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November 16, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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November 16, 1933

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By ARTHUR BRISBANE~ Farewell for 4,000,000? Goody! Th.ou.,, -.,, ! NEXT HIGHWAY MEET Plan Is To Rnn COMES TO ISSAQUAH is dead, the voters of Ohio and Utah corn- Will he Held in February; Talk at ~ NM RttW ~OLUME 18, NUMBER 11 ISSAQUA==~-, KING CO, WASH., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1933 SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 PER YEAR the necessary 36 states. An-Meadowbrook Awaken Group to dangerous experiment in con Necessity of Action the majority by a minority~ er effort to change by law the At the meeting of the Sunset High- of men and the habits oi way Association at Meadowbrook last comes to an end for the Thursday evening, the talk given by at. Asahel Curtis was a revelation to while prohibition is many of his hearers, even though the crime wave and the boot- they were road boosters that finance crime, survive. Mr. Curtis, president of the Wash- :with the cause abolished, the ington Good Roads Association, is a nment will find a way to re- charter member of that organization, the results which was organized 34 years ago. at at at j At that time the organization had but increased price of wheat had i one thought, the building of roads ing to do with the repeal of for wagons, and trails for horsemen )ition. An end of prohibition They could have no idea of the modes Ill oP.oTc.ERs KING COUNTY POMONA *" MEETING HERE TODAY ,School Topics lssequah Grange Visited hy Inspector Di,custiona by Washington School Nelson Monday Evening in County nnd Civic Leaders, syndicated Grange Rating. through the Washington Educa- tion Association. Members attending Grange Mon- day evening experienced the addl- "~'~ tional interest of being "on parade" THE NEW VIEWPOINT IN as Fred Nelson, county inspector, CHARACTER EDUCATION paid the order an official visit. All but one of the officers were present. By L. M. Higgins. Principal Lin- The local Eagles asked for a price coln High School, Seattle: for the hall twice a month. The Any patron of our public schools, matter was referred to a committee who has not kept pace with the rapid for investigation, changes that have taken place since On suggestion of Mrs. Weeks, some his own school experience should ~r~" discussion was given the subject of to take time off from his other duties the division of voters into two classes and spend it in the school which his consisting of property-holders and own children attend. non-property-holders in voting on all If he looks in on a typical recita= i/ Increased demand for graln, tof transportation that would later bonding, both divisions to carry in tion, he may find that it bears more to the mysterious "gen-lutilize the roads they were then plan- order to carry bonding, resemblance to a round-table discus- " that of itself islning. But they did realize then, as Fred Nelson stated that the Nation- sion group than to the formal recita- to make times better, we do now, that without roads there 'al Grange favored a strict state con- tlon ne od is own school days : at ~ can be no business or progress ins trol and sale of liquors, in unopened IfheP:::uld ~eph into one of the lo~ ..ms..Roosevelt announces n community. [ packages only. He also described er grade classrooms of an elementary 1rod jobs for four million idle Washington early decided to notI I the trouble the dairymen were having school on Banking Day, he may be kmg them off the public dole bond for roads but to pay for themI /in connection with milk sales-in Se-ltreated to a real surprise to see little n, supplying them with work on as they were built. Not a cent com-[ /attle. Ruben Paulsen reported thelei~b~_year_olds' mere babies in their : s Lai.ning Federal, State and ing from the general funds for the~ [ discussion on the Grange gas hand-[own'homes, making out the necessary ,~tbhc works, purpose but by calling on the people~ ~-rup~v Iltng for members at the last Masters'[slins and going about the business of $400,000,000 to be devoted to who usethe roads to pay for them] ~"~"~-~ iCouncil. One name was receivd aSlde~ositin~ their nennies with the pt~- mk will be well spent, if the Today all road building and upkeep] ~'~ Inn applicant for membership. J~,i(cashie-r witl~ all the confidence a i " ! ~ , k'* , , ~ng is successful. The [is taken care of by tbe gas tax, henceI ]~off0/~ I Announceemnt was made that all[and efficency of adults. enthopes that 2,000,000 wllI Ipaid for by the people who use theI ~Yd/~ ~ I was in readiness for the coming ox] Tf ~h~ nnrp_nt can stay lon~ enouffh ploye(/ on the new work in the I road, Further, this tax is levied for1 ~ ...... I Pomona to Issaquah today, for fore- I __-'_'_'~.-~ ~-isvisits suf'ficien-tl,, fr-e of this month, and 2,000,000[that purpose only,yet every depar~-] w,~.u.~ .......... ]noon, afternoon and evemng meet-I ..... ~.u.. ,. ~,,,~ hi- sch-ol he before the end of December. ment of state, and even county oper- -- ...... _ ..... -I~,~-~--~,:~,~,,~ ,,~. ..... ~,.. ~ings. The evening meeting will hel?.~l"~i:busi;es;"se;si'ons in~w~ich at ~ at l ation is trying to chisel into the gas qL|A/li|]A[ ]~|~ I/IWANI~ (b'IRFM [ J IEAM wq m [an open session to which the public I~' " e -oun-sters are discussing ing photographed negative and/fund a fund nriginated for roads on- }|]U~[U~I|III~ ~ ~| IlllIL$ l aaatL~t~a ~ ~L, l iffi inviteS i tnese mer y ~ ..... _ ,~ ...... vI.qTEDATISSAQUAHI PLAY AT HOME SUNDAY [ :, ...... m negative,| -- ( - [farm 5oys An~ ~lrts Ithe ~,uidance of some of their:chool wt~n positive electricity, Prof. * ...... ~:.. an of California says both have[Washington Huskies Put on Traveling Sign Program inICbamp'onshsP Game Agam Postpon-[ Wil| Recmve Awardslacu~txe~" a _de si gst: n oS fad' ~ame m~s*' | ~ r~ s t~ .............. J ~U:ectives of[ ed; High School Lost Final Game| /means OX earrymg v era.. . . * _ " . | In t.as~ some ~mamma~ Which ]1memory ann uoa ~ ....... I 4-H Boys' and Girls' Club members I He may see children lookmg after ~ne ras supposed that electrons o~- to ~noqualm,e rlere rrmay -- I ' char-ed ....... " P ] . the Order Are Stressed, [ " Iof King county will hold the Achieve-lsafety'of their fellows by directing nan zo00 hmes ~ne The fmal home game of the season ' treet erossm or of those n .... | " ) ] .... '~team "went to~ment Day meeting in the high school,traffic at the busy s " g, f ~rm ..... ega~ive~y cnargea.[ for the Washington Huskies will be[ A good representation from thei 'r~e ~ssaquan town ........... ~at North Bend on Saturday, Novem-lmanaging a fire-drill, or planning li's ,,-.:,:~,~an say.s.: .. |held in Seattle this Saturday, whe.n[Snoqualmie Kiwanis Club visited.theltown." las.