike Olson. the Kent News-Journa , Renton -Hutchinson Photo trom. senior high principal, Fallstrom reported that ~ hake- ......... wlu De co hostess lie ty Club, Benjamin A. Phillips, Arrows under the Bear Badge Record - Chronicle, Auburn were present at the school with th,~ ~n,~,~ ...~,, ~;,, ,,¢ ~ • | Sin||• • • AI -- , " • board meetin- Monda" Otto - -" "~ .............. z "" [lil~qbamilil ~|||IL~ ~ilab#ad[ /111 llilabg' club will have adiscussionon l1038182ndAve. S.E. waskilled, were presented to Bob Bald- Globe -News. Federal Way- The car flipped end over end ber 28 to outline the' book:" the anlgh schoolstudents, !hey ~11 |~.4y ~[n ||10 l[~[ i[ ~[~ ~'~l~/W |1 berry-bearing vines and shrubs. Midway Beacon, and The Issa- , . oweu to (letermme now a' Th B n • f • ' • before it came to a stop on the win, Steve Benson, Jim Perry, DR. LLOYD A. keeping methods used m hand- the stud,m* r,,,,~ ,,iH h,~ ~n • ..... e rya t Ellis amlly vnsR- Mike Olson, and Mike Murphy. quah Press. Residents of all • " • ed at the home of Mr and Mrs north side of S.C. 128th 20 feet hngstudent bodyactiwtyfunds, located under h s guidance ~"I~IAL,, mJ~,A J[~ • ,J,L,~,~ ............. " _ • Lion Badges went to Rodney areas covered by these news- OPIOMEIRIST • • " ieo bmcKley nn tmrnerbun(]ay over the bank in the front yard papers are invited to attend Ne.uman, re.girding the jun- The Student Council ap- ~..ttlt:~J[JlU/t:;? Ollll| JfJV:) .......... ........ " ' " U and also Calle(l on mr. and mrs. of Mr. and Mrs. Daree Lamb. Collins, Ken Hartley, and Dan the open-house event in Kent Confacf Lens nor mgn, sand tne tuna ts pri- points a committee in the ............ P"r .............. Three other occupants in the Baldwin. Arrowsl under the mariny raiseD trom sale of stu- spring to draw up a budget on ~y LOUfSe m. rrenarne names, Herb Pope and his son, ~a~ty r.~ ~u,~ ~n.~uH~er.. car were slightly injured. Lion Badge were presented to on Sunday. Readers' attention X2 mr rterman mttcneu return dent body tickets, sale of stu- the exnected revenue the fol- E -6754 Ted, were inadvertently omit- . . .... " David Mutschler, Ken Morgan is called to the special coupon 2341/2 Wells Sere•{ dent pictures junior high stu- lowino',~ear The nrinci~al re A double family celebration ted. ed home wire a (leer trom a * .k ~ and Dan Baldwin. appearing today in the adver- dent store and the magazine quires ~them to use censer was held at the Bryant Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith, weekend hunting trip. The Briarwood Pre-Sehool Round-up segments went to tisement in this newspaper. To ReMon, Washin, sale. wtive fi,,,,r,~ i, e; .... ;.~,, ~h: home Saturday, Oetober26. The East Lake Sammamish Road Mrs. Cecil Clark, Beaver PTA is planning a newspaper Warren Larer, Mike Timmons, be eligible for the free door No budget is used to deter- expecte(t~'~neome and"the "ex~- birthdays of Cindy Ellis, age accompanied by Mr. and Mrs; Lake, entertained the Bridge-a- and magazine drive and a col- Robert Goldsmith, and John prizes, visitors to the open mine how the money will be penditures and income must eight, and her aunt, Mrs. Larry Phil Larson, Bothell, went to dears at Pantley's Thursday, leetion of redeemable bottles Timmons. house are asked to bring this HOURS: alloted to the different activi- balance before they ,-~- n,-,, Perssons, of Seattle were cele- visit Mr. Smith's aunt Mrs. October31. in the near future and asks that A two year perfect attend- coupon on Sunday. M'on., Tried., Thrift., ties. Achvntms receiwng men- ceed. brated. John Smith, at White Rock, VlsntsSon everyone begin to save his pa- ance award went to Karl Sand- More than 2,000 homes have 9:00 to 5:30 ey include such student activity Fallstrom indicated he uses Adopts Daugbter B.C.,Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith pars, magazines, and bottles, berg and Brian Jeffers was been built in the Pugetland as athletics, library, stage, approximately the same guides Mr. and Mrs. HarryHendrick. Sights Bears spent the weekend at the home ~ ~ ~ presented a one year perfect area since 1947 by Herr Lum- Wed. and SaL year book, band and signs, in determining whether a pur- son of Pine Lake are the happy Tom Dill, son of Mr. and Mrs. of their daughter-in-law and Baked ham and roast turkey attendance pin. ber, Inc., West Seattle. William9:00 