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November 23, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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November 23, 1933

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] PAGE FOUR THE ISSAQUAH PRESS, ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASHINGTON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER Messenger and sentinel of ! the home TIIE TELEPHONE ill the home means re- assurance to one at a distance. To the one at home it means protection and unending usefulness. It saves strength and checks expense; organizes and lightens the (lay; brin~gs friends close. I. a single emergency it may lie worth more than it costs in a lifetime. THE PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY % Old English Name Restaurants In this country called "Pig & Whistle" are named after a famous old English Inn In London of the same name, which was famed as early as the Seventeenth centm'y for Its good cooking. , ,,, ,, II ~nette's Future Dr. C, 1~. Pabst says that outdoor life and lpdulgenee In athletics, to- gether with the Intermingling of the dark-sklnlilld race of southern Europe with our own, will produce a brunette .'is the reigning beauty of the future. MORE QUESTION BOX l (Continued from.first page)_ __ 3lawPrescribedprevails.bY a code, the state Yes, provided they shall not ex- ceed a ratio of one to every five by Arthur Brisbane (Continued from first page) eml)loyes or fraction thereof up to twenty employes, and one to cv distinguished American industrialist cry ten above twenty employes i that he can't sell cars to his own gee- work:ermnent, if he makes the lowest bi(L Group A, employe may not A wise administration will remem- more than forty hours per week, . ber that everybody in Washington nor more than eight hours per oay, . would have to grow considerably, 1,o nor more than six days per weeK. ot workIbe knee-high to Henry Ford among' Group B employe may n ~ .... i ~tne mos~ oistinguished useful Amer-' nmre than forty-four hours per: " ' . . . l leans and benefactors of United week nor inorethan nlne nourm, ' ., . . I States industry and public I per d'~ynor more tnansix nays " ' it was anno~u e~d h`'' , - . ,n:l; w,e:,lkk G:::up Ctl~aem~;y; 2ghy nc astily without *': ,'~ ' ._- . i final decision, fortunately that the! hours per weeK, nor mor tnan ten i .... ' I -- . ~ClV]l service would not hire any sten-; hour~ per (lay nor more than mx per week.' ' Lgrapher or typist more than 40 clays the~ l years old. It would be a pity if 5 Yes, but only if such merchandise,, ovmnment felt obh c " ~ " of~ "g ~d to say to all is. manufactured, under a code ,p' ast 40 "consi-ei d " your~selve.s dead, fair (.ompctition which require.~ . , ~, Now with relief, you learn that such merchandise, to bear an P~. ~. : the la~v'~, steno, g'pra he~s can be em- A. Iabel. ' ~ ' Yes, but the cost of the premium ipiyed by the government up to (tan age limit of 53 years." That shows [heth;~-'~ ::hmh ~hber:~:l?d de~]: knows ulore than she ever knew be- iret2~l s " e" intelligence, for at 53 awoman the article with which the premium fore. is given away. 7 A local retail trade council is set up under supervision of the na- Jack Dempsey Coming tional council and consists of one As Wrestling Referee or more representatives from each division of the trade regulated by Jack Dempsey, former king of the code. Fistiana, will referee the finals in the 8 The store should be displaying the!middleweight wrestling tournament, blue eagle insignia at the Civic Auditorium, Seattle, next 9 No. But it is bound by the price Monday night, November 27. provNions of the master retail code The el' Manassa Mauler, the great- in connectionwith the sale of est drawing card in sport history, will brooms, etc. handle the two feature bouts on the 10 yes. Employes performing services Pioneer Athletic Club's weekly wres- incidental to the sale of merchau- tling program. disc are incleuded in the code. The tourney has now simmered down to a battle of four wrestlers~ 'Napoleon Stradiotti, Italian rough- Monday night The complete, classy l i house" artist; Herb Parks, speedy bill follows: !and clever Vancouver, B. C., youth; Bout No. 1-- Ritchie Burke vs. Gust Johnson, the mighty Swede, and Herb Parks, five 6-minute rounds, Ritchie Burke, exceptional 160-poun- der from Iowa. They will be bat-one fall. tling for the right to meet Gus Kal- Bout No. 2--Napoleon Stradiotti at the SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND 3ATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24TH AND 25TH on A Special Feature---- MISSOURI lie, world's middleweight champion, lvs. Gust Johnson, five 6-minute ~ ~----- [rounds, one fall. I::.