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November 9, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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November 9, 1933

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__ - .... . , , . The Gold Comedy II VOLUME 18, NUMBER I0 ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASH., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1933. SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 PER YEAR ! t HANDICAP STILL ON Armistice Day Dance I HIGH SCHOOL TEAM ,..q..h tn Cou. L.t C S 0 TYHO PITALIS Eleventh Mussolini Year t [ Next Saturday Night .......... . ...... [ Thursday, Again Friday l .................... I MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS o IN LA I tiAMl 111:1(! 1 oou ude Re I Ui JEC'I" AT KIWANIS e a " g Y,g n- ~l bandoned the gold bams, as ISaturday night in the size of the ......... ~ ...... lald held that the recall election of! ..... , ~.~.. o _ y as some little girl, leaving~Diaallowed Claims and Offie of Mar-!- -...~ -..^--~;.~. ,h. v: ..... ,~ n~-_ ]Will l~eet ~noquatm,e on boca, rleld[M~r~P A|~vn~J~ h~ h~l.-I o;winn, the'U" l~e&dON ll&'l, I~t~tor, is opealcer; p artyand ............ taking her dolls with shal Are Controversial Subjects,,ln Playfleld" !cr .... i.Lc.u~,Sym ..... ............... .j Tomorrow Afternoon; Last Game]voters o'f~I~ssaquah ................. the opportumty[~"~ Snoqualmie Here Next Wednesday; ; ....overnment sam to c:uzens:! Business of Meeting Is Del-~-,d ISome people marvel at the way xnl Scheduled for Both Teams. ]of deciding whether or not she should[ Community Church On 22nd. ~ou can't have any gold, so, if -- -'--" which these dances keep up but WitH] remain mayor of the town have any, bring it to me." I Monday evening's town cou~illthe set-up the boys have here now, t The Issaquah high school football As we understand it, her attorneys! Speaker at Kiwanis noon luncheon ~e citizens brought it. An embar-[meeting was another one of those'el {there is no reason why they should / team will play its final schedule i asked for a new trial. Ordinarily, lyesterday was C. Beadon Hall of the ras put on gold What we had, alfairs punctuated with acrimoni u"Int, as it is a joy to dance here, and/game tomorrow when it meets thelthis question would come up for con Ilocal bank He spoke on Harborview 0 s " i " " thousand million dollars worth, Is,legations and abusive recrimination Imore people are learning that fact,Snoqualmie Bulldogson the locallsideration next Saturday. This be.lHospital, being a director of that in- wouid keep What we did no~ resulin in the usual ~,~ ~.~leach week , playfield ing a holiday, would delay the ease, stitution. The Georgetown unit is g stale.,~, ., I " ' .. I , we did not need I iff ran den ~o ~* T ....... ~,_[ " rda is Armistice , IThe Snoqualmie V~]ley schedule and attorneys for the petltloners suc. also under the same board ,d e t rartmen .... ~quaz, ~, Thm Satu y Da~, . , . . . ~ the ~a ~ ......... i~.~,.I guoi .......... l...g:~g ~g-uld account for an .... [has been marked by many dec~ded ceeded m havmg the questmn of a Mr. Hall stated that the capacity of vere as inde-en~ ~ ." I .... . i lar~er crowd than last week If vou lUpsets this season, making it hard to new trial argued tomorrow, Friday Harborview is 400 beds, but during p uen~ as a not on[ All members were presenc excentl v " ~ , - - - ~ " - ice. If he cuum ........ noc s~ana up, neit~ouncnmanl ....... -~uguscen After the|~'- I~..