~ ~unaay wn_en l~ uf~:~[ber 13. Awards consisting of theland presenting a Mothers' Tea in the , w,~. ~ne (llscovery of ~ne g C L A comes north to battle esterda noon, bring ano~ner team ox mcms wm ~v,.- a rlze or )n, bv Dr e'arl .... -I " , : ...... ]Issaquah club y y "l .... hat roved to be/Achievement pins nd p ' s f ou~- school caefteria. ~o+ ~:_~ - . .~..~n~erson,.mJ Phelan s grin men. Iz win oe ~ne an-!ing the traveling Kiwanis sign. Thelloca~s m. a game z P ..... I standing work will be presented to a] The picture presented is that of the ~ ~u-aamentai and Iar-reacn-}nual homecoming for the Universitylo~ .... nsists of a series of electrlclthe cmsslc o~ me season .he game_ltota1 of 395 farm boys and ~irls who]--^.~..- ~.~.^^~ ...~.h .... ~ ~h~raete~. ~vance of the country " of Washington grads and it will also"~'~ ....md~wdual h ht sho~ was played on the lssaquah Playfield outstandm lece[ ..................... " ........ t have to k-- " . [ ......... ]lights with an .... g .) .s .... "" "e end of the[have completed an " g P' ,building program in action There HOW a grea~ many be the last cnance 1or the xans to see Accom an m the~ana me score ooara a~ ~n In ..... '] ~ing each letter P Y" g ~ ...... Iof work throughout the year end" gllittle time here for discussing virtues i~:~?::o znow why. iGlenn Boyle, Hurley, DeRoin, NegleYIsign is a lecture or reading giving!game credlted the r~emen w~m ~.UlOctober 1, 1933. ~or for reading stories with "morals". r^. y.__ are wo.naering, cosmic lEngland, Ole Hanson, Ted Isaacso.n.,]the history and origin of the order, lpoints, and the ~uper-lown team w~nI A total of 726 individual projects lTheirs is a program of action, where ~..mg ~nrough the umverse, ElmerLorantson, Ross Peder~en, Bill ch letter the~ 13 points an electro .... " . .. I ......... I With the lighting of ea ~ " . ...... ]were conducted by 536 members of/conscious effort is made to set up ...... ,~c ener.gy ox tnree[ and Adney Smith ano ooe wlazra~ re[reading gives the significance of tbat~ The game starves m.~ne usua~ man-lBovs, and Girls' Clubs in King coun-~ oituations similar to those the puprl - ~* vu~,^, are "drflhng hole~/action on their own field. All of these!letter F o r instance the letter k, lner, with one team. k~cl~mg ~o t ne]tv and 395 of these have fulfilled thelwill meet in later life and then tO ..... uugn your ~oay ~rom well known la ers are graduating r other and ended in the ormoaox! - to font ........ [ " P y Iwherever seen, stands, not only fo / ' . ....... ~requirements for awards. Practical-|~ive him the opportunity and the re- ~-. ~nu mac cosm~e this ear ' "" 'fashion at a blas~ zrom zne ~lme- , . ~ . ~rdment " ,, _ _ | Y ... K~wams but also for the daffy hwng , . "_. ., I lv every commumty m the county XS|snonsibilitv under guidance to meet , ~. good for you Fear-I Washington still has some toughI _ +~. ~.~ln ...... ]~ ~o~ether ~ithlkeeper's whistle 'r~ese were tne or-if^ ........ n ~. ..... ~, .... ~ *~'e 4 HI ~ "* :~-" -- -'" ~" games ahead A~ter u ~ ~ A ter rmcl lesl dreary features oI the encounter, vu~ ~ thm res onslbll : mildly. " ........ I " ~: .," "[many other of the betP ''P ~ ' ...... r [Clubs and all those interested' "n ' I The school cannot take p " " - comes the W S C game a~ ruHman, ~t was m art omer respects an ex~ a , at at at ] . . ~required in the correct living of aI" . "] work for rural development throug~lity for the child s home discipline and , and then theU S C game m bus e ers of ordmary event e c n onl New York s Columbia uniwr {- - .', . . ;,./Kiwanian. The other six 1 tt [ " :': ...... |boys and girls are cordially invit d~ character development. It a Y ~ ~ngeles So thin wee~ s con~est wnl r The first halx consm~ea ox ~wo ~en ,00 young men, representln-]- - "- " [the word were treated to a simila l " . . ]to attend. lwork with the home in making Its .... ~laeciue wnether the Huskies will fin-i .... | minute quarters. The Firemen ae-| ..... ~ ........ ~--ation more groups oI stuaents, announced/-'-~ -.- , ........ l explana~lon [ - ./ .~ ~ ..... ~ .^~.:_.. tool ~---~--- lelIor~s a~ cnara~et uu~ e" . . mn m ~ne upper OlVlSlOn or the lower . cusea tne omer ~eam ox ~t~ o h lr peaceful convictions wouId ldivision ...............I For this program the meetmg was~ .......... huddle so the -ua Three Way Pohcy For l effect~ve, JibWill De a Ilgn~ ~o bile . much ~IIll~ Ill ],lit: ~4 , them go to war for the Stars]finish I turned over to Otto Relmg, premdent] ...........all were extend:l ~__.Jl--- 1 ~ .... ! ......t l ---- ~ers ~or ~ne secoHu . n~Iluls~m~ umzuaps~ya~m,~* tripes under any.circumstances ]" }of the Snoqualmie club. After ex-] ..... ......... At th:] ]MASONIC HONORS ARE ea to zu mmu~es in te,g~, ...... ITY me noble young Americans are[ ~M, ~-, o , ~plaining the nature of the program~ .......... 1" another "at] ............... olic'" of hand ~ BESTOWED AT FALL C ....... ~llllev~s were . . .. ~ ~ ~: .....helena o~ ~ne seconu ~ax l, "l .'~ new ~nree-utt p $ -| ied their own ruddy drops, g P Issaquah will take the sign on to some play a. fifth quarter of 20 m..mutes. I lem was put into. effect by.the St.ate[ Ten me.mbe~ of the 1 ast, 1776, 1812, etc., but would1 Lootln Chicken Coo read the service. At some later date ley was held and ~t was decl.ded to hng the une.mployment rehef pr b 1 .... ....... .... I Th ~cal M~sog to prox~ oy zlghting done m r '~,.,,1., 'he introduces rx. ~ s ,l" " o 'ii; ws against immigration shouYdThieves attempted to lootthe otherclub, subject to the will f the ~uF:~enfet~esc`f~dhqu:rht~rf]r~.~d1ng!E~t~rg~yaccR~li::gtoAdnm~:n~nst~tni::-~:~v~ii~~:l~i~:d~i~a- anged to admit fathers and too- chicken coop of Mrs Amelia Wold on[local club I ............. ]Y . . y ................. r|honoring of Duncan MeC~lltrra, for able to roduc " . ' " ~nem a suDs]and;InS lean, so ~eorge men] ny aonn 1- rtall~ ~OIIIIIIIE~IUIIU featherPs e sons with fewer Wemdnesday.mght of iast week. , I Announceemnt was made that thelReini' timekeeper, conveniently ha[to for the King County Division. [math~ Yda~iP?m~:e~i~:o:h~it~rd~: ~.~ . ..... ~ne xamuy was awa~enea Dy ~ne! meeting next week wouta o.e nets a~,led the game Reini, incidentally, is] ~vh ..... It will be to eliminate!m m s ~. ,. ~v~,~ ~,nnr~ ,e x~ommbia ~ollege Americans dog attempting to break his chain to(~ ..... :+-. ~hurch as a fathers" ann,- -' ............ , ...... -~ 1 ........ - - (xseaquan aelega~ .......~, ......... .- .-- . .~u,,,,,,-,,.~ -~ a memoer ox ~ne ~remen ~ ~quau.I me unem I ea rou s nave " preclate the w~sdom of the old get at the intruders They saw the I ........ +~,,~, ,~th the different boy ............. ~.,__ I what so p o~...g., p I as one of the only three remaming e mother i,, ~-~ ~---,- ......... + .... ,:t- ~.. ,~.