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December 14, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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December 14, 1933

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RSDAY, DECEMBER 1,1, 1933. ...... INCORPORATED Manufacturers of * * * * This institution was organized as the Northwestern Condensery Company, thirty-three years ago. * * * * In 1926 Nettleton Brothers assumed charge of the plant, converting it into a creamery. They were joined by Hans Forster, who moved his cheese plant from Fall City. In October, 1928, Mr. Forster succee(led the Nettletons as general manager. * * * * Do you know that we manufacture the above Quality Products from milk and cream produced in this immediate vicinity? We also ship to our SEATTLE PLANT every day: 4000 Quarts of Milk; 700 Half-Pints Cream, 190 Pints Cream, 130 Quarts Cream; 1500 Pounds of Cottage Cheese; and 1000 Pounds of Cottage Cheese Curd. * * * * This company maintains a payroll; that is, to the farmers, and all employes, here and in Seattle, of over $30,000.00 monthly. * * * * * * * * * * * * HANS FORSTER, Manager, Issaquah, Washington, Phone MAin 283 Seattle Distributing Branch, 2106 Rainier Avenue, PRospect 9420 Insist on THE ISSAQUAH PRESS, ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASHINGTON PAGE THREI MORE ABOUT SCHOOL ..... ; (Continued from first page) 1 | Remo Castagno and Geo. Clark Sr. representing the Fire Department, appeared before the board to remind them of a resolution passed January 5, 1932, weherein the board agreed to pay to the Fire Department a rental on the Playfield (providing the Fire Department purchased the Playfield) for a period of time mutually agreed between the school board and Fire Department. The board reformed the committee that nothing was provided in this year's budget for rental. A motion was then passed that the re~ olution of January 5, 1932, be re- written stating that the rental would be $110.00. Motion carried. The following resolution was pre- sented by Supt. Thomas and adopted by the board; J. W. Gregory and Ronald Johnson voting yes, and C. W. Peters no. OLIVE BAYH, Clerk, School District 212. The roslution follows: The Code for Schools Whereas public education, as one of the nation's major enterpl:!h.es, I~ involvin apvroximately one roll|ion employ~gs,--serving thirty million children, youths, and adults, out- W_ ranking in the number of its employ- ees all except four of the major In- dustries of the country, having employees than the automobile, tric, and oil industries combineq cannot be ignored in any program ot economic recovery. And whereas the operation of the program of national recovery, in- volving as it does the abolition or extensive reduction of child labor, I will place upon the public schools additional responsibilities. And whereas cooperation, fair dealing, spread of employment an(l higher wages to keep pace with high- er prices are principles of recovery which apply to the policies of pubhc bodies just as well as to private in- dustry and business. APRIL SHOWERS GIFT SETS .... 75c to $1•00 ARMAND'S TOILETRIES SETS ................ $1•00 FASHION WRITING PAPERS .... 2So to $1.25 COMPACTS - MANICURE SETS - DIARY MILITARY BRUSHES ................ $1.00 to $5.00 McKESSON'S GENTLEMEN SETS ............69c WILLIAMS' SETS FOR MEN .................... $1.00 BILL FOLDS - ASH TRAYS - CIGARS TOYS AND GAMES For The YOUNGSTERS Wide Variety of Gifts at GIFT BOXES AND WRAPPINGS CHRISTMAS CARDS the board which prevailed before re- Be it resolved by the board of ed- ductions were made is hereby restor- ucation of the school district No. 212 ed. If funds are not now available of Issaquah, Washington, that thin to restore this schedule, it is hereby board ovluntarily .rny accepts the provi- sions of the President's Re-employ- re affirmed in principle and the re- ment Agreement issued from the sponsible school officer is requested make their facilities fully available for the further education of all the youths and adults who can profit bY such opportunities. to submit to the board plans for re- White House on July 27, 1933, inso- turning far as these previsions can be applied at the first to the practical earlier salary moment, schedule This to public school systems, step is taken in order that the pub- Be it further resolved: (1) That lic education service may continue to the purchasing agents of the board are directed to secure, as far as pob- secure a satisfactory type of employe. from (4) Additions to the resent sible, all supplies and equipment ...... p. staff ery. era as reqmrea zor tee efxlclent o the merchants and manufactur . ~pera- In ado,,tin~ these resolutions, tl~ enrolled in the National Recovery tmn of the schools shall be made at - - • ~" ~ - i ...... ooara m attemp˘ing to do its part in Administration. pf/l~tSc~eCo~mor~neaeaa:c~ tn, re,on, meetin, the call o~ the President Of (2) That if any teacher or other the bo r ..... d approved by the United States for "A National emmoyee of this Doara m now recelv- t,~ . a :o. Tnls step, m mgen m or- Plan To Raise Wages, Create Em- ~------~ ing a wage below the minimum fixed aer to increase .emptoyment among, lployment' and Thus Increase Pu~. • by the President's l~e-emptoymen~ me,man~, quatme~ eu~ unempmyea]chasing Power and Restore Bus|- t~_~ Agreement, such wage is hereby in- worzers m tne proxesslons ann ~raaeslness.,, NbmGi~# ~ creased to meet th provisions of the represented by school .emp.loyes.and[signed: RONALD C. JOHNSON, -------- Agreement. • ~o improve ~ne eaucatmnat serwce. I President of the Boar~ s--,~,,-~..