~ ,,~ancer, ,you had better be ther-~. ,I compare the strength oI .... the two ~A new trial will of course delay the'thai month of. April they carried 426 ~;~ ~^. I .... " t Iteams Foster beat SHe ua~mm ~9-v case If denied the date of the e - at]ants. Th~s number has aduall. .......... usua~ openmg ~ormalities. the men -- I. " , : q ..... '1 . . ,. , ,. . t Ip . gr y - . . ~ ...... - th',,~,~T~#~m~ I1tlXIFft SaTTT~ Etssaquan beat Foster i~-7, DUC inlec~ion will De se~ at once. "~ell to 300 at present. The cost er 'ien:di;nanged our minds, de-'~a~eP:?: ::adne treasurer ~,d,~a~l~WIJl~tAb bulb AInU [turn, Snoqualmie defeated KirklandI -- Iday per patient varies from $2.7:~o av it b-~neea go~?, anu oug.n~.]s ............ ano accept e.a w~m noI#~ ~ Ol|/ltll| !~ ~qPTTTTT~Tr ]%0, whereas the Indians lost to Kirk-[~el]IMpTAM Tl~t I~iV 153.30, depending on the number car- - , ~use SUCH ouying would cv,u.~= ~ ~.c approacHing scorml /llgI ~ ~HIII~I la %/llltVlland 10 0 ..... no-ualmie and~ ~1~nslls~/ssla |as rat ~e~ f-r ...... ~k down th ...... until the readin' - .... I ~l[l~]hO t$11UI~U OlUVII ~- , ano oocn ~ q I aaaa~ava~ v a zaa I u o . .He cos~ ox mamgenance m ] i ..... e price o~ our aouar,[ .... g oz the cm~ms was] [Issaquah*ook a severe drubbing] ~r~ near $600,000 per year, carried b a "g proouets Hear So w e Calleu xor. ~ . Y ng gold, but only ~,olde br::dl Under this order of business the Educational Week Treatise by S. E from Bothell. This comparmon ellU~u0N TO B EFITJ2-mill tax levy. mi ........ " ' I ....... [ ............ "lscores would indicate that the teams] I The only requirement for entry is: , .ca m tl~e united States, no om cm~ms prewousiy passes as un-[fleming, r'rmctpat or ~eattle rub.~are very evenly matched, SnoqualmielGovernment ~: .... ;.-o---;e~*-, a]the patient must be ill, in need of i ng gold from foreigners paid by the council, were read andlic School. | ........... e_sonl ........... ~ --~a .....| .............. . . .. . ~ " tnavlng games streng~n as zne s a ~ t---- t .., ., . ~ . . . ]nospl~al]galon, ann mus~ oe in(11gen tat lasted a re... a---- =, !meg sHe usual response "let theml i . I ~o~,n ,orw~nmgton fro jeer, A| ........... " b " . ~-- u~,#~. ~ow we l -,, ..... ' . . ! I progresse~. | ........... [mr. tlalt repor~eu ~nere were usually uymg gold wherever we can get}rest" ~ne calm ox Marshal Legg What the boys and girls of today~ The game should be a thriller, as] ~att ~o uregon, why# ]long lines in waiting but if anyone lit;:too o od tlharY,st:9~en~aSth:tt :pr::::;~y I n:etdhte0 pkl:::s to~ c:;:y o.atOe:Or:odi:s CfhamaaX:::hh:dT:S::mf;:tbto:hn ti:am=I How does Senator Charles McNary/~:llmt:~t thfe;w~r:~::d r:P~isrtt:nde ms have it. [passed ordmance f,xed the_marshal Slmothers, may appear to be a specula-~volved. , /of OraL_on, ,,a Republican, drag home,they would get attention at once. ad to buy the gold in Euro,~e, wetsalary a~ ~u per montH. THe mayox[tive question, lz m not, however, to,FIREMEN, TEAM WILL !me vacon zree ox charge ~o the|Three hundred of the best physicians ; first purchase. British__ ...... ~x~n~'~ Istatedall that ordmance was not legal, ipublic, school .teachers who are ge~.l MEET CROWN HILL I_ ..taxpayers of Oregon,. wh~le Senator.I of Seattle donate thelr services, alter. tds sterhng. It seems our humble]as threereadings were held at the]tag the children ready for theseI The Issaquah town team will meetlrVence.Y" D.emoc~V,who s,t_Inating every three months. This Her- ~ : ~r is not good enou-~ -- . Isame meetmg. ~arsnal begg an-ltasks ~Crown Hill Sun~ ....... :__ ~v .... [~ecn on me rxgnc nanu o~ ~resiaent ~,;~o ~ ~ .... h, ..... ~ ~^.+ .~.^.+ - , but British ~a-er . ..[nounced that he was not workmg for[ Our system of transportatmn say,bar 19, at the ~:--: ............ IRoosevelt, brags home the bacon [.-m:^- a_,, ........ ; p money is Hi! 30 ~wc .~uus~ormm mI . . ....v. uu~,mxa a #ar. :, although Britain ...... I$ a month, and Councilor Harrmlchange It may be as necessary zolSeattle, to determin ......... but w~th a strmg attached which re-I Prooiao-+ w~a ......... a ,~., .