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November 23, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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November 23, 1933

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2 A ARTHU ..,SBANE - I DAY .... .... q''------ Myth, Perhaps VOLUME 18, NUMBER 12 ISSAQUAH, K NG CO., WASH., THURS , NOVEMBER 23, 1933 SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 PER YEAR a Beats Nature __ * * * * * * * * * * * [eligion and Litvlnoff ! Zasy, With Henry Ford athers-Sors ler : ,,Clerk q se , Dece r [ PUBLICATION - HOLIDAY " l tes Roosevelt, son of the Presi- Last Night a Succe SS t* Next Thursday, November 30, "] Second .g=strat on Dav rock from Europe and talks with ~ __ [* our next publication day, is a * [ - -- -~ ~ Pros, Ramsay McDonald, the ~rowd Fills Church .... "~NOT UNDER THE CODES I*holiday, and we request our ad * STAGE TRAVEL BARGAIN Has Arranged To Be in City Hall rreslaent, hebrun, and Mus- " rarlors to ~.ap- ^~- ~..,~ ,~.,,n,,.~,.~,,-.ffi, * vertisers and correspondents to * RATES NOW EFFErTIVW " " reports that war talk is "all acity and All Get Real Thrill fromI or r^,~ ~.vmrr..,.~a * bring in copy one day earlier * u ....... During Entire Day, That All May ;h." Program and Talk. [ . -~ - " ... t* than usual, that The Press force * I The extra s-ecial round tri- ratest Register Without Inconvenience. A turkey absOlutely ~ree wlgn ev- , . . ~ l, t being so, perhaps he asked I...~00 suit nurchased at ourl may also enjoy the hohday. Ibetween this community and Seattlel :cept the Pope, why they were The Fathers' and Sons' night din- ~ ~ .... * * became effective Tuesday and will The Press has admonished people a ng so much money gettin2 ner at Commumty Church last eve-i~"? .... ,. ........... [* * * * * * * * * * * * I remain in effect for one month. These}COUple of times to attend to their - answers mr, ma,ocK, t/I ' " " ' " " ! for war, instead ofpaying thel'r nlng,, sponsored, by the church and can't "be (rune.' The purchaser must _ _ tmkets wall be sold. on Tuesday,s Ireg~stlatln" They are doing so but ebts to the Umted' States. eK::~:nC|:b,vW:S a success from ev- pay the cost of any premium given ~r Wednesdays and Thursdays, good. frl-ntsaSfaStcau~e ~ne aSao theYnot IinShuld' largely.be- would have been called al ~ P " }~wa'" ] ~ft~[[~! "[~g~ ~ [return on one oI those Days m ~nel. Y . a l~ convemen~ at the beginning of 1914 whenl The regular opening exercises of}~ ~" ,., , ! ~O$11UU1 1 IJ[]i$~ ~ lsame week the ticket is purchased, l just at the time they think of it. ' he master retail coat . . . and . ". . was no Hitler, nromisin~, re-[K,wanm were used, with Pres,dent! T . I 1 ~ ! I Fffty cents each way from Issaquan! This makes a long drawn-out af- an " res~d~ all others approvea are coaes d no Russia,rla~,in~, downlWold P " "ng. Afterthe dinner, I ..... ~]l .............. I !makes a very attractive fare. !fair (,f it, ;hakes it inconvenient foc OOge |n RUSBIa # " ~ " " ' " to miss ~ate up zor Dora 'Pii Jaa in: 'he o ~n~:[of faircompe~i~lonlna~lsacarO i~,.cuaslons lly ~tate ~nool !ii:b~its~!:::rk~e~tn:~'ww~hY:n !':i'~:' s~!!iia fn::~rsy~ab~::Re: gHm~tn~lii?t~~i?t~cce!:e:tttc ::algrP:':d:~l'e on which the N R A tl 1 BRYN MAWYR BEATEN : : ,his language hardly diploma- Three members" of the school fa-I U|~U V[.["| V|~|T~ ~.~ 12 TO 0 HERE SUNDAY M, ~o,, t Japan s government " I su- ]cultv were introduce~ ~ m,,.~ Ii11~|1 t~Dl|l/~*lt~|lO ] [ ~ ]a special Registration Day at the city at you stov v'n~, .....~r }'n ~ unit,, o;,..;.= M, ~VU|~|T |~ ~| ~ SPARING THE ROD Rain Slows Up Game in First Half; hall on Fmday, December 2, between ong the Russian border " Morgan, athletic coach, and Mr. i.~tasa~waa aa~tJL, za g~ll~ Championship Game Will Be Play- tne hours ox ~ a. m. ana.