___ ] .~ (3) That reductions (if any) rn (5) That in order to lessen the[ OLIVE BAYH aecr-ta-'• • I'%~[]{~tI~ ,.~,,~ 11. What is the minimum age of or ~uperintendent of Document~, salaries as a result of adverse econ- grave evils of idleness and unemploy-] ..... "" ,.~,,-~-~h.j canal.4 employes provided in the cleaning Washington, D. C., at five cents a omic conditions are regarded by this meet among the youths and adults,/ ...... ~ .... ex edlents The' he e ca a n 1 n ~eaa me prlce saving ass m trim ~]~]~i~ and (l'-ein'-code~ 'co'w board as temporary p ' t du tion 1i stitut'ons u der/ " ~ VV JL.d J ~. • P.' ~ • ,. IX.~.~J . . • -- ' ............ salary schedule for the employee o~thm board are urged and d~rected to l~ssue--then shop in Issaquah. ,~ . ~nswers { ~. xes. ~aws oI tne ~mte o~ ............................ Can an~Ue:~°~l:._ . . I. Yes.For two weeks in the first i Washington provide a maximum ot - ~_. ~ - .......................... __ _ m = ._ = .________. =, retau Code bey uye unoer thesix months and three weeks in the!eight hours per day and 48 hours per ~~ ~~ ~ ~" 5~5~" ~~5 longer hours durin~rt~qUh:ddt° second six months of the calendarlweek for women employee. The state ~~ [[ ~1 Illl l~l event, ,~0rY ....... permasv. .'7 .... ~ yearwork an8 hoursempl°velongermay perbe requiredweek w~th" to [ law. 9.prevailS'Yes. No retailer shall use ad- ' ~s ~nere a complete code of out a me - .' competition now effective for P y nt of o~ett~me, vertmmg of any nature which ~s in- ~U~'T SOUND POW~'R & t-JG~T COMPANY 2. No, only the labor provision~ accurate in any material particular -. food and grocery trade? have been signed by the President. or misrepresents merchandise, credit What are the basic hours of To our Cus'7omers : FROM THE MAIL BAG (6) That the educational agencies under this board shall make appropr~ ate provisions "for instruction in tl~ i meaning of the National Industrial Recovery Act and the work of tl~ National Recovery Administration that pupils and students may contri- bute to the work of economic reeo~#,, D BRANDS TOBACCO me Gift What hours can pharmacists under the retail drug code? Does the master retail code the public against misleading remember, the Claremont Apt. Hotel, is your assurance of a • . You are no longer a strang- er when you register here. And 809 Federal Office Building, Seattle; 11. Seventeen years. may copies of approved be obtained and at what price? The restaurant code provides week. Does this conflict any state law? Which pre- 3. Forty-eight hours per week, terms, policies, or services; or in any for the retail food and grocery no more than 10 hours a day or six way deceives or misleads the cu~- How many codes of fair corn-, days a week. tomer. ,n have been approved b,~ the 4. One hundred forty-three up to 10. Ten per cent above the max- lent? ~ November 27. imum hours otherwise applicable, or How has NRA rotecte ^l 5. This office will investigate any more in cases of emergency If a P d th~ co ..... " ~ts and rights of an employel .˘~e wolatmn m regard to labor pro- store stays open 48 hours or over per a code? ]wmons. lweek and at least eight hours on Sun- What is the new effective elne~l° 6. January 1, 1~J34. I day, pharmacists may work 61 hours hotel code? ..... 7. At District Compliance Office, lper week. LS~L~I6 POt THI I~a &ND FTN~S6 TLITLI~ P. S.--I have been adu~d, "Who is the ghost writer?" There isn't say. I wrbe then letters. This b another case of s fellow who etts in his own t~anrsat, FRIIIOINT Sincerely, One of my friend, writes that I am crying too much for sympethy--I think he feels that the black border around my letters is very appropriate for s crepe hangar. Now, even though we have been accused of being racketeers, the purpose of these letters is not to drench you with tear gas. It his been suggested that I cut out the crying, get a big club and go after those who would destroy us. However, we are operating neither a "crying room" nor training quarters foe prize fighters. Our slogan isn't "read 'era and weep." ! understand that the skeptics want to know what we are driving at--they ~'e looking foe the ulterior motive--the bug under the chip• These letters seem to be getting under the skin of those who, for one reason or another, like to lambast us, for @my are up to their old tricks, answering truth with untruth and appealing to passk~ and prejudice Is a substitute for logic and reason. Also, 1 have received some anonymous letters "taking me for a ride." Well, I 8m not going to waste any time on the fellow who shoots from ambush. Now the gratifying thing is that these letters are being read. There is nothing mys. terlm~ about them, neither are we babbling just to babble. We are tired of being misrepresented and lied about. We have a lot of things to tell you because. Fou are our cmtomen. We are not purposely putting out a hard luck tale, I do, however, agree that jus~ the ph~ telling of our story is bound to arouse some sympathy, for we are certainly being bullied and kicked about, and, like the hound dog who is in the stone fit, it is only netm.al that we do some yelping. Anyhow, we are not going to run into the dog house and hide. We believe "every dog has his dgy." We ere duW bound to tell out story and battle for s cause which we feel is right. Now about sympathy--it's a great thing to give and to get when it is needed, It fosters • spirit of tolerance and kindly interest--it is essential to a fair solution of the complex and troublesome problems which confront us today. Back of the NRA is re~d sympathy for those in distress sad out of employment. ~sl MOrn 8111