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December 28, 1933     The Issaquah Press
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December 28, 1933

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VOLUME 18, NUMBER 17 :i~es Nothln. t SUCCESSFUL DANCES A cum,GD0w DFB human nature, you meet inI w w .__ fOrms, through history and Pour l'lOll(lay Dances Given e. There was the'man who] in Nine-Day Period; Play- eye blasted, because he fool-I field Seems Assured. eked when Lady Godiva rode1 _ the streets; the I ady of Loh-/ The Issaquah Fire Department is might have been happyldetermined to give the dancing res- rards if she had taken l idents all the enjoyment the wish rin's - ' Y aavlce not to question tduring this holiday season, and they Id the Lady of Shalott, who are succeeding pretty well at it. reds°el Eh:~°wWho couldn't hal ] The regular Saturday night dance Pl last week was just about a record in thhyp~le,W~dSle=P°rtca:t'attendance, the door prize feature .- . ,, :lperhaps adding to the number, and wnen the ser en~ a~aea~ • P interest The two tons of coal went nment to her curiosity, ire Joe Lapsanski and several tickets hese you understand, but 3,o0! ..... :zled b'" Lo i ...... I lor iuture (xances were given out. or mu(der u: N:Teonrl~'i Several of the younger members nested a de ...... L. concluded there was quite a number him to HP:~Y sMe:x~ tN=]Wh° would enjoy an extra measure professio • y Y "' Iduring the holidays and staged an- Mr Neu nat nangman, luther dance on Christmas Eeve. It to meet him socially, be- him officially." may be the real American "get together", but wishing "socially" the gentleman going to hang you later, to be a new high mark was sufficiently successful to encou~ age them to try another for New Year's Eve, also. They will also give dance tickets as door prizes for this dance. They are having a change of music for these two events and importing outside orchestras. For the regular Saturday night .~ .~ ~_ dance this week there will be two main door prizes, twelve and one- Southern city with about 100,-half gallons Of gas each, presentedi dte people, 30,000 negroes are by Tom Philps, of the Sunset Gay on the edge of the city, in age. The regular home orchestra4 disease-breeding vile shacks, will furnish the music• Special car-I d together, sometimes ten on nival features• are promised. ie lot, with no bathrooms, no The success being attained by '. No opportunity for better these dancing parties indicate thst ~onditions is a disgrace, not to the department will realize its long- ~ut to the whites that made cherished ambition, that of furnish- my one hundred and fifty-six a year rent for a two.roomi (Continued on Page 3) not worth one hundred and Gov t t ernment will include in its , ,o HELD BY KIWANIANS living quarters for the 30,000 L workers and their familieis, lying under conditions that Sea,ion Closed the Year', be it~terfered with by the So- Business; and Incommg 'or. the Prevention of Cruelty Officers Are Installed. rials, if dogs instead of human ilived in such quarters. Several incidents combined to offers all 6p~foi~l~Ity for the make of ~yeste~day'S Kiwanis lunch- to promote building!con quite a colorful meeting. It be- T ~- some money and get tt ing the closing of the 1933 term, the ne teared people pay their new officers were installed, one new - member was welcomed into the club, t Jf t :and one boy who has been enabled to innl~:dvania, 35,000 candidates remain in Issaquah through the sup- im..~quor Joos. protest because port of Kiwanis, was a guest. The marmn is aifficult and also boy was Lester Kanges. He was ac- truck drivers are asked to companied by Mrs. Harris with whom nd spell. They might better he has found a home since the death ~d to back up, turn around, of his mother several years ago. eve their acquaintance with President Andy introduced the two a::eh~ioernYn• . and handed them Christmas remem- q stmn mUCh resented w~ibrances from the club. :~i:a:t:hm:ns~qe~:~ what?,, George Clark then introduced the .... ~ our. new member, Dr. Hillery, who with mxgnt have answered that, in Kiw " ; "once nothing" often ~ .... 