~ p. m. xou apanese ambassador did notlByrd, Boy Scout leader. Each gbve I By W. A. Lacey [ ed in Seattle Next Sunday {of course,, expect to reg.mter. If you the reception of the Russianla short response on the activity helAs Guests of the Hepler Motor Com. IPrincipal of High School Walla Walla[ "" Ido not zxna ]t convement to .so so ent m Most { by December 2, be sure you do ~t that .... ow that day. represented and the Boy Scouts gave[ pany, They Will Be Shown a Con-] _ I The Issaquah Firemen beat the . ~mhn, successor to Peter thela couple of short, amusing skits. [ Crete Picture of Transportation. [ .The day of civil war within our}Bryn Mawr football team, in a game}say" . o power walked scnoois has passed The school now l la ed here 1 of ~" ' . through the C. W. Peters, a member of the lw r ..... " 'P y ast Sunday, 18-0. The}Unemployed Veterans _ moscow, ~areheaded, tolschool board, was requested to give al There is now on exhbit in the old~ o KS w~tn pupus, not against them. lfield was wet and muddy and slowed[ O~.:.~-. I-- ~...~l- Kata ama a~o~ a~ ~=~tu= .. Y , member of the Jap- toast to the sons and his son, Bill Pe-I~^rd -.lant corndr of Fairview and] The content of the school subjec~slthe game considerably The Fire-I uommunist a ~" ~~" ' " -- ,,~ ~ .p rty who d~ed ,nlters Jr. made response to the fathers, lRov streets in Seattle, Just about ev-['s related to their expemences. Hencelmen scored one touchdown m eacht .......... ~;:..-~onservative Japan will notlWith Clifford Benson at the piano,}__." mode of transportation that hasli~ is interesting, and holds the at. lhalf. Yourglich scored in the first[ - ~ne state-wine system ox omces ox mat Iuneral with . ~ry tent[on Th " . . . the ~ationa~ Keempioyment Service satlsfactmn, lseveral songs, w~th special words forlt. ....... d hv he human family from[ e modern teacher is by/half on a hne buck and Rem~ scored i , . . , ....... .... t - nature .... ~ ........ ]will hereafter receive" all a lhca~mns" " ~ ~ [the occasmn were sung by the ent~relthe beginning right down to the pres-[ .... ann ~rammg sympathet]c withlon an mcercep:e(~ pass m the secona .... P . atever nature does, men can do'group, followed by the main eventtent day - I cml~ren and concerned first with theirlhalf. Both attempts at try for pointkC,~ ex-serwce men ann veterans, ann .... I " weliare and . . ~nrougn SUCh erects placements will Automobiles are swifterlOf the evening, a talk by Matt Hill of ..... ne o~ ~nc most v-rimitive exhibi-] . then w~th their studies.]failed." it. ..... ~. deer, the rtfle eve Seattle u Gmdance has become a rome asL~ ' Sshbmarines go do=rt::e:bs:nYe[ Mr. Hill has two happy faculties toi::ShSd:e:n:i:n Co~de sa~d to be of the teacher. P dutY[be::p:htP:P:dn:~$eg;tie~::iwC~llhbelhaF?rb::::dlm::t:t =i::Z~:~ t~,:i: , sut no fish comes up, telvaluable to an after-dinner speaker;I ........... " ..... ] Student public opinion is carefullylplayed next Sunday at the Civic Au-I ...... g . ne us Ihe can readily. "size u~'' his audience! A s~iu olaer exmm~ ~s ~na~ ox aldeveloned or_anize~ __~ .. . . ~: ......... ~mca~ reempmymenz omces, ann copies ~ v . ~ , ~ u unu alrec~ea as u~orlum, lne provable s~ar~lng l " " | the airplane flit- "~ ..... Iwith a view as to what the-- would a~ IRussian carriage, used four hundredlthe most valuable eorr .... }line ................ l of ai apphcatmns filed at the office of n ~nree ~lme~l # v-I ....... ~ ~c~ve power/ up ~or ~ne firemen Will oe as IOl-I~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . ~t as any bird x~_. ....... I~reeiate and he is alwa-.s -re~ared~Years ago. xne exposition is vemg~within the school Th~ --^:^--'-- _ ~low~. .~_~ .... .. _ Irne ve~eraus riacement Kepresent- , ~bure merely ~- , # I~~' h . ~ mmjvrn.y sell~l- a. ~nus---re~ersen ann i~aon~tt "v " " he exam s onsored by the Ford dealers of t el at~ e m Seattle are now being sent to ' ple, then men show}to give just that. Hence he alway, l P ,ment, when properly performed, is~tackles---MilIer and Knoernschild'] t should be done. Ipleases. Last night he kept his taIk]state. [alyaws on the right side. The forc,|guards---M. Castagno and Leaf" cen"~the Reemploymnet offices nearest to vert ' appl eant's home heless, man can still learnlsuffieiently punctuated with sto~iesJ Today the entire high school willIof this majority works wondersiter--Banfill; quarter~-W. Castag-[ ..