~.^ gold basis And a ..... ~ asked him why he did not resxgn. /Ie I know how to handle the controls of t Seattle's class R comm^r ..... '___ t qmres that Washmgton people ul- I .qnoaua/mt, oh, h ........... '~ ~ uur Oolmr r i " c gl~l league . . . -- -a ......... wuuttl ~ llere in an s, the pound rises. Read that rid-] epl ed that he was resigning rlghtlan airplane as it is necessary today]championship. Crown Hill won m[tlmately pay, and pay wlth mterestT linterclub meeting next Wednesday, please. [then, and that the council would paYlto manage the wheel of an autom~-Ithe North End division and Issaouah[ These are questions which unoffi-lbringing a traveling sien and ure- a# ~ ~ [him his back salary at $90 a month. I bile. Processes of industry and bu~-[in the South End. ~ I cial Olympia is now speculating/ gram, Issaquah being required to Dais mater McAdoo of California ~ Mayor Alexander advised Mr. iiness are being made over almost e~-t The Firemen played the Rainier labout, lit on later And on the 22nd father~ : from Russia, "could not h~'~-'~Legg that his bond was still valia, l ery day. Conveneinces of everyday lBeach team here Sunday in a score I The Coulee Dam project, which Is/and sons have their ni h at the " -'~'P I .... " g t Corn- see evidence of -re e .... and that she would appoint him as]life are multlplymg w~th such rapid-lists tie The game was a slow affair lto receive $63,000,000 from the fed ~munit eh rch tr p gr SS in the] . . - y u . uctmn of huge a artmn....... ant marshal from day to day until dti- ity as to put one m a daze. Shorter!for a championship game. They~eral government, when and after the] R. Castagno announced that the .ca,.. streets,,, sewers ana~ .......... .... ;.]ferent arrangements were made. The,working week w~th more lemurs for have. held several scrimmages, with the state has made an agreement to pay Firemen'e football team would be ~hes. ~councfl rephed that the salary fixed everyone seems to be on us.h~gh school team thm week, and willlat least 70 per cent of it back, pluslplaying a championship game in Se- e admires D.~.:~ ....... by ordinance would still apply. Boys and ~rirls must be prepared be in first class shape for their final~interest, is Senator DriPs pet !attle about the 9th and asked for oosevet~ s Th - ............... om movin~ t ........ I The mayor read a communicationI for a changing world, not a static I tilt. J ere has been conmderable bally-] volunteer cars to take them over and ',ussia, andS~.-~.w.~r_a rec.gmt.mnlfrom the.treasurer of the City of Se-Iwrld, although the direction of theI The game will be played at nightlhoo about the.project. It is a great[back. Attendance was good yester- nee of"unem~l--~ ..... ,mpresseu,,, .._Y~^_ltne attla calhng attention to the law re-[changes is not always apparent, and will give the Firemen their first p~ece, of development work, without day with but one absent. ~# ..... ~ " ~" quiring the city to sell property to J In such a dilemma, the schools taste of combat under the floodlights.Idubh and some time the state ~I ~ey mak i sustlfy .... local ~mprovement &str~ctl must seek out the fundamentals that need ~t, posmbly before construction her .