1. _ anmns, will answer to the name ! sat ........ .- . :-'" -~ .... of "Dutch." George emphasized • ~ anu me rlght to help !the fact that " 4 ~ooliah I~.,.o ~ ne was not welcoming ...... ~-~'- . the doctor to a local organization but • t t to Kiwanis International, an organ- ms, with newly recovered na. iization now covering the greate:nPeraerrt. existence, leads in its birth in- of the Amerietm continent, a w th: , which is three times that of ful organization. He expresS~dni ny, double the increase in It-lhope, and the belief, thatmhu?ual~ ~og mr times the British increase, would prove beneficial J y than eight times the increase himself and the club; an institution n;7~r ......... I with high ideals and objectives 5n ,_ 6-..=~ wuL worry JMr. Hitler [the community life, and with the m rolmn corriaor problem, and[spirit of cooperation. Tr:~ne~d: France with her Polish allio I Kinnune and vice presiden:dS of a~ carefully financed. In France ler took their bows toe::~ into new drths exceed the deaths only[plause as they hun 'enson in F, but when you have the big- terms. Secretary Stepn ~hting air fleet, you don't de-[stalled Joe Lewis as.the new secret- m mere numbers l ary and Andy installed Lee Hepler hose new little Poles have the [as the new president, all officerSa::~ es of Kosciusko, who madelceiving pins indicative of their r . m shriek when he fell, or Pen-| The rettrlng president thanked the fl who Jumped with his horse~members for their cooperation during le r/vet and to death to get at|his term. After visiting many neigh- Lemy. Poland is to be congrat-!boring clubs and learning their exper- t ~" t congr.a 1. q n th ir Lama, supreme religioualshowmg through the hard sledding. ff the Buddhists of Tibet, andlln short response Mr. Hepler asked Buddhist population in Asia,[the support of the membership an d, a~ed 60. Hi8 followers be-lexpressed the hope that the organiza- that he is a reincarnation of }tion would carry on during the com- iginal Buddha, the young Prince ling year as well as they had in the ~a, who left his dancing girls, past. and w.nt intol Attendance was but on. short of small b~-~na~e-~lt be..tter.. [1O0 per cent, with ~four visitors pres- ~, c~xezulw selected, ent, in addition to the guests named. :take the place of the Lama, aplrlt is supposed, to take up KRAMER-TURNER ddenee in the boy s body. Ti- The wedding of Miss Eleanor Turo Buddhists believe that the La- ner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry ~n."°t d,ad, and has simply "dis- Turner of Redmond, and Mr. F~:~k his mortal envelope to be Kramer, son of Mr. and Mrs. intestine, if that should Kram.r Sr,, took place in S.attl. ou • ...... Saturday. ~v au ox ue and let us watch They will be at home in their new _in its future career of cotta~,e which Frank has .... t,,+,.,a Of millions of years, on North Third street. ..... v ...... .... on week--.Satutday and Bundgy ntzht . [ -- . ., , ~, ISSAQUAH, KING CO., WASH., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1933. ., . ~mMm " , , r, ' ,, ~. SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 PER YEAR ISSAQUAH'S RECAR ELECTION TUESDAY Every Voter Should Record His Desire, Either For Her To Remain Or Step Out. Next Tuesday, January 2, Issaquah is to hold a special election on the proposition of the recall of Mayor Al- exander. As we understand the sit- uation, that is the only question at issue, whether or not Mrs. Alexander shall continue to occupy the position of mayor or whether she shall be recalled. In the ease of her recall, the pro- cedure will be for the council to elect a mayor. They may select one from