to 1K)0 The guide line used by the chase will be made with dis- parents of a newly adopted Roy Dill, Pine Lake, reports son, Mr. andMrs. Bruce Smith, will again be the feature ofthe One year service awards were H. Herr is president ofthe firm. junior high principal in spend- trict funds or student funds, daughter, Jana Sue, who was seeing two bears in the woods in Randle. They stayed with the annual May Valley Elementary won by Mike Timmons, Lee McKenzie Realty, for 10 years Te~ophoRe ing student money or district If the item is for instructurai born Oetober 25. TheHendrick- on their property Thursday. three grandchildren, Margaret, PTA Smorgasbord Dinner• Or- Summers, Deryl Titus, Robert sales ageot in the South End for money is whether or not the purpose the district buys it, sons brought her home October Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Treharne Anita and Michael, while their er 500 people took part in the Goldsmith, and Richard Peter- Herr Homes, is headed by Mrs. ~Lp|llo ~'~7~ request is for an item to be if the item will be used forany 29. and son, Bill, were Sunday parents attended a Foresters dinner last year and the event son. GraceMcKenzie. used in instruction or in stu- activity the cost is placed Friday, November l, 18ladies dinner guests at the home of function near Longview. promises to be bigger and bet- surprised Mrs. Hendrickson Mr. and Mrs. Don Diedrick at dent activity, against the student activity with a babyshower• the Hi-Valley Ranchetto home. Clark's PTA Members ter than ever this year. There The students determine how fund. will be a variety of hot dishes, the money eollected from the The board members indicat- Bob Moss of Pine Lake was GardenClub salads, desserts and miscel- For ths ernest f ling magazine sale will be spent, ed they were satisfied with the in luck when he shot a spike The Pine Lake Garden Club TO See 'Telstar' Film laneous items such as pickles, wa but the principal determines methods used bythe two school Saturday. will meet for its regular month- celery and carrot sticks, dinner what the other student fund in handling student funds. Omitted ly meeting at the home of Mrs. The film "Telstar" will be rolls, etc. The date for this (STAN In a list of those who painted Jack Forbes Wednesday, No- featured on the agenda at the year's dinner is the 16th of No- i Preston the Pine Lake club house two vember 13. Mrs. R. Beach, Pine Clark Elementary PTA meet- vember. Hours will be from '~ HEATING ing Tuesday, November 12, 4:30 until the food runs out? Osca Hugo Skoglund 67 Former Prestonite Dies 7:30p,m. Thefilm, tobeshown in the multi-purpose room, is "/r "k ~ " r , I the story of the telephone re- Jonathan Housden was the • • lay station in space from its unwitting star of the Cub Scout By Mrs. William Parsons Henleys, the younger couple Ofn~lh~rg;::deh~l:l;e;aP~t:~a Mr. and Mrs& Olof.Falken-conception through develop-Pack637 meeting Friday even- JOg-4323 visited the Henleys' daughter , ~ strom drove to ~numctaw ~un- --~n* *" its launehi-,~ from Ca,~ ing, October 25. He was taking Mrs. Arthur Holmes left, via and husband, the Wally Blocks. of the James Fuzzells of Mount- day to visit with the George "~"~ " '~ • ,.6 v~ part in one of two skits pre. bus, for California, Sunday, SorveRefreshments lake Terrace. Ericksons uanaveraL • sented during the evening. He after receiving word of the After the "Trick ~ Treaters" Mrs James Edwins s enLsev . ' .... Refreshments will be served. • P ~ Satyr(lay, the ~tooert I-I~iab~. : finished his~ part, sat down . death of her brother, Oscar made' their rounds on Hallow. eral days of last week with her mens and Rodney went to see A~,~..h_..2_ ~.~ @_-_L and fellbackwards offthe stage Skoglund, a former Preston een, the Harold Davises, Ev-mother, Mrs. C.H. Marrs of their daughter and family, the r-~H uu~e IU ~peUK at Briarwood School wherethe resident, erett Risens and the Robert Renton who had eye surgery. Bunnar Watsons who recently meeting wasbeingheld. Skoglund died on Saturday, Hoialmens joined the Arthur Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Marrs moved to Lake Sammamish TO Sunny Hills PTA Eight Bobcat awards were November 2. He has been in Holmeses for refreshments, spent the day at the Edwins' from Renton. On Sunday, they Par•marts, a e youi'n the dark presented to Mike