~e people work over therelpaymenta when property owners be-labide even in a world full of shift-' NO HOLIDAY SATURDAY [is completed. I A Commumty Enterprise ' C__,~'~eY. Want to or not. Here Jcame two payments, in arrears. She i in, modes and onnortunities A~-mistice Day will not be observ-I That is outside the picture. ]~hatl T~ ha, #~,~, ~ ~? gee work even when theylexpre~ed the hope..th.at none in Is-I ~hildren must ~be taught the base ed as a holiday in Issaquah except bylm wantednow is an answer to theithe-i~aqua~"C'ommU:n~t~te~t~unrc~b~ts ~ -- ~saquan wouta mac znetr property on i skills We cannot see how readin~ the Bank, which will remain closed~quesuon, w ny~ !very badly in need-~ a ,~=, ~,,,;~,, have commit .... it ha account and su.ggested that those land writing and arithmetic can be all day. The business houses, the I, Bonneville Dam on the lower Co.I The west'end must be reshin-led'a~ e and ganm~ o~ees--~ .su.ppresstdefinquent mighz ve ai~ea vy city discarded even in a fast-moving civ- postoffice and R. F. D. will operate~mmvia wi~ cost $31,000,000. Thlslonce in order to protect the'build]Ha Fo~o-~ Z-' ,,e e~ammnea Dy w0rK lilization as usual |money is now available It comesl ...... " ~.as LiO " " " . anti lnaKe 1 usaole, dand of Ne:ernm-ent" .Senatr The financial condition of the city] Boys and girls must learn to think. I from .the Army harbors andnver ap- This will require six thousand shin: ever-- ~:- o.rx, at Its head, is evidenced by the followmg report Their e~uinment m,,o+ ;ncT,,~ +~ ;- ~,~!~ W~.:....i. T~,,;..,, ~proprmtlons. Oregon pays nothing, ..~ .... a ,~+h the t.o~ ^~ ~; ..... .~. ~ mg ana little eitv +~-~-~ . ~t ~ ~ . ~. l ~ .......... -,~ -,- ~,~ttl~ &ig~ll~O --aysas~ I. ~.. -- ~ ~ . . . Is.~o, --.,,- --,~, .... ~ .,~,~* ~, ~v~ U~ m~ villa~e h-- - -, .... ,,ox cue zreasurer, ~rang Day: [formation of social sci .... o.a .......... ~nas nothing go pay lor, anu ge~s ItS Tmon onn h~ n,+ n~ ;~ ak~,.+ ^~. ~... oes p tee force Butl Current ex ense fund 326 51 r io Ald Mayor Alexander pro~ect completed entirely at federal , # g ahead. ~avln~ .,^ ~... P ........ $ 1 tu al science. Besides knowledge tn I . Don t you think we can express our well organize~i.'u~n~"~ ,~u~;o Water fund ........................ 1263.491these fields, they must be taught ~ u ........ ...... ~ ~.-~. ~ ..~ ]co?.. ........ Thanksgiving for the Church and the !" - " water bon . ~,'~ --~o~ ""~ ~"-~-~- ",~,, " ~-~-) ~ena~or ~c~ary gets ms Ham, pro ....... and machine wn , ..... ~_. d redemption ........ 22.5O]how to utlhze the expermnce of the oo., ~, ~.a~. ~. ~ ..... work ~t m domg m thm commumty, ._n.., ... ~..,,,_, ..... ~ ........... ~ ,,~ ,. delegatlon of ' 1 " doctors, wr~te out prescriptions. ,L._ I._ D._ No. 1 ......................... 6 73 Ipast in Holy'rag the comphcated' prob- +hreo ~mes an~ .... entle-~a~ frmI waes ............ amp oyment, sees tna~ mflhons and help make these needed repairs." ad, n, N J .....~- 1~. I. D. No. 2 .... 40 10[lems nf h~ .ro~onf ~ .......... ~ ..... , ,rOll into uregon, anu ~ne sm~e Is no~ q~ho~ ;o .. ~,,,,~,~ ~...+ +~.~ ~.~.^. L . Seattle, ate sated m ha ng set as ~e call d u on k . m~ ~ter., stoodtwo men a~ainst . I. D. No. 5 ........................ 352.64 Above all, their education mutt . . .e p to ma e any agreements, will be the easy part to provide The -- --- . . . . the decm]on rendered by Judge Run- c s " " " on the edge of the city today mclude a groundmg m certes att~- ald Thursday last, upholding the cit- ~v:dr:n: ' r assume any aaaluonal material will cost around $20. Any- $2755.7~ tudes ~nd appreciations. A love of ]zeus of Issaquah in their right to one having any suggestions or offers, was killed,pumpedthebUlletsother ]tintdying.them Water bond investment. ....... 1000.00 music, lierature, and art should be- hold an election for the recall of Ms- DamOn hasthis been.Side ofgiventhe someline' federaICulee orkindlYPaulreprtBenson.