their number, but this is not incum- 'HAT time Is It now, RitaY' The man huddled beside her on the seat was buried in his fur wrappings. "Half-past eleven." The girl spoke qu!otly. Her frosty breath plumed from her lips in the still night air. The headlights on the car swept ar(,nd a bend. "You'll wreck your- self at this speed, Rlta." The man's voice was edged" with anxiety. "We've got to make it, haven't wet I Fromised you we'd reach the place before midnight, otherwise you won't get the fortune your grandfather left • . • funny, old eccentric that he waS. If you don't get the fortune . . . we can't get married for a long while. So . . . at lea,t a second to twelve • . . we'll be parked at the curb be-~ fore his house." bent upon them; they may select whom the majority pleases. As in most elections, various re- ports are extant that should be "spiked" in advance. One reaching us is that the council proposes some heavy expenditures of city funds. This seems too silly to even require refutation, as the councilmen are all taxpayers and no more anxious to spend their own money than you would be. "To think you must do this Instead Report has also reached us thal of reel You're a grand little sport, the former mayor, L. R. Hepler, was Rlta• I don't know how to thank you. ....... . being considered for the place. Couno It will be a Happy New Year for us cilmen have assured us that this re. both, if we win, that's sure." gers Enjoy Special Eastern Star Officers port is untrue, and Mr. Hepler in-They slewed around another curve; Christmas Tree Program Installed Last Evening forms us that he would not consider the lights seemed to climb forever, the appointment under any cireum- the plunge. With deft ~ill Rlta con- Members of the Issaquah Valley The installation of officers of stances, tro~led the car. They passed into a Grange enjoyed their usual Christ- Cenutry Chapter No. 66 was held And so they go. But here's the lonely stretch. Billy had been abroad mas tree and party Tuesday evening, last night. Mrs. Hazel Ek was the crux of the suitation: three hundred at the time of his grandfather's death- These parties h~ve become annual installing officer, assisted by Mrs. and sixty people have registered as The lawyer had cabled the Interne- affairs and afford real enjoyment. Arabella Wilson as Marshal, Mrs.I Each one attending is required to Fannie Gibson as Chaplain, and Mrs. J (Continued on page 2) bring a present for the opposite sex, Olive Bayh, organist. I with a value fixed at ten cents. Some Those installed into office were:]TAXES ON PROPERTY w M M,rgaret .pler; w P w I PIA.YFIKD thislaughableineidentsare°ccasionedbYE. Gibson;A•M.,AdaDavies;A-P.,Ifeature. ISSAQUAH The program in connection with E. E. Pickering; secretary, MinnieI the party consisted of singing by Mr. Schomber; treasurer, Meta Peters;] Cond., Lena Schneider; Asso. Cond.,IS~rt New Year W~th Only Newinger, accompanied by Miss Carol Mary Miles; Chap., Fannie Gibson,1 Newinger on the piano and Paul Wil- Mar., Arabella Wilson; organist, OI-] $500 Taxes and Interest namedf°ng Onalsothe gaveVi°lin•an TheinstrumentaltWO last ire Bayh; Ada, Reada Lewis; Ruth, I Due on Property. number and furnished music for a Hazel Ek; Esther, Elolse Mitchell;/ On request of the Volunteer Fire short dance program. Martha, Meta Mitchell; Elects, Shir-Department, we give the following ley Diamond; Warden, Ruby Lind- Luncheon was served and the sup- an" ~ntinel J W Vi-n~- recapitulation of taxes on Iseaquah per committee did themselves proud m ....... '? ~#" Fire Department ~ro~ert= 1926 for the s-ecia] occasion At the conclusion of the ceremon- v ~- v ~, " ~Tell US the Time . . . QUickly|~ She P • I . . 1932" ies, Mrs. Ek, retxrmg Worthy Matron, _ _ - ......... Shouted. I .... ~ .-. -.,, - ,L.0~S 1, Z, ~, 4, O, ~, U[OCK 1, was presentea w~na vas,~ matrons HOLIDAY VISITORS ARE . . 