Collins, poor health for a number of Mrs. Nels Erickson is in For- home. Edwins was hunting in visited friends inCleElum, when your child mentions Mike Wilton, Steve Mikelbust, years. Oscar Hugo Skoglund, 67, est Grove, Oregon, with her the Blewett Pass area over the Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lonsdale colored rods in connection Richard Clegg, William Peter- was born in Sweden. He came niece and family, the Charles weekend and came home with a of Bellevue visited his parents, with arithmetic? Dr. Lester son, Mark Berry, and Mare Plat- to Preston at the age of eight Dormans. Mrs. Erickson ex- deer. the J.R. McFarlanes on Sunday. Abbenhouse will conduct a de- ter. and lived here during his youth, pects to be there two weeks. In Recital monstration on the use of the Wolf Badges were awarded WE TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOUR HEATING COMFORT In 1920, he was married to Mrs. Merton Frost was in On Monday night, Mrs. Carl ToYakima Cuisenaire Rods at the Sunny to Warren Larer, Ronnie In Issaquah call EX 2-6711 I-IIr=~,'lr~E~ Merle Heslin and they resided Seattle to have lunch with her Svaren was a participant in a Mrs. Leonard Oules accom- Hills PTA meeting November Crooks, Peter Eberle, and Ter- 0ffi¢os in Seattle, gallowo, Edmonds, Kirkland, Midway, North Bend, hate, BIEH"r here before moving to Califor- mother, Mrs. D. R. Morris, Wed- Hawaiian Club recital at the panied Mrs. Louise Quistorffof 12. ry Smith. Arrows under the nil. He is survived by his wife nesday. Other guests were Mrs. Seattle Civic Center, given as Clark Elementary School and The demonstration will be- and their son, Jack, at the Sam- Frost's sister, Mrs. E.H. Foster, a benefit for the Orthopedic Norris Barker of Sunset School gin at 8 p.m. in the multi- ily home in National City, one daughter, Mrs. Gordon Robin- Hospital. to Yakima for a meeting of the purpose room. A business brother, John, and sister, Mrs. son, and sister-in-law, Mrs. D.R. Mrs. Dick Carey of Upper State Department of Classroom meeting, will follow. Holmes, both of Preston. Fu- Morris, Jr. of Tacoma.Preston was a guest at a recap- Teachers Friday and Saturday. Dr. Abbenhouse is appearing neral services were scheduled On Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. tion for her brother and his Sunday evening, guests at the through the courtesy of the • for Thursday, November7. "~ Frost and the Gordon Robin- bride, Mr. and Mrs. William Ted Burnham home were two Eastside King County Princi- Calling on friends in Preston, sons and their daughter, Joan, Evans, given at the Swiss Hall of his brothers and their fatal- pals Association. Thursday, were Mr. and Mrs. went to Bellingham as dinner in Monroe Friday. The couple lies, the Fay Burnhams and BY CHEVR0UiT Norman Stimson of Lynnwood. guests of Robinson's parents, is now living in Preston. Both Nancy of North Bend and the Colleen Klein to Pie), With The Stimsons recently Dyed to the Clark Robinsons, who en- are from Carnation. Dick Burnhams and four chil- The kind o! handling ease Lynnwood from Hoquiam. tertained to honor their son on Mrs. Mildred Wright gave a dren of Kennydale. SeaH[$ Yoeth Symphony you'd expect in a smaller car. Honors Birthday his birthday, birthday party for son, David, Colleen Klein, Issaquah, is On Sunday, members of the BackFrom Vacation Saturday. Helping David eele- Panic Party one of 125 young people from Come on down and drive it. Alfred MeNamee familygather- Miss Linnea Berg, who is brate his eighth birthday were Tbe Youth Fellowship of the the age of 13 to 21 making up ed at the family for a birthday back at the Post Office after a Randy Boman, Edward Skunk, Preston Baptist Church spon- the Seattle Youth Symphony dinner honoring McNamee two - week vacation, lunched Larry Loranger, Mark Foss, sored a Halloween "Panic coming to Bellevue High School whose birthday is November 6. with Mrs. Ben Thomas, in Belle- Susan Lundquist, James Rabe Party" at the Community Hall auditorium November 16,8p.m. Present were the Paul Ander- rue on Wednesday. and David's sister, Judy. Also on Saturday night. They crown. Miss Klein plays a flute. son, Paul MeNamee and John On Friday night, Mrs. Harold visiting them Saturday after- ed a King and Queen of Hoboes, The Overlake Unit of Music The kind of comfort you'd Furstnow families. Also