~ , o. "~_ . ~ .... humble animal relations ]to hold the full attenion of he audi-]attend as guests of the Hepler Moto~[when brought to bear unon trouble}no; halves--Pedican and ~o;~;. o~al unempmy~a veterans ana ........ eks of golden plovers have ar fence, which enabled him to drivelcompany, The school busses will makers; for none is so conservative [fullback~Yourglich ............ ice men. who are residents of King at the Hawaiian Islands after a~home the more serious points with!be brought into service as transpor-lso slow to incur the ill will of hisI ICouny should, if they have not al- iousand mfl m effee ready done so, register w~th The Na e flight from Bering[tell" g t; and he had those[tation. [kind as youth. [ THE RECALL I ........ " n twent fo Dints for both the uonai ~eempmyment omee at 1905 Y- ur hours. /P , sons and the fa-[ I In fact, through student coopera-I Several have asked about the elee-[~,a ~ ....... ;., ~,o++~,. ~g m.nety .miles an hour, theF/thers' .... FINNISH NATIONAL it[on in the control of the school,] TM for recalling Mayor Alexander.L~f~_'_~'_~?_;"_f~'f~'~_= ....... ~n alcove the earth to find up-} TO the ooys ne emphamzed the The Finnish National Club is spon-lthe fun has been removed from rots-/As we understand the case, the time/llrA~L~r~,w~az currents t need 0x stron minds that the mi ht vv ~'loiriil~la~.~l~l . . ~o- hat help them on/ , . 'g. " , Y g soring a Thanksgiving Eve Dance at I conduct, Culprits are now shown that}for an appeal has expired and it will| g with the light breezelas one of the best branches for de- ||]]| [ ]~r~lf J I [ b41- t?~ I.,.o R'CT II tWill Double Up On icluding all workers in a particular i by the east 1 I mdustr re ward movement]veloping these traits, and footba 1 as ~|[]= ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ | | a_ ~ ~ ~L ! ] | ...... ~ffi, .1" y, gardless of the work they earth blowing as steadily a~]one of the best in athletics. He al- " " | L~anclng lnl$ weeKldo; and craft unions, including those lmous trade winds so praised the Be- Scout movemen~ "- # -~, ~ | who do work of a articular sor~ en men' fly aroun" I y This" week the Fire" Department has P ' ....... d the worl~, l a~ an aid in developing real men. _ ~, l@ _~a "~! ~:~ 4"[[,~~U 1 .......... ", even though in different industries. wm uo in aecmea ~o guve ~wo nantes in honor , twenty four hour~ To the fath The thi - ,] era, the speaker sum- ~|A,~l~l~i~L| l/~ ~ I ............ -I craft union is the prevailing n upper atmas mg tne TnanKsg~vmg noLmay The ...... pheris strata, I meal up his advice to them with the #~| ~ | ILJ~ ~ | ~ ~ ~ .~- I ....... ' ",.. t type, and the one favored by the wlu really have b "- $ . 11rst one, ~a~uroay night, Witl ve a ' egun. ]euggestion that to train boys- t.~e /~" _ ..~~ ..... Amerman Federatmn of Labor The ~t at $ [dads must live the lives they~ished / ~ ~..~a4~-]~lqj~j v ~ ]~urkey dance.., l)urmg tn!s aance a N. R. A. looks forward to the estab- government tells for their son ~ ' ~o~ oz xun wm ve promaea Dy zne hshm f Lily[neff that[ " s; that the boys will do i N~lll~l~ ~"~ll } .......... I " ent o the industrial union as we resume frle l what o ~--.~ presenmuon el live ~urKeys, aeaa or ndly relations, Y u do, not what you tell them i ',best fitted for its needs, for the wel- tusma she must a to do ~ ~ahve, we can't say which, but they _ , . g ee to l t,,i .l , _ . . " Ifare of the workers, and :[or the good Americans ao as they pleaae~_ The church parlors were very corn- ~ ~)~.~]~it~ }are ~o De g~ven.away. ...... [of the public at large. It seems easier religion fortabl fille ~ lnen on weonesaay, me z~tn, | Y d and 131 plates served. / "~:,