1926 to 1930, inclusive ._$210.91 tlona to him; home exactly by mid- HERE FRQM CALIFORNIA ~e~:e night of New Year's Eve or the old sis wh:e p::sent from Seattle. Lots I~ts:e;t, :2, llll, l~ll::k 1, 86.15 mau's fortune would go to charity. a t Adde icious unch on was served fol- 1926 to 1930, mclumve" " '/4 45"Why, why," Rlta had asked in dis- Mr. and Mrs. Dell Alexson nd two lowing the meeting. - ...... may, "could he be so unreuonahle? t Interest to II 30[33 33 56 daughters of Rocklin, California and l __ ~ I ......... You might have bees anywhere, BIUy, Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Block 2, Mr. and Mrs. Albin Ek of Bakers-[ROYAL ARCH MASONS I anywhere l Perfectly impossible to x I a r~ve n 1926 to 1930, mclumve 77 47 f'e d, Californi , ar" d home Su - ELECT AND INSTALL " " . ........ got home.~ day to spend the holidays with rela-1 Interest to 11130133 ........ 34.92 , "My grandfather believed in the law tires -" " 1 ........ ILots 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Block 2 of the will; he Said you could do any- . ~ The Koya Arcn masons nelu their, 1926 t " ' ,, o 1930, mclumve 71 52 They were detained two days in I annual election and installation of I ............ " ....... ^~'^_ thing if the desire were strong enough. interest; tO ll[~Vl~l~ ;~Z Z~ Portland, due to the floods, but final-I officers Tuesday evening in the Ma-[Lots 13 14 15 16 17 18""Biock " What ttme Is It now~ forty miles" ly completed their journey by bus[ sonic hall, with Duncan MeCallum of 2 1926 to 19~^' in " ' e ~ 4^ "Twenty to twelve . t • and still and train. I Fail City as installing officer The , . ~v, cmmv .... v~. u ...... r rinci 1 if" e~s ..... " - , ~nterest to 11130133 37 6u "You can't do it.~ Ins Alexsons are the guests drip pa o Ic • Instaueu were Le- - ...... " ..... :'~'.. "I can doIh" Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Kinnnune andlonard Miles, High Priest; L. R. Hep-[~v~.taxes m. xuzx ;::;:: .......... ~.o~ O~ce theyskidded withlu a halr'a " ler " . interes~ to l~.l~vl~ ...... z~.v5 Mr. and Mrs. Albm Ek are visitingl , Kmg; Walter Stevenson, Scribe;f19.2 tax i f II "'. .... breadth of a tree trunk; auother time , A L a ea n u ... lzb ~z the formers mother, Mrs. Christinal • , Wold, treasurer; T. F. Drylle, I . - z ....... "" ==;::=Z:::'" _'__ they slid around a corner Just miu- xn~ Ola.tlaZ to ,.t,tj~Ula~ v oh Ek /secretary. Lunch Was served aftert "o ........ II~ a great van. 'q?ba money won't the mstallation ceremomes DELAYED BY FLOOD I " [Total taxes in full to date $1031.99 teredd° ua themUChmang°°dgrimly.if we're dead," mutt Miss Julia Walen and Miss Jean~ IN APPRECIATION [Total taxes from above ........ $1031.99 A quarter to twelve, ten minutes Schneider came home from the Wazh-~ The Issaquah Sunday school wish-lLese interest .......................... 255.88 . . . still many miles from their des- ing~n State College at Pullman dales to thank the Kiwanis Club and| tlnatio~ Sunday to spend the holidays. Due{the business men of Issequah forlTotal taxes without penalty..$776.11 "Give it up, B4ta . . . Give it upl" to the floods they were routed by/their generous contribution to thelLeSs 1932 tax (This year not He commanded. His hand e!utched way of Portland and were many[Sunday school for Chrlstma~ I eligible for rebate) .......... 125.82 hay arm. Sha shook it off. 'We're hours late arriving home. " / HELEN PETERS, See'y• ITotal am't on which 5% not finIshed . . . 'tO we're finished." Her cry was a challenge blown to hIs .... -' .............. I rebate is allowed ............ $650.29 ears on the cold b~tth ~ the wlnd. " ~ ' ' ' ' , I Less total taxes on Lot I l S~ven minutes to twelve. The light- q~us~ In~a -, ~.,, a,, |I Block 1, 1926-1931 ........ $189.471ed face of a town clock loomed up n ' ahead. They ~tk~ through the t tI Will b.a hl,;:i-Hu:::~" Bii :~7:934 than in any year J[ T°t~e~? ~s°:lTohwJ:h5 % $460 82 place at break.neck speed, roached ha has gone. i will drop the Past, romemhoring it onlr as a J lLess ~% rebate .......... ][ ........... 88.04 the town limit, and tore on. valuab]npaththroughwhlchlhavewalkedintothoNow.• ' JlTOtal taxes frOm 1926tO --I Again the car caressed, slewed, 1 Will take up the Work of Each One of my days as a Personal |] 1931, ineluMve .................. $437.78! caught itself Just in time. The an. Pledge to do my Best---wlth Interest and Enthusiasm. J will live | } 1932 taxes ............................ $125.821 ~ine roared. ~be ps~dng Beanery was but One Day at a time• I will make each day an improvement over [ILees taxes on Lot 1, Block 1.. 87,72d a blur of black. '~1OO? old auxins," each preceding day• |] ] RRa one# Said. Total $83 I01 Five minutes to twalv~. They en- ! Will play the Game at all hoers, with m Warm Heart ud a J}Interest 53183 to 1 .......",^1tersd anothar town. "Not arrested Cool Head. I will Smile when ! feel like Frowning. I will be -- Jyet • . • It's a miracle," elHod BILly. Patient when 1 ~eel tempted to Scold• I will keep Glad, for ! Total taxes to ha ,,o;~ ~[ But this time they we1*0 ant 8o foe- know it is Contagious 1 will grasp at Joy u though it were a thingTotal "ax- -..~-~. v-..- . ,v:=~..~,,~] tu~ate. A polleema~ ~omi in the _ . __ " _ . ._ __ ~ es w]~n mtereat .... V~ua~.~Vlstreet holding up his hen& Had the to draw in a8 I dlmw my hresth, nnd I will hroatho ;t out ilkew~seAin't to ~- --'~ ..... ;street" been wide Rite would have ig. r u~ pm~, leSS ]ntere~ u 1 b eathe out the air, that it may become a part of the Atmosphere an~ ~ ~ ..... I f., !., ,. u o-/o reoare anu taxes on I nored him, but cars we~ parked on o me worm L I either side; a trolley had stopped near • ot Block 1 ........................ $ 53I.I7t i Will bo loyal to Myself, my Ideals, my Purposes, and to ] the officer. 8he simply could not whatever Work 1 put my Brain and Hands. I will he Faithful to Amount saved $ 500.82] make It, wghout kflUng him. With my Duties, careful in every detail to which ! put my Enerrgles. i ~ t a grinding of brakes, a sklilfulLy man- will Boost--not Knock. 1 will Do---not Intend.i will get things FOUND GOOD MARKET /aged slew, she drew up beside him. Before he could speak she leased out. Done. FOR WASHINGTON TREE~ ~rell us the Ume . . . qUlcklyl" Her ! Will Work because ! like to--to be fair at all timo~ because anxlotm fltce with its whir0 10ok of the compensation returned in Contentment and im Cousel~a~u is F,.E, and Ray Allyn returned onstrain ~artlod the man. **W~v, got to make it, Don't kee9 us we'll greateet. 1 will do R|ght bemausu it is Right. Monday night from San Francisco,cm~e beck . . , pay anythinll" ...... where they had taken a truck load I Will drink Defeat-~if it comes at times--as C~ood Medfmiao. ..... Tha officer drew out his watelL "it's ..... oz unristmas trees Fred re orted~a~tLy four minutes to eleven" ' i will sweet by Courageous Effort--determined to Win.at 8Jl titans ..... " P a zlne market for the trees he took, ~|ta appeared tO colinp~, to |row 1 Will be earuful of my Time, considerate of my Health, |coleus and also that due to flood conditions small und limp all In a moment. ~Have o~ my Honor. I will help to make this Now Yooz of 1934 the groat, there was a -'eat sh ........ t a, vr~t4re ot warm- we been an hour out ot the w~' 8he oat and best of all my yous,....And I will continually be hankful inet0n trees, which are nI,,o,,o ;, ,;~. gasped. for Life and Opp~etunity, and seek so to shape my Influence that ma-nd in the" south, - -'--'~ ...... "No, lady. Likely y.ou foITot the It ~dutli enter into tha very Etern|ty of Thln|s. -- -- ~. time changes here, It s exactly three --GEORGK MATTHEW ADAMS. Two danooa at Playfield Gym this mln'~tss and s b'qf to clovers" , ,, week--Saturday and 89nd Y niZhte. (Continued on 9) 2 : ili l