~this week to this office e police are searching for tw~ . ---------~icome a permanent treasure with "'or Alexander ~en friends of the victims, b~- _ xotal $3755.721them A strong sense of social re- ~ ...... " ....... money. The state has advanced ow Re " '. ~ne omegauon consm~eo o~ ~rs. n. ~g they, too, have been slain to solutmfis of respect and condol-lsponmbility and respect for the ob- Hal~in Mrs H C Hansel Mrs B er $750,000 from its motor vehicle their lips. ence for the death of John Drylie, sell]cations of citizenship constitute the ~. ~- ' . ~. ~. ~.. . ~. ~- ' funds through the $10,000,000 bond King County Pomona , . ~lOna aria w. U. mona. ~ars. nan- hey knew too much." prommently connected wxth munici-leqmpment for every age and every tel ; ..... ect~a ~H, he .~o,t~ issue. State engineers do most of Grange Here Thmday pal affairs ...................................... the preliminary work. Then the uurmg nm n~e, were al-It]me. Times and Mr. Blond with the Seattle LicewhenrarelYtheySOlvefind anomUrdermotivemYS.for opted and copies ordered sent to theI "Today's Schools Look Tward tCity railway department Mrs Hal- state must ultimately bond itself to The next regular meeting of King ~me. Sometimes they don t want family and to The Press for publica-I ~ in s eakin for the dale at]on sa~d repay 70 per cent of the required County Pomona Grange No. 18 will tion. ~ ~on~mueu o, ~= ~ P , P g g , $63,000,000 Uncle Sam will advance, be held at Issaquah, Thursday, No- ve it. at at at A re ...... I Ithat the public in general, outside of vember 16, at 10:80 a.m. ' the B:r~P::l:nl:nret7e TT~v~iaal~r:~e[ I$SAQUAH GRANGE TO "BE IIssaquah, are solidly for Mrs. Alex-Ron-Erickson Nuptials Election of officers for 1984 will ently Italy celebrated, with --- - ................... ' "" JUDG~'D MONDAY BVENING ander, as they realize she is making be held at this meeting. The 4-H tin], the eleventh anniversary (Continued on page four) a fight for the people and for theObserved At Pine Lake club will give a demonstration on march on Rome which estab. -- J right. She solicited an article along the method of treating seed against Fascism as the government of F~ROL TIBB~TT$ WITH Miss Julia Erickson and Leslie Hil- the weevil. Mussolini's message to the It- LIGHT OPRIRA COMPANY ton Ross were quietly married at the All members are urged to attend. people declares that Fascism , Ed Erickson home at Pine Lake on hope of the world." Mtu Ferol ~tts, who has a has certainly worked wonders in leading role in the Frantall Musical But the world will ask: "What Company of Seattle, ease home on Stalin, Kernel Pasha, Hitler? Tuesday evening. The company has ~at any Particular brand of au- made successful trips to Mr. Vernon, ~cy is, or could be, '~he hope of ~orld" is doubtful. Port Angeles and the Gray's Harbor cities, and leave today for Ellensburg at suits the Italians would not and other towns east of the moun- China. And what might suit taint. They passed through town would not suit the United this morning in a special bus, ptckin~ must all work out our prob- Ferol up here. and hope for ths best. at at $ British say the question of debts is "u to " P Roosevelt. when an Individual nation money, it is up to the one that to pay. Conditions, ts seems; when Europe owes the Unites the way, Brazil is postponing payment of its war, debt to earn imagine the indignation by that "lack of good faith." at 4 government will lend farmers cents a bushel on corn, and for grown on teed land, fifty cents a bad price, although It ought be one dollar. sail the government's land- "socialism.,, The majority will that it is better than old con- Under which corn sold for 'en~ a bushel, and many farm~ it for fuel be mum it was eheap (Contlnu i on im4 ) The Reading Room The rsading'Ro-o-m'om now has abou~ 556 books, all for your free use. About 80 of these are new, with more coming. Many magazines are also here, old and new. To the large number of volunteer librarians, and to those who have brought their books to the Reading Room, the thanks of the community is due. Theirs is a fine