visit- Davis entertained the Craft noon was David and Judy's Duncan Moore and Kathy Div- and Art Foundation is sponsor- expect in alarge Interior. ing at the McNamee home on Club at her home. Members grandfather, A. E. Wright, of ers. For refreshments they had ing the Bellevue performance. Sunday were friends from who were at the Davis home Methow. "Sloppy Joe" hamburgers and Donations will be taken at the Come on down and sit In it. Tacoma, the Floyd Gilbertsons were the Mesdames Charles Dinner Guests )unch. door. and their son and family, the Elven, Lawrence Fredeen, Dinner guests at the Bud Am- WesleyGilbertsons. Robert Hoilamen, Ted Burn- brose home on Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Schley, ham, Algol Berg, Marshall Mrs. Ambrose's mother, Mrs. Fall City, accompanied his par- Moore and Gordon Howe of Alice Moreau who is nowliving ents and sisters, the Orville Fall City. in Seattle, and his mother, Mrs. Schleys, Carol and Debra, to GrandchiidrenVisit Thomas Ambrose, the hostess' Silver Lake Saturday. While Spending the weekend with sister and husband, Mr. and the Schleys visited the George the A. L. Fritzbergs were two Mrs. Robert Elledge. They at- tended the gymnastic meet in Issaquah that night. Mr. and Mrs. John Williams were dinner guests of friends, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Solack of Seattle on Sunday. Mrs. Manne Elven and Mrs. Opal Price drove to Gold Bar on Friday evening and visited Mr. and Mrs. Jack Erlingson. Only a car that looks as good as this could FRIDAY NOV 8th On Sunday, Mrs. PhilipTol. 1964 comah~tweenChawolatandChevyI~. • Icy was a dinner guest of the New Chevelle Malibu Charles Elvens on Sunday. Come on down and stare at it. Attends Ba~by Shower SEAFIRST 6 P.M. To 7:30 P.M. Mrs. Victor Anderson was among guests at a babyshower CHRISTMAS CLUB ill a .ew car! honoring Mrs. Allen Barfknecht BEFORE THE MOUNT Sl ofEastgateonOetoberZh. Tues. We built this one to do more than just stand around way it muffles noise and cushions bumps. day, the Barfknechts were HERE'S HOW IT WORKs looking beautiful. Held its weight down in the 3,000- And the fine hand of Body by Fisher craftsmen ISSAQUAH GAME guests of the Andersons. With them was his mother, Mrs. Paul D,~,it Weekly Receive |Orly pound range. Then built four lusty engines--two sixes up beneath this one's suave good looks, too. , • , ? ' ~or ~t,~ W..k. ~.t ~o,~,~, and two V8 s--wtth output all the way up to 220 horses ! Sound good. There s more. Like the f DINNER SPONSORED BY Rarfkneeht., $ 0.50 .... .... $ 25.00 And if that makes you think this is one frisky car, comes in three series with eleven models--corn Symptoms of Distress Adslno from$ 1.00 ........ $ $0.00 you've got the right idea. sport coupes, sedans, wagons, even Super Sport HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT BODY STOMACH ULCERS $ 2.00 ........ $100.00 You've also got a roomy car here. Yet its llh-inch with front bucket seats. Like the fact that (and IN THE DUE TO EXCESS ACID $ 3.00 $150.00 wheelbase keeps it highly maneuverable in this isn't one of the nicest surprises of all) $ 5.00 ........ $2~0.00 traffic and very easy to park. new Chevelle comes at an easy-to-take HIGH SCHOOL QUICK RELIEF OR NO COST $10.00 ........ $500.00 With its Full Coil suspension, it's got a ride Like to hear more? The listening's • e,,. ~,,, ~.~ ~.t.., that reminds you of the Jet-smooth kind the at your Chevrolet dealer's--and so's the CAFETORIUM ,,.. o, ,,o sl . ue wn. t.v suFnm nu.m WlLLARDTREATMENThavebeensoM Ask about a SMILE-MILE Ride and the Chevrolet Song Book at your Chevrolet dealer's ADULTS $1.00 for rel,ef o[sym! ...... fdist ..... ising from , --- Stomach and Duodenal Ulcers due to •=. tour• a/ways we~come at... CHII.I)REN 75c --A¢|d"P°°rl)|sestl~t'~)ur°rUP~t STONEBRIDGE CHEVROLET CO Stomach, Gsssiness, Heartburn, Sleep- PROCEEDS FOR THE a.....,.=.,~..... • .... SEATTLE-FIRST "Wlllard's Message" which /ully explains HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT BODY FUND this home treat ....... Ire•--at NATIONAL BANK ISSAQUAH REXALL DRUG ........................................ ISSAQUAH, WASH. NEWS TOLD - Mr. andJ Harold tlilliker of Seattle mer Renton residents, announce the engal their daughter, Linda Howard Steven Pepke quah. Miss Hill/ker is a uate of Franklin High class of 1961 and is now