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December 14, 1983     The Issaquah Press
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December 14, 1983

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, the pageantry of Christmas One of the yuletide tradi- in the town where 1 up was the Cllristmas &apos;,ran) over at the Baptist huTch. It was the combined of the interlnediate junior Sunday school partments, and was by Reverend Sim- Rev. Sinlmons was a big with a thick, wide chest sloped off into an even wider belly He had coarse hair, gray at the twinkling eyes, and Voice that rattled the win- panes when he got up. He never miss- the chance to "say a few which usually dron- Ion to a lot of words. But Simmons was only the producer of the program. 1'he producr-direi:tor, in of wardrobe, sets, and anything else came up, was Mrs. She was a withered old lady who was old when the land young. She had been intermediate Sun- school ever since .lohn Baptist founded the and she should have canonized for her pa- Not only did she put with the antics of various sundry imps, but her was paralyzed and to a wheelchair. His and exit from an file was a study in that made you want to whole thing began on first Sunday after when we were given our parts. Then the about learning the began. (Geez, you'd there were oMy four The lssaquah Press, Wednesday, December 14, 1983 - Page 3 Let ! Fred Marler termediate department's pro- gram consisted of three skits. One was about the three wise men chasing a tinfoil star with a light bulb in the mid- dle across the desert. It ended with the kids singing "We Three Kings Of the Orient Are." Another one was about the shepherds in the hills who are visited by an angel and told that a Savior has been born. With the church organ dron- ing away and all those heavenly "huzzas" and thai angel all painted up with gilt, it put one in mind of a rock concert. This one ended with "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear." The third skit has the nativity, and it was Mrs. Bailey's escape valve. This was the only scene in which she could use girls. She could add characters like the inn- keeper's wife and the poor beggar, to make sure all the kids got into the act. First the shepherds would come troop- ing in to pay homage to the Christ Child, then the wise men presented their gifts of gold, frankincense and Then the junior deparl- ment took over and we were treated to a trumpet solo of "Silent Night," and several numbers on the church organ by whoever was taking piano lessons. ' But the best part of the program Was when Rev. Sim- mons came bounding out on- to the state in a well-worn Santa Claus suit with a thin, scraggly beard. With much "Ho-Ho-Hoing," he dispensed with his "few words" of welcome to tile audience, then he and his helpers passed among the kids and doled out little card- board boxes with string handles -- you know, the kind of box that animal crackers used to come in. Each kid got a box of hard candy, a box of mixed nuts and a tangerine. We always played to a packed house and 1 can't for the life of me figure out why those programs were so popular. The skits were cer- tainly nothing that George Bernard Shaw would get ex- cited about. And die lines were delivered with all the en- thusiasm of a twelve-year-old kid that would rather be somewhere else. The music was mechanical, with lots of clinkers and sour notes. Maybe it was the love that went into the program. The boundless, exuberant love of Rev. Simmons, or the pa- tient, sad-eyed love of Mrs. Bailey. Maybe it was the in- nocent, open love of unbeguiled youth, or the love that emanates from parental pride. Whatever it was, as corny as the entertainment might have been, everybody left with a deep feeling of Holiday drinking: offer a ,:ha,ca in your cup of cheer Holiday party givers should plan to offer their guests non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic beverages. For many party-goers, the choice of soft drinks or punch- without-booze recipes is a welcome option. Non- alcoholic drinks offer your guests the chance (o stay sober or taper down lheir drinking as the party goes on. The state's drunk driving laws carry severe enough penalties to dampen the besl of holiday cheer. So, the responsible host shot,ld con- sider some of tile following suggestions: Offer non-alcoholic beverages with a dash of creativity. Experiment with both hot and cold recipes such as: gingerale on ice wilh a squeeze of lime; hot spiced apple juice stirred with a cin- namon slick; frozen stlawberrics blender-whirled with ice and gingerale; or sherbet in tall glasses filled with a frosty soft drink (g,'apefruil over pineapple or gingerale over raspberry, for example). Sparkling cider has all the fizz and fun of cham- pagne -- even the "pop." Serve food if you serve alcoholic beverages. Food slows down Ihe rate at which the body absorbs alcohol, thereby making it more likely your guests will have legal blood alcohol levels. Try to avoid too many salty snacks, however, as these will usually increase the number of drinks per hour your guests will consume. Recognize the host's role in moderating drinking. The responsible party-giver can take several steps to avoid having "smashed" guests. For example, make sure gt, ests know that non- alcoholic choices are available and give them "equal billing" when setting up the bar arrangement and offering drinks. Have the person mixing drinks go lightly on the alcohol and serve drinks in a single (rather than a double or larger) sized glass. Have a standard shot glass on hand so guests mixing their own will be less likely to unknow- ingly overpour. Also, activities such as video games, songfests, games and the like will give guests something to do your guests. Don't push conversation and good besides drinking. Beawareof drinks; allow those with an friends together at the your own drinking rate as empty glass to come forward holidays that provide the host, because often your when they wish a refill, pleasure, not imbibing the drinking will set the pace for Remember, it's the good bubbly. Legislative coalition meets On Wednesday, December 14, the Eastside Cities Legis- lative Coalition will meet with legislators from the 41st, 45th, 47th and 48th districts to discuss possible legislation for the 1984 ses- sion which could benefit cities. The Coalition of Eastside Cities include Kirkland, Red- mond, Bellevue, lssaquah and Snoqualmie. Those cities have worked together since last February to make their state representative aware of common problems and goals for cities. The Wednesday session will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Kirkland City Hall at 123 Fifth Avenue. The panel dis- cussion will feature short presentations on different topics from elected officials from each city. 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