example of community spirit, Unselfish service, and ability to oooperata. Still more books are welcome, and a few more librarians are needed. The work is pleasant,educational, and worthwhile. Among the newer books era Seth Parker, Think, The Valey of Vision, The Golden .Rule in Business, Ob|er. vation~Evary Man His Own Unlver. city, $ohn Barlsyeorn, Splsndog of God, Wild Wind, Ths Greene Murd: er Case, Trader Home, Now It Can Be Told, Rsiders of the Deep, and othot~, Tuesday evening, November 7. Th~s was also the bride's parentW 30th Congregation Honor, cars present, their efficiency in hen- come through legal procedure .from weddfng anniversary. Couple Recently Wed dling their charges in opening and outside this city as a majortiy of the The bride was given away by her closing meeting and its general con- residents here were strong for that father, and her only attendant was Mr. and Mrs. M'M'~'l~ln Wicksten, who duct. Mr. Bradley asks all officers election and nothing The Press, or Miss Linnsa Eriekson. The best were recently married, were honored and all members for that night to at- anyone else, might say can alter their man was James Russell, and the care- by a party given by members of the tend, and thus help boost the records decision on that score, sony was performed by Ray. F. May. Finnish Congregational church at the of your Grange. By request of Mrs. Help]n, we re- blom. Finnish ohureh on the evening of No- _ __ print the following letter, addressed Refreshments were served to forty ember 4. Mrs, Wicksten was form- Father*-Sons Banquet to her by H. C. Hansel, 204 First relatives and immediate friends try erly Miss Eileen Juuila. avenue North, Seattle: the Misses SuUa Jarvi and Edith As the young couple entered the At Community Church Mrs. H. Help]n: Pearson, Esther, Bertha and I~ah ehureh~ Miss Elsie Lundell played the Congratulations to you, Mrs. Nash Erickson. Lohengren wedding maroh. The pro- Keep in mad a 6:30 dinner at the and Mrs. McDorman for supporting The young couple were presenten gram started with a song by the con. Community Church for Wednesday, Mrs. A~exander in an effort to Induce with many lovely gifts. They will gregation, followed by a solo by Miss November 22. The 'church has oh- the courts to expose political trick- make their home tn Seattle, where Lundell. Miss Lundeli also sang I served Fathers' and Sons' Day far ery. Today's paper says Judge Run- Mr. Ross is employed Love You Truly," accompanied by several years. This year they ar~ ald decided to permit the recall e~- Mrs. Matt J usstla, pianist, and Mms joined by the Kiwanis Club and the ectton on purely technical grounds. FOUR FROM I$SAQUAH Isabella Alila and Clyde Jussila~ vie. event is extended to include the Boy Our Platform tells what the recent ATTRNDING CONVENTION linists. After a very nice and befit- -- ting talk to the occasion by Mrs J. Scouts, and the football team, and national political revolution meant on Five hundred representatives of J. Lundell, the young people sang. highway patrol crews of the school, that subject. The dinner will be given by the Many years ago I went to Issa- high schools in this state are attend-iRev. F. Mayblom acted as toastmast- . xc eserlb Thirteenth Annu 1 er Refreshments were se .fred in the . ~ Sunday school and the price will be quah for a magazine art" le d " - ing the a Confer-I " mac Smart visited in Seattle, Thurs-lremaln for the council meeting on~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lewis andI $ohn Neukir ,an was taken home day to Saturday, as guests of Mr. andlMonday evening, but they felt they]son spent the week and ae the ~ts front the Co|u~ ,ia hospital on Tue~- Mrs. Paul 'Empi,. [hardly had the time. Iof friends In Yaklms. j day. He ls imprevi rapidly.