~:-. r I Bout No. 3--George (Wildcat) "w~"~'l "IGw'~'n~ I [Pete vs. a formidable opponent, five Be~er ~ron]l~ 16-minutethree falls.runds' best two out of using shot- guns gets rough with him, it's bad for the wrestler, as almost be depended upon the offender with the made him millions of world's champion at 55c, 85c, $1.10 and $1 seer Athletic Club, 423 Bldg., ELliott 0983. anxious to get a peek at a cinch that a capacity "on hand Monday night. the . . . Bout No. 4--Winner of Bout No. Trade in Issaquah---and IIII ~TI~'-~ 1 vs. winner of Bout No. 2 in finals paper for news of the Y ou'll Find of middleweight tournament. Win-markets. NECESSARY FOR A FINE THANKSGIVING DINNER --- FROM ner to wrestle Gus Kallio at a later ---- ---" w,m~m~ SOUP TO NUTS AND ALL REASONABLY PRICED, TOOl I I ~, date. Jack Dempsey will referee r ............. ] Bouts No. 3 and 4. DR. W1LLIAM rio ANS~ !ET~OR~DERAL'' ~ab'~ Now, that is an unusual cerd from ' DENTIST , Office Hours, 9 to 5, i start to finish. For almost anything i , Sundays and evenm~ l is liable to happen. Especially so . " ' TALL C wibh t:he with Dempsey as referee. Jack has Appointment PER 5 ~ [~"I.~l~ 1 CQ a habit of being boss when he is the LPhone 602 Issaqua_~ CAN ......................................................... 9-1 z,v~ third man in the ring. If a grappler '.'~ I~ IM l-EASTERN--BEST ON THE MARKETI AUTOIdATIC LLI ~'V | "| " ||'-- POEzR" 21] E~LECTR|C |~O" teacher. (From first page) [[ PHYSICIAN__and SUE. DEL MONTE GOLDEN BANTAM ,,.elnons rheCo,~Autom~- The school of today is the stu-I Office In. Bank Buff, ~ ~1~ ~ I "FINEST SUNKIST' dents'. Modern plans for administe~ [ r., ~,~ ~ .... 0CANS ......................................... O ~1~1 ; II~ J ~!~1 ,,agEa?AN11~~1} gasF~LA ~LBS .,,!~ ~ tic featur~ has to every make modern your by mg ....... aa pride scnom inmemde the generalPrvmmns welfare where- Is k_.l rnones: umce x~z:~ x~esm, T~m~ M A T~m~ ~m ~ D FINE VOREDI' ! ironing easier, better generated. The help of all is enlisted PURE RAW MI in the mechanics of operating the in- ANT) CREA |V II II r"~|v m.== ~11~ I r.~ 11 PER ~1 and to save you time. stitution and in the management of --'~.~" "-l~;;;u' FRESH RIPE FLAVORED, TALISMAN BRAND ~ uash L - ] ........ S. 1 0 Has automatic adjust- the activities. The loyalty thus de- . ~.-. ~none. ...... NO 2 "MARBLEHEAD --BEST FOR BAKING able heat regulator, veloped results in more thoughtful CAIUS 'i ..... i................................ Never too hot, never betterCnduCtclassn thework.part OfThePUpilS,rod ofandourin Issa __ .quahValley I too cooL fathers never beat loyalty into any ....................... Ileys Mayonnaise ;: 2: one. ' , Do W. ~:UM' [ [ ~ R IH'URDY, ACCURAT~ LONO- . Attention is focused on the good-- BARBER SHOP IJk,~3NO TNERMo~rAT worlds of good--in pupils, not on the "I~ It's Nalley' It's Good --- Have a jar on hand for that Thanksgiving saladl @ bad They are made to feel useful ... ,Y---- ' .,iacl~ $1 ( ............... ~'""- .... DEPENDABLE, LONG-UFE ann wor~nwnlle. Amlntlon IS sl;Imu- ,~ . ~, , .OUR 9 ]b HEATING ELEMENT luted. Their sympathies and loyalties uooa worl n are enlisted in real cooperation. And, ,~T-I('~W~,R The Coleman Automat~ the "discipline" problem dwindles al-,~ ........ Iron saves you money, most to nothing. The energies of pu* Snowllke Rrand---High quality product---Milled and guaranteed hy Centennial Mill work and clothes.Bea~ti- FRONT ST., , pils and teachers are spent ~r~ ful in appearance; finished achievement, not in strife. PE R in lustrous super~um , BAR plate, amszz) | S S P r Will i Whlt Naphtha Laundry Bar--K~mp white clothe white, and colored clothes bright THIS DELICIOUS BLEND IN SAFETY SEALED CANS AT A REAL SAVING ~i -LB CAN l-LB. CAN Grape Nuts ,',. PKG. Baker Bars 3 ~" CANS A complet~ h~slth ration for your pets---"Lt~ guaranteed to pleasel" For salads, or cooking it fin and economical --- Bring your Container , 10 I I I 1,joomH., . ,0 I I 6-BOX CARTON You know this brand and price Is RIGHT--Get a supply this week at Money 8aversl A. L. WOLD COMPANY GRANGE MERC. ASS'N. Other Hauling at Right Price Phone ,3~2 Greenwood Cemetery has tingle graves as low at $10 to $20, not perpetual care, but some care. Perpetual care graves, $25 to $50. Concrete markers furnished with each grave, free. Telephone Retnon BB RENTON, WASH. We Do All Kind of Hauli~ng Business Every Business --- between ---- Seattle and Coadfield, Issaquah, High Point, Preston, ATENTS EIIIott .nd C.dar Grove, and all way plat.. AND TRADE-MARK CeAaSNOW&C= Issaquah Tram porlalion go,, SuccesdulPracticesince 1875. AUTO FREIGHT AND TRANSFER Over ~5,000 patents obtained /:or inventors in every section of country. Write for book* let telling how to obtain a patent, with list of clt m in your S ate. Seattle Depot--Railroad Ave., Dearborn St. and Railroad Laava Sattle |:00 P. M. Only Laave Issquab g~00 A. M. Telephone Main 894 Washod Band and