^ ~-:~b~,h ..... ~,,~[ ......... .~.~'"~" "~ * ~ ..... in" walen ann ~ourgncn, wno .~teiprotested as "force~ laoor.'" I oh~er members of the Fall City ........ ~ ~ new -:.~-. --~. ,.~-~ ,- ~,,=.~,,,~ ............ i organizations as guests. ~, ...... ~" apples at the Money-Savers ann ~lu- . .............. " ....... zirea mree sno~s ~o xrighten them] .....~6 0 dinner ...... ~ew metnoas, sam mr. rtan, wnl lodge. had put eleven chickens in one sack, Round Trip Stage Tickets ....... wages," and (3) the privilege of vol- Phfll a d tagno was reHeveu ox one teg o~ sis . ip Gibbs, who wrote a n had several more sacks ready to -- - ........ earl- in tbe ~ame ~nd played unteering to work for rehef vouch- FATHERS'-SONS' BANQUET ~al about the big war sa~s the be filled, but in their hurry to leave For the next thirty days ~n~ P~"~ ~ ~ ..... era The plan will leave the choice WEDNESDAY EVRNIN~ " ' " ' " er throu hour the encounter wi~n me " ill not come for some years, they took nothing with them. North Bend Stage Company ~s off-." " "g me---m~er~ "bare knuckle." Up to the unemployed themselves as excul missing -' youth, presumably not an- The Wold boys are noted as being ing very attractive prices on .. I ........... J ,~:. to whether they wish to work for Keep in mind the fathers and s will Lea~ and ~:gon ~elson ptayeu ~,~,~ . for. interment in '.F~a__er_l nd s very good marksmen and the thieves stun tickets. Round trip t~cket I ....... e ~ ~-.~-~'~~t'~" ....... ~o~,. their rehef or get it without work. sons' banquet at Commumty Church " w~ll h ons~der themsel e eattle on Wednesdays, usual game oz n c .~ eveui Matt Hill will , old it back. can c' " v s lucky they be sold to S [ - ,~;n ki~1~in~ offensive , Wednesday rig, "at ~ at " shot only to frighten them. Thursdays and Fridays, good on any l,s, tve , ann ,.~,;.~-~,~,:,= ..... eat ISSAQUAH FOLKS VISIT deliver the talk of the evenin~md he week as Uncle ffranK ~ao 6*, - e- ~s of the Iroquois Indians- near- I [ of those three days in same. oint [ (fisappom~men~ ..... ~o ~ne~ ~n~-~-"'-- .... ~4o fail- RELATIVES IN TACOMA l always please~ You ate invited" " to 0 years old, have been discover-[RITUALISTIC TREAT IS ]sold only. The rate from High P [ ........... ~ ~,,-- le- ----"-- [eome and b~ng a son. Tickets, S5 rc~ eu ~o run w~m axty u,-vv~,,~,., b ~, F the Smithsonian Institution. t OFFERED ODD FELLOWSland Preston will be $1.25, and f I ............ ~'tht~;'ball I Mrs. E. L. Lahar and daughters[cents' ma~" behad from Paul Benson, n h run tne wrong ulrec~un w~ , g t at the intelli~enc~ nf ~hn~ J -- I Issaquah $1.00. [ ......... = .._ ~._ [ were guests of the O. D. Woodrings for the Hepler Garage. It will be ear- or otherwme thrill ~ne crowu a~ m m~ rive red men was rated h]gh~] Something new in ritualistic work] This is cheaper than you can drivel custom." fin Tacoma, Friday to Sunday. ~r.ler to get them m" advance as the room tsnt blood feuds caused so manvlwill be presented at the regular meet-I our own car, and with three round~ .......... l~,. ~ r ~o~in next ]and Mrs-L. R. Hepler and Val V.me[is necesearlly hm~ted. Next Wed- gs that the tribe threate,,e~ ~'..~ing of the Odd Fellows lodge here to-[tY~i,~ dail- makes a convenient] "me ~rem.~- f,~ne e ~=~ the]went to Tacoma ~unuay to a~enu tne]nesday evening, November 22. .... ~ ~-- a, unda atlts~ ~>ry~ ,,,~,,,, ' " i fans e e ~ S y ag christening of Margaret Elme, n xt'nct. Wamnum "fines~morrow evening, the conferring Of]schedule. / ........ ~.~-~,beennost-| . ,,.,.. I iestabhsh ' the cnampmnsmP gam~ ..... ~ r daughter of Mr and Mrs Roy tlurl I LADIES' AID BAZAAR " ed for killings, and the]th~ Jnior Odd Fellows degree by ~ . ] ......... k I . " ". ~or killing a manwas ten strings~Junior members~of this district. A~l[ HOSE HOUSE GONE [pones another ..... Iburt (Eileen Woodring). I The Ladies' Aid Society will spun- mt ~mpum, whereas for killing a wo-IOdd Fellows are entitled to witness| Issa~uah Fire House No 1 is no[ ......... | ~sor a bazaar, Tuesday, December 5, "a'~ah/~the fine was twenty strings oflthis degree and all who possibly can]more ~It slaved w~ll it~ hart in thelIssAQUAH HIGH tram I PLEASANT WEEK END ~in the lower story of Odd Fellows" ~um. A woman was wort]~ twice ishould be there. Refreshments willI early history of the town but has beenl LOST FINAL GAM . ...... ] Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Nordren of So-1 Hall. Material offered for sale there en as runs tosS ~ne~r xt a man. [be served. [i~ ~srenute the la~t few vests Hat-[ The Issaquah Ind" "~ stile spent Saturday night at the ~m.| will help solve your Christma~ IIIIIl~re w.a~ nobody there 'to put[ Jlowe'en pranksters tipped it over[nal schedule game to the SnoquaLml A. Boyden home. Mother and Dad(problems. oquols "off the warn ,, OFFICERS ENTERTAINED an o here last Friday, ~ v v~e Be den went w~th the folks back to ,.~._ pure basis, ~ /and it has since been razed and "1Bulld g~ . " ' " Y . | "~'~- s tm~.tl~e fines impoverished many~ Mrs. George Ek, Worthy matron[other landmark has disappeared. |tory, by so wide a mar~n, was a.~ Seattle Sunday morning, aecompan-] The Reading Room "us " ~ I e two teams nan even ra~- he to Sunday school and church~ - - = - - ........... - ..... :~' " L) of Century Chapter, enter]tuned on] upset as th led t m . . , ......................... ~t they discouraged murder. ] Friday night at a 6:30 o'clock dinner| 0 .-0 ings in conference games . and took dinner at their home. They/ Tbe new maguines are coming. M,m~l~ at at at | at the White Sw~. .......... for the ~fie~ro ~f] ,,~ ,. r~ t I ~,~"o~ualmie~ received, and, startea a completed their vacation by visiting'L T..eh current issues are for use in the , ommumty t.,nurcn I dmns oal tha the eve x I Canton Cam r er I e toward the In g with Blaine in u ug and re- Room As each issue comes I , ' a, parents of al Centu y Chapt ". Covers were lald[ 0 .0driv ......... " , Reading , };~ girl decided she must be mar-] for fifteen. ] ~ ..... ended in a touchdown ~or tne ~utl- turned home Monaay afternoon, the prev/ous ones may be borrows. at once m The Granger~ are invited ~o church |~ H , while they were still] was~ About I00 books are now being er fiancee w , ~V| b that man borrowers. This ||m as away in Sin-I high] read y y II .,t so, and this is said on the)~ Mini l C ~csroasing number of patina .hoi~nm I: Y el the solemn Associatedl: he the success of g library in Ieuquah. Jh a good looking rooster wa~ st More books are needed. Look or- ~d ~llt in to act as bridegrooml wil er ~our collection. Brtug as m a.uy hour the ou can to the Readin~ "" "~ laborate Chinese l .,ha of them as y - age serviee. ] V~ i Room, where their esefulness will be rooster, technically, remains[ ~, [multiplied, on p e) [ I l(rooste~, Continued Z .. - %+~,: